Spring Came On Forever

Spring Came On Forever Acclaimed for her novel A Lantern in Her Hand Bess Streeter Aldrich became one of the most widely read interpreters of the prairie pioneer experience In she published her masterpiece Spri

  • Title: Spring Came On Forever
  • Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
  • ISBN: 9780803259072
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Spring Came On Forever

    Acclaimed for her 1928 novel A Lantern in Her Hand, Bess Streeter Aldrich became one of the most widely read interpreters of the prairie pioneer experience In 1935, she published her masterpiece, Spring Came on Forever, a novel of two Nebraska pioneer families from settlement to the 1930s Elsewhere an artist of the romance, here Aldrich turns romance on its head The herAcclaimed for her 1928 novel A Lantern in Her Hand, Bess Streeter Aldrich became one of the most widely read interpreters of the prairie pioneer experience In 1935, she published her masterpiece, Spring Came on Forever, a novel of two Nebraska pioneer families from settlement to the 1930s Elsewhere an artist of the romance, here Aldrich turns romance on its head The heroine is Amalia Holmsdorfer, one of a band of German immigrants who settle on the prairie From her late teens to her mid eighties she confronts and defeats the forces of nature and society that discourage or ruin others Her life might be a modest triumph but for one detail she married the wrong man Quickly paced and precisely drawn, this novel is Aldrich s greatest tribute to the complexity, humor, endurance, and intelligence of the people who settled the prairie Whatever its sentiments, it has as many cutting edges as a buzz saw.

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    One thought on “Spring Came On Forever

    1. Emma Jane

      After reading A Lantern In Her Hand and absolutely adoring it, I was all afire to read more of Bess Streeter Aldrich's books. I loved the sound of this title (and it's about the Nebraska prairie, duh), and I was so excited to finally find it at a library! Bess Streeter Aldrich's books are good, solid, hearty, old-fashioned literature. Since ALIHH was so amazing, I fully expected all her other books to be just as wonderful. Spring Came On Forever was a good book, no doubt, but it didn't touch me [...]

    2. Angela

      My late grandmother gave me this book when I was in high school with a brief note about her own grandparents who settled on the prairie. It is one of my most treasured books.

    3. Deyanne

      Interesting that two books have made their way into my life lately dealing with homesteading, hardships, importance of nature and that community and family is the keystone for our lives. So many similarites between Hannah Coulter and Spring Came On Forever. Of the two, Hannah is the finer novel. One shows and the other tells the story of strong-willed farmers and especially the women that were the heart of these homes and families. Tonight I am contemplating the importance of ancestors. We each [...]

    4. Wanda

      After reading "A Lantern in Her Hand" about two years ago, I knew I wanted to read more of Bess Streeter Aldrich. I was able to obtain "Spring Came On Forever" on a library loan. I liked it very much but it took me a while to get engaged into the story. It was worth it to hang in there because a lot of background material needed to be covered to tell her story. It's the story of a young man who falls in love with a young woman but her extremely strict father would not allow her to see him becaus [...]

    5. Michelle Hankes

      This book has an interesting premise - about a pioneering German woman who marries the wrong man. The beginning moves really slow and the character development is mild, at best. This is supposed to be considered one of her masterpieces and from a historical point of view, it is. There is quite a bit of wonderful pioneer and Nebraska territory history that will keep you entertained in the middle of the book. This section actually moves quite quickly. However, the end slows down to snail speed aga [...]

    6. Chelsey Ortega

      This story is so beautiful. I think I would describe it as the American version of Wuthering Heights, but without the hate and revenge. I thought Bess Streeter Aldrich did a great job showing the different kinds of marriages that a person can find themselves in. Amalia finds herself in a forced marriage to a verbally abusive man. Matthias finds himself in a comfortable marriage with a good friend. Emil's marriage is not detailed, but appears happy. Joey marries the wrong person, but sticks with [...]

    7. Kayli

      So at first I was really ticked off at how nothing worked out for the main characters--pretty outraged in fact. What kind of a book keeps the lovers from marrying each other? But as I finished it, I wasn't as mad, because even though life wasn't easy for anyone, it asserted that life generally evens things out over the years and lots of lessons about what's important. Anyway, it was actually a bit fascinating at the end how things worked out. I had to tell my husband and sister all about it when [...]

    8. Cynthia

      I enjoyed this sweet little book which really gave a good insight into those hard days of the prairie wives and their families. I cannot imagine a life where I work from dawn to bedtime without stopping. I am just lazy, I guess. I so would not have been one of those people aching to go West (or to the New World or anyplace else where civilization had not arrived yet). However I am aware that if my husband had wanted to go I would have had to follow. Glad to live when I do and just read about tho [...]

    9. Jana

      I read this for book club because it had the word Spring in the title and the description in amazon seemed pretty good. I think the story itself is OK, the pace was way too slow for me, though. Things definitely didn't work out the way I wanted them too! The historical aspects of the novel were very interesting to me and seemed true to life. This aspect provided a lot to think about. Overall, this won't be considered one of my favorites, but it wasn't a waste of time.

    10. Sheleigh

      First, I bought a used 1935 addition of this book, and I was surprised how nostalgic the whole experience was. The aged paper and the feel of it was a new experience. That being said. The book was an inspirational book about life. The book covered the gamut, from the predictable to the surprising to the unrealistic. In the end I was inspired and heartened from the running theme. That even after the hardships and trials of life Spring returns and with it a new beginning.

    11. Cathy

      Since I can't make the time commitment to read an entire series, I relish these kinds of books that are a complete story. Though the story was a bit predictable at times, I enjoyed this book. As a 4th generation Nebraskan of German descent, it almost felt as if I was reading a little bit of my own history.

    12. Merna Malmberg

      Love the book, sad love story, but great ending. this book was given to me by my mother-in-law and I finally got around to reading it. She knew that I liked other books by Bess Streeter Aldrich and that I was a history nut, so this was right up my alley. My father-in-law came from Nebraska and it was fun to read about it's history. I just order a few more of her books.

    13. Shauna Thompson

      I learned a lot about what life was like in settling this great country of ours. Makes me appreciate what my great great grand parents lives must of been like. My fathers family is from the Linclon NB. Area.

    14. Erin Haynes

      This isn't a novel of my choice, but one assigned from my History class. It is quite funny how a sparked love come together when fate took them apart in the beginning. I craved for the reuniting of young Amalia and Mathias, but fate intervened. Quite interesting I might say

    15. Pamela

      White Bird Flying is my favorite Aldrich book still, but I enjoyed this one. I like the motif of the kettle and how that image is brought together at the end. I still enjoy a good western novel and I think Aldrich should have gotten just as much scholarly attention as Cather.

    16. Anna

      It had the beginnings of a great story, but with a very disappointing end for the main character. Not at all what I was expecting, but for some reason I can't get this book out of my head. it's kind of haunting.

    17. Karen Hogan

      Bess Streeter Aldrich writes pioneer life so well. I did not love this book as much as her book "A Lantern in Her Hand". It was not a page turner, but I always enjoy her description of the prairie in the 1800's.

    18. Jodi

      What a heartbreaking yet beautiful book. I was swept up in the love story, nearly feeling every emotion the characters had. What a sad yet romantic story that definitely pulled hard on my heartstrings.

    19. Judy

      I read this book way back in HS and still remember it. Given that my memory is not what you would describe as 'sharp as a blade', this book clearly had an impact on me. Maybe it's time to re-read it.

    20. Karen Smith

      Really enjoyed this book about nebraska being settled. spanned several generations. very clean, old timey writing. Piper wants to read it!

    21. Sannasue

      These books always make me want to be a better person and a better mom. Just a nice story and nice characters.

    22. Rose Ann

      Another lovely novel from Bess Streeter Aldrich. Sweet and sad. A personal favorite. June 28, 2016 -- I have just finished re-reading this, it has held up well.

    23. Kristen

      I loved this pioneer/turn of the century novel about two families in Nebraska. It didn't do what I thought it was going to do.

    24. Suzan

      The love story is a bit of a downer, but it was interesting to read about Germans that settled in Nebraska during the 1870's.

    25. Margaret

      Sequel to "A Lantern In Her Hand", this reminded me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, but the adult version. Very Good.

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