The Nourisher

The Nourisher Drake Glauco a successful lawyer happily married to Jankin the man of his dreams has a perfect lifeuntil he comes home one day to find his husband in the arms of another man In the resulting argum

  • Title: The Nourisher
  • Author: Mark Alders
  • ISBN: 9781554877980
  • Page: 283
  • Format: ebook
  • The Nourisher

    Drake Glauco, a successful lawyer, happily married to Jankin the man of his dreams , has a perfect lifeuntil he comes home one day to find his husband in the arms of another man In the resulting argument, Drake storms out of his house only to be drugged and kidnapped by alien people smugglers His perfect life is shattered as he uncovers the real reason for his kidnapDrake Glauco, a successful lawyer, happily married to Jankin the man of his dreams , has a perfect lifeuntil he comes home one day to find his husband in the arms of another man In the resulting argument, Drake storms out of his house only to be drugged and kidnapped by alien people smugglers His perfect life is shattered as he uncovers the real reason for his kidnappingHe is to become an egg nourisher for a Priaxian incubator named Vernon

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    One thought on “The Nourisher

    1. Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌

      2.5This was incredibly bizarre. Yet oddly enthralling in that same sense. I wish I could've marked it up more for being so imaginative but there were so many things I felt were iffy about this book.Problems:•The unnatural dialogue•The writing wasn’t bad, just not to my style. The MC’s “voice” was just too casual to my liking•The name Vernon. Okay I know this isn’t a legitimate reason, but HELLO. VERNON DURSLEY. Does the name Vernon not come with negative connotations?•Vernon an [...]

    2. Tj

      This was not a book I expected to be all cute and cuddly. Seriously, 8-foot spiders? Who thinks cute and cuddly? It wasn't ALL cute and cuddly but Vernon ends up being just that. He is such a sweetie:) Poor Drake is sometimes so clueless but he does recognize that. This story also surprised me in another way. I don't usually like 1st person. It's a failing of mine:( Couldn't help liking this one. I must say Mark is always taking his readers on strange but fascinating journeys. I am really lookin [...]

    3. Shin Mon Thway

      Ok, that was one really weird, quirky and sweet read and not at all what I expected. 😁 I mean the blurb of the book describes a mating between a spider and a human so what would you expect if you were in my position? Since I clearly don’t have arachnophobia and obviously because I’m into quirky reads, I decided to give it a go and man, I can’t be happier that I gave this a shot. 😊 Drake is happily married and a very successful lawyer. On the day of his wedding anniversary, he came b [...]

    4. Emanuela ~plastic duck~

      I am amazed. If I had been told I would love a story with a human falling for a giant alien spider, I would have never believed it. But the author made me a believer! Every little detail about Vernon, from his soft hairs to his cooing, made me see what a wonderful creature he was. And on top of that he is a wonderful, smart, caring and sensual being.When compared to him, Drake Glauco, the narrator, was less interesting and I have to confess that sometimes he was a bit too loud or too bitter or t [...]

    5. Lexi Ander

      Drake Glauco is a happy man. He loves his life. He loves his job. He loves his husband, Jankin, who is the man of his dreams. Today Drake and his beautiful husband celebrate their anniversary. When he walks in he finds Jankin with a breathtaking man on their way to getting naked. His heart stalls and when it starts up again, angry words are exchanged before Drake walks out in to the awaiting Boldiens.If finding his husband cheating isn’t good enough to crap on his day, Drake now finds himself [...]

    6. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

      I have fallen in love with a spider and a lawyer who has a clothes allergy.Vernon and Drake were abso-frickin'-lutely adorable. The thing I loved the most about them was that they were so affectionate with each other. I really believed in their love.A spider that makes cooing noises when you rub his belly and scratch him under the chinbut is vicious when his man is threatened. Awesome.And let us not forget Drake. Drake was unbelievably kind, caring and brave. He doesn't think he's all that speci [...]

    7. ~♥I_Luv_2_Read♥~

      I really liked this book. I don't usually read this genre, but the worlds and beings were very detailed and I found myself loving the main characters. The relationship between Drake and Vernon was beautiful. I liked the way Mark made the love they found more about their personalities and character, than about appearance. The analogy "Don't judge a book by its cover" really applies here. It really is about what is on the inside that counts.The storyline was truly unique as well. A male spider lik [...]

    8. Heather C

      Quick, fast paced story with lots of spaceships and alien fighting! Oh, and don't forget the huge, hairy alien spider. Vernon is such a sweetie. He was always taking care of Drake and keeping him safe. It was funny how Drake would totally flip out when things got sticky, but Vernon was always there as calm as he could be. Love those two!Can't wait to see how Drake is going to keep all his promises to the Priaxians, Jankin, and the Auroran Resistance and save the rest of the world from the Aurora [...]

    9. Rachel Emily

      I was a bit skeptical about this book at first, because one of the characters is a spider! EEK! Well, Vernon is pretty much the most adorable, sweetest, bad ass spider I've ever read about. I absolutely LOVED this book. It was a very refreshing read. It had an imaginative, complex sci fi world, nonstop action, and 2 main characters that I adored. I loved Drake and his voice as the story was from his POV. I can't wait for the sequel and many more books after that (I hope!)

    10. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~

      I don't read sci-fi much because it's usually over my head, but I like this first book of Borders of World Saga. It's a love story of Drake and Vernon (a big spider). The sex was hot and although there was a lot of world building, I was able to keep up and understand. More Vernon!I'm just starting to read m/m without an f and I really enjoyed this story.

    11. Leaundra

      Ahhhh man only Mark Alders could get me to love a spider. I mean in real life they're disgusting and I can't stand them ewwww, but in this book I just fell in love with Vernon. I could totally hang out with Vernon and Drake. Once again there is so much going on for me to explain the book, just read it you won't be disappointed. Excited for the next book to come out.

    12. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

      I loved it. It was crazy imaginative. I loved Drake he was a great narrator and really brought the story to life.

    13. Lady*M

      My rating: 3.5 starsWhen I read the blurb for this book, my first thought was: Oh, no, another kidnapping story with kidnapee falling in love with his captor. Ninety nine percent of the time, these stories don't work for me because I just can't suspend my disbelief. Add to this the fact that that one of the protagonists is 4-meter-tall spider-like alien and I though this will never, ever work.Well, I was wrong. Why it worked? What, exactly, worked?1. Drake was given a choice to leave shortly aft [...]

    14. Nancy L

      Wow, very vivid world created in this book. Fast paced and full of adventure for Vernon and Drake! Very interesting interactions between them as well. I just might be in love with Vernon myself.

    15. Vivian

      This book did what I thought was the impossible--made spiders adorable. For that alone it earns a star. Vernon is smart, sweet, and absolutely loveable. And I'll give Drake kudos for being open-minded about the whole unplanned interspecies' sexual relations. Amazing job at making the reader accept what on face value seems implausible. All that aside, there's intrigue, impending doom, some bad guys and even a few who aren't all bad.

    16. Chappy

      I was actually pleasantly surprised with this book. I wasn't expecting much but the plot was actually quite interesting. Drake gets kidnapped by some nasty froggy aliens and handed over to the Priaxians who are essentially huge sentient spidersI was like WTF!!!He becomes a symbiont to Vernon and must "donate" his sperm everyday to feed the egg he's carrying. You see, Vernon is an incubator and Drake has been become a nourisher. This intimate bond allows the pair to vision share and Vernon can ap [...]

    17. Coyora Dokusho

      PANTS. ON. HEAD. RETARDED.Okay, the *idea* of the story is spectacular!!! The execution NOT. The idea of the characters was amazing, the actual depiction was uneven and jittery and pants on head retarded!!! I wanted to slap people for being stupid and made entirely of logic fail. Several times a plot point is introduced and then maybe the character and the author both forgot about it, but I sure didn't, and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HECK THAT WAS ALL ABOUT! Also, I got mental whiplash from ever ch [...]

    18. Lauraadriana

      This was strange and crazy creative and just GOOD!!! Man meets Spiderey fall in loveweird yess, but also REALLY GOODI loved my first Mark Alderscertainly not the last.

    19. Christy

      4.5 Stars ~ I definitely enjoy a good science fiction story, a new-to-me author, and a storyline that involves mpreg. The description for ‘The Nourisher’ really intrigued me, mainly because it didn't say a whole lot and I like to be left guessing. The world building this author created was unique, fascinating, detailed but not too much to overwhelm me, and I couldn't seem to read fast enough.Drake is a lawyer in a future time where aliens are known and come and go from Earth. Drake, in fact, [...]

    20. ValerieC

      Not sure who that hot hunk is on the cover, but it isn't the drake Glauco in the book! Maybe it's Vernon in the dream state?I gave it a 3 because of Vernon, otherwise 2.5 because This 100 page story just had too many inconsistancies to get me to rank it higher, and I really didn't see Drake's demeanor/language as being close to correct for a person who had such a huge part in crafting a treaty for half the known universe. And, would a society capable of space war bother to single him out in a co [...]

    21. Emma Sea

      *looks at reviews, looks at book, looks at Strunk and White, looks at book, looks back at reviews with a puzzled face. DNFs*

    22. Jennifer

      Drake Glauco was having a bad day. Sure, we all have bad days, but in Drake’s case it involves finding his husband is cheating on him and then being kidnapped by aliens. He then finds himself as an egg nourisher to a giant spider-like alien named Vernon.The giant spiders, the Priaxians, made The Nourisher something of a challenge to read since I run screaming from the room at the sight of a spider, but thankfully I persisted. Vernon, the Priaxian incubator whose egg Drake must nourish, is such [...]

    23. Debbie

      All I can say is that Mark Alders is a genius. Who would have thought that a big hairy spider could be so sweet, gentle and loving. I really liked and enjoyed this book. At times you actually forgot Vernon was a spider. It was wonderful watching the relationship between Drake and Vernon develop. What a great beginning to a series.

    24. Karen ~ Divhine

      Great book! I love Vernon, and even though he is a spider, you want to cuddle with him. I am looking forward to #2 in the series.

    25. Karel

      It's hard to rate this book, since it (and its sequels) are a mixed bag. On one hand, Alders built an interesting world that's creative, to say the least of it. On the other hand, the prose pretty much broke it for me.The prose feels simplistic, and has a YA feeling to it, which made me feel like I'm a teen all over again huddling down with the latest PG-13 book for well, 13-year-olds. The descriptions are very lacking, and a whole world can be explained within three sentences. Spaceships, gates [...]

    26. Barb ~rede-2-read~

      Good Heavens! The story line shouldn't have worked as well as it did, but it was action packed and sexy. Drake was kidnapped by aliens outside his apartment when he stormed out after finding his husband Jankin with another man. He was sold by the original set of aliens to the Queen ruler of the planet Piraxia so that he could be a "nourisher". (view spoiler)[He was to live with his chosen mate for the four year incubation period while the mate hatched his egg which would be fertilized by Drake, [...]

    27. Laura JP

      Loved it! How Mark is able to imagine his stories I have no idea, but the result was tender, funny, scary and fast paced with wonderful heros and shocking villains. Vernon is a beautiful character and I'd never thought I would readily accept a 4 metre high spider as a hero before, but he is and I do! Drake and Vernon make a lovely couple and their love for each other shone from the page. Who would have thought that love between a man and a giant spider could be so sweet? Mark Alders - that's who [...]

    28. Stephanie

      I'm giving this story a 5 star rating because Mark pulled off the impossible: He made a human and a giant spider-like alien fall in love. He not only made it believable, sensual, romantic AND took out the ewww factor, he also made it hot! The plot was so creative and unique. I thoroughly enjoyed every fantasy/sci-fi filled page. I'm not going to go into detail on how he did this. You'll just have to read it for yourselves. In the end, I became very emotionally invested in these two. I can't wait [...]

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