The Dead of Night

✓ The Dead of Night ✓ Peter Lerangis - The Dead of Night, The Dead of Night A LIFE ON THE LINEWhen seven members of his family were kidnapped by the Vespers thirteen year old Dan Cahill knew he was in for the fight of his life He knew he was up against an impossibly powerful

  • Title: The Dead of Night
  • Author: Peter Lerangis
  • ISBN: 9780545298414
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dead of Night

    ✓ The Dead of Night ✓ Peter Lerangis - The Dead of Night, The Dead of Night A LIFE ON THE LINEWhen seven members of his family were kidnapped by the Vespers thirteen year old Dan Cahill knew he was in for the fight of his life He knew he was up against an impossibly powerful

    • ✓ The Dead of Night ✓ Peter Lerangis
      327 Peter Lerangis
    The Dead of Night

    One thought on “The Dead of Night

    1. Charissa Sophia de la Rosa

      I LOVE THIS It s so good I can t stop myself from turning the pages It is very thrilling with suspense and action Really Amy Ian, Evan and now Jake I guess Amy has this charisma that always attract handsome guys XDI totally recommend this I can t wait to read the next one And up till now, I still can t believe that Arthur Josiah Trent is, gulps view spoiler is Vesper One hide spoiler view spoiler Here s an excerpt from the book to prove that Arthur Josiah Trent REALLY is hide spoiler view spoile [...]

    2. Mike

      Decent entry in the series for tweens teens Probably tweens The adventures are still world spanning, against a new class of villain inflicting damage on the extended Cahill family for treasures from Europe and the Far East and probably some ancient hidden science secret.But a good road trip audiobook for me and my Youngest, with some peril and some discovery and some growth Might qualify for a library Reading Challenge or a Seasonal Reading Challenge to be accounted later

    3. Marie Clarisse

      The roar of an engine blasted from his left and a Harley Davidson motorcycle with flame decals jumped in front of him.A small crowd of travelers scattered How do you say, You jerk in Turkish Jake asked Erasmus Dan cried with relief.Jake balled his fist angrily and shouted, Erasmus The driver pulled off his helmet and goggles, allowing his dark, curly locks to spill over the collar of his black leather jacket The sun has created a raccoonlike pattern on his face At your service Wait, Jake said, c [...]

    4. Melissa

      I might be the only middle aged woman who gets excited every time another one of this series comes out but that s okay I don t know how many times Amy and Dan will very nearly almost die but not quite before I get sick of these, but it hasn t happened yet.

    5. Book Whales

      Originally posted Book WhalesWe are finally on the 3rd part of Cahills vs Vespers With stakes very high on this part of the story we all wonder how can they make the story interesting Like I said before this is a long running series With Dan and Amy following again another order from the Vesper One they now go to the majestic place of Samarkand When I read that they are going to that place I remember book The Amulet of Samarkand which I still dont have the time to read SPOILER ALERT I feel like [...]


      Dun, dun, dun Yeah, you were supposed to say that out loud while playing a bass drum P The siblings Amy and Dan Cahill return in the 3rd book of the series Cahills Vs Vespers Also returning are the brothers Jake and Atticus Rosenbloom, along with the Cahills captives The main plot in the book Find Atticus, free him, and figure out what it is that Vesper 1 wants now Complicated Just a smidge.What I love in this book is the plot and character development The plot is just amazing, and just.Wow Amy [...]

    7. Denise

      As if the first 39 Clues series didn t have enough action in it for you, the Cahills vs Vespers spin off certainly will satisfy your itch for an action packed, mysterious, and fun read Of the three books in this series so far, I thought this one was the best yet Not only did Lerangis continue the plot forward is Amy and Dan s dad alive Is he a Vesper , but he also complicated the secondary characters subplots as well Ian goes rogue, Evan seems visibly upset by different things, and the hostages [...]

    8. Aurora

      After reading this book, I have no clue which side half of the characters are on It s all a big huge mess right now Ian is off the grid, but he knows that his mom is an even bigger liar Is AJT really Dan s father, or an impersonator If Arthur did survive, who was the second body Vesper One Could Arthur have traded places with Vesper One and that s who died in the fire And poor, poor Dan He s just being driven insane by all of this I really hope that he is able to make it through without damaging [...]

    9. stella yip

      In this book, we get to see Dan s perspective on his view about his dad And also he s fearing that he s becoming and like his dad You go, bro Figure it out that whatever your dad is, doesn t make you a part of him Also we got Ian s view Hmm, I m beginning to suspect that his mom is vesper 1 or 2 or 3 Something around there Powerful enough but not the strongest one Oh, don t forget Amy too Guess she s torn between Ian, her first crush, Evan, the sweet boyfriend, and the mean yet handsome Jake W [...]

    10. Grace

      You know, at the beginning, when the 39 Clue first started, I fell in love with the series Now, Dan has turned into Mr Constant Evil Thoughts, Amy has boy problems, and people are dying left and right What happened What happened I tell you what happened In the bookInto the Gauntlet, Dan poor, evil kid happened to memorize the serum to make you the strongest and smarted person alive He sees it as the solution to all his problems He doesn t see that it s deadly and will screw everything up.I swear [...]

    11. Krishna812

      OH MY GOSH THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD I COULDNT EVEN LET IT DOWN I just finished it and it is EPIC To think Arthur Josiah Trent is Still allive Dan d Dan may be vesper 1 though I wonder if the Vespers end up being good There are always turns like that in books Cant wait till the next book comes outATTER PROOF Its supposed to be about Dan and Amy stealing the HOPE DIAMOND which is the biggest diamond in the WORLD Good Job Peter Lerangis

    12. Arem

      When Amy and Dan got all the ingredents for the formula they thout that they were the most powerful family in human history THEY WERE WRONG When the Vespers kidnap 7 of there family members and threatened them to get them stuff When they kidnap Atticus Dan goes on a all out surch for atticus that could end in disaster.

    13. Angie

      I love love this series I gave this one 3 stars though because I thought the hunt for clues was a little confusing I wasn t really sure what they were looking for But the main story about the 4 kids was just as good as the rest of the books

    14. Trudee Bealka

      Like always, I loved the characters, the story, the chase, the humor, all of it I am really enjoying the Amy Jake interaction and the addition of Atticus as of a major character These books are a true delight.

    15. Devin Barrett

      I am probably the only adult that gets excited about these coming out, but the follow up series to the 39 Clues has aged well with the target audience I still feel as interested in the Cahills as I did in The Maze of Bones I can t wait until book 4

    16. Cher Cabula

      Next book please I m just so overwhelmed by how complex the plot had become since picking up the first book of the series I love the twists, the humanity of the characters and the fact that I can t second guess what the endgame is Keep em coming.

    17. Harkeerat of the Apollo Cabin

      Ahis was the most suspense full book I ve read in the Cahills vs Vesper series yet It had me freaking out the whole day

    18. Percyjacksonrox!!!

      Another Amazing Book.Lived it Total page turner, I just wish that the books were bigger,,I finished it in two days But I still really enjoyed it and I can t wait till the next one

    19. ♠ Tabi ♠

      Wowjustwow This series just keeps getting better and better and and intense I m literally scrambling for the next book now Justwow AWESOME

    20. Ginny

      This is an action packed adventure It was a return to the flavor of the original series definitely less dark than book 1 in Vespers vs Cahills I found it a welcome change.

    21. Brandon

      Peter lerangis knew exactly what to make the title, The Dead of Night, because this book really was the dead of night and close call for their uncle It started with catching up with Atticus rosenbloom kidnapped by 2 vespers and forced to do work for him but he accidently lights a bigger fuse, the entire secret base he was kept in Eventually through tunnel climbing and running he escaped and was able to rejoin main characters Amy and Dan cahill They are then lead to Uzbekistan to find a stale orb [...]

    22. Joshuadaniel

      hen seven members of his family were kidnapped by the Vespers, thirteen year old Dan Cahill knew he was in for the fight of his life He knew he was up against an impossibly powerful enemy And Dan knew the odds were that some of his family members wouldn t make it And that kid was named Atticus Atticus Had to Escape Cheyene and Casper or he would die and the vespers would win.

    23. Court

      One thing, REALLY AMY RIGHT IN FRONT OF EVANS FACE YOU KISSED JAKE IN FRONT OF EVANS FACE That s all, don t blame me for getting mad.

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