Playing for Keeps

Free Read Playing for Keeps - by R.L. Mathewson - Playing for Keeps, Playing for Keeps Done with being the world s biggest pushover Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint What she didn t expec

  • Title: Playing for Keeps
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: 9780983212546
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • Playing for Keeps

    Free Read Playing for Keeps - by R.L. Mathewson - Playing for Keeps, Playing for Keeps Done with being the world s biggest pushover Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint What she didn t expec

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    • Free Read Playing for Keeps - by R.L. Mathewson
      433 R.L. Mathewson
    Playing for Keeps

    One thought on “Playing for Keeps

    1. ♡Karlyn P♡

      O.M.G What a funny and sexy contemporary romance It was over the top silly, but it made me laugh so many times And best yet, the steamy parts were HOT Jason is Haley s next door neighbor from HELL, but in truth he really is a fun and misunderstood kind of guy Sure, the neighborhood started a few many petitions trying to get him to stop doing this or that, but he means well And his shy little neighbor has never once complained However, Jason is pretty clueless when it comes to things like women L [...]

    2. Mimi Smith

      5 starsIt s been a long time since I ve loved a book this much, so I m spreading the word You know how they say Don t judge a book by its cover Well, let s be honest We all do A pretty cover will get me to buy a book faster than a tempting blurb I know, I know it could be just me and my shallowness or I m a plain old book cover snob, but it s a fact of life Now, if this book wasn t recommended to me I never would ve picked it up So, to all my GR friends who share my book cover predicament, make [...]

    3. xrysa

      Caution You will laugh out loud I mean it I hate reading funny books but this one was a random pick which turned out to be sooo good Enter,JasonHe is 31 and definitely the biggest jackass on earth,or at least he seems to be.He is every householders nightmare.We can see what a prick he is from Haley s eyes.How would you feel if your idiot neighbor destroyed your bed flower I dont know about you but I would have KILLED HIM Well in our story his action brings them closer which is good since their h [...]

    4. Ann has a dirty mouth

      Sometimes when I read other people s reviews, I think Did we read the same book Anyways, the good this book is very well written, esp by the standards of self pubs It flows well and is very engaging I had fun while I was reading it and kept turning the pages It really lost me in the last third though.The bad this book is about two idiot adult children who take immaturity to a new level Hayley starts dating her neighbor Jason when they are trapped inside her house by a swarm of killer bees They h [...]

    5. Jill Paige

      Unfortunately, I only got to page 39 of this book before I gave up on it The blurb implies it s a enemies to lovers trope, but the hero and heroine are only enemies for literally the first pages of the book Very soon they re instant best friends which we are TOLD, not shown so the book is really a friends to lovers trope.The friends to lovers trope wouldn t have put me off, but adding to the book s woes, it was poorly edited I have since read that the author is having her books edited AFTER thei [...]

    6. Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness

      This book was amazing and after a lot of after thought I finally decided to go for a 5 star as the rating Playing for keeps is a novel that provides a perfect example of how important it is to NEVER judge a book by its cover.d I m glad I chose not to with this one.The stellar reviews this book received from book besties,left me curious enough to pick this one out.So an applause for their fabulous review D And now I m just another reviewer hoping that I recommend this book good enough that I may [...]

    7. Beverly

      5 LMAO StarsThis is such a fun read I told my friend I needed something light and she recommended this one, and it is perfect The story is about two neighbors who through little misunderstandings and some bad actions despise each other Of course, once they are forced together one day and able to communicate things are cleared up They immediately see they are perfect for each other and become best friends Naturally their attraction for each other gets in the way and things escalate I liked how th [...]

    8. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

      FREE on US today 6 4 2015 Stand alone book 1.BLURB Done with being the world s biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint What she didn t expect was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she won t let herself forget just what the bad boy next door is capable of The last thing Jason expected was for his little shy neighbor to go Rambo on him over some ruined flowers Aft [...]

    9. Lisa

      What a lovely surprise this book turned out to be I had no idea what to expect when I decided to give this book a whirl I m glad I took the chance This novel has everything I look for in a contemporary romance It was charming, sweet, sexy, romantic , I can go on and on However, this book was also just plain ole HILARIOUS I was cracking up at the over the top shenanigans of Haley and Jason from start to finish Let me rephrase that, I was literally laughing very loudly throughout most of the book [...]

    10. Stacia (the 2010 club)

      3.5 stars Rounding up because Jason is such a rock star She quietly said good night, rolled her eyes as Jason mumbled, I love you to his brownies, and headed off to the bathroom.I picked up Playing for Keeps because it was getting some attention and I was curious to see why a seemingly unnoticeable book have you seen the cover was starting to cause a stir.What I was expecting Neighbors who don t get along spend half of a book torturing the living daylights out of each other before they finally r [...]

    11. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish

      4 I giggled, I snickered, and fanned myself stars Playing for Keeps is the first book in R.L Mathewson s Neighbor from Hell series and one hell of a funny story Description Done with being the world s biggest pushover, Haley decides that things are going to change starting with the aggravating neighbor who has too much charm and not enough restraint What she didn t expect was to be sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan and she won t let herself forget just what the bad boy next door i [...]

    12. Wendy

      I haven t read a book this funny in a while It got to a point, where I d just burst out laughing Which led to strange looks from my familyiceless.Jason and Haley make an adorable couple and the bantering between these two are hilarious Not to mention the secondary characters being Jason s friends are an added bonus.This is a real feel good, pick me up type of book, that ll have you laughing in no time Loved it

    13. Beverly

      Everything was clich she has a rich family that doesn t appreciate her, the grandma is tough and she automatically approves of the boyfriend even though she never has before, the son is the spitting image of the father, they have to wrestle in the mud to be close to each other upon meeting, he s instantly turned on by her to the point of being unbearable, she s amazing at foreplay even though she s never done anything before, THEIR BEDROOM WINDOWS ARE LITERALLY LESS THAN TWO FEET APART FROM EACH [...]

    14. Susanne

      Gah This book was so freaking amazing and then it had to fall into the CR trap Yes, I made it up right now Beware, the second part of this review will contain mild spoilers I will let you know when.The first part So incredibly funny I laughed so much on the train that the people around me thought I was crazy It was brilliant Haley Sweet bookish heroine who is done with being a pushover She was always the shy girl with her nose buried in a book, hoping no one would notice her.Who knew there was a [...]

    15. Belle Aurora

      This book was absolutely hilarious I was laughing the whole timewhen I wasn t crying that is.Loved it.Get on it.

    16. Emily

      Always a glutton for punishment, Haley Blaine believes she can tolerate anything her jerk of a neighbor can dish out After five years of his antics, she has had enough and flips out on him and has no plans in holding back her unleashed fury, well that is until she finds out the real reason he was tearing up her garden.Jason Bradford loves women, just doesn t love them enough to start a relationship with him After five years of getting the cold shoulder from his neighbor, he is delightfully surpr [...]

    17. Elizabeth

      If she tried to leave without him he would burn her house down, plain and simple Playing for Keeps is a light hearted modern romance with an abundance of satire and a great deal of tongue and cheek humor.For the past five years, Haley has been living next door to the neighbor from Hell Haley is a rule follower with an abundance of polish and sophistication Jason is a sporadic free spirit Needless to say, the two are quite opposite.Haley and Jason don t get along Haley has worked diligently to av [...]

    18. Akanksha❤ Søren♰

      LOVED THIS BOOK.So cute and funny and sappy You cookie thieving bastardJason and his father were suchhhhhh food sluts

    19. Aestas Book Blog

      I really liked this book a lot It was the PERFECT fluff read for me It was well written, with characters I really cared about, lots of adorably cute and funny moments, no heart breaking moments, no damaged or tortured characters, didn t make me cry at any point, really really adorable HEAs, and not super long reads I read this book and its sequel in 4 hours It was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.I love the way their relationship developed It was perfectly paced Fast enough that I neve [...]

    20. Jo ★The Book Sloth★

      I was very surprised when I realized how funny this book was I had a huge smile on my face most of the time and I can t count the times I laughed out loud It s not something that happens a lot with contemporary romance since the dark and angsty are in fashion so I m very happy for this.The characters and the writing reminded me very much of one of my favorite authors Shelly Laurenston At some point I was beginning to think that they are the same person I visited the authors page and I wasn t too [...]

    21. Karla

      The ideal blend of romance, humor, angst, and spice I loved everything about this book Jason and Haley s first interaction, their friendship that becomes , the falling out, the reconciling, and lordy lordy their time between the sheets was steamy and sensual The writing is wonderful, plenty of witty dialogue, and it included a delightful array of amusing secondary characters It s the perfect length it was enough story that you re committed to the characters, yet the plot is not overwhelming I fe [...]

    22. Amy (Foxy)

      3.75 Neighborly stars A NEIGHBOR FROM HELL is what Jason is when he moves in next door to Haley My name is Jason Bradford I m the neighbor from hell You won t find Mister Rogers neighborhood lovebetween these two feuding neighbors Until one day a bunch of Tulips change their relationship Enemies Friends Lovers SERIES No cliffhangers Spinoffs

    23. Mitch Castro

      It s the book, not me That I can guarantee.Let me cut the chase without the review propriety and just get on with my main concerns.I have high expectations when it comes to story pacing If the author wants to make scene development fast paced to avoid boring plot and dialogue, then it should be subtly written so as not to make the entire book sketchy.As for characterization, Jason Bradford and Haley Blaine were both immature in this reader s opinion The break up scenes were too childish for my t [...]

    24. Mistress

      I absolutely LOVED this book Playing for Keeps is flat out hilarious I couldn t put the book down I was up at 3 30 in the morning laughing my butt off so loud I was afraid I would wake the kids Jason s love for food cracks me up like nothing else I love Jason, his friends, his father, Haley I love them all This book is brilliant I can t wait to start the next in the series, Perfection I have just found a new favorite author If you want a funny, heartfelt story, read this book For the hundredth t [...]

    25. Deserie williams

      Contains Spoilers 4.25 stars So I really enjoyed this it was funny and light l love how they were enemies then friends and lovers Omg at times I was laughing so much Haley was too funny with her fist of Jason was just as hilarious with all his possessiveness of his food Now at one point I wanted to deck Jason so bad he really pissed me off Why he would even consider believing some hoe i don t know but then again he really didn t belive in himself to be good enough for Haley that he let [...]

    26. Dilek VT

      I am sorry but this book was beyond boring Maybe, I shouldn t have rated it because I dropped it at page 100 Looked at the last 2 or 3 pages and I didn t have the strength to read the epilogueThe story was meant to be humorous, I never even once smiled, let alone laughBy the way, how can a coward and introvert woman change in the blink of an eye and become this confident and fun girl How can a 30 year old guy act so childishly Not cute, no not cute, very annoying There was nothing charming about [...]

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