Mon coeur à l'étroit

Mon coeur l troit Nadia la narratrice est institutrice Bordeaux dans la m me cole que son mari Ange Ils vivent leur profession comme un apostolat et en tirent une authentique f licit Mais depuis quelque temps le cou

  • Title: Mon coeur à l'étroit
  • Author: Marie NDiaye
  • ISBN: 9782070774579
  • Page: 158
  • Format: None
  • Mon coeur à l'étroit

    Nadia, la narratrice, est institutrice Bordeaux dans la m me cole que son mari, Ange Ils vivent leur profession comme un apostolat et en tirent une authentique f licit Mais depuis quelque temps le couple est l objet d une vindicte g n rale, harcelante et inexplicable Personne ne les regarde plus en face, personne n accepte d entendre le son de leurs voix, les enfantNadia, la narratrice, est institutrice Bordeaux dans la m me cole que son mari, Ange Ils vivent leur profession comme un apostolat et en tirent une authentique f licit Mais depuis quelque temps le couple est l objet d une vindicte g n rale, harcelante et inexplicable Personne ne les regarde plus en face, personne n accepte d entendre le son de leurs voix, les enfants ont peur d eux Nadia tente de comprendre la nature du complot qui la broie, tandis qu un brouillard pais ensevelit Bordeaux Quelle faute a t elle commise, qui justifierait ses malheurs Pourquoi son fils s est il loign d elle Ange est il vraiment son alli dans l preuve Et qui est ce voisin qui les accable de propos l nifiants, ce Noget qu ils avaient toujours m pris et qui s impose peu peu comme leur protecteur tout puissant

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    One thought on “Mon coeur à l'étroit

    1. Paul Fulcher

      Now and then, at first, I think I catch people scowling in my direction. They can’t really mean me, can they? Marie NDiaye's Ladivine was a real discovery for me from the 2016 Man Booker International, and was also shortlisted for the 2017 Best Translated Book Award, so I was delighted that my Two Lines Press subscription included another NDiaye novel, Heart Hemmed In (published earlier in the original). The good news is that it is perhaps even stronger than Ladivine and I would be disappointe [...]

    2. Joseph Schreiber

      I've only read Ndiaye's short fiction before. The narrative voice—tightly controlled, proud, paranoid and delusional—carries this tale of a middle-aged couple suddenly struck by unexplained, frightening circumstances. Dark, surreal and disturbing. For my full review see: roughghosts/2017/07/12/pr

    3. Jessica

      Harrowing and claustrophobic initially but always compelling, My Heart Hemmed In is Marie NDiaye at her brilliant best. This is her newest published work in English (just released) but was published in France in 2007 while Ladivine came out in English just last year but was published in France in 2013. The two novels make fascinating companion pieces, treating the same theme (denial of one's roots, race, class--one's self--and all that this entails) in equally compelling ways. My Heart Hemmed in [...]

    4. Book Riot Community

      There’s no point in trying to summarize a Marie NDiaye book, whether we’re talking about the short story collections of the novels. There’s always layers of meaning and plot that initially seem disconnected but which come together at the end in ways both interesting and surprising. My Heart Hemmed In is superficially about a middle-aged French woman forced into revisiting her past after her husband is attacked. But it’s also about race, class, society and navigating Western culture as an [...]

    5. Ana Negreiros

      Damn, Nadia.What. A. Trip.I had to come back and change my rating from 4 to 5 stars because the more I think about this book, the more I realize how downright amazing it really is.

    6. kasia

      Fascinating, but also punishing. NDiaye is amazing at creating an atmosphere of intense anxiety and shame. My Heart Hemmed In tackles a lot of the same things as Ladivine, but in a much more opaque and surreal way. Imagine Kafka's Trial, redone by a female Michael Haneke -- it's sort of like that.

    7. jeremy

      we're convinced of our innocence, but ashamed all the samerhaps even more haunting and unsettling than her previous novel, the mesmerizing ladivine, marie ndiaye's my heart hemmed in (mon cœur à l'étroit) is the arresting, distressing tale of nadia, her husband, and two lives unwinding out of control. the french/senegalese writer crafts a paranoid, perturbing milieu that infuses every sentence of her story with an inescapable, yet ill-defined foreboding. with my heart hemmed in, the prix gonc [...]

    8. Andrea

      Bonne nouvelle pour les détracteurs de NDiaye : ici, pas de phrases à rallonge, pas d'excès de jolis mots désuets. Tout est claire, net, et sans fioritures de style. Ca, c'est pour la forme ; côté fond, soyez prêts à rester dans le brouillard (tout comme Nadia, l'héroïne de l'histoire) pour au moins les trois quarts du roman ! On évolue comme dans le labyrinthe illogique d'un mauvais rêve ; on ne sait point où l'on va, les passages sont sombres, et les sorties se mutent en impas [...]

    9. Brooke Salaz

      Felt like the first half really drew me in and then I lost some of that compelling feeling toward the end as Ndiaye seemed to be making a more visible effort to wrap things up in a way that made a bit of sense. I preferred the early stages of the nightmare where this seemingly utterly blameless and virtuous couple suddenly find both their human and physical surroundings turn inexplicably hostile. Reminded me in a more sinister way of Ishiguro’s the Unconsoled which is one of my all time favori [...]

    10. Adeline

      Je me suis vraiment demandé où elle voulait en venir et puis j'ai compris! Un peu dingue mais haletant et finalement pas si dingue

    11. James

      this is what people mean when they use the term literature Ndiaye has oodles of writing talent, an abundance of it i LOVED just reading the words on the page, sometimes i had to go back and re-read to comprehend how they fit the narrative their phrasing and tone were so beautiful lots of emotions run through this tale, not all of them definable or comfortable, but always severely and irrefutably powerful i was at times unsure where the story was going, or what i missed, or misinterpreted, but it [...]

    12. Jenny Womack

      Given the reviews, I wanted to like this book, but I really did not. In fact, I only skimmed the last half, trying to find something I could use to pull me into the story, but no. I can't stand the main character, Nadiaanted she isn't supposed to be likeable but the more I read, the more I disliked her. The author's writing style felt too choppy to me, though I do think it was an intentional choice. But for me story is key & this story didn't speak to me as it clearly did to others. To each [...]

    13. Lisa

      I'm not sure I'm smart enough to appreciate this book. I understand that she had to revisit some of her actions and attitudes of the past but instead of clearing things up in the last chapter, it left me more confused. The meat eater storyline, the outcome of the husband relationship, what was the issue of her grandchild's name?

    14. Kinsey

      This was more experimental of a novel than I am used to reading, and I don't think I understood the majority of it. That said, I was intrigued by the story and characters. This was a book club pick, so I'll be interested to hear what others have to say about it.

    15. Adam

      Glorious. Difficult. Surreal. Exquisite. Not for everyone. Dreamy, nightmare of a modern parable with fairy tale elements.

    16. Bryan

      Probably my least favorite of her books, but still quite captivating and a pretty powerful depiction of racism/xenophobia in NDiaye's unique dreamlike, atmospheric way.

    17. Jill

      I finished this book a few days ago. I needed to let it settle before commenting. It took me a long time to get through this book because it was so sinister so early (from page one) and at times frustrating. But it was also riveting. I'm still processing! Combination of Kafka, Ferrante and Rosemary's Baby!

    18. Mike

      This is a puzzling, Kafkaesque book. And I don't say Kafkaesque lightly: I expected the novel to end with "Like a dog." It doesn't, though there's a dog in the vicinity, just to remind us. Nadia and her husband Ange have, for some reason, become the focal point for the hatred of everyone they meet: colleagues, people on the street, neighbors. Ange has received some strange, festering stab wound as a result, though we never find out how exactly he was injured. And we never find out why everyone h [...]

    19. Outra Página

      Poucas vezes na vida li um livro em que o título fizesse tanto sentido – tanto em relação à história que conta, quanto ao sentimento que a mesma me provocou. Coração Apertado, da premiada escritora francesa Marie NDiaye, é desse tipo de obra que nos deixa sem ar durante a leitura e com uma pulga atrás da orelha após o final.Contando a história de Nadie e Ange, um casal de professores que passa a ser hostilizado por todos na cidade em que vivem, exceto por um misterioso vizinho, que [...]

    20. Larissa

      Bem doido. Mas gostei muito da atmosfera fantástica, da sensação de pesadelo. O fato de ser narrado em 1a pessoa também leva a autora a utilizar recursos que confundem o leitor quanto ao caráter real da protagonista Não dá pra saber se ela é vítima ou culpada dos misteriosos tormentos que lhe oprimem Parece um livro do Kafka contado por uma mulher. Pode ser tomado como alegoria para o problema social dos imigrantes na França contemporanea Confesso que o clima nonsense que cerca a prota [...]

    21. Vitalia

      From the beginning the book was filled with promise. I quite liked her style of writing, Nadia was an interesting character and of course the great mystery of why everyone had turned against her and her husband was very intriguing.I enjoyed reading the book, but I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending. On one hand I can understand why the author ended to book the way she did, it was fitting end to Nadia's journey, but on the other hand it left too many questions unanswered. Some of the mor [...]

    22. Marina Magalhães

      Apesar de reconhecer a grande capacidade da autora de construir uma narrativa tensa como prometida no título, não consegui me sentir encantada pelo livro. Foi uma das leituras mais arrastadas que já enfrentei.

    23. Lucas Besen

      Leitura fluída, porém absurdamente perturbadora. Assim como a capa, a cada movimento tudo pode mudar, se transforma em mais despertencimento. NDiaye mostra que a fluidez de um texto pode ser muito mais perturbadora que palavras complexas.

    24. Gabriele

      3,5Não sei o que pensar sobre essa leitura ainda para uma classificação definitiva. Foi muito interessante, intrincado e preciso de uns dias para digerir.

    25. Keven Girard

      Puissant, dérangeant, portant à réflexion sur les jugements et le regard des autres, heureux mélange d'étrangeté et de douce poésie.

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