Around the World

Around the World A Scott O Dell Award winning graphic novelist follows three dauntless adventurers on a Jules Verne inspired challenge circling the world solo As the nineteenth century wound down a public inspired b

  • Title: Around the World
  • Author: Matt Phelan
  • ISBN: 9780763636197
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Around the World

    A Scott O Dell Award winning graphic novelist follows three dauntless adventurers on a Jules Verne inspired challenge circling the world, solo As the nineteenth century wound down, a public inspired by the novel Around the World in Eighty Days clad for intrepid adventure The challenge of circumnavigating the globe as no one ever had before a feat assuring fame if noA Scott O Dell Award winning graphic novelist follows three dauntless adventurers on a Jules Verne inspired challenge circling the world, solo As the nineteenth century wound down, a public inspired by the novel Around the World in Eighty Days clad for intrepid adventure The challenge of circumnavigating the globe as no one ever had before a feat assuring fame if not fortune attracted the fearless in droves Three hardy spirits stayed the course In 1884, former miner Thomas Stevens made the journey on a bicycle, the kind with a big front wheel In 1889, pioneer reporter Nellie Bly embarked on a global race against time that assumed the heights of spectacle, ushering in the age of the American celebrity And in 1895, retired sea captain Joshua Slocum quietly set sail on a thirty six foot sloop, braving pirates and treacherous seas to become the first person to sail around the world alone With cinematic pacing and deft, expressive art, acclaimed graphic novelist Matt Phelan weaves a trio of epic journeys into a single bold tale of three visionaries who set their sights on nothing short of the world.

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    One thought on “Around the World

    1. Cheryl

      Marvelous. I'm not a big fan of graphic 'novels' nor of history or adventure, and yet I devoured this. I don't like 'scribbly' art, and though this is sometimes like that, to the point that occasionally I had trouble making out some of the details, I found the book beautifully illustrated and designed. The thing is, Phelan did a terrific job of (concisely!) helping the reader understand the characters' inner lives, their motivations and ambitions and frustrations. I'd normally add 'fears' to a l [...]

    2. Jackie "the Librarian"

      Not all comic books are about superheroes, with dramatic action scenes and sound effects. This was a comic about a different kind of hero, not one of whom wore tights. The three heroes in this book were all circumnavigators, back when circling the world wasn't as easy as booking a few flights. (Not that flying is all that fun these days. You do face danger, and boredom, on those super long flights where there's no leg room, and there's a high chance of dying from a blood clot, but I digress.)My [...]

    3. David Schaafsma

      As I've said before, for Phelan (or his publishers) to market this for kids narrows its possibilities, maybe. As with Storm in the Barn and his most recent Bluffton, the overwhelming feeling in his work is nostalgia, for youth, for the past, always evoked in feathery pencil sketches and lovely, sentimental watercolors. Gorgeous work. A few kids might like it, my 9 year old Harry, for sure, who is contemplative and reflective… and you know, we get 100 library books a week at least in this house [...]

    4. Raina

      When I think about this book, I keep having to remind myself that not every kid is a 10-year-old boy who loves aliens and farting.As a youth services librarian, I try to cater to the kid who's on the brink of not enjoying reading anymore, and usually dumb jokes and superheroics are key in keeping a kid in the library loop.This book is not for that kid.It's a subtle, inferential book, somber and reflective. On one randomly-flipped-to spread, there are only 10 words, on 10 panels. In a book about [...]

    5. Dov Zeller

      Funny, a lot of the reviews are about whether or not this is a good book for kids. When I read it (I read adult and kids stuff without always thinking about what age things are meant for, unless I am considering reading them to my neighbor, who will be 5 soon) I thought it had an adult vibe in terms of the characters, pacing and some of the content. On the other hand, I think there could have been a lot more in the way of detail and emotional transparency/intensity whether for adult or kids. Or [...]

    6. Jason

      Around the World is a stunning marriage of history and fiction that reads like a memoir. The book recounts three journeys around the world by three amazing individuals, and offers some suggestions for how these journeys may have impacted personally the people who took them. Phelan (Storm in the Barn) has practically mastered the ability to convey important information using gorgeous watercolored panels and relatively little dialogue. He narrates the events enough to streamline their flow, but he [...]

    7. C. Hollis Crossman

      I read this aloud to my eldest daughter, and she liked it. I found reading a graphic novel aloud more work than I expected, but the art provided plenty of opportunities for conversation (and sparked a lot of questions about different cultures, emotion, and death).The book is really three distinct true stories about circumnavigating the globe, each set at the end of the 19th century: Thomas Stevens bicycled around the world; Nellie Bly traveled around the world in 72 days ala Phileas Fogg; and Jo [...]

    8. Katy Jane

      1. Nelly Bly was bad@$$ and hilarious in this book. "If you want to do it, you can do it. The question is: Do you want to do it?" And posing as an insane person to do an expose on the asylum? How awesome was that?! And her sleeping until 4pm and calling that sleeping late in the morning. Haha2. Riding the kind of bike that Thomas Stevens did across the U.S. was insane. It would be hard enough on a modern bike.3. Most romantic quote ever, "I wish I were a rose that you might wear me for a buttonh [...]

    9. Izabelle

      *Spoiler Alert*Trying to travel around the world in only 74 or even 72 days (without planes of any sort) has to be difficult especially for the following. Their are 3 stories in this book, one is the tale of a man called Thomas Steven who rode around the world in 2 years on a bicycle that had a giant wheel in the front and a tiny training wheel in the back. The second person is named Nellie Bly who was determined to travel the world by train and ship in 72 days in meaning of beating the record o [...]

    10. Danine

      A delightful travel graphic novel about three people who attempted (and succeeded) travelling around the world in the late 1800s. I loved, loved, loved researching the lives and events about Thomas Stephens, Joshua Slocum, and Nellie Bly. I enjoyed looking up the details about the Centennial Exposition of 1876. I found out that there was an actual Nellie Bly board game. There is a modern version of the game distributed by Pomegranate. The game is actually a puzzle and once you complete the puzzl [...]

    11. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

      While the Library of Congress and my local library both catalogued this book as fiction, it read like non-fiction to me, so that's what I'm calling it, graphic non-fiction. While the illustrations weren't particularly colorful or artistically outstanding, they were easy to follow and clearly and appropriately supported the text (which I've not found to be the case in many graphic novels). I very much enjoyed reading this book, which told of how Jules Verne's novel, Around the World in Eighty Day [...]

    12. Laura

      I have to admit that this is not a book that I really wanted to read and it's been sitting around on my shelf for a while. But once I started reading it, I really enjoyed it and read the whole thing in a single sitting. Phelan begins by describing Jules Verne's basic premise for Around the World in Eighty Days and the describes the journey that three different individuals made. Thomas Stevens travels on his bicycle around the world and describes the people he meets in Europe and Asia. It's an in [...]

    13. Kaethe

      It'd be awesome even without the amazing mustaches and the appearance by Mr and Mrs Jules Verne. [I don't know why mustaches are so popular right now. Natasha has two drawn on post-it notes tucked in to her hood pocket. Mustaches earrings and Christmas tree ornaments are everywhere this year. What an odd choice for a motif.]Three different Victorians, with very different reasons, set off to travel around the world. Although two of the cases were widely publicized at the time, Phelan also looks b [...]

    14. Pamela

      I really love Matt Phelan's art, and so I picked this one up. There are three main story arcs, each following a different person who circumnavigated the globe. The first one, Thomas Stevens the cyclist, was the least engaging. I wasn't really invested in the story and it didn't feel like much happened. The second story, about Nellie Bly, was really great, making up for the blandness of the first. Phelan did a great job capturing Nellie's grit and determination. The third story, about Joshua Sloc [...]

    15. Sarah

      I really liked Bluffton so was pleased when my husband brought home this other graphic novel by Phelan. It's the stories of three different around the world travelers, and I was surprised to find that 2 of the 3 I had already read about (the first I read about in a fascinating YA nonfiction about Bicycles and how they changed the world, the second was Nellie Bly and there are a couple of younger reader books I'd read aloud with my kids.) As with Bluffton I really liked Phelan's illustration styl [...]

    16. Jacoba

      Around the World by Matt PhelanGenre: Non-FictionFormat: Graphic NovelPlot summary: Challenged with circling the world at the end of the nineteenth century, three very different adventurers--avid bicyclist Thomas Stevens, fearless reporter Nellie Bly, and retired sea captain Joshua Slocum--embark on epic journeys.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.)Review citation (if available):Deanna Day. Language Arts Sept 2012 v [...]

    17. GraceAnne

      I cannot wait to see this in full color, but even in the black and white ARC it is an utterly splendid book. It tells the around the world stories of "three remarkable journeys" as the subtitle says: Thomas Stevens bicyclist; Nellie Bly reporter, and Joshua Slocum sea captain. He uses mostly their own words - each of them wrote about their adventures - but it his pictures, and most especially the extraordinary power of the faces he draws, that convey the emotion and power of the tales. Young rea [...]

    18. Kara

      With sparse prose and soft drawings using an economy of line, Phelan tells the stories of three people who made solo journeys around the globe in the late 19th century. A mix of fact and fiction as the book straddles the line between biography and historical fiction, Phelan builds up tension for each journey, leaving the reader wondering Will They Make It!? as these intrepid people pushes themselves to see just how far, how fast, how daring, how willing to embrace something different.

    19. Beth

      Phelan tells the story of 3 different people who traveled around the world in different ways: one on a bicycle, one as a reporter, and one as a mariner. The drawings are beautiful but can be hard to interpret in places due to their rough sketch appearance. But that can also make them wonderful to use for making inferences.

    20. Russ Bruxvoort

      I think that a good historical fiction book results in me doing more research about the topic. I went online to learn more about the three main characters and their adventures. I will be adding this to my 6th grade class library.

    21. Jenna

      No wonder I recognized the drawing style since he also did the illustrations for The Higher Power of Lucky. The drawings fit here as well. Quick read but intriguing.

    22. Andrew Galvin

      I really liked the three stories, I liked the second one the best because, it told the story of a woman going around the world in 76 days 4 hours and 47 minuets.

    23. Haley Farrow

      I liked how this book had a historical background to it. I loved the story of the man who went on the ship, and thought the rest were cool too. I would recommend this book to boys and girls.

    24. Betsy

      Book phenomenons are something, aren’t they? Get the right writer and they can use words alone to inspire people to do the craziest things. Whether it’s Wizard Rock or standing on docks to find out if a favorite character has died, as long as there has been literature there have been people taking books to heart in surprising ways. Around the World in 80 Days may be one of the more extreme examples of this. Had Phileas Fogg not set out to traverse the globe in a matter of scant days, he coul [...]

    25. Lydia

      Three intrepid people, inspired by Jules Verne's book Around the World in Eighty Days, set off on their own world circumferencing adventures! Each of these journeys happened at different times and used different means (Thomas Stevens did all the land parts by bicycle, and Captain Joshua Slocum circumnavigated the globe in a one-man sloop, while Nellie Bly was focused on besting Phileas Fogg's 80 days from the book using any means, but generally boat and railroad). This isn't just the facts about [...]

    26. Josiah

      These graphic novels of historical fiction have become a real habit for author/illustrator Matt Phelan; and who, after all, does them any better than he? With a touch of whimsy to his characters' smiles and the bold wishes of a few determined people to go against all odds and change the world, a story is born; not from the author's imagination, but from the actual journeys of three real people who chose, each in his or her own way, to circumnavigate the globe in the tradition of Ferdinand Magell [...]

    27. Melissa

      I enjoyed "Bluffton", and I just recently read another book about Nellie Bly (but had not heard of the other two!), so when I spotted this one on a display at the library, I had to pick it up! But, unfortunately, I feel that trying to cover all three circumnavigaters in a single book just let them all down - there is definitely enough material to give each one their own book! Since I was already familiar with Bly's trip, that one truly struck me how much cool stuff was left out, and just left me [...]

    28. Becky Ginther

      I am generally not a fan of graphic novels, but I found this one to be a quick read and rather interesting. Around the World takes on the true stories of 3 adventurers who attempted to travel around the globe in various ways - one on a bicycle, one in less than 80 days, and one on a ship he built himself.I didn't know about most of these people (I'd heard of Nellie Bly but that was it) and it was fascinating to learn their history. I can't even imagine just thinking about trying to do what they [...]

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