Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor

[PDF] Download ☆ Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor : by Ozzy Osbourne Chris Ayres - Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor, Trust Me I m Dr Ozzy Advice from Rock s Ultimate Survivor Wondering if science could explain how he survived his year avalanche of drugs and alcohol Ozzy Osbourne became one of a handful of people in the world to have his entire DNA mapped in It was

  • Title: Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor
  • Author: Ozzy Osbourne Chris Ayres
  • ISBN: 9781455503339
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor

    [PDF] Download ☆ Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor : by Ozzy Osbourne Chris Ayres - Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor, Trust Me I m Dr Ozzy Advice from Rock s Ultimate Survivor Wondering if science could explain how he survived his year avalanche of drugs and alcohol Ozzy Osbourne became one of a handful of people in the world to have his entire DNA mapped in It was

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor : by Ozzy Osbourne Chris Ayres
      284 Ozzy Osbourne Chris Ayres
    Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor

    One thought on “Trust Me, I'm Dr. Ozzy: Advice from Rock's Ultimate Survivor

    1. Roderic Moore

      Six days ago I attended a book signing in San Francisco by Ozzy promoting this book He was very gracious, shaking my hand as he handed me an autographed copy of the book I regularly read the Dr Ozzy columns in select issues of Rolling Stone and find them entertaining, and often very informative The last time I laughed so hard when reading a book was when I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson many years ago The self proclaimed Prince of F king Darkness can be hilarious, but a [...]

    2. John

      BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH The introduction alone on this got me to give it 4 stars Remember, this is a humorous book And the people that write into Ozzy for advise really need to have their heads checked I heard that if you have athlethe s foot you can get rid of it by pissing on it, is that true Hell, I wish I heard about that years ago as I used to put cocaine on mine and that was expensive Took my time on this one Cause I really enjoyed reading it Favorite bits were when Ozzy realized there are lots of [...]

    3. Amy "the book-bat"

      Ozzy Osbourne gives medical advice mixed with humor and stories from his life Pretty interesting and some of the advice is actually pretty good.

    4. Georgette

      I love Ozzy I loved his autobiography last year, and I love this book a little , perhaps Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness, is back with a collection of questions stemming from his Rolling Stone column of the last year People write in with questions of the unlikeliest nature, not to mention genuine maladies and medical psychological concerns It s one of the few things I enjoy in Rolling Stone these days face it, kids, the glory days of that magazine have long come and gone The answers are in the book [...]

    5. Reese Copeland

      While all the medical information Ozzy may not know himself, you can get a sense that he really does have concern for the folks who write in He has some funny moments, some heart felt moments, and other moments where he can share either his own experiences or those of people he knows Entertaining, as well as informative in typical Ozzy fashion Worth the read

    6. Kevin

      Having read ozzy s recent bio i knew how funny he could be and also sometimes introspective and thoughtful but the format of this book was just too scattered for me I read his column in Rolling Stone mag and enjoy it monthly but it is only about 3 questions long which is about right This compilation includes too much dumb, predictable and unfunny stuff to make up for anything that is enjoyable Weird little trivia facts and quizzes further muddle this collection This is not a book to read, rather [...]

    7. Artiom Karsiuk

      Damn After reading something with as an absurd of a concept as this, you can t help but wonder what other literary gems are there to be written Into the WWE Universe with Stephen Hawking Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks Wall Street Fuck it, I m sure Vladimir Putin can write the shit out of a cookbook The hell do we know Nothing would surprise me after having read an entire book of medical advise from OZZY OSBOURNE, of all people the only man walking the face of the Earth, other than Keith Richards, [...]

    8. Linda

      Kann das gut gehen, wenn ein Mann wie Ozzy Osbourne einen medizinischen Ratgeber schreibt, wo er doch selbst alles andere als gesund gelebt hat und sowieso ein wandelndes medizinisches Wunder ist Die Antwort lautet ja, das kann es Vielleicht nicht auf herk mmlichen Wege, also man sollte den ein oder anderen Tipp lieber nicht in die Tat umsetzen, aber was es einem vor allem beschert, sind lustige Stunden und Lachen ist ja bekanntlich gesund Wer Ozzy kennt, der kennt auch seine Eskapaden, die von [...]

    9. Jill

      If you are after a little pick me up, then this might be just the book for you Based on Ozzy Osbourne s columns in the British Sunday Times, Trust me, I m Dr Ozzy is jam packed with advice on health, hygiene, diet and exercise, as well as guidance for all manner of medical situations And after all, who would be better qualified to give out medical advice Ozzy Osbourne has sampled every drug legal or otherwise known to man, so he s bound to know what the side affects are He s also swallowed a bum [...]

    10. Will Johnson

      I read this back to back with I am Ozzy so the only complaint was some repeated storytelling oh, and some annoying printing errors that were far too common for a largely published book.This was a hoot, just like I Am Ozzy, but it was also, surprisingly, helpful Being a person who is terrified of doctors yet constantly worried about death, Ozzy has given me the courage to check in with a GP and figure out if there is anything wrong with me.The book is kind of a best of , I assume, of his Dr Ozzy [...]

    11. Steve Bouchard

      Who knew that Ozzy had an advice column in the paper Apparently a lot of people did, and he shelled out the advice from medical to personal The result Hilarious Now, Ozzy isn t a comedian, but you can t help chuckle at his no holds barred approach to the questions.Dr Ozzy Maybe not but as he admits to his own lifetime s relationship with drugs and alcohol, he has a lot of first hand experience to share He s a recovering alcoholic among other things , and his Don t advice is usually supported by [...]

    12. Frank Allinson

      To be honest with you the thought of Ozzy Osbourne The Prince of Darkness himself being the health relationship columnist for the Sunday Times seemed to be a bit far fetched However this book confirms that he is Ozzy is billed as rocks ultimate survivor and now here he is dishing out words of wisdom to those in need of his help.The answers that Ozzy gives to those that have written to him are actually very good They come with a large pinch of common sense, a lot of laugh out load humour and when [...]

    13. Mysterium

      This is a funny romp into the wild and wonderful world of medical advice provided as only Ozzy Osbourne can Very tongue in cheek I think he has a cure for that and will make you cringe one moment and giggle the next If you are a fan of the Dark One, this is a fun book for you What started off as a column for Rolling Stone Magazine has blossomed into a book to place upon your coffee table to shock and awe your guests.Ozzy is quite the character, and even with all of the joking in the book, he doe [...]

    14. Carnivorous Mower

      Got this book for five bucks from the Wanaka Salvation Army shop, and it would be the funniest five bucks I ve ever spent While Ozzy didn t actually WRITE anything, being dyslexic and all, he supposedly dictated most of this He had an advice column in several newspapers, and this book is a collection and expansion of these The medical advice was all checked by professionals, but otherwise, it was pure, chaotic, accidentally idiotic but simultaneously wise Ozzy This perfectly showcases the wicked [...]

    15. Joe Lombardo

      This year I read Trust me, Im Dr Ozzy by Ozzy Osbourne I enjoyed this book very much Originally, I was recommended a different book by Ozzy Osbourne called I am Ozzy My brothers had recommended me it Unfortunately, I could not find I am Ozzy , so instead I choose to read Trust me, Im Dr.Ozzy This book was the first book I read that was strictly meant to be humorous This book was the perfect fit Ozzy Osbourne spoke about the insane things he did in life, whether it was about his strong alcohol an [...]

    16. Nicolas Bateman

      I laughed, a lot, when reading this compilation of the Prince of Darkness s medical advice column Even if these extracts have the strong unmistakable smell of a ghost writer so shot on coffee that he forgets to request his name to figure on the cover Let s face it, Uncle Ozzy can barely come up with three sentences in a row during interviews after a life of drugs, how would he come up with such a good syntax , this book is a genuine pure rush of pleasure and easy going fun that would definitely [...]

    17. John Matthews

      Would you take advice from a self proclaimed Madman No one in their right mind would But the people who wrote in to Ozzy s medical advice column reprinted here in book form were doubtlessly not in search of sound medical advice Regardless of the tongue in cheek nature of this endeavor, Ozzy nonetheless often provides common sense advice after making a joke or two.He has seen his share of doctors in his lifetime and has had some notorious health issues both real and imagined If you want to know w [...]

    18. Yuuki Nakashima

      When I purchased this book, I expected that it filled with plenty of humor However, Ozzy s advice is not just a joke His comments made sense but also funny He never made an irresponsible advice in this book I mean he often mentioned a real doctor, therapist, checkup but everything was talked in funny way It s the funniest medical advice book in the world and it s also worthwhile, I think.I enjoyed it very much but I gave it 4 stars Why didn t I give it 5 Because I Am Ozzy was extremely hilarious [...]

    19. David

      This book is about what you d think it is If you think that getting fake medical advice from a rock star who has abused every drug in the world simultaneously, should be dead, and lived to tell about it, is funny, you ll love this book.The irony of the former lead vocalist of Black Sabbath giving medical advice is not lost on me, so I think it s hilarious I m pretty sure much of it is ghost written, so there s that If you re a purist of any sort, you won t be drawn to this book.But the advice is [...]

    20. Rod

      This was annoyingly fun Somewhat medical lifestyle advice from an idiot who has made almost every mistake known to man So surprisingly his advice is fairly useful.The best thing about the book is that he continually advises people to go see a real Doctord stop being such idiots Great advice actually.This is similar to the Darwin Awards A close up view of the insanity of mankind But if someone has sunk to asking Ozzy Osbourne for help they ve bottomed out But his answers are often hilarious thoug [...]

    21. Heather

      Love love LOVED this book I am not a fan of Ozzy s music, but I love the brands that he and his wife have created for themselves This book was a light read, a lot of fun and a great break from all the bad news out in the world today After reading this book, I am convinced that the Prince of Darkness has a huge and gentle heart He gave a lot of funny advice but it s clear to me that he really does care about others and would like to help people from repeating his bad choices Thanks Dr Ozzy, for a [...]

    22. Pedro

      Qui n mejor para dar consejos de salud que el inmortal Ozzy Osbourne Quien le ofreci a Ozzy una columna para contestar dudas sobre los m s diversos temas de salud y bienestar, fue un genio Haber sobrevivido a accidentes, alcoholismo, sobredosis, todo tipo de excesos y al estilo de vida de un rockstar por tantas d cadas, le ha dado una perspectiva nica, al nuevo y sobrio Ozzy Est escrito con gran humor y hasta se aprenden cosas Lo recomiendo para quienes quieren saber un poco m s sobre The Prince [...]

    23. Kaitie

      A very entertaining read.I m not really sure how much of this I believe actually came from Ozzy, but I ll assume it was a good portion at least While most advice came down to visit your GP he had some funny anecdotes and random advice that made me laugh I just love the Osbourne family, especially Sharon, so just getting some stories from their life was fun A good read if you like Ozzy, but don t go looking for a lot of real medical advice There was some interesting medical trivia and quizzes tho [...]

    24. Daniel

      Reading this, it s kind of sobering how much wild stuff the guy has lived through He s not a medical expert, but he doesn t pretend to be, and refers people to actual experts when they need one His advice is compassionate, and what he s really giving people is a sounding board as he points out, if you write to a rock star for advice, you pretty much already know the right answer, you just don t want to admit it.Also, some of the stories about his life are hilarious.

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