Chasing the Nightbird

Chasing the Nightbird Fourteen year old Lucky Valera is a seasoned sailor about to join the crew of the whaling ship Nightbird But when his estranged older brother suddenly kidnaps him and forces him into servitude as a m

  • Title: Chasing the Nightbird
  • Author: Krista Russell
  • ISBN: 9781561455973
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chasing the Nightbird

    Fourteen year old Lucky Valera is a seasoned sailor about to join the crew of the whaling ship, Nightbird But when his estranged older brother suddenly kidnaps him and forces him into servitude as a mule spinner at the mill, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse Determined to escape, Lucky links up with some unlikely allies Daniel, a fugitive slave who works alonFourteen year old Lucky Valera is a seasoned sailor about to join the crew of the whaling ship, Nightbird But when his estranged older brother suddenly kidnaps him and forces him into servitude as a mule spinner at the mill, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse Determined to escape, Lucky links up with some unlikely allies Daniel, a fugitive slave who works alongside him at the mill, and Emmeline, a Quaker ship captains daughter Emmeline offers Lucky passage on her fathers ship in exchange for his help leading escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad, but Lucky knows getting out from under his brother wont be easy When their plans go awry and Daniel is threatened by ruthless slave catchers, Lucky discovers that true freedom requires self sacrifice, and he comes eventually to realize he is part of a larger movement from which he cannot run away.

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      123 Krista Russell
    Chasing the Nightbird

    One thought on “Chasing the Nightbird

    1. Cindy

      I really enjoyed reading Chasing the Nightbird It was a fast moving and informative book I thought Krista did a good job of incorporating the issues of that time into the book slavery, shipping, millhouses This will be a great read for middle schoolers.

    2. Sarah (Workaday Reads)

      Lucky Valera is a young boy about to set sail on the whaling ship The Nightbird Before he can board he is snatched away by his brother Fortuna who is determined to make money off him by having him work at the local mill With the help of Daniel, a fugitive slave working at the mill, and Emmeline, a local girl who strongly believes in helping others, Lucky tries to escape his new life.Reading this spirited story, I formed the opinion it would be a great read of middle school boys There is adventur [...]

    3. Catherine Meyer

      In Chasing the Nightbird, a recently orphaned Cape Verde boy who dreams of sailing on a whaling ship is captured by his landlubber elder half brother and forced into a servitude that keeps him from his sailing dreams Without a way to get back on the ship, Lucky has to work at the mill so his brother can collect his paycheck to repay a debt that their father owed the elder son While Lucky bemoans his slavery, he becomes friends with Emmeline, a Quaker girl who is determined to follow God s law, n [...]

    4. Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

      Lucky is a sailor Most of his 14 years have been spent on a ship with his father The sea calls to him, it s in his blood Now that his father has died, Lucky is determined to join up with a new ship, The Nightbird, and start his own career as a sailor Fortuna has different ideas though He is Lucky s half brother, and now guardian due to the death of their father He forces Lucky to stay with him and work in the factory Lucky plans and plots, trying to find a way to escape the factory and his no go [...]

    5. Lisa

      I have thought for days about what to say about this book When thinking about books for children and teens, I first look at the entertainment value of a book and then the educational value of a book Chasing the Nightbird was an interesting book that gave some insight to how lives were for children at the turn of the century I don t, however, see this as a book that a child would pick up and read on their own.The book s main character, Lucky, grew up with his father on a whaling ship When his fat [...]

    6. Amy (Turn the Page)

      Hmm I can t say I really loved this book, but then I m not the intended target audience either I read Chasing the Nightbird fairly quickly its only around 190 pages and while it was enjoyable enough, ultimately I found it forgettable I think I expected going off the synopsis So many books for younger readers nowadays are full of adventure and are so imaginative that Chasing the Nightbird pales a bit by comparison.The entire story takes place in New Bedford where Lucky is trapped working at a mi [...]

    7. Aeicha

      Chasing the Nightbird by Krista Russell is a MG book, well suited for the 9 years and up crowd of readers The novel opens in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1851 where we meet Lucky Valera, a young African American boy about to turn 14 Lucky has recently lost his father, a famous whaler, and is set to work aboard the beloved whaling ship the Nightbird, as a full fledged crew member But Lucky s dream of living at sea is waylaid by his mean half brother Fortuna who kidnaps him and under the law of g [...]

    8. StorySeekers

      I love stories that are set back during this time because this is how our country became to be I get to see what the struggles were during that time, picturing myself into the storyline Krista Russell got the historical part of the story right and did the right research The story is set in New Bradford, 1851.Lucky Valera is a fourteen year old boy that is about to set sail on ship known as The Nightbird This was his father s ship, and the ship he has grown apart of since he was young Before he e [...]

    9. Alana White

      Set in 1851 New Bedford, Massachusetts, the center of the whaling industry and a haven for fugitive slaves, Chasing the Nightbird follows plucky 14 year old Lucky Valera, a colored boy of Cape Verdean, and his quest to sail with the whaling ship, Nightbird An orphan since the death of his seafaring father and an experienced sailor himself, Lucky is shanghaied before he can board the Nightbird by his hostile brother, Fernando Fortuna, who puts him to work in a textile mill There Lucky is befriend [...]

    10. Wally

      In 1851 New Bedford, Massachusetts, cabin boy Lucky is about to board the Nightbird as a sailor for the first time when he is kidnapped by his own brother, who has come to take his share of their late father s fortune Lucky s brother, Fortuna, wants nothing to do with the sea or sailing and immediately signs Lucky on to the local mill, where he can earn both of their wages Lucky, however, meets Daniel, an escaped slave, and Emmeline, the Quaker daughter of a local abolitionist, and the three of [...]

    11. Trish

      2.5 stars Fiction JuvenileChasing the Nightbird was an okay story but not great I agree with a few of the other reviewers when they said there was definitely an element of adventure that is lacking in this book geared toward middle school age readers.Lucky has a dream of living life as a sailor on his own ship Life changes for him though when his half brother and guardian forces him into slave labor Lucky spends lots of time throughout the book thinking of ways to escape and develops friendships [...]

    12. Allison

      If you are looking for a kids book that shines a light on the Fugitive Slave Act then this is book you are looking for About a teen named Lucky who grew up on the whaling ship Nightbird but has been forced to live with his older half brother and hand over all of his wages he earns working in a mill in 1850s New Bedford to pay back the money his father owed the brother Lucky has made friends with Emmeline, a Quaker Abolitionist and Daniel, a runaway slave when fear of the Fugitive Slave Act is re [...]

    13. Katie

      This was an all right middle grade title, but it wasn t a book that I would care to read again I didn t find that there was much to get me to care about Lucky and Daniel I wonder if younger readers will find it entertaining, but the story lacked the depth it really could have used I think that if the author trusted that her audience could handle she could have given it substance and created complex characters.I also wish that we had had a better sense of the town We heard of the docks and the [...]

    14. Lisa Nocita

      New Bedford, MA, circa 1841 Lucky Valera is an orphaned cabin boy who is looking forward to his first real voyage as a sailor on a whaling ship His fourteenth birthday in a few days makes him eligible to become a master rigger like his recently departed father On his way back to the ship, Lucky is waylaid by his older half brother of whom he knows nothing but who has plans of his own for Lucky working in the cotton mill Unfortunately, the scoundrel has the law on his side, leaving Lucky to plot [...]

    15. Barbara

      Ashore before heading off on another whaling trip, Lucky Valera is kidnapped by his half brother and forced to work in a nearby mill There he meets a fugitive slave, Daniel, whose deft fingers repair the breaks in the threads as they move swiftly in the mill He also chances on Emmeline, the daughter of a Quaker ship captain Like her deceased mother, she is deeply involved in the abolitionist movement, and tries to broker a deal with Daniel The story provides insight into 1851 New Bedford, Massac [...]

    16. Kristen Dota

      This book does an excellent job in bringing history from 1851 New Bradford Massachusetts back to life Children are able to see what life was like before their time which is very important This book also tells how a young boys farther dies and the young boy wanting to take his place in continuing the family business as a sailor Children experience this everyday so this is a good book to read in the classroom My favorite character is Emmeline, I loved how motivated she was in helping anyone every [...]

    17. Lynne

      The story of Lucky a young boy who is orphaned after his father s death and is prevented from returning to sea by the actions of his half brother I know I m not the target audience for this book, but I am a fan of YA fiction but found this one lacking somewhat It does touch on slavery, the work of the abolitionists and working conditions in factories in the 19th century but it didn t really stir up any feelings of outrage in me The characters felt a little one dimensional and the story kind of p [...]

    18. Cassandra (The book & movie dimension blogger)

      Full, non spoiler review courtesy at Book Movie Dimension a BlogBeing a sailor as his life didn t prepare Lucky Valera to live a regular life of a boy on land instead out at sea It doesn t prepare for a long lost brother A not so wanted older brother at that Quickly learning blood is thicker than water Lucky must sokn choose what he has known as his life or a new purpose Deeply spiritual till the end with humor which will keep you reading with great interest.

    19. Katterley

      I love historical fiction, and this was good historical fiction I learned history and have sources and primary sources to do research, because Ms Russell included a bibliography I loved the characters, all were realistic OK, I didn t love Fortuna, Emmeline s step mother, or Antone, but I wasn t supposed to, either, the characterizations were well done I also enjoyed that I wasn t sure how the book would end Chasing the Nightbird was a very satisfying read Recommended for middle grades and high [...]

    20. Zachary Alcorn

      I really liked this book because it shows kids facing adversity and sticking together They probably never thought they would be friends and now they are escaping together Find friends in unlikely places I really liked these social studies books because i am gonna be a social studies teacher.

    21. Erin Jansa

      I bought this for my 10 year old son, but read it first The adventure of the main character will keep a kid reading, and the setting offers up a very digestable piece of history and the issues of that time.

    22. Joan

      Very interesting historical fiction about the North s struggle against slave owners that attempted to bring back escaped slaves.Great read for Middle school readers.

    23. Nance

      A little contrived, a little simplistic, main character not well enough developed Historically interesting Easy read.

    24. Harla

      Not a lot to say about this one It was a decent read and I think would appeal to mainly boys who like historical fiction.

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