[PDF] Captivated | by ↠ E.M. Jade - Captivated, Captivated I stood close to the edge looking down at what I thought was my death Then I somehow ignored the water and only saw him He looked like a dark angel on a cloud of mist holding his arms out to me I clo

  • Title: Captivated
  • Author: E.M. Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captivated

    [PDF] Captivated | by ↠ E.M. Jade - Captivated, Captivated I stood close to the edge looking down at what I thought was my death Then I somehow ignored the water and only saw him He looked like a dark angel on a cloud of mist holding his arms out to me I clo

    • [PDF] Captivated | by ↠ E.M. Jade
      305 E.M. Jade

    One thought on “Captivated

    1. Stacey (Sassy Book Lovers)

      Wow lovedlovedLOVED this book I stumbled across this book on facebook and just the cover drew me in I m a sucker when it comes to gorgeous book covers I was lucky enough to be given the chance to read this book and review it and boy i wasn t disappointed Not only is the cover fantastic but what lays inside is too.I just couldn t put this book down it keeps you on your toes all the way through, your alway wondering whats going to happen next So many twists and turns, not your average vampire stor [...]

    2. Reina

      Ugh I could not get into this book at all I was sooo excited to read this book that I ordered it right away from when I first discovered it here in I was eager to read this book because the premise was interesting and I thought it would be a good story with a twistbut I was wrong I had to force myself to finish this book I was put off by the writing style first of all And I kept on reading thinking the writing would get better, but noooo, not at all I was so annoyed because I can honestly say m [...]

    3. Tiffany

      oh wow D this book is STUNNING I loved it the characters are awesome I LOVE DEAN wow WOW I don t even know what to SAY about this book without spoilers I want to blurt it all out and the ENDING I was holding my breath for the last 20 or so pages AHHHHH I need book 2 NOW STAT

    4. Andrea

      Captivated is the story of Mindy, a normal teenage girl surrounded by abnormal occurrences First, she loses her best friend Dean when his parents are murdered and he becomes withdrawn Then, years later, as she is still missing Dean, another mysterious guy, Shane, comes to town There is clear animosity between Dean and Shane, and Mindy and her friend Markus want to know what is going on When Markus thinks he has witnessed Dean murdering several people, Mindy thinks he s crazy But is he Mindy quic [...]

    5. Rita

      LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THIS BOOK I read approximately 4 paranormal young adult books a week on my Kindle I devour books and always have I picked up Captivated as another hopeful and loved it from the first page Excellent character development, Excellent story line, Excellent adventure, and well written I was hardbroken to find at the end that the next book in the series isn t due out til may I wanted to keep reading So if you love paranormal, with romance , strong characters and good fun storylines, do [...]

    6. Jessica Galczynski

      I had never heard of this book until I came across it on facebook I know they say don t judge a book by it s cover, but when it actually comes to books most of us do The cover is what makes us pick it up in the first place The cover of this book is mysterious, aside from the title and authors name, a beautiful face which makes you want to find out what s awaiting you inside I was so curious to find out what this book was about that I got in contact with the author and asked to do a review I didn [...]

    7. Loretta

      Mindy is starting a new school year Although it seems that her, and her best friend Dean have grown apart Dean has changed After the the death of his parents, he just don t talk to anyone.There is a new boy in school this year Sean Who Mindy thinks is good looking But, something about him is very standoffish to Mindy What is it about Sean that has Dean always looking so angry now What is up with the weird, strange things that are happening.Which started when Sean came around What is with him One [...]

    8. Charlie Finn

      I read the book in 3 hours, the start i was a little bit put off i felt like there was just loads of full stops and i found myself counting the words between the full stops and i also noticed 2 mistakes aswell but however when i got right into the story i soon forgot about them and was hooked The whole time i kept thinking Dean was something else and was like O when we found out what it was by the end of the book i just fell in love with him and wanted to slap Mindy by the end of the book so muc [...]

    9. Angela

      I was lucky enough to win a Kindle copy of this great read Throughout the book I found myself guessing what was going on, some things obvious others quite hard I found this read quite easy flowing and intriguing enough to keep me going back each night before bed, at some parts even speed reading to see what was at the end of the chapter.The main character was easy to connect with, as well as her friends and class mates around her With a story line that trails you along that slowly builds up to a [...]

    10. Crystals Fire

      I have never cried during a book before The ending broke my heart and made me want to jump in the book and help in any way that I could It was something that caught me by surprise and left me wanting to get my hands on book 2 immediately I felt a connection with all the characters The story line was different and refreshing The characters were real and lovable The twists and turns had me on the edge of my reading chair This is a must read I ll be following Deb s future books for sure.

    11. Liliana Castro

      Hello everyone I m new here Anyways, I read the first 5 chapters of this book and it is AMAZING The beginning is kind of slow, but once it hit the second chapter, I was hooked She leaves you hanging making you want to read I can t wait to read the rest I highly recommend this book

    12. Katrina

      Mindy Keenan starts a new school year, realizing that life must go on without Dean Aiken in it Since the death of his parents Dean is not the same person Mindy use to know, she decides to move on A new student has enrolled in her year he is hot, mysterious, charming and very straight forward Something about him draws Mindy in, she just can t put her finger on it, something slightly off, but also she feels captivated by him, the way he looks at her, all she knows is that now she sees of Dean and [...]

    13. Haley ~ YA-Aholic

      I let out a huff and forced a smile You re a vampire I stated Then why haven t I sucked your blood Lina He whispered right before pressing his soft lips against mine Then he inched towards my neck and lingered his lips on my pulse I want to apologize now, this review is lacking alot compared to my other reviews, it was one of those books that honestly was hard to really write a review, without making it a spoiler review and I didnt want to give you guys any spoilers You know that feeling when yo [...]

    14. Shane

      Itching for Books ReviewI was worried the story wouldn t be as alluring as that cover but fortunately, it completely satisfied my taste This book lives up exceedingly well to its title Captivated is addictive, possessing, magnificent, and electrifying in every way possible No amount of words in the English dictionary could possibly define how breathtaking it truly is.Mindy s such an adorable character she s bubbly, embodies a remarkable gift of being the last to figure things out, and evidently [...]

    15. Jessica Hansen

      I want me a DEAN I can whole heartily say that I absolutely, 100%, fell in love with this book, the characters and their world This will be a series that will grab a hold of you and won t let go until you ve reached the end are trying to sell your first born to get a copy of the next book A new school year has started for Mindy and she has come to terms with the fact that, her once best friend, Dean is no longer apart of her life But when a new, extremely gorgeous, student by the name of Shane s [...]

    16. Darkfallen

      Ya know when you read a synopsis of a book and you think that it s going to be this great book, and then you read it and it kinda sucks Well this is NOT that book.This book completely lived up to my expectations It was full of action in all the right places and there were plenty of heart melting moments to balance everything out And then there was the ending, but I ll get back to that in a minuteMindy and Dean were childhood friends That is until the night Dean comes home to find his parents bru [...]

    17. Nadège Richards

      Captivated started out as what seemed to be my favorite read of August The story line was different and very intriguing But as I continued to read, I noticed the lack of character in the writing, the choppy sentences I kept waiting for it to change, but it never did The protagonist started off so strong willed to me, but as the story progressed, she just seemed like any other teenage drama queen I have many pet peeves, but putting constant exclamation points at the end of sentences in the monolo [...]

    18. Alishia

      Mindy and Dean used to be best friendsways there for each otherways making each other smile but then everything changed The Dean Mindy knew disappeared, he became distant and reclusive and along with the loss of his radiant smile, Mindy lost his friendship.Now, a few years later, Mindy has a new best friend, Markus He is funny and kind and always there for Mindy No one could replace what she had with Dean but she is happy with her friends, Markus and Tanya.Most of the time when Mindy looks at De [...]

    19. Marsha

      When I read the prologue for Captivated, I thought this is going to be so good Boy, was I wrong The storyline had amazing potential but the mediocre writing, lack of sound characterization and a weak execution of the plot made this a difficult read for me at times.At the age of 13 Mindy and her best friend Dean experienced a life changing event After seeing a man whose arms were covered in blood leaving Dean s house, the two stumbled upon the dead bodies of Dean s father and mother After that da [...]

    20. Iris

      Deze recensie is als eerste geplaatst op Carpe LibraHet heeft even geduurd voordat ik goed en wel in Captivated zat Maar vanaf dat moment werd het boek beter met elke bladzijde die ik omdraaide Tot het met een knal eindigde en me met open mond en totaal verbluft achterliet Wat een cliffhanger Ik weet zeker dat ik zo snel mogelijk het volgende deel ga opzoeken Ik moet weten hoe het verder gaat Captivated is zeer goed in elkaar gezet Stukje bij beetje werden puzzelstukken geopenbaard Hints worden [...]

    21. Bella Marie

      This book could be the next twilight i would say harry potter but there are no warlocks or witches It has everything a forbidden love Dean Mindy , supernatural beings vampires , a break up that will give you a heartache to last for ages,a killer line like Edward s ask me the most basic question what do we eat I let out a huff and forced a smile You re a vampire I stated Dean tilted his chin up and smiled I have no fangs He said through his teeth I examined the glistening white canines They weren [...]

    22. Brandi Streeval

      i received this book from the Author for review, this story is very good the book was very exciting and very interesting to read i look forward to reading other books by this Author, i am glad i got the chance to review this book, this book was never dull or boring, it was very very good, it was just the right speed not to fast not to slow, this book caught my interest from the very beginning until the very end, it was a very good read, i give this book 5 stars, i highly recommended this book to [...]

    23. Brandi Streeval

      this story is very good the book was very exciting and very interesting to read i look forward to reading other books by this Author, i am glad i got the chance to review this book, this book was never dull or boring, it was very very good, it was just the right speed not to fast not to slow, this book caught my interest from the very beginning until the very end, it was a very good read, i give this book 5 stars, i highly recommended this book to anyone who likes paranormal books, it is a must [...]

    24. Jodi Dolbel

      Loved this book, couldn t put it down However from a critique point of view, it was really badly edited I have read review before when people comment on the editing and I have never noticed before I would think, you obviously weren t into the story enough to even notice However, with this book I was totally into the story Really loved it But found myself reading over paragraphs and sentences because it was worded incorrectly and didn t make sense I have noticed the odd spelling or grammical sp e [...]

    25. Ashley Mayer

      Captivated is the story of Mindy and Dean They were childhood friends until Dean s parents are murdered and he turns his back on everyone Now, a few years later Mindy is happy with her life and her best friends Everything is fine until strange things start happening and they seem to involve Dean With Dean back in the picture Mindy is having a hard time controlling her feelings.This book was amazing It was a great story I didn t figure out what was going on with Dean until we are told The tension [...]

    26. The BookWhisperer

      This is an author not afraid to think outside he box and take a leap Captivated will grab readers right from the Prologue, and not allow you a breath til the very end The romance is hot, and the headache is palpable Be ready to laugh and cry in this whirlwind story that will deny reads their simple happily ever after The drastic conclusion left me in a uproar, and in despair for the characters of the intense read I m anxious to see just where D Apodaca will take this story from here Congratulati [...]

    27. Paranormal Reads

      I loved this book it was amazing It has everything a good book should It s exciting, thrilling, heart breaking, and funny I loved the main characters Dean and Mindy It does start of a little slow but it picks up quickly Once I got into reading it I couldn t put it down I can t wait until the next book There is a huge cliff hanger at the end of the book and usually I don t like those but it adds to the book I was left wanting I will for sure be picking up the next book.5 5 stars

    28. J.D. Nelson

      This book really spoke to me It was just so compelling I hated to put it down to go to work this morning, and I kept thinking about it all day The one thing that made this book over the top awesome for me was the character Dean He was so well written, so sexy, so DELICIOUS sigh I loved the pace of the story too There never seemed to be any filler to pad the pages like you find in some other books In fact, the only problem I can find with this book, is that I m dying to know what happens in the n [...]

    29. Lc

      I don t even know what to say I really loved this book It s hillarious and kept me on the edge of my seat At times I was holding my breath It was never dull and I reccomend it to everyone The ending was one of the most interesting cliffhangers I ve ever read EVER It didn t cut through the story, but created another problem that you need to read the next book I cannot wait for book 2 I m officially hooked.

    30. H'deel Batnij


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