Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket

Contents of the Dead Man s Pocket Free online fiction He was gambling his life for a piece of paper If he lost not even his wife would understandaces New York NY Lexington Avenue Wholesale Groceries Public Library Fifth Avenue Lo

  • Title: Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket
  • Author: Jack Finney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket

    Free online fiction.He was gambling his life for a piece of paper If he lost, not even his wife would understandaces New York, NY Lexington Avenue, Wholesale Groceries, Public Library Fifth Avenue, Loew s theater , Fiftieth StreetOriginally published Collier s, October 26 1956

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      192 Jack Finney
    Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket

    One thought on “Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket

    1. Beckie

      Quite long for a short story, this little tale of suspense moved quite slow I can see that by describing every tiny detail of the action basically, will the man on the ledge fall or won t he the author effectively creates psychological tension But I m not sure my 10th graders would be able to see past the 14 word filled textbook pages.

    2. Amytiger

      This story is about the only guy who jumped from his apartment room onto his roof and didn t want to jump off Extra star for originality.

    3. Nathan C.

      What does my life look like from a precarious perch 11 stories up in the air How much are my greatest ambitions worth when subjected to the ultimate test Are they leading me to the person I want to be Have I ever seen my home people my family as what they really are An acrophobe myself, this story had me shaking I determined that I would drown the author in ink if he did what I thought he would I have been at that place on the edge of existence, millimeters or breaths away from crashing down out [...]

    4. Jared (Moose)

      I had to read this book in English class with a partner I m quite a big fan of suspense so I took an immediate liking towards the short story When I started reading it, I found the main character, Tom, interesting He neglects his wife Clare and his life around him, focusing on his job at Wholesale Groceries As he started to get onto the ledge where his paper was at, I started to feel nervous for him and I had many thoughts running through my mind Thankfully, when Tom made it back into his apartm [...]

    5. Suntira Weeks

      It is about a guy named Tom Benecke he stays home when his wife goes to the movies His paper blows out the window and he risks his life when he goes out the window on the ledge to get the paper and he almost falls off the ledge I liked the part when he laughs when he loses the paper again The author did well at describing it and making me feel like I am him.

    6. Julian Rosendo

      I thought the beginning was interesting The story shows the protagonist, Tom Benecke, is a responsible man who has a wife, has a job at a grocery store, and is working on an important project It shows that he is hard working at his job What I liked is that Tom was willing to go outside the window and get the paper.

    7. Clarke

      A gripping suspense story about a man who gets trapped on the ledge of a 11 story building Jack Finney s writing is full of unexpected twists and turns which makes this short story exciting until the very last word Highly recommended Note don t read this book while high above the ground Could cause vertigo or sudden terror.


      At the beginning of the story I thought this story was going to be stupid but after I got into the story I started to like the story The author did a good job at describing how Tom lived and how hard he worked The thing I really liked was how Tom tried to get inside of his house but he tried to get inside so many ways like lighting a piece of paper on fire and trying to call for neighbors.

    9. Miguel

      At the beginning of the story, I felt like just giving up on the story The author did a good job of trying to keep you reading when Tom got to do something crazy I really liked that he went in to a lot of detail and made it feel like I was in there The reader is going to love the ending of the story.

    10. Jordan

      At the beginning of the story it was really slow, and then at the end of the story it started to get interesting The author did good at giving good details which helped the reader understand how he got there He goes outside and he tries his hardest to get his paper back, which he did After all that happened he went to leave his apartment and there goes the paper again.

    11. Juan

      I really liked when the author made you see what could happen if he fails The story was about a guy named Tom Benecke who made something so he could have a raise My favorite part was when he would do anything for the yellow paper but then realized that he should of done things than doing work all the time.

    12. Olivia

      Jack Finney wrote this in such a way that I nearly sat on the edge of my seat in suspense I almost felt like I stood on a small ledge eleven stories up, almost falling Definitely a good story to read when trying to write an exciting scene Little details make all the difference

    13. Arlene

      The author did a good job at adding the details in the story, by explaining the character s thoughts What I really liked about the story was the author made the main character understand see that his wife important than his paper.

    14. The Book Life

      I had to read this short story for English and I liked it because it made you really think about if you died in a freak accident what would people know about you by what you had with you at that moment A short story that everyone should at least read once.

    15. Josh Mulac

      At the beginning of the story, it was slow The author did a good job of describing the predicaments Tom gets in What I really liked was the author sends the message that some things are important than others.

    16. Pelks

      This is a short story done well, with a moral which is repeated fairly often in literature, but presented here in a surprising enough way that it felt fresh and interesting.

    17. Redwan amazigh

      when men are obsessed to achieve material success at the expense of those who they love, the obsession may turn against them.

    18. Josh

      The beginning of story I thought it was slow The author did a good job of telling the story by telling the description I didn t like the way the story ended.

    19. Madi

      I had to read this for school and do an essay on the theme I didn t like the story While reading, I just wanted Tom to fall and die.

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