Healing and the Mind

Healing and the Mind In the best selling companion volume to the PBS series acclaimed television journalist Bill Moyers explores the fascinating complex powerful connection between mind and body in human health Ancient

  • Title: Healing and the Mind
  • Author: Bill Moyers
  • ISBN: 9780385468701
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Healing and the Mind

    In the best selling companion volume to the PBS series, acclaimed television journalist Bill Moyers explores the fascinating, complex, powerful connection between mind and body in human health Ancient medical science told us our minds and bodies are one So did philosophers of old Now, modern science and new research are helping us to understand these connections In HeaIn the best selling companion volume to the PBS series, acclaimed television journalist Bill Moyers explores the fascinating, complex, powerful connection between mind and body in human health Ancient medical science told us our minds and bodies are one So did philosophers of old Now, modern science and new research are helping us to understand these connections In Healing And The Mind, Bill Moyers talks with physicians, scientists, therapists, and patients people who are taking a new look at the meaning of sickness and health In a series of fascinating and provocative interviews, he discusses their search for answers to perplexing questions How do emotions translate into chemicals in our bodies How do thoughts and feelings influence health How can we collaborate with our bodies to encourage healing With the incisive style that has made Bill Moyers s skills as an interviewer legendary, Healing And The Mind is destined to influence how America thinks about sickness and health.Full color and B W photographs throughout.

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    One thought on “Healing and the Mind

    1. JoAnn

      A powerful and influential book that caused me to begin to question the boundaries between physical reality and the reality created by what we choose to think about, and how we choose to think about it. Truly remarkable stories of work by many healers; examples of integration of Eastern and Western healing efforts. A lovely and powerful feature of this book consists of pictures of works of art carefully selected to accompany topics and stories. I marveled at how the artists’ messages complemen [...]

    2. Elaine

      I wouldn't say that this book changed how I looked at wellness, but it certainly has influenced it. I read this shortly after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    3. Jud Tirawieh

      برغم من إنه الكتاب كتير طول معي , جداً لدرجة في كتير أوقات فكرة إني ما عاد فيّ أتحمل أكمل قراءة بس الفضول دفعني أكمل على طول , لأشوف الناس التانية , الأطباء و المعالجين النفسيين و الاجتماعيين وكل الناس في المجال الطبي والعلاجي بيعطوا أراء ومعلومات علمية عن ارتباط المشاعر بتحسي [...]

    4. Adrienne

      "Healing and the Mind" by Bill Moyers is a companion to a PBS special. I found it to be interesting as it discussed different aspects of healing that are non-traditional and integrative. It is full of interviews with different medical professionals. I found the chapter on qi to be especially interesting because Traditional Chinese Medicine does not make any sense from our Western understanding of medicine and how the body works, and yet it seems to help many people. In China, hospitals have inte [...]

    5. Mary Karpel-Jergic

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book which explores the relationship between our bodies and minds with respect to health. It is a companion to a PBS series and contains interviews with a range of practitioners from various clinical fields, all respected with research behind them and an understanding of the demands of evidence.Bill Moyers who is the interviewer maintains a sceptical open mindedness and this allows for a much more critical presentation than a straightforward chapter by each individual. [...]

    6. Georgia Roybal

      This book was a follow-up to a TV program. It is a series of interviews with practitioners who have incorporated the mind/body reality into their healing practices. My favorite quotes from the book are the following (from Dean Ornish):The insurance industry is really the major determinant of health care in this country-not science and not clinical experience, but what third party will pay for.The current health care system, which is really a disease care system, has de facto rationing: if you do [...]

    7. Lynn Buschhoff

      This is an older book, so much of the discussion about the mind/body link, meditation etc. was nothing new. The chapter on immunology and its connection to the mind made reading the whole book worth while. the reference to people with split personality disorder manifesting different diseases in there different personalities amazing. This book does not suggest that people should abandon conventional western medicine, but it does imply that leaving the mind out of the healing process is like going [...]

    8. Jim Gleason

      through interviews with world-renowned experts and laypeople, this work explores the mind-body connection from many angles - very interesting variety of thoughtful insightse this and more than a hundred other organ donation/transplant related books - many with my personal reviews - at trioweb/resources/book

    9. Martha Tetrault

      Outstanding, well researched perspective on health care and healing in the US. While written over 20 years ago it is relevant to today. For anyone who has used the medical complex called modern medicine this is must reading. Moyer's curiosity, his skepticism, his objectivity all contribute to a cohesive study of modern medicine juxtaposed with eastern philosophies, healing distinguished from cure, the mind and the body as one and so much more. This book should be savor end. I'm glad I read it ov [...]

    10. Yaaresse

      Standard "I read this, but damned if I can remember exactly when or why or enough about it to make detail comments" disclaimer: My rating is based solely on my memory of how much or little I enjoyed the book at that time. In some cases, "at that time" might mean before most users were born. Then again, it could mean a couple years ago and that I have a lousy memory. Your mileage may vary. Heck, given how all our tastes change over the years and the fickle nature of memory, my own mileage might [...]

    11. Doris Jean

      This book was a classic, ahead of its time. Different chapters with different interviewees cover a broad range of alternative methods for wellness. It's a good introduction to some approaches to health from acupuncture, to humor, to Chinese medicine, ayurveda, massage, cupping, energy, mindfulness and more.Laughter is the best medicine. Nature is medicinal. And many more things we disregard which are more powerful than we realize. The mind is the most powerful, and placebos are at least 50% of e [...]

    12. Alethea Hammer

      This book has two problems making me not give it a very high recommendation. First, it was published 25 years ago and therefore doesn't include any recent research. Second, the format is really a transcript of a series of TV interviews Bill Moyers did with leading researchers in the field. The interview format really gets tedious at the end of 380 pages. So, I'm putting this book in the giveaway box. The only thing I'll miss about it is the artwork. The editor who chose the illustrations was a r [...]

    13. Ann

      This book was written fifteen years ago. If it had been written yesterday, I would say, "Great things are in store for american health". Sadly, although some things have become more acceptable to us, many things are not available. This book did give me hope for what's out there and the future of health care, but knowing what I do fifteen years after it was written, it just frustrated me with the current availability.

    14. Fred Grannan

      Some good ideas and information even though it is quite dated. I just couldn't get past the transcribed discussion format and gave up about page 90. I leafed through and read a few more pieces that were introductions before yet another transcribed discussion. I think there is likely quite good information here, but I expect it is also available in other formats much easier to read and digest.

    15. Erica Forrest

      Bill Moyers was thoughtful and inquisitive as always. The topics and people interviewed were very intriguing, but is was published 20 years ago so, sadly the science was often out of date. Chapters related to philosophy, interpersonal relations and ancient thought weren't dated though and overall it offered new perspectives worth considering and in some cases learning more about.

    16. Karen

      A little dated now and the paperback actually fell apart as I read it however an excellent introduction and overview to what various thinkers are researching (or have researched) in the fields of neurology, psychology, eastern medicine, and other emerging disciplines. How does the mind influence health? A lot it turns out. The mind and body cannot be separated.

    17. Shonna Froebel

      Moyers interviews a number of experts in the field of holistic medicine, finding out how they came to where they are in their practice, what they see as the realities of their practice and what are the issues. This was interesting, and the fact that it was written 15 years ago made it interesting to see advances, or lack thereof, in the different areas.

    18. Marjorie

      Acquired 12 years ago but not started until now, I put it down after 3 chapters. Too slow. Better to watch video of interviews than read them. Plus, I already believe mind and body are tied together; I don't need encouragement.

    19. Gail

      This is a book that I re-read and watched the PBS series that cover the changing the way Americans thinks about sickness and health. This is a book that if you are interested in alternative methods, of healing. This is a book for you.

    20. Bea

      I loved these interviews. The subjects are varied and are arranged in groups that make exploration of the various aspects of mental/physical/spiritual healing accessible. The concepts are inspirational, and I intend to reference this book as I need reminders and direction for my own healing.

    21. Pamela

      It's interviews with different mind/body fields in one book. There are a few that are educating to read; but overall, this book feels like it is trying hard to explain a person who is dense to this field. Best for skim through and find which chapters that interests you.

    22. Sung-Hee Pak

      My rating is not because of the content, but because of the format. I'm just not that into reading transcripts from previous shows and programs.

    23. Melissa

      Loved this book, & really want to see the video/PBS special on this topic. Wish Moyers would revisit this topic & update things that have occurred since this book was written.

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