Liquid Fear

Liquid Fear When Roland Doyle wakes up with a dead woman in his motel room the only clue is a mysterious vial of pills bearing the label Take one every hrs or else Ten years before six people were involved in

  • Title: Liquid Fear
  • Author: Scott Nicholson
  • ISBN: 2940012400741
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Nook
  • Liquid Fear

    When Roland Doyle wakes up with a dead woman in his motel room, the only clue is a mysterious vial of pills bearing the label Take one every 4 hrs or else Ten years before, six people were involved in a secret pharmaceutical trial that left one of them murdered and five unable to remember what happened Now the experiment is continuing, as Dr Sebastian Briggs wants to fWhen Roland Doyle wakes up with a dead woman in his motel room, the only clue is a mysterious vial of pills bearing the label Take one every 4 hrs or else Ten years before, six people were involved in a secret pharmaceutical trial that left one of them murdered and five unable to remember what happened Now the experiment is continuing, as Dr Sebastian Briggs wants to finish his research into fear response and post traumatic stress disorder He s backed by a major drug company and an ambitious U.S Senator, but he also has a personal stake in the outcome.Only by taking the mysterious pills can the survivors stave off the creeping phobias and inflicted madness that threaten to consume them But the pills have an unexpected side effect the survivors start remembering the terrible acts they perpetrated a decade ago They are lured back to the Monkey House, the remote facility where the original trials took place, and Briggs has prepared it for their return.Now they are trapped, they each have only one pill left, and cracks are forming in their civilized veneer.After the pills are gone, there s only one option Or else.

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    One thought on “Liquid Fear

    1. David Burton

      This story follows a cast of characters that are part of an experiment gone horribly wrong (or right if you take this from the perspective of the master mind behind it). As the book progresses you begin to see how their fates are intertwined and the nature of the experiment in which they are immersed. It's easy to empathize with each of their plights as they are manipulated at every turn to finally end up at their intended destination, The Monkey House.It's a brilliant thriller that I cannot rec [...]

    2. Josh

      LIQUID FEAR has one of the best opening lines I’ve read:“The rain fell like dead bullets.”It evokes a vivid imagery typical of the noir genre and subsequently follows up with similar styling’s as we’re introduced to Roland, a somewhat confused and battered man wallowing in pain and overcome by the unpredictable situation he so finds himself. From that point forward, author Scott Nicholson switches gears towards medico-thriller with all the trappings. A drug which induces memory loss, a [...]

    3. Jeff Bennington

      Never mind the plot details. After reading all these reviews and the synopsis you should know if this book is for you by now. But in case you're still sitting on the fence, maybe this review will help you decide. If you like well-written prose that isn't candy coated, Liquid Fear is for you. It's smart, gritty, realistic and frightening at times, but never predictable. If you like twisted plot lines that keep you guessing until the very end, Liquid Fear will fit snuggly in your book collection. [...]

    4. k.wing

      With this book, I teach myself the hard lesson that even though I might've read the book fast, it doesn't mean it was a good book.Liquid Fear makes you turn the pages quickly, gobbling up the story and wanting the mystery to start to unravel. On that positive side, there has to be something said when someone can write like that. But having to get to the heart of the mystery through unnecessary, crude sex scenes and illusions to sex (that's most of the time not consensual aka: rape) It's just dee [...]

    5. Kathleen McFall

      Capitalism on SteroidsLiquid Fear is an example of a growing trend in thriller fiction: analyses and critiques of capitalism serving as the anchor of the plot, in particular, the human impact of blind wealth accumulation. The subject of wealth inequity is not new for literary fiction – An American Tragedy, The Great Gatsby and others jump quickly to mind – but plots revolving around, or rather, revealing the gritty and painful side of capitalism (rather than celebrating it’s winners or los [...]

    6. Heather Faville

      Take 1 every 4 hrsor else. Or else what? That is just ONE of the many questions Roland Doyle has when he awakens in an unfamiliar hotel room. Another might be who is this dead woman in the room with him?Rewind ten years, a pharmaceutical experiment, led by Dr Sebastian Briggs, involving six test subjects goes awry and leaves one of the subjects dead. Nowthe experiment studying fear response and post-traumatic stress syndrome is being continued. Financed by a US Senator and a major pharmaceutical [...]

    7. Grammar*Kitten

      Okay, so I'm going to be brutally honest in my review of Liquid Fear. I can usually find a few redeeming qualities within a novel, and perhaps this novel's only one is the premise itself. This could have been a horrifying, suspenseful novel with plenty of gasps, gore and gratuitousness.What I actually found was a plate of poorly written prose with side orders of yawn and snore.The narrative lacks in essential description. That is not to say it lacks in description itself - it's descriptive: to a [...]

    8. Chryse Wymer

      Others here have commented on the storytelling so I won't get into those aspects of what it was about. I'll just say that for me, it wasn't a romance or a mystery, although a thriller is one apt description. I would say it was more of a psychological thriller slightly edging on sci-fi bits. Being an avid reader, what I found interesting about this book was the William S. Burroughs/Kurt Vonnegut vibe. I think it was Dr. Briggs, for me. It made me think Dr. Benway from The Naked Lunch. It reminded [...]

    9. Books

      I simply couldn’t put this book down until I had devoured every sentence up to the very last chapter. Full of almost-unbearable suspense, the story had me riveted in my seat for hours.From politicians vying to become president and striving for world domination; an over ambitious scientist and professional thugs, as well as the victims of the drug tests - the characters in this book are tremendously realistic and believable. The scientist is not your stereo-typical lunatic, but rather a cautiou [...]

    10. Jaidis Shaw

      Liquid Fear by Scott Nicholson is a page-turning story that dives head first into the bizarre and unknown. The reader will immediately become immersed in the world that Nicholson has created and have no option but to continue reading until the end.Wendy, Roland, Alexis and Anita are all brought together again when they start remembering a dark past that happened while they were test subjects to a new product Dr. Briggs was working on. Originally thought to be a medicine to help one conquer their [...]

    11. Suzi

      So far this book is just weird. Starts off like you are coming into the middle of a story with several story lines in progress. Then to top it off, since it takes place mostly in Chapel Hill NC and the RTP would be more interesting if the author had truly spent time investigating the actual locales. He's added in places that don't exist (and wouldn't exist.a waffle house structure in downtown?), completely fouls up directions when quoting roads between the airport/RTP and Chapel Hill, and has pa [...]

    12. Richard Diver

      Great fast-paced read. I finished it over a weekend and wished it had been a little longer. This has everything you could ask for in a thriller; dead bodies, jump-cutting from scene to scene, a really twisted antagonist, terror and great pacing. My only regret is that the wind-up at the end left me wanting a little more resolution. I won't tell how so I don't spoil it. Read this, it's worth the time.

    13. Charlene

      I can't put this book at the top of my list but it was a good value. I thought the author did a good job of building the suspense and the pace was good until the end. I felt the ending left a lot to be desired and the descriptive violence seemed unnecessary. Maybe I am just not the target audience for this author.

    14. Nanette

      WOW. Nicholson has released yet another winner! What an intriguing cast of characters and storyline I could not put this one down. A crazy scientist, his terrified victims cover-up and thrills. Scott Nicholson remains my favorite writer. Would love to spend a day in his warped mind! *smiling*

    15. kent

      for fans of the movie "Momento" you'll love the opening of this book. the author does a wonderful job of writing with rich detail and multiple narrators. he gets inside the head of each of the main characters. the complexity of the plot makes tying it all together tough but the author does an admirable job.

    16. Darcia Helle

      I've long been disturbed by how our FDA operates, and this book is like a nightmare come true. Nicholson's writing is vivid. He gets inside the emotions, making us feel them right along with his characters. I had a hard time following the plot at first but, once I got into it, I didn't want to put it down.

    17. Bewitched Bookworms

      Liquid Fear is a fast paced, action packed thriller that I couldn't put down. The pieces of the story emerge throughout the novel and once all of the pieces a slammed together, all hell breaks loose. And I mean that in the best way possible.Read the full review here.

    18. Vicki Tyley

      A compulsive, one-sitting read and my favorite Scott Nicholson novel so far. Disintegration is dark and brilliant, but Liquid Fear is more entertaining – more in the genre I prefer to read.Highly recommended.

    19. The_helen

      Really struggled to get through this. And I felt cheated at the end-like I was missing two more chapters that would've rounded the story off. The storyline was good but meandered too much and didn't give me any kind of closure at the end.

    20. Kayla Horn

      All we have to fear is ourselvesI don't really read books like this. But I will say it was really good. I listen to the audio book then I must say it had me captivated till the very end. Definitely an interesting story about a crazy mad scientist and his experiments and how Human Nature can be the scariest thing of all.

    21. Preston

      A good thrillerThis novel was very dark, but still very captivating. The prose is really well done and I'll likely read more by this author.

    22. Lisa Eskra

      This is one of those books that has a great back cover flap and an awesome first chapter, but when you get to the middle of the book, you end up asking yourself, "What the heck happened?" From the catchy blurb, I expected a fresh thriller with a solid storyline. Instead, I got a forgettable B-rate thriller that's formulaic and all-around boring.The novel begins, "The rain fell like bullets." Which is an apt description of how this book starts. The first chapter is a phenomenal hook. Nicholson us [...]

    23. wally

      this will be the 1st from nicholson for mew it here somewhere, possibly on trivia. 1st sentence + :the rain fell like bullets. david underwood blinked against the drops. darkness pressed against both sides of his eyelids and the air smelled of burnt motor oil. the salvo of rain swept over the expanse of a lighted billboard.heh! so he's looking at a billboard, right, outside, some lawyer advertising for work of those where am i moments? i wonder if circumcision is involved (see previous read). he [...]

    24. Robert Beveridge

      Scott Nicholson, Liquid Fear (Thomas and Mercer, 2011)Full disclosure: this book was provided to me free of charge by Vine.I want to start off this review by trumpeting, SCOTT NICHOLSON IS BACK! The only problem with that is that Scott Nicholson never actually went much of anywhere; he just flew under the radar for a while, rocking his own mic by way of Haunted Computer Books, his self-publishing venture. Well, he's poked his head up aboveground again as one of the “new” kids on the block a [...]

    25. Adam Wilson

      Scott Nicholson's Liquid Fear was a short but incredibly memorable experience. I am very thankful that I did not read the synopsis posted here on until after I had finished the book since it basically gives away 90% of the novel, but even if I had read it, I wouldn't have been disappointed. The mystery/thriller content is presented immediately when us as readers are not clued in on what is going on until Nicholson thinks it is time. This way of holding onto information with the stubbornness of [...]

    26. TC

      When Roland wakes up in a motel with two identities (according to the contents of his wallet) and a dead woman in the bathroom, he wracks his brain to remember what has happened. The vial of pills labelled "Take one every 4 hours or else" clouds the picture further. Porn actress Anita has the same tablets and an encounter of her own that gets the heart racing. When they are reunited with the other survivors of an unauthorised drug trial the battle is on. They all want to take control of the pill [...]

    27. Emily

      One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you smallScott Nicholson, the creative guy behind Haunted Computer Books and friend to book bloggers all over the place, brings something different to the table with Liquid Fear, the story of a decade-old pharmaceutical trial and the secret follow up that's been planned for the original participants.The story begins by introducing members of the fated pharmaceutical trial and briefly describing where they are now. The one thing they all had in common [...]

    28. Allan Leverone

      A girl brutally murdered in a motel room, the corpse discovered by a man who may or may not be who he thinks he is.A meeting between two old friends in a coffee shop, interrupted by a driverless car smashing through the wall, barely avoiding crushing them to death.A long-ago clinical trial of an experimental drug which may or may not have been responsible for a young girl's death; a trial which may or may not have been abandoned by the scientist in charge of the research.These are the seemingly [...]

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