Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

[PDF] Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success | by ☆ Napoleon Hill Michael Bernard Beckwith Sharon L. Lechter Mark Victor Hansen - Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success, Outwitting the Devil The Secret to Freedom and Success Napoleon Hill wrote this book in just after publication of his all time bestseller Think and Grow Rich This powerful tale has never been published considered too controversial by his family an

  • Title: Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success
  • Author: Napoleon Hill Michael Bernard Beckwith Sharon L. Lechter Mark Victor Hansen
  • ISBN: 9781402784538
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

    [PDF] Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success | by ☆ Napoleon Hill Michael Bernard Beckwith Sharon L. Lechter Mark Victor Hansen - Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success, Outwitting the Devil The Secret to Freedom and Success Napoleon Hill wrote this book in just after publication of his all time bestseller Think and Grow Rich This powerful tale has never been published considered too controversial by his family an

    • [PDF] Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success | by ☆ Napoleon Hill Michael Bernard Beckwith Sharon L. Lechter Mark Victor Hansen
      352 Napoleon Hill Michael Bernard Beckwith Sharon L. Lechter Mark Victor Hansen
    Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

    One thought on “Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success

    1. Rashida

      This is quite possibly one of the most thought provoking and life changing books I ve read to date If you read this I urge you to do so with an open mind, understanding that it is NOT IMPORTANT whether you think it s the real devil or a metaphor Either way, these are things that do hold a lot of us back from success Let his perspective inspire your own I personally know that I ve been a drifter as he describes, and can even catch myself almost falling back into it from time to time Makes me wond [...]

    2. Becky Reed

      I just read the latest publication of Napoleon Hill that was set aside over 80 years ago, Outwitting the Devil, the Secret to Freedom and Success In the two years following my trek into the bowels of the Twilight Zone, I sank into the quicksand of a self sustaining process with a narcissist psychopath and his clan I found myself buoyed in a current of some strange delusion of life and hoping that somehow I could be saved I had no idea where or how that might arise as an agonizing crisis of faith [...]

    3. Mark

      This book was fascinating I have read Think and Grow Rich, The law of Success, and have the Keys to Success audio series so I figured I pretty much had all of NH s material Wow was I ever wrong.First off after a short story about himself after he lost all his money in the depression and the strange turn of events he experienced he goes into a Question and Answer series with the devil This made for very quick reading His years of interviewing the successful people and failed folks of his day are [...]

    4. Tre Scott

      While the original author s text makes for a good read or listen the continuous interruptions of the annotator, Sharon Lechter, forced me to discontinue after about 40 minutes Every time the story gained a little momentum, Ms Lechter butted in I then re edited the audiobook, removing Ms Lechter s commentary so that I could enjoy it in peace If you ve already purchased the audio version, but would like to be able to listen to it cleanly, let me know and I can email it to you.

    5. Doug

      I believe I ve read over 100 books on personal development, success and business I had a top 10 list alreadyw I have a top 11 list.Thank you, Sharon, for bringing this to life Outwitting the Devil is a personal favorite and one I am recommending to all of my friends, children and acquaintances.Brilliant workmply brilliant.

    6. Julie

      The gist of the book Don t drift through life or the devil will control you In fact, he already controls 98% of the population The book quotes from the bible and even states that it corresponds with Christ s teachings A few differences of the book compared to the bible came to mind as I was reading it Book love gets in the way, but sex is good Bible 1st great commandment Love God and 2nd love your neighbor as yourself Book Duty to only yourself Bible Lose yourself to serving God and then you ll [...]

    7. Susan Highland

      I won this book in the giveaway, and received it yesterday I can NOT put it down This is the BEST book I ever read, and I highly recommend it to everyone It is not yet released, but can be purchased on , and sent to you when it is released It s making me crazy, because I want everyone in my family and all of my friends to read it, but I can t purchase for them yet It is uplifting, inspiring, and timely This was written in 1938, and sat for 72 years unpublished Very timely release, and everyone c [...]

    8. Steven Walle

      Napolian Hill is clearly at his best in this book He conducts an interview with the Devil where he pries a confession from him He gets the Devil to admit how he takes us over by causing us to drift and not have definateness of purpose The Devil takes our base desires and perverts them and uses them to His own perpose He explains how He can gain control through habbits such as smoking, drinking, drugs, and sex By these confessions we are taught how to stay on the straight and narrow path twards h [...]

    9. Jeff

      If you re facing adversity or in the middle of a life change, this is a great book to read A great challenge to your mindset on whatever it is you are currently facing Some takeaways The capacity to surmount failure without being discouraged is the chief asset of every person who attains outstanding success in any calling The seven principles to attain spiritual, physical and mental freedom 1 Definiteness of purpose 2 Mastery over self 3 Learning from adversity 4 Controlling environmental influe [...]

    10. Adam

      Was listening to the audio version of this book and while I m a big fan of Hills, the constant intrusion of the editors POV and her constant explanations and justifications as to why this work is pertinent now was so frustrating I had to stop I might have to read the print version so I can skip over the editors incessant need to explain every detail It reminds me of going to the movies with someone who has already seen the picture and can t keep their mouth shut They keep telling you why this or [...]

    11. Joe

      A very interesting book on the dangers of destructive and negative thinking, something very widespread in society today with catchy addictive headlines about disaster and promising disaster.In order to avoid getting sucked into blaming the government, the banks, the rich, your parents, your boss etc for your problems and taking control of your life essentially you need to 1 Have a definite purpose in life to look after your family, accumulate wealth, help others 2 Mastery over self3 Learning fr [...]

    12. Kent

      I have read Hill s The Law of Success and found a few of the principles outlined in this book the major principle being the definiteness of purpose Of course, the editor, Sharon Lechter, understands that Hill s conversation with the Devil may seem a little far out to many in our culture Although, in all honesty, it probably is no different when Hill wrote this book in the 1930s Hill, of course, definitely believed this was the Devil As a Christian, I can see some aspects of what could potentiall [...]

    13. Tyler Storm

      This book is exactly what I neededI have let too many anonymous people from various internet forums turn me into a serious debbie downer This book really fixed my mood and character So grateful to come across this book Really helped me out a lot to change my mood and habits.I would recommend this book to anyone It s a very quick read you can probably finish it in 3 days if you really wanted to I took meticulous notes while reading this book Summary of this book is the power of the mind and domin [...]

    14. Javatis Midget

      This book is a must read for everyone Initially I was going to give this book three stars because the message wasn t new however as I neared the end, it reaffirmed everything that I have read and believed thus far from another angle which allowed me to thoroughly enjoy it It reiterated if we just apply the knowledge we ve gained, life will give us the new direction we are looking for The seven principles Mr Hill identified made so much sense One of the main ones for me is Self Discipline It we m [...]

    15. Yemi Obayanju

      So many lessons behind this book I really liked the breakdown of the 7 principles A must read for all But you must go into reading this novel with an open mind for it will not disappoint.

    16. Elham

      One book that every single person should read I feel this is today s holy book A manual i would go back to again and again Simple and brilliantlled with AHA moments.

    17. Nguyên Võ

      I still think there is a will there is a way, this book just shows me my real struggle at this time Thank to you Mr Napoleon Hill, the matter is not what happens, the matter is what you perceive yourself and what you think of yourself Positivity is easy to switch to negativity if you are not determined and solid Your brain has ultimate power This is alert

    18. Yilin Wong

      Such a good book.I wasn t and am still not crazy about the first few chapters about his own life, but the following chapters are amazing.I can t say everything in there is one hundred percent useful because some of them are long and don t really echo with my life, but he did bring up a lot of inspiring ideas, and those ideas fit perfectly with my experiences in life only 21 years but still And it articulated a lot of things which I have been doing unconsciously and did not realize that it can ai [...]

    19. Toni

      , , , , It is our choices that show what we truly are, far than our abilities J.K Rowling said by Albus Dumbledore Think Believe Dream Dare by Walt Disney Fear is a sickness It will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it Strike it from your heart from Apocalypto , , , , , , 80% , , , 30 , , , , .

    20. Camelia Urcan

      Despite being written almost 80 years ago, the world problems signaled throughout the book are incredibly timely from the aimless, futile education system, to the parents inculcating fear upon their children, to the church which builds its entire argument around the fear of Evil, to the power of the so called hypnotic rhythm and many, many other things like this Leaving aside the imaginary conversation with the devil which may be found offending by some readers , this book summarizes perfectly a [...]

    21. Jeff Wheeler

      Napoleon Hill s Think and Grow Rich is one of the classics that I try to read each year When I heard about this book, an unpublished manuscript from 1938, I was intensely intrigued Why would the author and his family withold a book for so long It may have been controversial back when it was written, but I found some of his criticisms of society to be rather far seeing It makes you wonder whether he really did have a conversation with the devil, but I think it was just an author s invention a fo [...]

    22. Andy

      This is a bad audiobook The content is insanely redundant but then on top of that the editor keeps popping in with her own word for word repetitions of what s just been said The selling point of this book is that it contains ideas so shocking that it was kept secret for decades Is it really shocking that school and organized religion do not foster creative independent thinking Beyond that is the usual self help drivel about how you just need to be determined to succeed, except that this advice i [...]

    23. Natalie

      This book struck a deep chord and changed my life from the day I read it Written in 1938, it was held back from publishing because of fear of the contents ironic since this book is about fear I do wonder if my generation is ready to hear this, and act, than my grandparents It s also interesting to note the societal problems from back then have only gotten worse today Great read I m sure to reread many times.

    24. Sahir Jafri

      Victory goes to the people who know what they want and are determined to have it They have mastered the habit of drifting They have definite policies, definite plans, and definite objectivies Their opposition has no chance against them because the opposition has no plan, no purpose, no policy except that of drifting along, hoping that something may turn upto help them.

    25. Mashrur

      Out of all the self improvement, goal oriented books I ve read, this one was the most profound Napolean Hill produces a masterpiece fine tuning all that is needed for a successful and liberating life I was truly astonished by how ahead of the times this book was as it was published in 1938 Regarding the interview with the devil, I inferred it as an euphemism to Hill s introspective knowledge There lies a certain in depth spirituality which is discovered by the author and shared to the readers As [...]

    26. Kevin Tumlinson

      The Devil Delivers the DetailsThis is one of those strangely rare books that delivers an in depth and detailed philosophy for personal success, in all aspects of your life Ultimately, Hill recounts seven principles of success that can be summed up best as take personal responsibility, and aim your thoughts at a definite purpose Readers of Think and Grow Rich will find that this book expands on Hill s philosophies It makes an outstanding companion to that classic.The interjections from the editor [...]

    27. Elaine Whitman

      A insightful book This book had an interesting way of pointing out flaws in people by this interview It showed my some stuff that I need to work on in myself and motivated me Which to me makes it worth reading even if you don t agree with all the ideas.

    28. Ash Lanser

      Really twisted but a fascinating read I found myself being a little bit too vigilant about who I spend time with after reading it, but I still found it very accurate and valuable.

    29. Stephen

      This is quite possibly the most important book you will ever read I truly enjoyed the analogy of the devil vs the opposition I listened to this on audible and found it very easy to consume I look forward to listening to it over and over again If you have children, read this, then share it with your children.

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