[PDF] Invisibility | by ☆ Andrea Cremer David Levithan - Invisibility, Invisibility Stephen has been invisible for practically his whole life because of a curse his grandfather a powerful cursecaster bestowed on Stephen s mother before Stephen was born So when Elizabeth moves to St

  • Title: Invisibility
  • Author: Andrea Cremer David Levithan
  • ISBN: 9780399257605
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Invisibility

    [PDF] Invisibility | by ☆ Andrea Cremer David Levithan - Invisibility, Invisibility Stephen has been invisible for practically his whole life because of a curse his grandfather a powerful cursecaster bestowed on Stephen s mother before Stephen was born So when Elizabeth moves to St

    • [PDF] Invisibility | by ☆ Andrea Cremer David Levithan
      112 Andrea Cremer David Levithan

    One thought on “Invisibility

    1. Wendy Darling

      DNF at 137 pages I liked the beginning of the book, which felt very Every Day like in its thoughtfulness and sensitivity, and I like Stephen s POV I am not a fan of Elizabeth s POV, however, and after a sudden kiss at their third meeting on page 70, instalove after that, and a plot that got progressively convoluted view spoiler with eeeeevil curses hide spoiler , this just wasn t a premise that worked for me Paranormal romance written like realistic fiction, but without enough consistent depth [...]

    2. Kat O'Keeffe

      So much potential, but ultimately there were some aspects that just didn t work for me.First off, what did work I loved the premise and the whole idea of the cursed invisible boy and the one girl who could see him I also liked the writing throughout I enjoyed Levithan s chapters a little , but Cremer s chapters were also well written The story was interesting and kept me entertained, and I also thought characterization was well done even though I wasn t a fan of all the characters However, there [...]

    3. Ellie

      Holy cow.Andrea Cremer and David Levithan Together This is just so ifcnbIFNIWEeiurwbfw ierEFgberg jhbdADcfbe foAuweRW BV SURGYkjanrg aehusdfUBf w H faints UPDATE 21st October 2013 2.5 stars.Dear fellows, I am sorry to communicate the only binomial who actually works and I mean mind blowing works is David Levithan Rachel Cohn.The first half of the book wasn t actually that bad, but then Meeeeeeeeeh This is probably one of the hugest disappointments this year

    4. MeMe Belikova First lady Ivashkov

      First of all, can I say I LOVE David Levithan and Andrea Cremer I meet both of them at signings and they are both amazing people and I was super excited to her they both did a mash up on this book Them two together was seriously a matched made in heaven 0 So invisibility is about a guy named Stephen, who is invisible due to a cures that he knows nothing about He is pretty much your average guy but you know invisible to everyone so he thinks until he meets Elizabeth, a girl who has moved right ne [...]

    5. Irmak

      A k as ba larken kitaptan ok y ksek bir beklentim yoktu David Levithan n Her G n kitab n ok sevmi tim ama bu kitap ba ka bir yazarla ortak bir al mas oldu u i in teredd tlerim vard Fakat sevdim, hatta ok sevdim Stephen g r nmez olarak ya amaktad r B yle do mu tur G r nmez Lanetli B yle ya amaya al m t r ama mutsuzdur G r nmek ister Ve g n n birinde lanetin kalkt n d n r nk kar s nda onu g ren bir k z vard r Elizabeth Fakat ne yaz k ki lanet kalkmam t r, Elizabeth onu g ren tek ki idir Ger ekler [...]

    6. Zeynep Derya

      4,5 stars Kitab sevmemek i in bariz hi bir sebebim yok ylesine elime ald m, ne ara bitti bilmiyorum ki ya da kere ayraca ihtiyac m oldu diyeyim de anlay n kitab nas l sevdi imi 3 David Levithan zaten ok seviyordum ama Cremer ile birlikte yazmalar daha bi tatl olmu bence.

    7. Jen Ryland

      I am a HUGE fan of David Levithan and his fictional collaborations with John Green and Rachel Cohn In fact, Nick and Norah and Will Grayson, Will Grayson are some of my favorite YA contemporaries of all time.Based on the blurb and cover, I went into Invisibility expecting a book like Levithan s Every Day, a contemporary with a hint of the paranormal I liked the way Every Day offered minimal explanation for the paranormal elements and instead focused on the existential or philosophical side of a [...]

    8. Nicay │The Nerdy side of a Queen

      I am a cause with no effects I am footsteps without a sound I am nothing but air noticeable in motions but gone even as it arrives I don t know what will I felt after reading this Enjoyment Satisfaction Asking for Hmm I don t really know Well, my rating is still in a tag of war between 3 to 3.5 It was a balance of likeness and still undecided for this story I guess I need to explain first what was the story about without any spoilers, so I can verdict my final decision after this review Let s d [...]

    9. Rose

      Initial reaction Dude I actually really enjoyed this and it was probably helped by a decent audio narration I wasn t thrilled about Elizabeth s POV in turns and the overarching instalove , but it was the secondary characters, Stephen s POV and narrative voice, and the intrigue of the cursecasting and light dark undertones of the narrative that won me over.Full review For all intents and purposes, I m really surprised that I ended up really liking this book a whole heck of a lot I will concede th [...]

    10. Kat

      I m going to warn you in advance this will be a ranty review And not because Invisibility was terribly bad, but because I was terribly disappointed I mean, David Levithan is an author who cemented his place on my very small auto buy list with just ONE book Every Day Now, I know, I shouldn t really compare one book against the other, but when you hold an author in such high esteem, it s nearly impossible not to do so The basic plot is intriguing, if not necessarily completely my cup of tea But I [...]

    11. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

      Oh, expectations, you turncoats Always there when I start out, and off who the fuck knows where as I suffer through an uninspired book Before you start telling me I shouldn t have finished this book, believe me, I know that was an option However, by the time I was sure I wouldn t like it, I was too far into the book to DNF Once I ve read twenty percent or so, it s happening, and that s all there is to it Invisibility isn t necessarily a bad book, but it s certainly not what I was hoping for, and [...]

    12. Jan Bethel

      Love Hate Relationship again I loved this book when it started But somehow I ended up not liking it Tsk Actual review to come

    13. Selly - Leggere Romanticamente

      2 stelline e mezzoSul blog trovate la recensione qui leggereromanticamente Questo libro stand alone non assolutamente ci che mi aspettavo di leggere E non lo dico in senso positivo, per me un grande e grosso Boh Tanto per cominciare la magica storia d a che mi aspettavo di trovare nel romanzo molto marginale e presente quasi esclusivamente nella prima parte, inoltre i sentimenti dei protagonisti sono affrettati e forzati Sempre a proposito della prima parte del libro, l ho trovata piuttosto lent [...]

    14. Bee (Heart Full of Books)

      The original review can be found at Heart Full of Books When it comes to David Levithan I find that his co written works are always the best, and Invisibility continues to prove this theory right I absolutely loved the first 150 pages or so They were so well written and I was completely absorbed by the characters and the situation However, I do agree with the majority of the other reviews that this book lost its way in the middle, and began to feel like something completely different Still, I re [...]

    15. Myriam

      Lecture abandonn e Dommage que la construction de cette histoire m ait sembl b cl e Les d tails sont confus, et les r gles de l univers cr sont mal expliqu es unjour unlivre 2015 07 andr

    16. Jana

      I feel really stupid for asking this but can someone explain to me about everyone s comments about Cremer s anti feminism I do agree but isn t the point of her Nightshade series to show girls in a very different light lol I m so confused

    17. Dark Faerie Tales

      Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty This was an interesting read that I enjoyed, but it was really slow paced so it took a while for me to get through it.Opening Sentence I was born invisible.The Review Stephen was born invisible No one could see him, not even his mother He is now 16 years old and his mother passed away a year ago His father left when he was young so he lives in his New York City apartment by himself He lives a simple life since you can order pretty much everything o [...]

    18. ☕ Kimberly

      I have enjoyed David Levithan s previous works and so I was excited to read Invisibility his collaboration with Andre Cremer He takes his readers on a journey that leaves them in awe at the close of the book s From magic, to romance to friendship I was completely caught up in the tale and its characters While I clearly heard Levithan s voice throughout the novel, I was equally impressed by Cremer and look forward to explore of her works Invisibility is a book to be both devoured and savored.The [...]

    19. Serhat Can Kacan

      G r nmez bir ocuk ve onu g rebilen bir k z.G r nmezlik ile lanetlenen Stephen, kendisini g rebilen birisi ile kar la r G r lmenin beraberinde getirdi i farkl duygular ve di er insanlara g r nmeye al mak, i te kitap boyunca okuyaca n z konu budur.David Levithan ve Andrea Cremer in yazm oldu u G r nmez i in beklentim y ksek oldu undan dolay kitab okurken s k ld m zamanlar oldu Olaylar bir erkek, bir k z karakterin g z nden anlat l yor Durum b yle olunca iki taraf nda duygular n anlamam z daha da k [...]

    20. usagi ☆ミ

      4.5 5 stars Ever since Every Day , I ve become a Levithan devotee And I ve been a Cremer devotee since Nightshade , so when I heard these two were writing a book together I made a noise that wasn t human I was really anticipating it seriously in my top ten for early 2013 , and I m so glad it pretty much lived up my expectations While I can see this book may not be for everyone the pacing is a bit slow, and the big reveals take time and patience to get to , it s well worth the wait for me Mixing [...]

    21. Esra

      2,5 G r nmez hakk nda ne d nmeliyim bilemiyorum, fazlas yla muallakta kald m bir kitap.T r ne ne gen yeti kin diyebiliyorum ne de tam fantastik Kitab okurken yer yer yazarlar ok g zel ilerleyebilecek bir konuyu harcam gibi hissettim B y g renlerle, lanetleyicilerle ilgili daha fazla olay, daha fazla detay arad m nk e er o detaylar g rsem, kesinlikle be enip herkese nerece im bir kitap olacakt Ama yazarlar bunun aksine bu t r b l mlerde daha ok gen yeti kine kay p benim beklentilerimi yerle bir e [...]

    22. Eric Townsend

      Invisibility is filled with just as much awkwardness as the teen romance it contains Teen romance can be epic, it can be ugly and usually it has bits of everything in between, such is the case here So let s break it down just like that, it s time for the good, the bad and the ugly.The Good Levithan The man can flat out WRITE While his style does seem to carry over in everything he writes the set of rules of the invisibility curse is reminiscent of his set of rules in Every Day for that MC it doe [...]

    23. Miss Bookiverse

      Liebes Invisibility,oh mann Was war das denn Und wieso Es h tte doch argh Wie du merkst, hast du mich ganz sch n frustriert Dabei hat alles so traumhaft angefangen In typischer Levithan Manier hat mich schon dein erstes Kapitel begeistert Es war sofort da, dieses deshalb ist das mein Lieblingsautor Gef hl Du hattest etwas von deinem Bruder Every Day, einen interessanten Grundkonflikt unsichtbarer Junge wird pl tzlich von einer einzigen Person gesehen mit einer paranormalen Note und genau die ric [...]

    24. Marine's Books

      3.5 5.First of all, I read the French edition of it and I would like to highlight how pretty the French cover is, I mean, it is really prettier than the original one, isn t it I had seen it many times in bookshops and I really wanted to read it, but it had rather mixed opinions This is why I really want to thank the publisher for sending me this book I have to say that it was a good surprise for me and I am glad I discovered this universe of spells and curses It was a real pleasure to read David [...]

    25. Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks

      This was quite a surprise Not what I expected at all It s a nice story about a boy who s invisible, the one girl who can see him, and why this is all possible A pleasant little urban fantasy with a great ending and a pretty good bad guy.I only had a couple of problems with this book one being that it s basically instalove I did love the relationship between these two characters, but boy did it happen fast The other is a situation with Elizabeth s brother Laurie that happened before they relocate [...]

    26. Lexie

      INVISIBILITY was just a bit better than ok for me AHHHHHH SO MANY PLOT HOLES Does anyone know if this is going to have a freakin sequel I loved Stephen, but I wasn t a a total fan of Elizabeth She just seemed like a light switch throughout the entire novel there were parts that I loved about her and there were parts that I hated I thought the beginning of the book was so well done I truly felt sorry for Stephen and I really connected with him, the middle of the book was super fast paced they wer [...]

    27. Ardo

      This book was okay There were issues that were discussed such as homophobia and interesting characters like Laurie and Stephen This book would ve probably been a lot interesting if we could get rid of Elizabeth all together because I didn t care about her or find her compelling at all The pacing felt off because I felt like there were two different approaches to the story running parallel Through Stephen s POV written in Levithan s style we re given of thoughtful and contemporary story set wit [...]

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