Requiem Best Download || [Jamie McGuire] - Requiem, Requiem Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone but for Nina Grey it was a warning Still healing from her last run in with Hell Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown Universit

  • Title: Requiem
  • Author: Jamie McGuire
  • ISBN: 9780615487427
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Requiem

    Requiem Best Download || [Jamie McGuire] - Requiem, Requiem Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone but for Nina Grey it was a warning Still healing from her last run in with Hell Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown Universit

    • Requiem Best Download || [Jamie McGuire]
      314 Jamie McGuire

    One thought on “Requiem

    1. Maria Clara

      M s bien un 2,5Sigo creyendo que la historia es original y que podr a ser genial, pero quiz falla el enfoque que le ha dado el autor, o el car cter de ciertos personajes

    2. Lis

      Also Found On A Book and A RecordRequiem was a really good follow up I felt like Requiem took the perfect spot as the middle book in a trilogy, it wrapped up nearly everything that happened in Providence, while setting up a strong background for what I assume will happen in Eden So, what I liked about Requiem 1 Jared Question will I ever get over Jared Answer No.2 Claire I have to admit, I really just love the Ryel family Jared, Claire, and Bex are all such well rounded characters with such surp [...]

    3. Linda

      Oh my This was good So very very good The Providence series are crack books, that s what they are You get addicted to them and just want and and And I didn t want to finish this one so fast so I tried to stay away I really did But the book didn t agree with me And I m sorry but I can t sum up my emotions because right now I m too high on awesomeness and this review will most likely turn out to be incoherent ramblings if I were to give it a try Not a good idea if you ask me So, Requiem is awe [...]

    4. Kimmy

      If I were in an alternate universe, I think I would have really liked to get into Brown University According to this book, you don t need o study, ever, you can go MIA in some other country for a few months and come back to resume studies like nothing ever happened and no questions asked, and you can be one serious demon ass kicker and still get a four point oh GPA without even trying Either that or the characters in the story must be really smart Freaking smart Like some Einstein genius As if t [...]

    5. Markéta

      3.5 stars Still good, but not as good as the first book Sometimes it was overly dramatic but it was balanced with cute, mushy scenes.Nina and Jared are stronger than ever With Ryan gone in an army, Jared doesn t have a rival any and he doesn t feel so afraid and teritorial any But there are other problems Nina can t sleep because her dreams are filled with her dead father dying over and over again.There is a book out there, but it is belong to a devil himself And they have to get it Because with [...]

    6. Pam

      4.5 Stars Requiem picks up right where Providence leaves off Nina and Jared are together and having dealt with the challenges left behind by her father following her death Nina and Jared discover she is part of a prophecy that could upset the delicate balance between Heaven and Hell The question becomes how to protect Nina and still run her Dad s company and plan her wedding to Jared Very surprisingly I thought this sequel was better than Providence not something I find happening very often, for [...]

    7. Jessica(My Not So Vacant Shelf)

      Ok So I loved the first one and I still love Jared and Nina in this one In fact I m starting to really appreciate and love all the characters in this novel However, Jamie McGuire has stepped outside of just Angels and Demons and into religion in this novel I m a little scared to read the next one because when it comes to religion it s generally a subject that I think writers should try to avoid or tread lightly I know, I know How can you someone write about angels and demons but not write about [...]

    8. Sue Tint

      Better than its predecessor and a lot of fun 4.5 starsRequiem is the second book in the planned Providence trilogy by self published author, Jamie McGuire While I thoroughly enjoyed Providence, I think this second installment is even better than its predecessor Requiem picks up right where Providence left off Nina has been recuperating from an injury sustained at the end of Providence, that the love of her life, and protector, Jared could not protect her from In addition to that, Nina has been h [...]

    9. Tough Critic Book Reviews

      Jamie McGuire is 3 for 3, another great read After reading Providence, I could not wait for the sequel Requiem did not disappoint I loved the addition of Bex as a main character his angel side is mature way beyond his years while his human side is your typical 13 year old boy It was also great to see Nina throw away her damsel in distress title and get in the fight Jared also changes in that he stands his ground alot with Nina In Providence, I made the comment that sometimes Jared appears to be [...]

    10. Serena

      2.5 starsMuch better than the original though Im not sure if that means anything I doubt I would have bothered to read this if I hadn t gotten the entire trilogy on Kindle for 2.99, bc I really thought the 1st book was awful.There was a real plot this time, and it was actually fairly interesting, if not exactly original It helped that the book wasn t 100% focused on the romance between Jared and Nina, as that has got to be one of the creepiest, most boring love stories in YA Wannabe Land However [...]

    11. Annie Al Saher

      Neeeeeeeee, j tak zbo ovala prvn d l z t to s rie, ale Nina byla v tomhle d le tup jak d tsk hra ka Asi se n kde bouchla do hlavy, jinak to snad ani nen mo n Jared a Claire tro ku vyrovnali sk re IQ I kdy Ne Jen Claire kdy nebudu br t v potaz tyhle skli uj c momenty t chto vcelku psychicky nevyrovnan ch postav, tak se mi p b h celkem l bil

    12. Keri

      Just marry this poor boy already Nina Plus, HA I was correct about my suspicion I really liked this one The action and suspense really picked up in this 2nd book of the series Cannot wait to find out what happens to them all in Eden Ok, off now to start book 3

    13. Kimberly Russell

      It still reminds me a great deal of Twilight, but it still doesn t bother me This one does have a lot of religion in it, but again, that doesn t bother me I just know some people might not be keen on that I think I love all the characters even now.

    14. Erin V

      This is one of the few times where a book like this actually scared me Nina s bad dreams really creep me out Such a really great story and alot of twists with a few characters Loved this book alot

    15. Esra Cevahir

      2.5 ok b y k hayal k r kl na u rad m Halbuki ilk kitab sevmi ve be enmi tim Son b l me kadar 2 vermeyi d n yordum ama son olaylar en az ndan biraz kurtar c oldu.

    16. Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤

      Eeehhhh.I don t really know how to rate this It wasn t good and it wasn t bad It was justok and that makes me sad becuase after the first, I figured the intensity would only pick up Instead, it goes into great detail about Nina s history and the history ofwell.I suppose religion I wouldn t know because suffice to say, I skimmed at least 50% of this novel I know, tsk tsk I just couldn t get into the story Which sucks A lot I love Claire, and I love Jared I even love Ryan now , but even these grea [...]

    17. Patti

      Me gust m s que el primero En este libro hubo mas acci n y definitivamente mas sucesos paranormales que en el primero, amo los personajes de Bex y Claire, me parecen divertidos y su forma sarc stica de responder a todo me encanta SABIA QUE KIM OCULTABA ALGO Me lo sospechaba desde el primer libro Y supuse que era alg n tipo de Demonio o un H brido como Jared y su familia Ryan no desapareci por completo en este libro, al contrario ahora est mas metido que antes espero que l pueda ablandarle el cor [...]

    18. Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic

      5 STARSAmazing Requiem picked up right where Providence left off You find out that Nina s life is changed completely after Jared her makes the decision to be together There was always something exciting going on I couldn t put this book down and when I had to put my fantasy world on hold to deal with reality I couldn t wait to get back to the story so I could find out what happens next I love the way Jared loves Nina so much that he would do anything and everything to protect her This book was b [...]

    19. Maureen Hoar

      This book series should get 20 stars I love this book and Jared is my all time favorite hero Edward Cullen who The plot of this series is well thought out The suspense literally kills me I have to take little breaks every now and then to just breath Nina and Jared are neck deep in trouble Nina discovers something in her lineage that makes her a mortal enemy of Hell Jared, Claire and Bex with an addition of a couple of than human friends do everything in their power to keep Nina alive The passio [...]

    20. Jen

      In requiem the story follows Nina and Jareds love story as it continues to unfold With Nina having strong night mares and Jared learning it is worse when he is around, he sets off to find answers to help his beloved This story keeps getting better Still my favorite series and wish it would be made into a movie and mini series or a tv show for like starz or HBO.

    21. Erin

      Okay, so Jamie McGuire clearly decided to branch out with Requiem and try to take on something different Beautiful Disaster was an amazingly touching love story and Providence took an all encompasing love and threw it in the middle of some dark and mysterious events I was curious to see how the romance in Providence would play out in Requiem without growing tired, but Jamie took me completely by surprise Requiem isn t just a continuation of this unforgettable love story that I fell head over hee [...]

    22. Sarahjane Larkin

      Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning.Still healing from her last run in with Hell, Nina struggles with not only her life as a Brown University student, but also as an intern at Titan Shipping, her father s company Recurring nightmares about her father s violent death have become a nightly event, but being overwhelmed with guilt from Ryan s unexpected departure to the Armed Forces, and heart ache over Claire being across the ocean to prot [...]

    23. Tally

      Title RequiemAuthor Jamie McGuirePages 257 paperback Rating 2 5Other reviews Book II remember being impressed with the first book so when I saw this in display at the library I couldn t help but pick it up with some measure of high expectations Much to my dismay, I found REQUIEM to have suffered greatly from the dreaded middle book syndrome The synopsis Dreaming of the dead might mean a restless night for anyone, but for Nina Grey it was a warning Still healing from her last run in with Hell, Ni [...]

    24. Lisa

      Requiem is the second book in the Providence trilogy by Jamie McGuire This book essentially focuses on Nina and the back story as to why she needs to be protected Further, it had a lot serious undertones than its predecessor and was set at a faster pace then the first book Much to my dismay, because Requiem focused on the history and the whys of what is happening, Nina and Jared moments were few and far between There were still some moments that had me sighing however, I just wish there were a [...]

    25. Linda ❤️ SassyClassyNasty

      4.5 STARS Providence focused on Jared s and Nina s relationship, the introduction, how it unfolds and the beginnings of their coming together.Requiem focuses on the consequences of Jared s decision to appear and reveal himself to Nina and the battles they encounter because of it Requiem elaborates on why he wasn t supposed to reveal himself, given occurrences in the past, and they have to fight for each other s love and life Nina still battles with feeling as if she had to know everything that [...]

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