The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904

The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories This collection contains the following thirteen stories The House with the MezzaninePeasantsMan in a CaseGooseberriesAbout LoveA Visit to FriendsIonychMy LifeThe Lady with the Little DogIn the RavineD

  • Title: The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904
  • Author: Anton Chekhov Ronald Wilks Paul Debreczney
  • ISBN: 9780140447873
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904

    This collection contains the following thirteen stories The House with the MezzaninePeasantsMan in a CaseGooseberriesAbout LoveA Visit to FriendsIonychMy LifeThe Lady with the Little DogIn the RavineDisturbing the BalanceThe BishopThe BrideIn the final years of his life, Chekhov produced some of the stories that rank among his masterpieces, and some of the most highly regaThis collection contains the following thirteen stories The House with the MezzaninePeasantsMan in a CaseGooseberriesAbout LoveA Visit to FriendsIonychMy LifeThe Lady with the Little DogIn the RavineDisturbing the BalanceThe BishopThe BrideIn the final years of his life, Chekhov produced some of the stories that rank among his masterpieces, and some of the most highly regarded works in Russian literature The poignant The Lady with the Little Dog and About Love examine the nature of love outside of marriage its romantic idealism and the fear of disillusionment And in stories such as Peasants , The House with the Mezzanine and My Life Chekhov paints a vivid picture of the conditions of the poor and of their powerlessness in the face of exploitation and hardship With the works collected here, Chekhov moved away from the realism of his earlier tales developing a broader range of characters and subject matter, while forging the spare minimalist style that would inspire such modern short story writers as Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner In this edition Ronald Wilks s translation is accompanied by an introduction in which Paul Debreczeny discusses the themes that Chekhov adopted in his mature work This edition also includes a publishing history and notes for each story, a chronology and further reading.

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      167 Anton Chekhov Ronald Wilks Paul Debreczney
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    One thought on “The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904

    1. Jonathan Terrington

      I must confess that I hold a deep dislike of Chekhov. Why is this? It is because of his sheer brilliance. The way he writes a short story is effortless and beautiful regardless of translation (I've read a few of the same stories from different translators and they all capture the story elegantly).It is a dislike that stems from earlier in the year of 2012. In my literature class I was forced to attempt to adopt a Chekhovian style of writing to create an imaginative piece. I quickly found that hi [...]

    2. n* Dalal

      There are moments, when reading this book, where I couldn't even notice how influential Chekhov's style of short story writing has been. These short stories just feel like short stories; it's easy to forget that these are among the first short stories as we know them The snippets in time, the minimal plots. They're beautiful character sketches, and Chekhov's techniques on sentence length are disarming. I'm looking forward to reading these stories again.

    3. Edward

      IntroductionFurther ReadingChronologyNote on TextPatronymics--The House with the Mezzanine--Peasants--Man in a Case--Gooseberries--About Love--A Visit to Friends--Ionych--My Life--The Lady with the Little Dog--In the Ravine--Disturbing the Balance--The Bishop--The BridePublishing History and Notes

    4. Saqr Alareqi

      ما يثير الإعجاب حقا في "تشيخوف" أنه في إيجاز ومن غير ثرثرة واستطراد في الوصف، قادر على إيصال معانى وإشارات ذات مغزى. "إنّ القصة التشيخوفية تتسم بأنها في الغالب تبتدئ بداية غير معقولة ولامنطقية، ثم في المنتصف تقريبًا يبدأ يظهر خيط الفكرة، وفي النهاية تصدمك مرارة الفكرة بسخريت [...]

    5. Sara Jesus

      São um conjunto de contos que narram histórias de dramas familiares, traições, loucuras, obsessões e histórias de amores falhados.Não é um livro surpreendente, alguns contos como " A visita de um médico" ou " O marido" são apenas meras descrições. Mas outras como "O monge negro" e " Uma história desconhecida nos deslumbram com uma narração bem detalhada, em que as personagens são repletas de dor, desgosto e uma certa infelicidade existencial.É uma obra que irá agradar aos que a [...]

    6. M.

      After finishing this collection, I realised I've been reading it, on and off, for almost a year in between other readings. I also realised I read the book in all formats; paperback for few weeks until I had to return it to the library, ebook on computer, kindle edition on tablet, and on mobile. It accompanied me in different countries, seasons, and moods. I managed to enjoy these Russian tales over the weeks and months, and it was generally an entertaining as well as thought-provoking read overa [...]

    7. Diane

      What a surprisingly, insightful collection of literature by the one and only Anton Chekhov. It is absolutely mind-boggling how Chekhov was able to put so much emotion and so much psychology into such short pieces of literature. It seems so unrealistic that so much emotion can be packaged up into a neat little section of a couple of pages but the feeling that is left with the human reading it speaks volumes. Hell, some of his inspired critique is so much longer, drabber and drier than his intimat [...]

    8. Jrobertus

      Chekhov is a world renowned play write and short story author. His skills are obvious in this compilation. Garnett is a well regarded translator and I hope we are seeing the master at his best here. Chekhov was a physician and a member of the upper class. Most of his stories focus on this group near the end of the 19th centruy. Many elite intellectuals were closet revolutionaries and the conflict between their privileged lives and those of the proletariat around them were clearly the source of m [...]

    9. Noor Al-Zubaidi

      Some stories were brilliant, others a little dull. But the characters are fascinating. This is my first taste of Chekhov, and I can definitely say I am a fan. Short stories aren't my thing but least there weren't 100 characters in a story, as I know that Russian literature can be a little tedious. However, with that said I love it very much.

    10. Inderjit Sanghera

      THE HOUSE WITH THE MEZZANINEThe House With The Mezzanine is the story of a somewhat diffident young man, a painter, and his somewhat tenuous romance with two sisters during a vacation; the story is laden with the impressionistic images conjured up by its narrator and is one of Chekhov’s finest short stories.The narrator, feeling bored during his holidays, decides to go for a walk and during his walk he comes across the grounds of an unfamiliar manor house; “The sun was already thinking and t [...]

    11. Ernest Junius

      I enjoyed reading Chekhov much more than I imagined. Everybody has been so crazy about this man. Writers confessed that Chekhov made them, scholars quoted him every time, and his work continues finding larger and larger audience. I believe this is for a reason. Chekhov, unlike most classical canons, is not hard to read. Despite considered classic, he is modern in many ways. Vladimir Nabokov noted that Chekhov is not a great prose stylist but a writer who dealt with street language:The magical pa [...]

    12. Peter Pinkney

      What a great book! I only know Chekhov from his plays, and this is the first time that I have read his prose. I normally don't like short stories as I always feel slightly cheated. I never felt that once with these stories, and I loved everyone of them. They are stories, about real life, covering love, death, poverty, and the general struggle to survive. The writing is sparse, but still manages to convey so much of life and its meaning. Melancholy it may be, but there is also wry humour in there [...]

    13. Rachel

      This was a short story collection starting with possibly the worst short story EVER. I would have been very tempted to abandon the volume altogether if I weren't both determined to continue and in despair over dropping yet another book unfinished. Fortunately (for me) the stories get progressively better, but I'm still confused about the strategy of starting with the worst story. Or indeed including it at all - much less naming the volume after it.(view spoiler)[1. The Lady with the DogSo this l [...]

    14. Matthew

      i haven't read Chekhov in a while, so perhaps I have forgotten the impression of his stories, but this short story collection feels like Chekhov at some of his most brutal and precise. These are essentially portraits -- besides the eopnymous Lady With the Little Dog and the much longer An Anonymous Story, most are very short, but a few pages, with not much character development or just a simple plot -- and provide a sketch of various characters in their social settings. They are all depressing - [...]

    15. CatherineMustread

      Chekhov is a master of the short story and I thoroughly enjoyed the DailyLit.Com version* of this classic which contained nine stories, the best known being the title story but my favorites being the two shortest, The Head of the Family about a man who alternates between being tyrannical and guilty and The Husband  which has a great example of Chekhov's pithy character descriptions: "Among the husbands was Shalikov, the tax-collector--a narrow, spiteful soul, given to drink, with a big, close [...]

    16. Mariam El hage

      In his stories Chekhov's shows us how our experience of life depends on our minds, more than on the reality of what happens around us, how any situation can be experienced differently according to how we feel and how we approach it at that time. This allows Chekov's stories to be both straightforward and insightful.I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it, but I think Chekhov is not for everyone. You have to be some kind of literally geek to really appreciate his work :)

    17. Malak Alrashed

      *I read the book on Google books; I found two copies of the book and each has different collections of short stories by Anton Chekhov, so I chose several of each oneEach story has a very creative way of writing I loved them all Anton Chekhov is absolutely the best when it comes to short stories everyone who's staring a new book should read his works he knows how to write a little short story without ruining the meaning of it you will simply fall in love with his works.

    18. latner3

      I loved the stories. Vladimir Nabokov thought "The Lady with the Little Dog" was one of the greatest short stories ever written and i agree sort of. But here is the dilemma. In 1960 Josef Heifitz made a film of this short story which left a more lasting impression on me than the reading of the story itself. The film for me was as good as the writing if not better.

    19. Roshanak

      این اولین داستانی بود که از چخوف خوندماصلا باهاش حال نکردماز سبک داستان نویسی اش خوشم نیومدآخر هر داستان کوتاه این سوال برام پیش میاد که :خوب که چی ؟؟هدف از این داستا ن چی بودو جوابی پیدا نمیکنم

    20. Andrew Noselli

      Read on Project Gutenberg, which was only 100 pages. I might want to re-read this book, if not simply for the story of "The Black Monk."

    21. Dave Morris

      At least one of the stories is among the most powerful fiction I've ever read in my life. The others are mere genius.

    22. Jim Coughenour

      "Chekhov attracts a kind of sickening piety," writes the always acerbic Janet Malcolm in Reading Chekhov. "You utter the name 'Chekhov' and people arrange their features as if a baby deer had come into the room." I hope I'm not so cervine, but I probably am. I've been a desultory reader of Chekhov for decades, starting with the Constance Garnett translations, followed by the Pevear/Volokhonsky collection. Yet this recent Penguin Classic from Ronald Wilks is surprisingly fresh, capturing the rich [...]

    23. Simon

      My first volume of Chekhov short stories and I liked it a lot. Chekhov really manages to pull you in instantly without any effort, where in other short stories the beginnings wear on you. I can see why he is regarded as a master of the short story now. Too bad there was such a long, unsactisfactory story in it though. Also, I can't help but wonder why so many of his characters are resigned, play vint (cards) and gamble, and drink too much vodka. Also, almost every marriage is unhappy, because pe [...]

    24. Nikoline

      I did not read all of the stories in The Lady With the Little Dog and Other Stories, 1896-1904 by Anton Chekhov because this copy has different stories in it than the copy I own. I chose this copy, however, because I could not find one for my very old, Danish one, and this version came very close to my own. This first paper I ever wrote in the university was about Chekhov's The Student, and by that time I had not yet had the chance to read any of this stories. As I wrote the paper, I fell for th [...]

    25. Mike Goldstein

      OK, gotta be honest here. I'm giving four stars to a book I didn't even finish. These stories are bleak. Every single one is about vague dissatisfaction. Every character is so far from being fulfilled that they don't even have an idea of what that would look like. Most of the stories involve middle aged men creeping on women half their age, too. I've been going through some things lately, and this just felt like an extra weight on my back. Honestly.But with all that said, the writing is obviousl [...]

    26. Paul

      This compilation of Chekhov's short stories display the brilliance, as well as the frustration, of his writings. While there is no doubt that Chekhov creates short stories extremely well, they outline the society that he lives in - the boredom and frustration of pre-revolution Russian life. Some stories are extremely bland, which was the point of Chekhov's writing. However, within the blandness comes the fable-esque story of 'Man in the Case', and the disturbing effects of poverty in 'In the Rav [...]

    27. Anne

      I have only read The Lady With the Lapdog but I would surely love to try Anton Chekhov's other stories. After reading this magnificent piece of work, I have decided I have to finish his other works. I love his writing style - it was easy to understand, seemingly simple and yet quite great in depth. I am not supposed to be reading an adulterous love affair, and yet he was able to present this fact as though it were the sole conflict and dilemma all throughout the story. The emotions of Gustave we [...]

    28. Hannah Cliff

      I have only read the Lady with the little dog from this. I'm on my second reading of it. My first was in English and now I am reading it (much more slowly as I am only a second year Russian student) in Russian. It is perfection in its subtle complexity, as a reader make sure to relish the apparent trivialities because not a single phrase is wasted in this novella about an adulterous affair. The character building in so few words is masterful and it is easy to see why this is considered a classic [...]

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