The Admiral's Penniless Bride

The Admiral s Penniless Bride Sally Paul is down to her last penny As she spends it on a cup of tea to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage a complete stranger Admiral Si

  • Title: The Admiral's Penniless Bride
  • Author: Carla Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781426879562
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • The Admiral's Penniless Bride

    Sally Paul is down to her last penny As she spends it on a cup of tea to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage a complete stranger Admiral Sir Charles Bright s seafaring days are over and according to society, that must mean he s in need of a wife Discovering Sally s in need of a home, he offers a soluSally Paul is down to her last penny As she spends it on a cup of tea to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage a complete stranger Admiral Sir Charles Bright s seafaring days are over and according to society, that must mean he s in need of a wife Discovering Sally s in need of a home, he offers a solution They marry in haste but will they enjoy their wedding night at leisure

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    One thought on “The Admiral's Penniless Bride

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

      It's marriage of convenience time in Regencyland again, but you know what? I liked this one, and I think it's pretty darn good for a romance, so if you're a romance reader, read on. Carla Kelly writes thoughtful romance novels about solid, honest characters with actual problems that are often pretty heavy, and who aren't necessarily drop-dead gorgeous or part of upper-crust society. Here we have Admiral Charles Bright, home in England after 30 years of serving in the navy. He's a little at loose [...]

    2. Didi

      3.5 STARSThis was sweet, a slow and lovely development of feelings between two people in need of something. Sally was destitute and suffering for the sins of her deceased ex-husband. Charles Bright wanted peace from meddlesome sisters. While it may have started out as a marriage of convenience, it sure didn't end that way.Charles' reaction to Sally's secret was so heartbreaking. For her! He was so angry, so sure of her deception that he didn't give her a chance to explain until there's was no mo [...]

    3. Rane

      What happens to those soldiers, who after years of fighting for the gods of war, come home to a world that has changed greatly? Those soldiers whom are at loose ends and sometimes lost souls looking for a purpose as they lay down their arms for peace?Carla Kelly has a way of telling a story that is so down to earth for the reader, from the hardships that the characters to face that are very relatable to her humor that will always make you laugh to the pains that will make you cry. Reading The Ad [...]

    4. Kathleen

      Good story, with some heartbreak. It's a fairly clean romance set in Plymouth, England in 1816, during a postwar depression, when jobs are scarce and England does little for her wounded soldiers, handicapped by Napoleon's war machine. Kelly writes with a strong historical grounding. This book is a stand-alone, yet I've also seen it listed as part of THE CHANNEL FLEET series involving the Royal British Navy or Marines. I liked that entire series, especially Marrying The Royal Marine. This book fe [...]

    5. Wollstonecrafthomegirl

      This was one of the first romances I read last year (pre-active use of account) and I've just re-read. It was every bit as lovely as the first time around. First we have Charles - injured hero but with no chip on his shoulder and over a decade older than the heroine (injured hero and slight May/December - double catnip!). I like his practicality about everything other than the impetuous decision to marry Sally. His difficulties with re-entering society after a long naval career are also very ni [...]

    6. SheLove2Read

      Not since Leo Hathaway has a hero so THOROUGHLY enchanted me from page one! I will endeavor to do this story justice in the following review, but all I can say is this: READ IT! Newly retired from the fleet, Admiral Sir Charles Bright finds himself in a quandary no man wishes to find himself in: his well meaning sisters mean to find him a wife. In a bid to circumvent what he knows will be a disaster of epic proportions, he decides to find a respectable woman and have a marriage of convenience. S [...]

    7. Shannon G

      So I'm not going to lie: I picked up this book because the male romantic hero has a hook for a hand AND he lost a tooth (while off the Barbary Coast, I think). I also had low expectations about how the author was going to pull this off without looking silly, so my motives were slightly cynical. But mostly it was the sheer novelty: usually if the main romantic lead has a physical flaw it's an old wound that gives him a bit of a limp or a rakish scar (that of course the lady in question doesn't no [...]

    8. Erika

      Not going to read this.Note to self: Sounded really terrific, but towards the end(view spoiler)[ the hero gets enraged at the heroine for something and throws a heavy, glass paperweight at her, that could have killed her or the baby inside. (hide spoiler)]

    9. kris

      Sally/Sophia Paul/Daviess is money-poor. Admiral Sir Charles Bright is wife-poor. They strike a bargain, get married, and develop inconvenient boners for each other. Except then the ~secret of Sally's first husband comes to light and shit hits the fan doing 98. 1. WOW PACING. The first 80% of this thing is a sleeper: everything is talked about twice, thrice, and again; the heroine isn't sure she wants sex but she wants sex; the hero wants sex but also wants sex; it's all very humanly messy. BUT [...]

    10. Jacqueline

      Nice regency somewhat spoiled by insufficient grovelling at the end. This was a nice different type of story about a 45 year old retired admiral who impulsively marries a destitute woman. Full of lovely dialog and good scenes of them getting to know each other. It was ruined for me by the ending, where the hero, who owes the heroine a massive apology gets off basically scot free. (view spoiler)[ The hero finds out something bad about the heroine, refuses to listen to her defense, throws a glass [...]

    11. Ruth

      It's hard to write a review and do justice to this lovely, sweet story. The hero and heroine are both wonderful people. They both deserve happiness and contentment. Neither of them is young, which i particularly appreciate, and they are both adrift, more-or-less outcasts, granted that the hero is a relatively wealthy outcast. It would have been so easy to write a sickly sweet story, but it's so beautifully and simply written, that it just flows. Parts of it made me chuckle, parts of it made me s [...]

    12. Shel

      I loved this one. Very simple and sweet, but there is a lot of emotion. I was in tears different places in the book. I'm usually not a fan of the older hero, but this story worked out well.

    13. Denise

      This is a first read of this author for me, and what a pleasant surprise it was! This book broke out of the typical historical romance theme by giving us a slightly older (45 year old) hero who is also an upstanding Englishman, rather than the usual rake. We also see the heroine as slightly older than the norm at 32, but she was also a widow who was happily married with a child and not out looking for a man to save her although she was in desperate straits.Admiral Sir Charles Bright sees Sally P [...]

    14. Katie

      Okay, I have to write this review in two parts. (Both parts get five stars.)The first, say, 75% of this book is just LOVELY. It's one of those marriage of conveniences, where both characters go in not really expecting it to be anything more, but are delighted to discover it IS more. Both characters are just WONDERFUL people. Caring and incredibly likable. I want to know them. I want to be like them.And then the big thing that's kind of been lurking in the background is revealed and this book bec [...]

    15. Laura (Kyahgirl)

      I can't believe there aren't more people raving about Carla Kelly; promoting her books to anyone who will listen. Since the very first Carla Kelly book I read (The Wedding Journey), I've never been disappointed. This book is no exception. I think the title is a bit hokey but I wonder if that is not the influence of the publisher.What is it about Carla Kelly's books that puts most of them in my 5 star category? I think it is the fact that her books don't have pretensions, they don't generally hav [...]

    16. Dancechica

      I finished this book with a smile on my face. The story was sweet, though it had me nearly in tears in a few places. Carla Kelly is a good writer. I find her romances are more quiet and subtle than most romances. Her heroes and her heroines are often every day people and the love between them grows slowly and naturally. Whenever I read one of Kelly's books, the characters always feel very real as if they could have existed at some point in history. This book was no exception. Charles and Sophie [...]

    17. Carrie

      3.5 rounded up for .Carla Kelly's writing is fun to get lost in, which is saying something since I rarely read historical romances. She has an easy, flowing style that drew me in and held my interest. Her writing has a light touch, including enough detail without getting wordy and the right amount of dry humor in her characters. Charles and Sophie weren't perfect in form or character, but were warm and believable.What holds this book back from being great is a weak plot. The outlines of a confli [...]

    18. namericanwordcat

      This book is compelling in its characterization and plot but the love story is like watching a flower unfurl in slow motions--utterly stunning. Kelly, always, writes with such finesse and historical truth while never losing sight of the utter humanity of the individual lives of the smallest of characters in her book. Here we have a heroine who knows what it is to hungry, a plain hero whose soul is large and a happily ever after we can believe in.This is simply a stellar read. Heartbreaking and h [...]

    19. Estara

      Being on a Carla Kelly trip, I decided to finally read this book which I had bought much earlier this year (it came out in January). It's not Christmas themed but has a retired admiral as a theme - a very young one (45) who has been at sea (and rarely off it) since he was ten year old and has worked his way up. Very capable on the sea, and still very in love with the ocean, he nevertheless is utterly fed up with death and war and has the impression only life on land might offer him a release fro [...]

    20. Helena

      Carla Kelly continues to reign as the Regency Romance expert in the second of her novels about Admiralty in The Admiral’s Penniless Bride.This is a refreshingly different kind of read because there is innocence and depth of feeling that is so different from many romances that provide incredibly detailed love scenes giving the reader more sexual impact initially than emotional. Not so with the The Admiral’s Penniless Bride. What this provides, is great detail of emotion, internal dialogue and [...]

    21. Chumchum_88

      I think Ms. Carla Kelly has found herself a new fan in me ^^ I just loved it since the first page, I couldn't stop I practically finished it in hours and that's a new record for me.Charles was a nice adorable character, hook and all. it's true his impulsive move to propose to a total stranger wasn't common at all, but it was the first step to a great life. Even though he was self-conscious about his age, he didn't sound the 45 yrs old man, it's my first time reading or thinking of 45 yrs old man [...]

    22. Anna Marie

      I have only just finished this book, and already want to read it again. If that isn't an indication of a five-star book, I don't know what is.Oh, it has it's issues. The cover, for one - Sally is a brunette, Charles is grey-haired, and has a HOOK for a hand (one edition shows a black-haired, two-handed gentleman!).The second issue being the title - it indicates that this book is about a woman, when it most certainly is not. This is about the Admiral, who has retired from a lifetime career at sea [...]

    23. Joy

      Sally Paul, a widowed lady's companion, is out of work and down to her last coin. Her knight in shining armor arrives in the form of Admiral Sir Charles Bright (R.N ret'd.), who feels the need to marry immediately. He's bought a deceased Earl's orgy palace and needs a woman's touch to make it into a respectable home; also he needs a wife to keep his overbearing sisters away. Over time their marriage of convenience develops into something morebut Sally is keeping a secret that threatens more than [...]

    24. Jeanette

      A retired Admiral marries a 32 year old destitute widow as a marriage of convenience. Both will achieve certain advantages by their combining for social, cultural, economic purposes. The Admiral has lost a hand in the wars and is seeking freedom from his sisters' barraging to settle and marry. He wants a home he has never had, a base in his homeland, on land, after decades at seas around the globe. She has had great loss- losing a son as a baby beyond her husband's wrongly accused failure and su [...]

    25. Ruth

      I really do enjoy this author's work. This would have been a four star except for him throwing the paperweight. I have a real problem with anger outbursts like that. I am glad that it wasn't an immediate forgiveness thing, though. Also, Big Dark Secret is probably one of my least favorite tropes, right after Stupid Misunderstanding That Could Be Easily Resolved If People Would Just Use Their Words.I was very excited when I realized that this was a marriage of convenience story. Looooooooove roma [...]

    26. Hannah

      4.5 StarsSo, so incredibly sweet. Carla Kelly's books aren't always on the top of my list, but they never seem to disappoint. The heroine and hero were both lovely and not crazy, and yet the story was still interesting and captured my attention. I thought the climax was really heartbreaking, but there was a great comeback - my only gripe is that it ends rather abruptly (though, I know CK doesn't do epilogues like a lot of authors). Anyway, this was way, way better than I was expecting and is tot [...]

    27. Tori

      It would have been five stars except (view spoiler)[I felt like the ending was waaay too rushed. I think had we even been given a snippet from Sophie's POV of what she was going through during their separation, and how she came to the decision to forgive him, that would have helped a lot. As it was I was kind of like, AH, wait what? It's over? That's it???? That said, I loved Sophie and Charles' relationhip. I loved how they were friends pretty much right from the start, and how much they genuin [...]

    28. Mireille

      This one was a weird read for me - I was at first really into it, then not, then back again. It's not a story that will transform the regency romance world, but I liked the tropes (marriage of convenience! found family/home!) and it was well-written. Just didn't quite get to that "feelings!!" place for me.

    29. Teri-K

      This may be the best book I've ever read about a marriage of convenience. I loved that the MCs were both adults, that their feelings developed gradually, I loved how the plot developed Really, really good. I could go on and on about this book, but I'll just say, if you like this kind of story, then don't miss this one.

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