Ice Cold


  • Title: Ice Cold
  • Author: Tess Gerritsen
  • ISBN: 9781616644604
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ice Cold


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      279 Tess Gerritsen
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      Posted by:Tess Gerritsen
      Published :2019-02-17T07:19:12+00:00

    One thought on “Ice Cold

    1. Jenn

      WHY Tess, why????Allow me to premise this review by saying that I have read every one of Ms. Gerritsen’s books and loved most of them (barring only the Mephisto Club). She is a brilliant writer, and the first few novels of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles were wonderful, theatrical worthy thrillers. This book was an ENORMOUS disappointment. For awhile, her books have slowly and steadily become less about the crime and mystery thriller aspects, than about some personal agenda. Each new book seems t [...]

    2. Thomas

      4*This is a tense mystery with more than one villain. Dr. Maura Isles, Boston Medical Examiner, is in Wyoming for a medical conference. The conference is over and she is invited on a last minute ski trip by an old acquaintance from medical school. She joins his party only to get caught in a blizzard on a dirt road. Their SUV goes into a ditch and they walk to an abandoned group of houses on a private road. There is a car in each garage and food on the tables in many houses. Something happened th [...]

    3. PaigeBookdragon

      Pro: I thought Maura would die and her undecisive ass would be sent straight to kingdom come. *snicker*Con: False alarm. The bitch lives.

    4. Linda Alexander

      One of the reasons I enjoyed 'Ice Cold' to such a degree was due to the story mostly dealing with a cult, because it seems there are quite a few in the U.S. and it is alarming how much control they have over their members' minds. Tess Gerritsen certainly found a hot topic to write about in my opinion.Tess just really 'hooks' a person at the get-go, and next thing one is so absorbed into the lives of the characters. I started this book on Monday and found myself staying up all night to finish it- [...]

    5. Gary

      Another solid readGerritsen manages to crank out book after book that is consistently solid, well plotted, and entertaining. I return to this series between my other books, so to speak, because I know I can count on a reliable story with new twists.This book blends an isloated cult story together with a generally creepy atmosphere that works largely due to the author's skill in creating a setting, likable characters, and leaving the reader never sure exactly what is going on. Usually when I have [...]

    6. Carmela Masi

      This book starts out with all the twists and turns that make for a good mystery thriller with great reintroduction of some favourite characters. However, the use of the cult and the initial introduction from a character that is found to be less than important leads this book astray, sometimes less is also more.

    7. Alisha Marie

      You'd think that once the 8th book in a series rolls around, the author would lose steam with the characters and they would transform into caricatures of what they once were. This is not at all the case with Ice Cold. In fact, I am positive that Ice Cold has to be the best one yet, even beating The Mephisto Club when it comes to my favorite Rizzoli and Isles book.Ice Cold was definitely the Rizzoli and Isles book with the most suspense. The whole survival story line had me flipping the pages at [...]

    8. İlkim

      Bu yorumu Kitap Esintisi sayfasında bulabilirsiniz. Tess muhteşemdin yine ya. Ben bu kitabı nasıl okudum nasıl bitirdim hiç hatırlamıyorum. En başlarda gerilimden gözüme uyku girmedi, zar zor kenara koyup yattım. Ama ertesi gün affetmedim, okuldaki sıkıcı dersler de saolsun, hızlı bir şekilde sona ulaşmamı sağladılar. Ben Agahta Christie okurken sonlara doğru feci gerilirim, bu kitapta baştan sona gerilim içindeydim. Konusu beni bir çekti ki anlatamam. 7. kitaptan pek [...]

    9. CD Boulder Blvd

      This book gave a change of pace as it takes place in Wyoming. Maura gets trapped with a small group who have gone for a weekend adventure after a medical conference. Their car goes off the road in a snow storm and their situation goes from bad to worse. There were some interesting aspects of the plot and it was good to see Rizzoli and Dean second guess the local law enforcement.It stalled a bit in the middle. The twist in the plot was good but I would have like to see a few more details at the e [...]

    10. Fergie

      In many ways, Ice Cold seems like several novels wrapped into one, interconnected by mysterious details that only come into full light after the last page is read. Tess Gerritsen knows how to layer her novels better than most authors, and this book is no exception. She meticulously lays out the plot without the pace of the novel suffering as a result of it. Ice Cold’s story belongs to the character of Dr. Maura Isles, medical examiner from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While most of the s [...]

    11. Em Chainey (Bookowski)

      Tess çıkar da ben okumadan durur muyum sizce? Tabii ki hayır:)Yine Tess, yine sürüklüyor sizi kendisiyle ve yine sonunda ters köşe yapıyor. Aslında hikaye boyunca bir şeylerin sizi sonradan şaşırtacağını biliyorsunuz. Veriyor sinyallerini. Bak, diyor, bildiğin gibi değil aslında hikaye. Ama siz sonlara doğru, "Çözdüm ben bunu, katil sensin değil mi? Seni gidi seni" desenizde hop tepetaklak yine sizi, "Hadi ya! Yapma be!" hallerine sürüklüyor. Kitapta ölüm de olsa, h [...]

    12. April Thompson

      Am I the only one that thought some of the book felt unfinished? Quite a bit of the story is built around the secondary characters, yet, their story seems to dissipate.

    13. Maura

      Originalrezension: The emotional life of booksMEINE MEINUNG:Ich wusste, dass Tess Gerritsen gute Bücher schreibt. Ich hatte ja selber schon welche davon gelesen. Doch, was dieses Buch mit mir angestellt hat, hätte ich nicht erwartet. Denn wenn Maura mal an einem Buch klebt, obwohl sie eigentlich zig andere Dinge zu tun hätte, dann ist das definitiv etwas ganz besonderes!Aber fangen wir von vorne an. Ich wusste relativ früh, dass dieses Buch das Potenzial mitbringt, mich zu fesseln - mal abge [...]

    14. * kyrat

      Warning Spoilers:I really enjoy Tess Gerritsen. Even though she often uses the same couple of characters, she manages to keep her books fresh & interesting. So many authors I read get stuck in basically writing the same book over and over again.I find her characters more refreshing than some others. Espeically her female characters -who in other mysteries tend to be merely ancilliary side characters or the Victim that needs rescuing. I enjoy that Rizzoli is tough and so good at her job (they [...]

    15. Susan

      I love Tess Gerritsen books. I lap them up when they come out. But I was a bit confused with the plot in this book. SPOILERS AHEADSPOILERS AHEADSPOILERS AHEADSo Maura goes off on a side-trip with a college pal, his daughter, and two of his friends. This takes up a good one-third of the book, if not more. So why does it feel like these four were thoroughly abandoned by the end of the book? I kept going "When is Jane going to help find these four people? Am I going to see them under control of the [...]

    16. Wanda

      It was OK.I loved Tess Gerritsen, just as once upon a time I loved Kathy Reich. Unfortuntately something happens to writers of good books when they become best selling authors. Perhaps not to all, but to some of them. This boook was a competent beach read and nothing more. Gerritsen's other books were so much better, but it seems as though she has sold out to the forces of those in the publishing world who control James Patterson, Kathy Reich, the Kellermans, Jeffrey Deaver etc, etc.When dollars [...]

    17. Dane Jackson

      This was my first dose of Rizzoli and Isles and I liked the experience. This wasn't your typical murder mystery thriller, so I really enjoyed the change of pace. The only drawback is that since this was my first experience in Gerritsen's world, I didn't feel like I got to know Rizzoli and Isles well enough in the novel. Luckily, the book was good, so I have no problem going back to their earlier adventures.

    18. Krystle Kouture

      One of my favorites so far this year! Suspenseful, creepy, and surprising! This is the first Rizzoli and Isles book I've read, and now I want to read them all!

    19. Jovita Vaitkutė

      Kol kas man tai viena greičiausiai perskaitytų ir labiausiai įtampos ir baimės kėlusi Gerritsen knyga. Skaitydama ją kovojau su dviem jausmais - su nenugalimu noru sužinot, kaip viskas baigsis ir baime toliau skaityt, kad nesisapnuotų košmarai. Veiksmas vyksta užpustytuose kalnuose, kur pagrindinė veikėja Mora su keliais draugais užklimpsta nenuvalytame kalnų kelyje. Prieglobstį randa tuščiame slėnyje, kur buvo įsikūrusi komuna. Čia ir prasideda, mano manymu, siaubo filmams [...]

    20. Michael

      Wow what a great read. I must confess that The Killing Place is the first Tess Gerritsen book ive read and know im thinking to myself i have to read more of her books pronto. The story starts in curious circumstances with the Sheldon family George, his wife and daughter Katie being in a compound run by the mysterious leader calling himself Jebediah. Jebediah had been studying the young girl for a while something that left me distured. The true meaning of the first chapter would be revealed later [...]

    21. Dustin Crazy little brown owl

      Random House did a 50 copy first reads giveaway for Ice Cold, then through arrangement with Tess Gerritsen, the publisher gave away 5 copies to our small Tess Gerritsen Fans group! I got me an advanced readers copy and loved it! The story is set in the middle nowhere - Wyoming in the winter :-) We see many old friends and meet some new characters that are sure to turn up in future books. ICE COLD worked the same magic on me as Tess's 2008 release, The Keepsake (although I must say The Keepsake r [...]

    22. Maria

      Cada vez que leio um livro de Tess Gerritsen fico a gostar ainda mais da autora e a ansiar pela saída de novo livro.Mais uma vez, Tess elege como protagonista a patologista Maura Isles que mais uma vez se vê envolvida num crime horrendo, que por pouco não resulta também na sua morte.Viajando para uma conferência, Maura acaba por reencontrar um antigo colega da faculdade que a convence a passar um fim-de-semana num local calmo, juntamente com a sua filha e um casal amigo. Mas pelo caminho mu [...]

    23. Emily

      Wow, this was a really different Rizzoli & Isles! The title was fitting as so much of the story takes place in the depths of a bitter cold, snowy winter in the Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Gerritsen made me shiver as I imagined the fear and helplessness that Maura and her unlikely companions were experiencing when they were stranded in a cult settlement way out of town. My only complaint is I would have liked a bit more follow-up on the fate of her companions. What ultimately occurred was obv [...]

    24. Fred

      Tess Gerritsen Fans Group LinkThe background is not Boston but Wyoming. Dr. Maura Isles & other doctors are in a Wyoming medical conference. The doctors go on a snow covered cross country trip. Their SUV stalls & search for help leads them to finding an abandoned "Kingdom Come" village. The buildings are not destroyed, up-to-date but no residents. Where they captured, homicides or escapes? Maura helped with injuries, then went to find resources but does not come back.Halfway thru the sto [...]

    25. Lynn Spencer

      Why yes, this book is totally implausible. Still fun to read, though.We get a lot of Maura in this book, with very little of Jane. Maura Isles is out west at a conference and decides to head out with a former classmate and some of his friends on an overnight jaunt. What starts as a pleasure trip turns into a nightmare on a snowed out road as one of the party is injured and the group ends up taking refuge in what appears to be a deserted village. The ultimate resolution of the story as the nature [...]

    26. Burçak Kılıç Sultanoğlu

      Ooofff yine muhteşemdi! Yine muhteşemdi! Gözümü kırpmadan saatlerce okudum valla. Aksiyon hiç hız kesmedi kalbim gümgümgümgümgümgümm kitabın sonuna kadar hızla attı :)) Bu seferki konumuz hayalet kasabanın sırrı, Sahte bir peygambere tapan binlerce insandan oluşan bir tarikat.Ve bahsetmemem gereken kitabın asıl sırrı olan bir konu daha var. Anlatmayacağım konuyu ama okuyun okutun süper bir kitap :)

    27. Deniz Örsel

      Aslında yorum yazmayacaktım ama, yazmadan edemeyeceğim. Normalde yazarın kitapları aşağı yukarı aynıdır. Bir cinayet vardır ve çözülmeye çalışılır vs. Dinlenme kitabı olarak okumaya başladım.Ancak bu kitabı bir harikaydı. İlk yarısında gerilimden içim ürperdi desem yeridir. İkinci yarısında ise inanılmaz bir polisiye takibi, kovalamacası Her olay tokat yemişim gibi etkiledi. 18 saat gibi bir sürede merak içinde bitirdim. Gerilim-polisiye sevenlere kesinlikle [...]

    28. Gary

      The 8th book in the Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen.This is an excellent series of books that features Jane Rizzoli a police homicide detective and Maura Isles a medical examiner. The books are very well written and show a very good knowledge of Police procedure. The interaction between the main two characters is very effective and makes very entertaining reading.

    29. Kitten

      What a great book! This is the third novel by Tess Gerritsen that I have read only in the last week and I cannot get enough of her writing and her stories. As I have already written reviews for "The Surgeon", "The Apprentice" and "Last to Die" I will not repeat any of the general stuff (such as my comments on her writing and her characters) here.But of course I'll talk about the story. I was so impressed by all of the plot twists and I can honestly say that there was not a single page in this bo [...]

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