The Deep

↠ The Deep ☆ Helen Dunmore - The Deep, The Deep The third spellbinding story about Sapphy and Conor s adventures in the powerful and dangerous underwater world of Ingo A devastating flood has torn through the worlds of Air and Ingo and now deep i

  • Title: The Deep
  • Author: Helen Dunmore
  • ISBN: 9780007204915
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Deep

    ↠ The Deep ☆ Helen Dunmore - The Deep, The Deep The third spellbinding story about Sapphy and Conor s adventures in the powerful and dangerous underwater world of Ingo A devastating flood has torn through the worlds of Air and Ingo and now deep i

    • ↠ The Deep ☆ Helen Dunmore
      329 Helen Dunmore
    The Deep

    One thought on “The Deep

    1. Connie

      Source I own an ebook copy of this book Cost Free Title The Deep Series Ingo 3 Author Helen Dun Overall Rating 3 starsThe Kraken is awake, and no, not the one from Davy Jone s Locker This Kraken will only return to sleep if it has a sacrifice of a boy and a girlOr if someone goes into the deep to stop it And since Sapphy is the only known person to survive the deep, of course she is opted to go With the help of Conor and Faro, they descend into the depths to fight this ancient beast and Sapphy l [...]

    2. Lydia

      This is the third book in the Ingo series However, it is enough of a complete story that it can be read easily as a stand alone book Dun does an excellent job balancing the concept of a young girl struggling to live in two worlds Sapphire, the protagonist, has blood that is mixed with both human Earth and Air and Mer Sea Her brother is mixed as well, but the Earth is strong in him and he is not pulled as strongly to the ocean as Sapphire The main plot is rooted in the previous books but explaine [...]

    3. Megan

      This book is the third book in the Ingo series by Helen Dun It focuses on a young girl along with her brother Sapphire Connor who are part Mer and part Human Their father, a Mer, has returned to the underwater world of Ingo and is remarried with a new son The I read this, the I wanted to read the first two books which I haven t to find out exactly how they learned they were part mer and how the father chose to return to Ingo and leave his family behind The book is titled The Deep and the jacke [...]

    4. Faith

      What the Helen, that was the absolute, flat out, most suckish ending to a novel, EVER Much less a TRILOGY I wait and wait and wait for this book, LOVING the previous two books, start reading this and being SO excited, loving it, the plot gets as interesting as it could get, and my curiosity as to WHAT WILL HAPPEN reaches its peak, and the book stops.I don t mean it ends STOPS This was a load of crap, and I am thoroughly pissed.

    5. Michael

      Over all the book is fairly entertaining but the beginning is a little slow If you like fantasy type series then this could be the series for you However if you don t like slow starts this book might not be for you Even in the third book they still introduce all the characters even though they have been in all the other books if this is your first read of the series you still get to meet all the characters One bad thing about this book is that you can predict the ending from the start of the boo [...]

    6. Tati

      After the near miss of the last book, with the Tide Knot breaking, now there is another threat to both worlds of Ingo and of Air This time, the Kraken is awake can t help remembering the Pirates of the Caribbean s Kraken and Davy Jones The Mer then have two choices sacrifice a couple of children or sending someone to the Deep to put the Kraken to sleep again Because Sapphy can survive the Deep, she gets asked to go there and save the world again.This was a bit of a slow book, and it ended being [...]

    7. Sherri

      I can t wait to read the next one in the series If Sapphire ever starts doing guided tours of Ingo I m totally going to be one of the first in line

    8. Rizki Wulandari

      Well, tetralogi Ingo tentu masih berkisar antara kaum Mer manusia duyung dimana dua diantara mereka bersahabat dengan anak Udara yaitu Conor dan Sapphire Fokus kali ini memang bukan sepenuhnya tentang kaum Mer Porsi lebih besar diberikan kepada Sapphire dan Connor serta si Paus Dalam The Deep ini bertualang ke dasar laut yang gelap dan sunyi Tidak ada satupun kaum Mer yang dapat masuk kesana tanpa menjadi hilang selamanya Melalui buku ini pembaca bisa dapat merasakan keadaan dasar laut yang jauh [...]

    9. Febriani Madusari

      Dari buku 2 sbnrnya udh kehilangan minat, tapi krn terlanjur beli bundle ya sdh teruskan sj, ak gk suka abandon series.Dan ternyata buku 3 ini parah sekali, tersiksa ak bacanya.1 Dad meninggalkan mum, Conor Saphire untuk karena panggilan wanita mer, memutuskan untuk lebih memilih bersama wanita itu, bahkan sampai memiliki bayi sebel.2 Mum pacaran sama Roger, tinggal bersama, bahkan di akhir buku sorry, spoiler memutuskan pergi ke Australia mengikuti Roger, meninggalkan Conor Saphire, mempercayak [...]

    10. ZI

      Not as strong as the previous Ingo books, but still psychologically enchanting and very creative From riding inside the mouth of a whale to the true nature of the Kraken, Helen Dun really puts you into the emotional state of the characters, amplifying their fears, triumphs, and every little thing in between This one ran a little slower and the scene with the Kraken is somewhat anticlimatic if not read slowly and carefully, but overall I enjoyed The Deep and am looking forward to the next book

    11. Treena Beavers

      There human world is slowly getting back to normal after the mighty floods Things are changing they are getting older braver and taking on responsibility for the secrets they keep from their Mum and Roger Ingo becomes than an escape it s starting to feel like home So, When Faro calls for help, Connor Sapphire don t hesitate to dive back into Ingo to help fight the darkest menacing sea creature of them all The Kraken.

    12. Angela Hibbard

      I liked this book Some of the details didn t quite make sense because I haven t read the first two books, but it was good I wasn t entirely satisfied with the last fourth of the book Everything wraps up underwater and somewhat on land, but there is an element missing in the last part of the book I like it and will probably read this book again and most definitely read the first two, but The Deep is not going to be one of my most favorite books.

    13. Rachel Van de Ruit

      It was a good read the whole thing with Kraken was a little weird and the fact that Connor and Faro both managed to stay alive in the Deep when, previous, Faro hadn t been able to go into the Deep to save Sapphire I mean, the whale probably had something to do with that.

    14. Stezsen

      Dapet hadiah cerbul kasfan Terima kasih para momodSaia ga ngikutin serinya dan ga baca buku2 lainnya, jadi lumayan hah hoh apa yang telah terjadi waktu baca.Kesan pertama POV 1 cewe Aurgh Ada alarm di kepala saia yg bilang, Awas, novel feminis dengan lakon cewe kuat yg bikin cowo2 keliatan lemah ato pada nempel semuah v v v Muup, saia lebih suka fangirling cowo keren daripada cewe independen mwahahah Tapi ternyata si Saph ini bukan cewe super kuat Yaaayy Dia cuma cewe setengah mermaid biasa2 saj [...]

    15. Kitty

      As an 11 year old still thoroughly read worryingly enchanted by mermaids I fell quite desperately in love with Ingo The affair itself lasted only a few hours as I devoured the novel but the romance of Sapphy s world lingered on I wanted a few stolen hours in the magical seaside paradise So, imagine my delight when I find we are to be treated to a TRILOGY THREE WHOLE BOOKS I counted the days to their arrival My longing for Dun s world would be sated Then I was blessed with The Tide Knot and alt [...]

    16. Shienny M.S.

      I like this book than it s prequels First of all because the conflict started very early on the book, unlike Ingo Ingo 1 and Tide Knot Ingo 2 where the conflict only occupies like 1 3 final part of the book That being said, the conflict that has been build up perfectly are not concluded the way I imagined it to be It felt very lacking on every way I mean Sapphy was supposed to go into the deep and fight against this monster that threaten both her world and Ingo, I would expect something really [...]

    17. Elizabeth

      This series no longer really holds my attention the way the first book did when I was younger, but the books are good enough that I m going to continue through until the end.I really think the Tide Knot and The Deep probably could have been condensed into one book The Deep didn t need to be 329 pages Not enough happened for it to need to be 329 pages Still it was good It was nice I have to keep in mind it s a children s book and for that, I think it s really good.Sapphire is just young, I guess [...]

    18. Jennifer Wardrip

      Reviewed by Cat for TeensReadTooNew troubles loom for Saffy, her brother, Connor, and their friend, Faro Not just because the Kraken an ancient monster of the deep has threatened to destroy Ingo unless the Mer give over their young A new danger is rising, with aspiring leader Ervys gaining strength by encouraging prejudice against those who aren t full blooded Mer.Faro s mentor, Saldowr, believes the people of Ingo have another option in Saffy, who entered the deep and managed to survive an impo [...]

    19. catherine james

      New troubles loom for Saffy, her brother Connor, and their friend Faro, not just because the Kraken an ancient monster of the deep has threatened to destroy Ingo unless the Mer give it over their young A new danger is rising, with aspiring leader Ervys gaining strength by encouraging prejudice those who aren t full blooded Mer Faro s mentor, Saldowr, believes the people of Ingo have another option in Saffy, who entered the deep and managed to survive an impossible feat all but a handful of the o [...]

    20. Crystal

      I love the Ingo series, but this book I didn t love as much as the first two I can t even put my finger on why I just didn t enjoy it as much, and found I had of a struggle to finish the book I wanted to finish it I just never seemed to want to pick the book up to do so Maybe it had to do with Ervys He is a pretty awful character a bit like Lucius Malfoy Arrogant and power hungry, with his sycophantic supporters ugh The Kraken was pretty unappealing too, and perhaps felt a little silly anti cli [...]

    21. Katie

      This third book in the Ingo series seems to be wearing the story a bit thin The whole Kraken plot has been done with the Emily Windsnap series and with the monster being a shape shifting being who feeds on negative emotions, it makes the characters seem disrespected and slightly degraded How is the heroine supposed to stay strong if so many depressing life altering situations have been thrown at her since the 1st book The sub plot with her missing father who left the family to supposedly persue [...]

    22. Angelic Zaizai

      Dimulai dengan keluarga Saphire yang kembali tinggal di Senara karena rumah mereka di St.Pirans hancur terkena banjir.Saphire diundang hadir dalam pertemuan kaum Mer, membicarakan bangunnya Kraken sang monster yang bisa menghancurkan Ingo dan dunia manusia.Untuk menidurkan Kraken kembali, kaum Mer harus menyerahkan anak mereka, atau meminta orang berdarah campuran untuk melakukannya.Karena Saphire sudah pernah ke Dasar Laut, kaum Mer berharap dia bisa membantu mereka karena Mer tidak bisa pergi [...]

    23. Marchel

      Buku ke 3 serial Ingo.Bangsa Mer ternyata tidak hidup di seluruh lapisan laut.Mereka juga mengenal daerah yang menyeramkan.Jika manusia takut pada pegunungan dan berbagai daerah di tempat tinggi, maka bangsa Mer takut pada daerah yang dalam Dasar laut, istilah Mer.Dasar Laut, atau mungkin disebut palung laut atau jurang laut bagi manusia.Gelap, jarang penghuninya, dan tekanannya sangat besar.Nah, kenapa ada di situ Bangsa setengah setengah, walau hanya segelintir, ternyata mampu ke sana.Wait a s [...]

    24. Alvi Harahap

      After the wonderfully written Ingo and Tide Knot I was surprised to find that The Deep ended up being so clunky and slow Not really much happens in the 320 pages and there s no sense of urgency, mystery or need to keep turning the page Sapphire and her brother Conor are summoned back to the ocean when the Kraken not the giant squid of common lore threatens to wreak havoc upon the world when he wakes from his thousand year slumber The kids sort him out rather easily towards the end of the second [...]

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