Return Best Read || [Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley] - Return, Return The Redemption series won Christian Retailing s Retailer s Choice Award for Best Series This touching novel reunites readers with the Baxter family and focuses on the only Baxter son Luke He is

  • Title: Return
  • Author: Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley
  • ISBN: 9780842382892
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Return

    Return Best Read || [Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley] - Return, Return The Redemption series won Christian Retailing s Retailer s Choice Award for Best Series This touching novel reunites readers with the Baxter family and focuses on the only Baxter son Luke He is

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    • Return Best Read || [Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley]
      293 Karen Kingsbury Gary Smalley

    One thought on “Return

    1. Jessica Stant

      So far this is definitely the weak link in the Redemption Series I don t really expect much of this series other than to entertain, give me some sighable romantic moments and perhaps teach a few thought worthy christian principles The first two delivered as promised However, the resolution in Return was just a little too quick and pat for me Towards the end of the book every conversation was one that the characters had already had at least two or three times before And I really couldn t get past [...]

    2. Cafinated Reads Molly

      This prodigal son returns home story is one of my absolute favorites of Ms Kingsbury s Baxter family books Luke s character is the baby of the family, and she chiseled him so well in these stories I was so excited years ago when I learned he had a book where his story was center I loved revisiting him What would you feel like if everything you ever believed in was ripped away in one tragic instant That s what Luke battles and I was so angry with him for so long in this book I found myself on th [...]

    3. Anna

      One reason I don t read serial novels or watch the show Lost is that as they progress, the plots become increasingly convoluted in order to keep the reader engaged in the story and turning the pages So I m not going to read the other two books in this series because the events and circumstances that take place in this family are looking less like every day life Where the first book began with one uncomplicated yet heartbreaking plot twist, this book leaves off with a number of inexplicable open [...]

    4. Bekah

      Return is the story of Luke Baxter, the youngest of the family and also the only son of John and Elizabeth Baxter 9 11 truly changed Luke s life forever Now he s certain that God doesn t even exist, and if He does, He doesn t care After attending several free thinking meetings based on humanism, Luke decides that there s nothing to this life than random coincidences I really enjoyed this story Luke Baxter s faith had never been tried by fire before and he firmly believed that if a person was ob [...]

    5. Cydnie

      The baby of the Baxter family, Luke, has left his family and all he has ever believed Can and will the prodigal son return One thing that I found to be painted so clearly in this book was the fact that Luke has become a free thinker think outside the box, do whatever feels right at the moment, if you want to be involved with than one person at a time that s okay, let go of those archaic religious strangling morals that you ve been raised with etc Luke is adamant that his family should accept th [...]

    6. Ashley Montgomery

      This book focuses on Luke, the only boy in the Baxter family In book 2, Luke was very quick to judge and say when someone was right or wrong In this novel, 9 11 has happened and has had an affect on everyone Throughout the book, there is a big secret no one is aware of that has caused Luke to question and challenge everything he has ever believed in, including his religion After thinking he has lost Reagan forever, he quickly moves on to another girl and ends up living with her to try to fill th [...]

    7. Mayda

      This series is a soap opera for Christians All the drama and emotion of your favorite daytime TV show, but with heavy handed religious overtones Yes, there are unwed mothers, but they see the error of their ways People lose their faith, but others pray for them to return to the fold In this audio version, God has a deep female voice, I guess because the reader is a woman, and He speaks to Luke, the errant sheep of the Baxter fold Quite unexpected having God actually speak to you, out loud, in En [...]

    8. Randy Tramp

      Luke Baxter turns away from his family, his faith and Reagan his only love Reagan is about to have a baby, Luke s baby Only he does not know it.My ThoughtsI don t know if I ve shed so many tears over a book There were many places that I had to stop and wipe my eyes Reconciliation is in the heart of man, it s in my heart Life throws things at you and it threw a lot at the Baxter family They re no different than anyone else People make bad choices and those decisions have consequences We ve all be [...]

    9. Saskia

      Weer een ontzettend mooi boek over de familie Baxter Het valt me op dat er in ieder boek heftige onderwerpen aan te pas komen In het vorig deel ging het voornamelijk over alzheimer en 11 september In dit boek gaat het over abortus, tegen je familie keren en het vreselijke bericht wat Ashley krijgt hier ga ik verder niet op in, omdat ik anders teveel vrij geef over het boek Allemaal onderwerpen waar je dan ook over na gaat denken Ik word ook steeds nieuwsgieriger naar de andere boeken van Karen K [...]

    10. Michelle

      I can t believe how true to life the issues are that the author s characters deal with in her novels No pain is sidestepped No pat answers are offered True healing and forgiveness are experienced Consequences of sin are suffered This is real life with a whole lot of hope The resolutions made sense and weren t easy fixes I got choked up nearly as often with this book as I did Remember Also, I read the entire novel in two days around working my full time job Wonderful read I especially loved the c [...]

    11. Courtney

      Luke, Luke, Luke Without giving away this story, I will say that you will want to pray for him while wanting to shake him Amazing read, if you are familiar with Mrs Kingsbury then you will not be disappointed in this book She out did herself.

    12. Ambir Campos

      This was a good comeback book for this series I loved the first book, but the second book made me rethink reading them This book really made me want to read the next I m excited to see where the characters go.

    13. Rebecca Ray

      This is the third book of the Baxter Family Saga At this point, there are three main protagonists, Kari, Ashley and Luke Luke s story is the main story of this book He has really spun off into rebellion against his parents, God, and all that he formerly held dear At the same time, in New York, his former girlfriend is pregnant with his child Will he ever find out about the child Will he ever turn back to God Will he ever reconcile with his family At the same time, we see glimpses of Kari and Rya [...]

    14. Anne Marie

      Wonderful read about the Baxter family John and Elizabeth Baxter hold it all together while worrying about each of their children, as well as rejoicing with them in the happy moments Luke is still struggling with his new beliefs of there not being a God He s still living with Lori, and attending free thinkers talks and living a care free lifestyle Also an open relationship lifestyle Lori apparently has a fling with a guy from a meeting, gets pregnant, and has an abortion without telling Luke abo [...]

    15. Nathania

      The third book of Karen Kingsbury s Redemption series was a brilliant continuation After the events of September 11, Luke Baxter has walked away from everything that once mattered to him His faith, his family, and his first love, Reagan Luke is going through a rough patch in his life and though his family begs for him to come back, he shuns them all Reagan Decker is also reeling from the events of September 11 After losing her father, she moves away to New York where she is pregnant with Luke s [...]

    16. Heatherhh

      I didn t really care for the Luke storyline which was a focus It just wasn t that engaging to me Also I was a bit frustrated to see yet another spiritual issue introduced with someone else in the family.The melodrama in this series is really hard for me Five kids all of whom either have a serious marital crisis involving considering divorce or separation, or got pregnant out of wedlock or got girlfriend pregnant , or were unbelievers as adults, or some combination of the above It s well past the [...]

    17. Jeanne

      Return Karen KingsburyJust finished Return, and my mind is spinning with questions about all the characters.I m so involved in your books they feel like my family and I m even dreaming about them.Karen your books are truly AMAZING.I cannot put them doneI have mommy chores to do and I say to myself just one page but one page becomes 20I love your books so much.As soon as I dry my eyesI gave Rejoice waiting for me to turn the pages.Thank you

    18. Allison Sullivan

      Every book in this series is better than the previous one Karen Kingsbury writes with heart and really gets my emotions going I laughed and cried for the characters It was very touching to see Luke come back to God It was revealed that a character has AIDS and while it wasn t touched on too much on how it would affect the characters lifestyle it was nice to see real world problems in the story I can t wait to read the next book

    19. PJ

      It frustrates me when characters keep secrets and then misunderstandings come from that This book had a lot of that Things eventually worked out, but it was frustrating to get to that point I feel like I know these characters by book 3 and I want the best for all of them Looking forward to books 4 5.

    20. Marissa Pascarella

      I was originally going to give this book 3 stars, but the ended alone made it the extra star This book was the hardest of the series so far for me to get into, it started off very slow but picked up towards the middle end and I ended up loving it just as much as the others.

    21. Sylvia

      I loved this book I cant wait to read the next book.I can t believe Ashley has Hiev I am glad her and Landon got together can t believe Ragen Tried to keep the baby away from luke glad Ashley told him glad they got back together

    22. Nicole Rezler

      I found this book the hardest to read Still good story, but it s hard to read such gut wrenching stories when you are pulling for the Baxter family

    23. Roslynn

      The aftermath of September 11 What an amazing story of how one day impacted the lives of so many and caused so much pain and suffering.

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