Micromegas and Other Short Fictions

Micromegas and Other Short Fictions Somewhere between tales and polemics these funny ribald and inventive pieces show Voltaire doing what he does best brilliantly challenging received wisdom religious intolerance and na ve optimism

  • Title: Micromegas and Other Short Fictions
  • Author: Voltaire
  • ISBN: 9781101492697
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Micromegas and Other Short Fictions

    Somewhere between tales and polemics, these funny, ribald, and inventive pieces show Voltaire doing what he does best brilliantly challenging received wisdom, religious intolerance, and na ve optimism Traveling through strange environments, Voltaire s protagonists are educated, often by surprise, into the complexities and contradictions of their world Arriving on EarthSomewhere between tales and polemics, these funny, ribald, and inventive pieces show Voltaire doing what he does best brilliantly challenging received wisdom, religious intolerance, and na ve optimism Traveling through strange environments, Voltaire s protagonists are educated, often by surprise, into the complexities and contradictions of their world Arriving on Earth from the star Sirius, the gigantic explorer Microm gas discovers a diminutive people with an inflated idea of their own importance in the universe Babouc in The World as It Is learns that humanity is equally capable of barbarism and remarkable altruism Other characters include a little known god of infidelity, a pretentious graduate who invites a savage to dinner, and an Indian fakir who puts up with a bed of nails to gain the adoration of his female disciples These fables of reason challenge the assumptions of reader and protagonist alike.

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      326 Voltaire
    Micromegas and Other Short Fictions

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    1. Fabian

      A LETTER to a favorite TEACHERDear Mrs Flick I love reading long long books This one is Gera s favorite and his worldview stems from it a very short but meaty metaphysical poem Well, it reads like a poem since I think short stories are related to them than to actual novels Without a doubt the one effect it has on the reader is because everyone that has the chance to read it will surely feel the same way dumbfoundment at the scale of things especially our relationship to the enormous globe In le [...]

    2. Bradley

      18th century SF Gotta love it just for that.Otherwise, my estimation of Voltaire continues to rise I always loved his stuff before and while this doesn t have quite the social impact that something like Candide had, it certainly puts the rod to the church with its blow your mind idea of turning all us ants into something even insignificant I see your enormous cathedral and raise you a thousand league footprint Short and sweet and so scientific these giants are giants of erudition and learning O [...]

    3. M.

      a ok iyi bilirsiniz ki, bedenin unsurlar na ayr arak, bir ba ka bi im alt nda do ay canland rmas gerekti inde, buna l m denir, bu ba kala m an geldi inde, sonsuz uzun ya amakla, bir g n ya amak aras nda hi bir fark kalmaz s.16 l m bundan daha bilgece anlatan hi bir ey okumad m 1694 y l nda do an Voltaire, size de acaba bende oldu u gibi sanki g n m zden ge mi e yolculuk yapm bir insan gibi gelmiyor mu Zaman n n geli meleri, olaylar onun i in yle sa ma ki adeta b t n d nyay k esinden kahkaha atar [...]

    4. Veronique

      3.5 I see than ever that one must not judge anything by its apparent size A being from a planet circling the star Sirius visits the Earth with his companion from the planet Saturn, both of gargantuan size This scifi short story deals with perception and point of view, but also allowed the philosopher Voltaire to comment on his contemporary society Amazing to think it was written so long ago.

    5. Ana Rînceanu

      original read 2006Microm gas, a giant exiled for trying to write scientific book examining the insects on his planet, travels the universe and befriends the secretary of the Academy of Saturn They bond over their love of philosophy and examination of the natural world Eventually, they arrive on Earth, where they examine humans to determine whether they have any intelligence or spirit The humans explain the philosophies of Aristotle, Descartes, Malebranche, Leibniz and Locke to the travelers, but [...]

    6. Metin Yılmaz

      Bir rp da okunan Voltaire hikayeleri Masals , ger ek i ve bol bol i nelemeli Okunmal ve okutulmal bir yazar Voltaire Tavsiye ederim.

    7. Mickdemaria

      Nei sei racconti del volume troviamo tutti i temi pi cari a Voltaire trattati con la schietta prosa e la caustica ironia che lo contraddistinguono Dal genere protofantascientifico di Micromegas ai viaggi di Rustan, dalle disavventure di Memnon che voleva diventare saggio ai rocamboleschi inseguimenti reciproci di Amazan e della principessa di Babilonia Formosante ogni avventura un pretesto per Voltaire per ragionare sull uomo, sulla sua origine e la sua meta, sulle societ e il loro fallimento ne [...]

    8. sabisteb

      Voltaire ist nicht gerade ein Name, den man normalerweise mit Science Fiction in Verbindung bringen w rde Er selber h tte sich sicherlich auch nicht als Sci Fi Autor beschrieben Nun ist es aber so, dass das decodieren eines Textes nicht vom Text oder vom Autor bestimmt wird und von den Erfahrungen des Lesers abh ngt, der einen Text durchaus anders als intendiert interpretieren kann.Ich lese Sci Fi und keine philosphischen Texte, es ist also nur nat rlich, dass ich Voltaires Micromegas als fr he [...]

    9. Vaishali

      The meeting of two advanced extraterrestrials yep, sci fi by Voltaire And like all futuristic books, a commentary on Earthlings.Some neat quotes Hardly do we begin to learn experience when death arrives Personally, I dare not make plans I am a droplet in an immense ocean I am ashamed, especially before you, of how ridiculously I figure in this world They circumnavigated the globe in 36 hours Truthfully, the sun or Earth makes that voyage in a day, but doing so is easy when one turns on an axis i [...]

    10. Mateo R.

      Hay un fragmento que realmente me recuerda a la frase del pale blue dot de Carl Sagan quiz s se inspir en esto No quiero zaherir aqu la vanidad de ninguno pero ruego la gente vanagloriosa que paren la consideracion en este lugar, y contemplen que suponiendo la estatura ordinaria de un hombre de cinco pi s de rey, no hacemos mas bulto en la tierra que el que en una bola de diez pi s de circunferencia hiciera un animal que tuviese un seiscientos mil avos de pulgada de alto Figur monos una substanc [...]

    11. Vishal

      A short story emulating Gullivers Travels in the aspect that humans are shown from a perspective of other beings In the story, a being from Sirius and another from Saturn both colossal with respect to puny humans happen to come to Earth and discover it to be inhabited by humans They contrive some means to have conversations with humans, exchange philosophical ideas and get astonished at the capability of reason and intellect shown by such tiny creatures But when they learn of human evils, wars a [...]

    12. Denis

      This was a wonderful little tale I decided that it may have been the earliest true science fiction story ever written 1752 The translation I listened to from the archives of the public domain read like it was written for the most part just prior to the Campbell Golden Age of SF, say the 1920 s.Giants from Sirius travel to Saturn and meet little beings They, in turn, both travel to Earth and with the aid of a microscope a relatively recent invention popularized and perfected by Galileo notice tha [...]

    13. Jo Walton

      Well, it has to be one of the earliest SF stories ever, and it s short and free and funny, so you have nothing to lose by reading it It s a fairly slight satire, and and it was clearly an influence on of all things Doris Lessing s Shikasta.

    14. Marko Suomi

      Onko maan p ll lyllist el m No eip ollut Voltairen aikaan eik taida olla viel k n Hauska, lyhyt ja pisteli s kuvaus ihmisen ylpeydest ja itsekeskeisyydest.

    15. Jacklyn

      The philosophy in this first ever sci fi story 1752 is extremely brilliant and witty A remarkably short story full of allegories and riddles I am always fascinated with stories about alien s point of view on earth and humans These are two of my favorite conversations from the book Alien to Man So Micromegas delivered these words I see than ever that one must not judge anything by its apparent size Oh God you who have given intelligence to substance that appears contemptible The infinitely small [...]

    16. Air Knight

      A very short story where Voltaire uses aliens, math, the scale of the universe and our human faults as a device to let the readers know how we are nothing than a pale blue dot and how ridiculous is to feel entitled to declare we re the center of everything or that we have the ultimate truth when we re so insignificant in the universe Apparently described as an early science fiction story, but Voltaire doesn t really care much about that, the size comparison only serves to compare the humble Mic [...]

    17. Pramod Pant

      Inimitable Voltaire in humour and style Mircromegas is a creature from outer space who along with a Saturnian, visits earth and finds life here They are both extremely large, Micromegas being much larger than the Saturnian Their intellects and senses are proportionately complex After finding humans, they enter into a dialogue with them The funny and instructive part is that the cocksure earthlings commit the error of being too sure of themselves as their frame of reference is limited and factual [...]

    18. Sanjay Varma

      A great work of imagination, about a giant being from the star Sirius who travels the Galaxy, learning about other cultures He picks up a Saturnian along the way and they head to earth, where they are amazed that organisms as small as humans can possess intelligence and spirit.It anticipates the way that Gulliver s Travels uses the Brobdignagians giant size to represent their higher moral status It also must have inspired Olaf Stapledon s Last and First Men in the way it hints at markedly perfe [...]

    19. M

      A Socratic fist in a velvet glove.A couple of incredibly friendly Cthulhus travel to Earth, almost obliterate mankind because they can t find them, then finds them, and they have an improbably sized sit down chat The giants are then used as a vehicle to shittalk a handful of philosophers that Voltaire was not big into Everyone ultimately quotes Op Ivy All I know is I don t know nothin 1752 Really It s wittier, accessible, and of greater clarity than most sci fi you ll stumble into today Can we [...]

    20. Alex

      There s a reason Micromegas is not as well known as Candide Although a funny story, it lacks the oomph of the latter Candide was an attack an a very popular philosophy whereas Micromegas is a broader satire.However the stories found in this collection are still very funny and Micromegas DOES remain one of the earliest forms of science fiction written in the west The story is in the form of Swift s earlier and popular Gulliver s Travels, but it manages to satirize even that novel.

    21. Ralph McEwen

      Micromegas VoltaireGigantic alien being visit Earth Old language, well recorded and read, fair voice.Audio Book MP3 downloaded from librivox short science ficPublic Domain stories that are read by volunteers I listen to these short stories while walking to work.File Size 20.7 MbPlay Duration 45 min 13 secRead By unknown

    22. Vikas Lather

      Amazing book with exciting spin of events.My fav lines from the book How long do you live said the Sirian Oh For a very short time Alas We only live through 500 revolutions around the sun, said the Saturnian This translates to about 15,000 years, by our standards replied the small man from Saturn

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