Nightshade / Night Smoke

Nightshade Night Smoke Nightshade They sure were making cops in interesting packages these days Colt Nightshade couldn t believe his luck partnering on a case with Lieutenant Althea Grayson But the breathtaking detective wa

  • Title: Nightshade / Night Smoke
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373285129
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nightshade / Night Smoke

    Nightshade They sure were making cops in interesting packages these days Colt Nightshade couldn t believe his luck partnering on a case with Lieutenant Althea Grayson But the breathtaking detective was strictly by the book and had no use for Colt s easygoing renegade style Thawing the heart of this enticing ice goddess just might be the toughest challenge Colt had eNightshade They sure were making cops in interesting packages these days Colt Nightshade couldn t believe his luck partnering on a case with Lieutenant Althea Grayson But the breathtaking detective was strictly by the book and had no use for Colt s easygoing renegade style Thawing the heart of this enticing ice goddess just might be the toughest challenge Colt had ever faced.Night Smoke He had a reputation for being abrasive, aggressive and annoying but if Natalie Fletcher was going to save her business, she needed arson investigator Ryan Piasecki s help The classy executive was accustomed to being in control and Ry s arrogance was utterly infuriating and oddly irresistible Only, as the sparks flew, danger was hot on their trail.

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    One thought on “Nightshade / Night Smoke

    1. Mojca

      Dark, moody, and angsty (especially in the one-on-one *hint-hint* scenes). Loved the her-music-leads-to-sex theme.Good, sneaky suspense, wonderful chemistry, great landscape imagingAnother NR keeper!

    2. Book_recs4u

      NIGHTSHADEWhen renegade Colt Nightshade is paired with lietuenant Althea Grayson to locate a missing teenage runaway, it's like mixing oil and water. He doesn't follow the rules and she's by the book but opposites attract. Everytime Althea makes it clear things need to remain professional between them, Colt is there daring her to deny the desire swirling between them. When all circumstances point to the missing girl being in over her head, the rush to bring her home safely is on. Despite their d [...]

    3. JP

      Considering these books are pretty old, you really do get the feeling of the 90's. I don't really know why, but it kept me turning pages and even though I'm an avid reader of paranormal stories, this rather normal one kept me reading until the very last page.The first story is about Althea and Colt who partner up to find a missing girl and oust a pornographic video ring. The story is a page turner and you really feel the cold fury that just lurks behind Althea and Colt. On the other side there's [...]

    4. Karen

      Nora Roberts has delivered two steamy, sizzling tales of romantic suspense that a hard to put down.Nightshade-An ambitious hard nosed detective goes up against a stubborn PI on the trail of the missing daughter of friends. Colt and Althea step on each others toes and hearts as they solve the case.Night Smoke--Natalie and Ryan are fanning the flames of passion as they search for a pyro and try to keep her business from going up in smoke. The two stories are the second in Roberts Night tales serie [...]

    5. Dale Pearce

      The hours between dusk and dawn are filled with mystery, dangerd romance. NIGHTSHADE: The moment her eyes locked on Colt Nightshade, she knew he was trouble. But Lieutenant Althea Grayson prided herself on being in control, and she wouldn't let her new partner ruin that. The man was a renegade, no respect for rules -- and the worst part was he got to her. The way he challenged Althea's thinking, stared right into her eyesd held her in his arms. What defence could her heart have when Nightshade d [...]

    6. Terri Cunningham

      This is a five book series so I will do one review for all five. The books are great. The characters are easy to like although at times you wonder what they are thinking. The 3rd one has an odd twist that doesn't really fit in with the series but doesn't diminish from the storyline. I would recommend all these books although not so much to be listened to as the narrator isn't the best. I almost didn't listen to the series but I'm glad I did.

    7. Theresa

      Gave up after about half way through and a year later. Just couldn't make myself go back into book. Story was predictable. I will read simple romances and suspense/crime of some of my favorite. There needs to be an interesting, twisting, oppositional or humorous path along the way. There is opposition but it is straight forward and predictable.

    8. Sheila

      This compilation contained the 3rd and 4th books in the sextet of Nora Roberts' intriguing series entitled Night Tales. Nora Roberts keeps readers interested in this 6-book series by reintroducing previous characters and further defining their intertwined relationships. The best thing about Nora Roberts’ books is that you are never bored; there is rich detail that takes the reader to the edge, but never lets the story get lost in minutiae.Nightshade reintroduces Boyd Fletcher’s partner from [...]

    9. Ursula Gorman

      Nightshade was closer to 5 stars, but Night Smoke brought it down to the 4 star rating. Both stories were good, but Nightshade was the better of the two reads. I liked that they had some of the same characters in both of the stories, nice continuity.The reason I gave Night Smoke a slightly lower rating is because of the heroine. In too many mystery/suspense/romances, the leading lady is out of her depth in the situation, but she is written as a smart, successful and likeable lady. Now, if this i [...]

    10. Sonja

      Finished this one this morning while I was waiting for the frost to magically melt off the windshield of the van before work :) That's how good this book was had to read a few pages whenever I could waiting for my order at Sonic, waiting for the windshield to defrost waiting in the checkout line at the grocery store. etc. Just not enough time to read anymoreAnyway this seems to be book 3 & 4 of a 4 book series having to do with 'night'. Loved the Colt Nightshade character where does she come [...]

    11. Beth

      maybe even 3.5, what I liked most about the whole series is it gives you a glimpse into the development of the J.D. Robb series, you can see the development of main characters in the first 5 of this 6 novella series. If I'd read these at the time they were written I'd probably have rated them higher, but there is some of the formula writing of the era in there that bugs me more now than it did then. so read it with the era it was written in, in mind. and that is Lieutenant Althea to you Humor ar [...]

    12. Mary

      I enjoyed both of these books but liked Night Smoke the best. I really liked Natalie and Ry together. Nightshade has Althea Grayson (Boyd Fletcher's partner from Night Shift) and Colt Nightshade (Boyd's friend) as the h/H. Night Smoke has Boyd's sister Natalie and Ryan Piasecki as the h/H. The main characters from the first two books in the series appear in these two so it is nice to see them again. I would recommend this book even though it is early Nora. Enjoy!

    13. Gabrielle

      Night Shade: Colt Nightshade and Althea Corayson are cops. She just wants to do her job. Colt wants Althea in many ways but mainly just to be his lover. Colt manages to have sex with her and since that day he is all the Althea thinks about. Night Smoke: Natalie Fletener needs help in order to save her business. Her first choice is arson investigator Ryan Piaseckis. Soon she finds when they meet up for copy he is leaving her wanting more. This book was a HUGE disappointment from the first.

    14. Tarah

      I'm not a huge fan of this series & had these been some of the first Nora Roberts books I had read, I may not be a huge fan of her either. Her story telling has come a very long way. These are some of her earlier works and while entertaining, far from her best. They're very predictable and repetitive of each other. Boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love, girl & or boy pushes the other away, something life changing happens, they get married and have babies. Wash & repeat.

    15. Bonnie Staughton

      "Stolen" is actually 2 books in one though the characters are "intertwined". Both books depict very strong women--one a policewoman and the other a CEO of a lingerie company. Both women fall in love with men who are also strong but maybe not quite what the women had expected. Very fast read and interesting stories.

    16. Torie

      Nightshade= 5 Stars!!Night Smoke= 2 StarsNightshade's the classic "when couples attract" scenario. It was witty and never a dull moment. As for Night Smoke, I was a little disappointed. This is a great author, but the writing technique seemed to be a little off where I couldn't get into the story quite as well as I can in her other books.

    17. Janet Blowers

      Two shorter stories in this novel. The characters tie in to "Night Shift and Night Shadow" So far my favorite was Night Shadow becasue it had a touch of the paranormal stuff I love when Nora Roberts writes. These two are just cute love stories.

    18. Denise

      Best of the novellas in the book, "Suspicious," the book "Night Moves" should really have been titled "Night Music" as author Nora Roberts plays off her major character being a composer. Both a love story and a mystery to solve a 10-year-old disappearance.

    19. Andrea

      Good storyI liked how even though the stories were unrelated there was a link between the characters. I was disappointed in Night Smoke as the "incident" which broght the characters together was very thin, not typical Roberts style.

    20. Sarah

      The mysteries that there could really be a man with special or super powers like superman, and of course to have money and fame on top of that, of course can't forget handsome. Just puts you in a place that maybe there is something truly out there.

    21. Brittany

      Nightshade includes the story of the previous officer Boyd's partner AthleaNightsmoke includes a sexy arson investigator determined to find the culprit even going so far as to accuse the beautiful owner of the building in question

    22. Donna

      I enjoyed these 2 books. I don't normally go for romance novels but I was surprised w/ the suspense added to them. they're linked making them more enjoyable. there are twists & turns keeping you going to the end.

    23. Linda Ewankowich

      Not a typical book for me, but I'm at the beach and wanted something light and easy to read. This book filled the bill.

    24. Andrea

      I really enjoyed this 2 for one book. I was kept guessing right until the end and I feel like a really should read this series in order but it's a great stand alone novel also.

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