Baby Beluga

Baby Beluga Raffi s signature song and the top seller in his Songs to Read series Baby Beluga is now available in a quality board book edition perfect for his youngest fans

  • Title: Baby Beluga
  • Author: Raffi Cavoukian
  • ISBN: 9780517709771
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Board Book
  • Baby Beluga

    Raffi s signature song and the top seller in his Songs to Read series, Baby Beluga is now available in a quality board book edition perfect for his youngest fans.

    • Unlimited [Spirituality Book] ☆ Baby Beluga - by Raffi Cavoukian ò
      424 Raffi Cavoukian
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    One thought on “Baby Beluga

    1. ❀Aimee❀ Just one more page...

      I LOVED Raffi as a kid (and as an adult as I introduced them to my kiddos). This book has wonderful illustrations to go along with one of Raffi's most loved songs.

    2. Julia

      When I first got started with Baby Beluga it was since the song was thought to be one of Michelle Tanner's favorite song on the show. Of course as such it wasn't played the whole way through so I never knew how it went or if the lyrics were the right way or not. Still really don't know. The illustrations are what has sold me on this book since they are brightly colored and realistic. Also unlike many other illustrations where penguins are included in the Arctic and polar bears in the Antarctic a [...]

    3. Emily Cappiello

      “Baby Beluga” By Raffi; published by Random House Children’s Books; United States; copyright 1992.1. Awards the book has received: This book has not received any awards.2. Appropriate grade level(s): This book is appropriate for children from Preschool-Kindergarten.3. Summary: This song and book is about a white beluga whale who lives in the ocean. The whale lives with his mother and likes to sing and make new friends. The story is about these adventures in the form of song.4. Review: I us [...]

    4. Angie

      I wasn't very familiar with Raffi before now. I knew he was a prodigious children's music artist who was quite popular after I was a young child and before I had children, so I just didn't have much exposure to him. We picked up this book at the library. It is basically a book version of one of Raffi's songs. Our first reading was before we had heard the song that it goes with. Because of that, the words don't "read" well. Phrasing that works well in a song, and a cadence that isn't familiar wit [...]

    5. Kady

      I learned this song as a kid apparently attending a bible camp (my older brother shared this when he saw the book over the holidays and remembered the song too I have no memory of the camp). Anyway, Emmy loves the song and sits through the whole thing. Thanks, Raffi.

    6. Audrey

      This book MUST be sung. My class of two year olds love this book and want to "read" it over and over. Good for pointing out and talking about all of the Arctic animals pictured.

    7. Kelly

      Nice, light, short rhyming story. Apparently this book is based on one of Raffi's songs. Illustrations were nice.

    8. Tracy

      Awhile ago I started adding an additional chorus with "Is your papa home?" and now the song just sounds incomplete without it, and therefore this book seems to be missing a few pages, so: nope.

    9. Brittany

      The song drives me batty, but try singing the book to a group of kids. It is even more crazy. Cute book, song=NO.

    10. Amanda

      This book is for 3 months to 3 years.This is an illustrated version of the classic song. It's very easy to read for new readers or for a read aloud with the illustrations matching the verses.I think this is a simple and cute book but teaches a class song that I can even remember learning and torturing my parents with at home. It's a book that young readers could even read on their own with only one line on each page. There is also a video on YouTube by the author of the book singing the song.Cla [...]

    11. Bree

      Let me start by saying the illustrations in this board book are beautiful. I loved them all, especially the one with the northern lights it's a beautiful scene Ashley Wolff set. Raffi was a childhood favorite his songs played on a loop in our house growing up, so it's not surprising I have a special place for Baby Beluga in my heart. I enjoyed this book and I know many others will enjoy it as well.

    12. Erin

      Baby Beluga is one of famed children’s singer/songwriter Raffi’s most beloved songs, and in this charmingly illustrated board book his song is brought to life for babies and toddlers. The story follows the “little white whale on the go” through lively illustrations that correspond perfectly with the original Baby Beluga song lyrics. Make note that if parents try reading this book without singing the song or knowing the correct tune, it does not flow right or sound very appealing read-alo [...]

    13. Meshi Zilberstein

      This book has not received any awardsThis book is appropriate for ages 3-6SummaryBaby Beluga sings the story/song of a young whale who enjoys his life swimming freely in the sea. As he swims happily through the waves, he enjoys playing with dolphins, splashing around all day and singing to his friends. When it is night and time for Baby Beluga to go to bed, he snuggles up in his water bed so that he can soon wake up and enjoy the new day. ReviewThis song book sings an adorable song that is extre [...]

    14. Meagan Martin

      The text in this book comes from the beloved children’s song “Baby Beluga” by Raffi. It tells the story of a baby beluga whale who lives in the water with his mother and his friends. The whale swims and plays, goes to bed, and then gets up to do it all over again. This was one of my favorite songs when I was little! My mom would sing this to me all the time and I got so excited when I found this book. This would be a great story to read with toddlers, because it is a song so it has rhythm [...]

    15. Francesca Brilli

      Baby Beluga is about a little beluga whale with his mother swimming through the sea. The book is written to go along with the song, "Baby Beluga." The images appear to be watercolor. They show the whales moving across the pages, and across the ocean. The colors are light and provide a happy, upbeat, look and feel. The words go along exactly with the song, so the narrator is the children singing the song along with the book, which boosts the mood. Overall I really enjoyed the book, and it was one [...]

    16. Prince William Public Library System

      This Raffi classic is the perfect sing-a-long book for the little ones. My son really responded to this book and the song as early as 6-weeks-old! Find Raffi singing Baby Beluga on Youtube if you need to learn the tune. A great book to read/sing to infants and toddlers alike.-Brianna F.Click here to find the book at the Prince William County Public Library System.

    17. Susan

      How lovely to see Cavoukian's lyrics in storybook form. I could not, however, give five stars due to the illustrations. The page that talks/sings about dolphins has illustrations of orcas. I'm not sure what that is about but it was a bit jarring. Overall, however, the illustrations were really lovely; it is just a shame that they were so off on the cetaceans, especially as the book is about a whale.

    18. Ashley Stone

      This book is all about the life and surroundings of a whale. It’s commonly used with a song that may or may not be appropriate for a toddler. I think I was in Kindergarten when I learned this song as a kid. But the story itself would be beneficial for a toddler. The pictures are amazing in this book and even if the child doesn’t want to learn the song, it would still be fun for the adult to sing. Possible themes would be something involving the ocean or the ocean animals.

    19. Kelly Powell

      This book has a song that goes with the words in the book that I could use in my classroom by playing the song on my ukulele to involve the students in helping read the story. This book could be a part of cross content lessons and would be a fun way to for the students to be interactive in the class. There are many other ways to introduce this book in other content areas and that is always a plus when deciding on books to furnish my classroom library.

    20. Columbus

      I read this to a 7-month old and he enjoyed it. I think he liked the illustrations more than anything to be honest -the whales , bears and dolphins in the book are rather large and bright and infants are attracted to that. I didn't realize this was a song by Raffi until I read one of the reviews in GR. I found a video of it on YouTube and now I can't get it out of my head. ~~baby beluga in the deep blue sea, swim so wild and you swim so free.~~

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