Catechism of the Catholic Church

↠ Catechism of the Catholic Church ↠ John Paul II The Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church Here it is the first new Catechism of the Catholic Church in than years a complete summary of what Catholic throughout the world believe in common This book is the catechism the word means instru

  • Title: Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Author: John Paul II The Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • ISBN: 9780385479677
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church

    ↠ Catechism of the Catholic Church ↠ John Paul II The Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catechism of the Catholic Church Here it is the first new Catechism of the Catholic Church in than years a complete summary of what Catholic throughout the world believe in common This book is the catechism the word means instru

    • ↠ Catechism of the Catholic Church ↠ John Paul II The Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
      409 John Paul II The Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    Catechism of the Catholic Church

    One thought on “Catechism of the Catholic Church

    1. booklady

      This was my third full time to read the Catechism all the way through, though I have read many parts of it piecemeal This time I read it using an online service which you can subscribe to here I highly recommend it as a painless way to read though the CCC in a year You only receive emails during the week two days off for week ends Even if you get behind you can catch up later just by saving the email notifications They also offer a similar service to learn the Popes in a year The papal informati [...]

    2. Chary

      For every Catholic and for anyone who has honest questions about Catholicism Why the rosary Why MaryWhy communion cetera This book has direct Biblical reference by Chapter and verse to every question that could be possible asked of Catholics A great resource for Apologetic discussions.

    3. Andrew

      In a former life I used to believe that the Catechism was a collection of rules imposed on believers At that time I only understood a quarter of the Church s teachings and disagreed with another quarter While I still have much theological ignorance, I would be hardpressed to find a passage in the Catechism with which I now disagree This is not because I have surrendered my intellect to the dictates of an authoritarian Church Rather, I have come to believe that the teachings contained in the Cate [...]

    4. rebecca

      This book will probably be on my currently reading list forever for two reasons first because it is an invaluable tool for my formation and maturing in my faithcondly, I can t figure out how to add shelvesLOLgoing to finish it this year in the Year of FAith

    5. Jennifer

      It really upsets me that most Catholics haven t read this Totally shameless Read it people You never know, you just might learn something.

    6. Julie Davis

      I have never actually read through the entire Catechism The Catechism is often thought of as the Catholic rule book and that is true in a way because a catechism is a summary of Catholic belief However, it is not couched as we would normally think of a rule book The Catechism flows through four big ideas The Profession of Faith, The Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Life in Christ, and Christian Prayer There is a good explanatory article here by Mary DeTurris Poust who wrote The Idiot s Guid [...]

    7. Dougald

      Yes, as a baptist I read the Catholic catechism I wanted to read what the Catholic church said rather than get it from others There are some portions that are very, very good The section on the Apostle s Creed, Life in Christ, and the section are prayer.Of course, there are things that I disagree with, but I can also say that many things I have been told Catholics believe did not come through in their catechism.

    8. Sten-Erik Armitage

      The trouble with reading a book like this one is that it will sabotage all the preconceptions you have so carefully formed over the years about what Catholics really believe This was an encouraging and often edifying read.That said, I have many fundamental disagreements with the Roman Catholic church However, not as many as I thought I possessed I would strongly suggest that you read this along with the official documents of Vatican II so that you can see in full the official dogma of Catholicis [...]

    9. Madelyn

      Essential reading for any Catholic Helps so many things to click and make sense A good resource for any Catholic bookshelf One that you can go back to over and over for any questions that may arise or ongoing faith formation.

    10. Steven

      This catechism is not user friendly in any way I find it very confusing, and as someone else has noted, far too wordy.

    11. Claudia Aroni

      E finito I am so proud of myself I did it Take that Balti Catechism, take that OK, I must admit I am still going to randomly blabber Balti Cathecism answers because I still dig them.

    12. Nicola Mansfield

      An absolute read for every Catholic and anyone wanting to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches Don t take your information from television, the newspaper, your neighbour or even another Catholic to start with If you want the real, honest teaching, look it up here I ve dabbled in the Catechism many times, looking things up and following rabbit trails However, I read the Catechism from start to finish using a schedule during the entire year of 2013 Brief readings every single day, ending [...]

    13. Carmen Hartono

      So what do I think about the Catechism of the Catholic Church Might as well ask, What do I think about the Bible The CCC can be called the Bible of the Roman Catholic Church It is divided into four parts 1 The Creed, which was written at the Council of Jerusalem in 50 AD Any Christian should know it by heart, We believe in God But few Christians fully understand what they are professing Part one reaffirms the intention that has not changed for two thousand years.2 The Sacraments are what Christi [...]

    14. Didymus Bibliophilus

      This is a wonderful volume It has been criticized for being dry and overly verbose, and then defended by its encyclopedic nature But I don t find it to be all that dry, and actually read the entire thing over the course of a year and quite enjoyed doing so It s a great reference I have both the small white hardcover edition, which makes for easy reading, and the large green edition, which is unwieldy but has a great index along with other supplements A must have for any Catholic home.

    15. Stephy

      I hardly know where to start Parts of this book have the potential for much good in the world the actual Church that comes out of this document, or from which this document comes, depending on your point of view, is so morally bankrupt that one imagines they have had no exposure to the message of Jesus Much of Christianity falls out based on the writings of Paul, the most successful, long term productive spy of all time Sent as a Roman spy to destroy the church of Christ from within, he kind of [...]

    16. Rachel

      What inspired me to read this book was another book C.S Lewis Screwtape Letters The book opened my eyes to just how easily one can be led astray, no matter how Christian we believe ourselves to be All of us slip, it s what we do, and the majority of us don t catch ourselves at it I started reading this, because I truly want to answer these questions What does it mean to be Catholic If you do not follow the Vatican, are you still Catholic, even if you do live by the Apostle s Creed and the 10 Com [...]

    17. Matt

      Want to know what Catholics believe Read the Catechism And if you have any trouble understanding anything stated, simply look up and read the references.

    18. Ryan

      For The Year of Faith , Sarah and I read 7 paragraphs per day What a treasure this book is Yet another important legacy left by our beloved JP2.

    19. April

      Hard to put down at night The read is satisfying, productive, and effective It s well written, flows nicely, and will answer your questions about the Roman Catholic Church It s far from a book of rules, as some may be wary about by the look of it The Catholic articles of faith are declared simply, clearly, and yes even beautifully on occasion It s solemn, yet does not come across AT ALL as self righteous The size and title of the book make it appear laborious and tremendously boring It is, surpr [...]

    20. Joseph R.

      Started this as spiritual reading thanks to a recommendation from the Happy Catholic The early part makes me want to read the bible , for as St Jerome says, He who is ignorant of Scriptures is ignorant of Christ UPDATEFinally finished it It is not the best book to read straight through It is well organized but a little dry Not completely dry, though Many quotes from saints writings including biographies like Augustine s Confession and St Teresa s Story of a Soul are used to illustrate or illumin [...]

    21. SJ Loria

      You know, the religion where the founder said blessed be the humble while the current king lives in a palace and makes people kiss his finger when they meet him Lies, lies, lies that were once upon a time shoved down my throat Religion is the drug of the people Catholicism is Adderall Buddhism is oxycodone Any religion is a fable, some a bit fancier than others you probably stopped believing in the tooth fairy before you gave up on Santa Claus, right Either way, they are all lies Liberate yourse [...]

    22. Michael

      i learned about the basic structure of the catholic church, how they understand god, jesus, mary, the sacraments, and really the entire mission of salvation from an insider point of view, I take solace in the sound writing of the catechism as the church faces so much ridicule it clarified the purpose, mission, and organization of the church for me it did nothing to help reconcile the conflict of defining the crux of my existence through one of the church s mortal sins, HOWEVER, it was informativ [...]

    23. Chris

      The CCC was promulgated at a time when there was so much confusion about what the Church actually taught It s remarkable not only for the breadth and depth of its presentation of the faith, but also for the clarity with which it is presented While there were some minor revisions made a few years after its publication it can safely be said it was exactly what was needed, when it was needed OK, to be honest I would have liked it to have been published about 25 years earlier, but still The book its [...]

    24. Cara

      After returning to the church, I used this as a reference for everything catholic for many years Then, at the suggestion by our priest for a new years resolution, I decided to read this book from front to back I was little hesitant to read this because I might come across something I would not agree with and have to struggle with I was delighted by the eloquence in writing The clarity of what exactly the church believes on many subjects, the references to scripture and early church fathers was v [...]

    25. Emily

      I ve always considered the Catechism a reference book, so it never occurred to me to read it through cover to cover When Flocknote did their Read the Catechism in a Year e mails, though, I decided to try it, and I m so glad that I did Amazingly, the readings matched up well with whatever was currently going on in the Church, especially reading about specific Sacraments and then participating in them soon afterwards I don t know if this was due to a special grace or the fact that the Church uses [...]

    26. Aaron

      I started reading this in 1995, however, I started only referring to it when I had a specific question regarding the Church s teachings I just finished it.I am so happy that our church leaders have compiled the teachings of the church into this book I sometimes think about the reasons why there are so many different Christian denominations, 30,000 reported, and believe sola scriptura along with the lack of guidance and solidarity among our Christian brothers has caused the perpetual divisions we [...]

    27. Juan

      Even if, like a few of my friends, you are a stone cold atheist, you could still profit immensely from an attentive reading of the catechism In many ways it s a history of Western philosophy from 325 AD to the Reformation, and you cannot claim to understand the history and development of Europe without at least a rudimentary grasp of the Catholic Church and its theology Sure, it can be dry and exasperatingly circular, BUT this book is so well indexed and footnoted that you can lay it aside for m [...]

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