Savage Awakening

☆ Savage Awakening ☆ J.D. Tyler - Savage Awakening, Savage Awakening A group of former Navy SEALS the Alpha Pack is a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world But sometime those dangers are intimate than they bargain

  • Title: Savage Awakening
  • Author: J.D. Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780451236449
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Savage Awakening

    ☆ Savage Awakening ☆ J.D. Tyler - Savage Awakening, Savage Awakening A group of former Navy SEALS the Alpha Pack is a top secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world But sometime those dangers are intimate than they bargain

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    • ☆ Savage Awakening ☆ J.D. Tyler
      335 J.D. Tyler
    Savage Awakening

    One thought on “Savage Awakening

    1. Pam Nelson

      5 Savage Awakening Stars Audible Review HERE I love Savage aka Aric Now normally I would be like dude really, really you re going to be all macho man and not give all the facts Butttttt on the other hand I respect his choice Ok so lets back track a little Aric was taken and experimented on, and that was freaking HORRIBLE But him being taken lead them to Micah and not to get all woo woo or anything but if he hadn t been then one they wouldn t have found Micah as they did or have his sister come t [...]

    2. Deea (Andreea)

      Not bad for shifters romance PNR fans, but I need kick in my books More back story, depth, twists and turns, layers, character development, original conflict, you know, the hard stuff The core idea of this series is awesome I mean, hello black ops badass shifters, secret compound, kickass powers, supernatural evil creatures, gun blazing missions etc Still, I couldn t help but feel like something was missing An enjoyable read, but I needed to keep me invested and glued to the pages The second [...]

    3. Maya

      BASICSLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler YES hide spoiler Any Descriptive Sex w OW OM Ex view spoiler No hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series Maybe, but not for now Rating 4 starsReviewI like this one much better than the first one H is such a sweetie, the only thing I did not like about him is that he s feeling so unworthy of his mate view spoiler but his behaviour is understandable due his heavy abuse when ca [...]

    4. Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)

      I m totally kicking myself for not getting to this book soon enough OMGIt s one of the best shifter books I ve read Ms Tyler, you effin Rock

    5. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)

      This review was posted at Under the CoversThis is quickly becoming one of my favorite shifter series Packed full of alpha males that are funny and arrogant and so full of themselves it s endearing The men in this series can make any girl melt, and of course Aric is not the exception If you like your heroes with a full head of beautiful long red hair, a lot of attitude, a good dose of humor, and magical talents, then Aric is the shifter for you And when I say magical talents that goes for his gif [...]

    6. Amyiw

      Hmm Well I went right to this from the last as I had the first two books on my shelf and figured I might as well see if this one was any better Well a bit but not much The characters might be slightly fleshed out so slightly less flat but certainly not rounded The plot, very formulaic and followed the first book almost to a T both in the romance and the action You get a little of who the bad guy is and we get two chapters on Kalen and his story which should be in the next book, not in this one [...]

    7. Carien

      This was a bit of a disappointment.I had hoped this would be a hot, romantic, paranormal read.I got about one and a half out of these three.So The scenes between Rowan and Aric were hot, no doubt about that But the romance was no where to be found I really didn t get why they fell for each other and even the mate trope wasn t convincing enough in this case It just felt like two people seriously in lust, but not in love to me.Then there was the paranormal part of the story Aric is a shifter and t [...]

    8. Vashti

      Good second entry into the latest Alpha Pack series.Frankly,I do not remember the 1st book very much,but I do remember thinking that this was much better than the prior entry.This book has Aric ,the H being held captive along with the h s brother Micah.H h meet when the h ,along with the rest of the Alpha Pack rescues them.Rowan,the h,is a totally kickass cop from the East LA.There is an instant attraction between the two and the mating instinct begins,though Aric begins to fight it.He does not [...]

    9. Carrie

      Enjoyable and fast paced read Somewhere just over halfway I felt like I lost connection with our couple, though The first part of the book felt like we were going to get one story from the romance and then it took a left and we got something different The driving plot of fighting the baddies was solid though and I m looking forward to the continuation of Mac and Kalen s story.

    10. Michelle Tempted By Books

      And the plot thickens I really enjoyed the overall story arch changes The romance was pretty good as well I like this series.

    11. Michelle Leah Olson

      Our Review by LITERAL ADDICTION s Pack Alpha Michelle L Olson I thoroughly enjoyed Primal Law and was incredibly excited for the release of Savage Awakening The day it arrived on my Kindle I settled in for the ride Save Awakening picks up where Primal Law left off, with Aric Savage kidnapped and held hostage by Orson Chappell and the NewLife mad scientists along with another missing team member, Micah Chase, who disappeared and was originally presumed dead six months earlier.Micah s sister Rowan [...]

    12. CarolynStorer

      Originally published on bookchickcity 3.5 StarsSavage Awakening is the second instalment in the Alpha Pack series and Aric s story It opens a few weeks from where Primal Law ends and Aric Savage is being held captive by the same people who are killing shifters He s being tortured and abused and is very near to losing his mind because of the pain he s had to endure.Meanwhile, when our heroine, Rowan Chase, LAPD cop, kills a man in the line of duty, she takes some time out to clear her head as it [...]

    13. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews

      LOVING THIS SERIES The book picks up where the previous books ended Aric Savage was taken captive by his evil witch of a step sister in the first book We pick up with him being tortured by her Once she is done he is taken and experimented on and then thrown in a cage and see s that a team mate they thought was killed in the beginning of the first book, Micah Chase is in the cage next to him near death Rowan Chase is a tough LAPD officer who works in the gang infested East Side After having to sh [...]

    14. Christi Snow

      My Review Last week, I determined that I was going to read one of the many, many books that I ve bought and are languishing in my huge TBR pile I ve pretty much spent all my reading time the last couple of months on review books This was the one that I chosed it was the PERFECT choice I haven t read any of the other books in this series This is 2 and there is the first book and a novella that come before this, but I decided I wasn t going to let that put me off although I swear I have book 1 som [...]

    15. Marcia

      Bookswagger Danielle Four Crowns I was pleasantly surprised I actually enjoyed this book I haven t found a lot of books about wolves I have liked Either the characters don t fit or it s the same concept However, in Savage Awakening I didn t have either one of these problems.The males were strong just like I d imagined a werewolf would be Even the females were strong and for that I d like to commend the author I hate when authors make the females weak so the males can come in and save the day I f [...]

    16. Vanessa theJeepDiva

      The Alpha Pack continues their struggle to find the mastermind behind NewLife Technology Considering the atrocities they perform in the name of science the Pack knows that there is a sinister puppeteer pulling the strings of the scientists and doctors employed there There number one goal is to bring this person down so that no innocents are harmed in this sick goal of creating an indestructible super being Rowen knows her brother is still alive She has called in every favor she can to get any l [...]

    17. E.

      3 3 4 stars Savage Awakening by J.D Tyler is the second of her Alpha Pack series and centers around Pack member Aric Savage and Rowan Chase, sister to fellow SEAL and Pack mate Micah Aric s imprisonment and torture has made it difficult for him to use his powers of telekinesis and fire and he is unable to achieve freedom for himself and the others he discovers being experimented on, including Micah L.A.P.D police officer Rowan Chase has always had a mysterious tie to her brother and refuses to b [...]

    18. Trish

      Savage Awakening starts out with our hero, Aric love that name, btw very original , chained up and being tortured by his stepsister, Beryl He suffers great pain and is at the point where he struggles against the desire to give upbut he discovers that he is not alone in this motel of hell Micah, his teammate and Alpha Pack buddy who has been thought dead, lays huddled in a cage beside him at the brink of death Rowan Chase is hell bent on finding out what exactly happened to her brother, Micah, an [...]

    19. PepperP0t

      4.25stars reallyFor the second full length series installment Micah s sister Rowan takes a leave from her position with LAPD to find Micah and is lead to the team s secret compound in Wyoming Meanwhile this was a busy installment with quite a few highlights, including Nick s concern that some of his visions are about to come to fruition Kalen realization that his teammates like and accept him and his concern over the events of Black Magic coming to a head Sariel contributed to the team in a big [...]

    20. Heather andrews

      I think I enjoyed Aric s story than Jax s Aric he s just all man, already he hated her being away from him Where he couldn t get to know her Touch her Eff her against the wall He has this outside macho thing going on but where Rowen is concerned he s all big teddy bear, that s not what you told me a little while ago Leaning so close his breath fanned against the shell of her ear, he affected a falsetto Oooh, eff me harder, wolf man And when he thinks someone is gunning for his girl he goes all [...]

    21. Michelle

      I m really liking this series, I highly recommend it for those who love sexy, alpha male shifters I do recommend reading them in order including the Novella that comes before this book.With the first book I saw the potential in this series, with the novella I fell in love and this is another strong installlment in the series I m really enjoying getting to know not only the main couple but the surrunding characters as well there are some distinctive personalities showing through that I can t wait [...]

    22. ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡

      Better than expected I wasn t sure what I had when I found this book in my stash I m not even sure when where I got it This was the first book in the series I ve read, so I missed the first one You do not need to read the first one to get this book at all, but there is a lot of reference to the first book.This is a good series about a group of people who keep all the other paranormal creatures in line They are all wolf shifters the back story of their creation was retold in this book, so I never [...]

    23. Lisa

      I liked this one, not as much as the first I was happy to see Aric s story so soon, sometimes author s like to introduce you to a character and make you want their story and then wait until the end of the series I think the disconnect for me was with Rowan she wasn t as likable a character for me And Aric seemed tough, so the self hatred he seemed to feel was a little out of left field for me, like I wanted expected him to be manly But it was def good enough to where I still will be looking for [...]

    24. ~V~

      Really enjoying this series Still have the same group of yummy former SEAL shifters, there was good action suspense, steamy sex and this one had emotional drama and angst than the first bookloved it fyie story line in this series is on going so it s highly recommended that you read these from the start and in order.

    25. Jamie ~ Bad Boy Inspector

      I needed a shifter fix and this did the tricklol Aric is sexy as hell with a wicked smart mouth and Rowan is a bad as hell LAPD officer Their chemistry was great and the story was full of action Just what I needed I can t wait to jump right in with Kalen and Mac next.

    26. Laura (Kyahgirl)

      3 5 3 stars BI liked this book better than the first one in the series There are a lot of interesting characters Unfortunately, there is a bit of cut and paste feel to parts of the book but all in all it was a pleasant read.

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