[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Mine : by Robert McCammon - Mine, Mine Adrift in the s and slowly losing her mind a heavily armed former s radical kidnaps a baby with the hope deluded as it may be of returning her life to simpler times The child s mother though

  • Title: Mine
  • Author: Robert McCammon
  • ISBN: 9780671739447
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mine

    [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Mine : by Robert McCammon - Mine, Mine Adrift in the s and slowly losing her mind a heavily armed former s radical kidnaps a baby with the hope deluded as it may be of returning her life to simpler times The child s mother though

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Mine : by Robert McCammon
      234 Robert McCammon

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    1. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      Rain fell on the roofs of the just and the unjust, the saints and the sinners, those who knew peace and those in torment, and tomorrow began at a dark hour I had mixed feelings about this one Since it was a Robert McCammon, it was written well, and the story leads the reader through a bizarre mix of betrayal, insanity, murder and kidnapping The story is split into two viewpoints an unstable woman consumed with the past clashes with a woman whose world has been shaken by personal betrayal and a n [...]

    2. P.Q. Glisson

      I read this book years ago and it enters my thoughts, unbidden, to this day McCammon takes you into the mind of a psychopath unlike any you have ever encountered You will be glued to the pages until the very end It s just another masterpiece by a wonderful but underrated author Anything by this man is amazing

    3. Adam Light

      I ve read most of McCammon s books published in the 80 s and early 90 s, and this one was so damn good it gives Swan Song a run for it s money This book was so intracately plotted, detailed, carefully drawn, that I forgot I was reading It was as if the author was speaking the story straight into my brain I highly recommend this thriller with touches of horror throughout to anyone who loves McCammon, and those who love a good thriller written by one of the masters Brilliant Thanks to Jon Recluse [...]

    4. Loosechanj

      Holky fuck, that was a ride I just finished the last 200 pages in one marathon 3 hour sitting.One night after we d got done doing the floors of the grocery store, and hanging out in the parking lot getting smashed, one of the managers was telling us about this book his brother had given to him He told us about a book, Stephen King ish that he really didn t think he d like, this story about a woman waking up to a baby s crying, how she tried to comfort it and such, and finally losing her cool and [...]

    5. Zoeytron

      Flash forward from the 1960 s to the 1980 s Gone are the days of hoping to change the world with love ins and by wearing flowers in your hair Head shops, roach clips, bongs, lava lamps, black light posters, Woodstock all or less fallen by the wayside For Mary Terror, former member of a radical student group, moving on is a little difficult She is marking time until she can be reunited with her love and present him with their baby Mary is crazy, there is no baby until she snatches one from the [...]

    6. Titas

      Don t tempt a mother Mine is a story of two mothers, Laura and Mary Laura is a successful journalist whose last hope of happiness is her new born son David and Mary is a survivor of the radical 1960s who still haven t let go of the hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and above all, murderous rage But when Mary steals David from Laura, with almost no help by her side Laura sets out on a cross country trip to reclaim her son To win her son back, Laura might even have to become the monster that [...]

    7. William

      This is a horrifying book First, imagine your child stolen from a hospital Then imagine your child stolen by a homicidal madman This is the situation that Laura , the mother of David finds herself in The book starts off with a bang Enough so that I was unsure if I was going to be able to continue reading it Violence against children upsets me so the first time I saw Mary with her baby my stomach knotted.The action was fast and relentless leading to me reading late into the night The super human [...]

    8. Paul Nash

      What a great, fast paced, rush of horror and suspense This book was non stop, with never a dull moment or a boring page.For all you Mothers out there, what lengths would you go to if your 2 day old new born was stolen from you at the hospital by a maniacal, of a woman named Mary Terror Read this to find out the mother, Laura s, storyd what she did about it.Of all the McCammon s I ve read, this had an old school Dean Koontz vibe, which isn t a bad thing here McCammon fans would enjoy this.4 star [...]

    9. Victoria

      Wow McCammon s first foray into non supernatural thrillers is certainly a successful one Despite approaching five hundred pages, the pacing never once lets up and the pages literally fly by The sheer suspense never lets up Mary Terrell, or Mary Terror, makes for a truly frightening villain, but one who feels chillingly possible in her psychotic state of mind McCammon really does a wonderful job of capturing this imbalanced woman as we follow along Mary s cross country rampage with plenty of bloo [...]

    10. Lee

      What do you call a psychopathic still living the dream of her radical days of the 60 s An of a woman named Mary Terror McCammon has created one of the most believable human monsters, who really believes after kidnapping a newborn, that is is her baby Then add Laura, the new mother, who finds out what a mother will do to protect their child, in this case, trying to get him back, from Mary before she totally snaps This is a non stop roller coaster of action and suspense, in this well written thri [...]

    11. Randolph Carter

      First off this is a TERROR novel not a HORROR novel In my book horror has to include something supernatural or at least the intimation of something supernatural even if it doesn t turn out to be supernatural The supposed apparitions of Morrison and Jack don t count because Mary is a psycho crazed burned out acid fueled hippie and McCammon never implies they are supernatural Plus at the time she starts hallucinating she is a severely injured sleep deprived jacked up schizo As good as this novel i [...]

    12. Jared

      Mine, by Robert McCammon, is one of the top three most frightening books I have read in my entire life And that s counting the fifty odd Stephen King, ten odd Dan Simmons, and twenty odd Dean Koontz novels I ve also completed From the very beginning, Mine moves at breakneck speed, showering the reader with visceral details that made even me, a die hard horror fan, shiver in his chair Never before have I hated a character as much as I hated Mary Terror she is a drug addicted, delusional, sadistic [...]

    13. WendyB

      Meh.This story may have had of an impact when it first came out but after so many years all the stuff about 60s radicals just doesn t translate well in this millenium.Also, the story was soooo incredibly bloated Entire chapters could have been removed and the story would have been improved by making it move along faster I ve really like some of McCammon s recent books but his earlier stuff just doesn t work for me.

    14. Lee

      Wow, I don t even know where to begin with this book I thought it was amazing I have never had to put a book down in the first five pages because I was disturbed by the content of the book I did just that with this one and contemplated whether or not to continue reading it After thirty minutes of thought I picked it back up and couldn t put it down.I got so involved with this book, I had to remind myself to breathe and tell myself it s only a book My heart was beating out of my chest and I was t [...]

    15. Rebecca McNutt

      Not just a thriller but also a crazy adventure and a battle between two women for a child, Mine is as entertaining as it is creepy.

    16. Casey Bartsch

      This book, as all McCammon tomes, is exceptionally well crafted and written There is no fluff in one of his books, which is something I can t say for many notable horror thriller authors Every plot point has meaning, and every detail, a purpose.Having said all of that, for me, the book lost steam at around the midpoint The beginning is so good, with details of Mary terror, Storm Front, and Laura s marriage I was absolutely hooked Mary Terror may be one of the most interesting villains in literat [...]

    17. ElleEm

      The character that McCammon creates in this novel is terrifying Mary is disturbing and I had to put the book down a couple of times to get away from her Mary Terror is a character that I won t soon forget The subject matter in this book is disturbing as well so this book may not be for everyone but if you like a dark and disconcerting tale then you should try it There were a few things toward the end that stretched the limits of credibility but I can forgive that since it was so well written.

    18. Tobin Elliott

      There was a point where I really thought I wasn t going to like this novel It was about a third of the way in, and not much was happening.Then McCammon kicked it into gear Overall, there were points where I thought, Damn, I d love to see what King would have done with this After all, King s playground is so huge, other authors can t help but end up playing there, but McCammon seemed to than most I don t think it was ever by design, but still it happened frequently.This, to me, is the type of st [...]

    19. Waven

      My first McCammon book in years, this novel has me re thinking my opinion of the author For the better Mine is a rough ride through the edge of madness, full of intensity, mayhem, and betrayal It is a race between two feverishly determined women who cross the country trailing a wake of blood and bodies My favorite character is the antagonist, Mary Terror, who belonged to a radical and violent anti government faction in the 1960s known as the Storm Front She was young, idealistic, in love with th [...]

    20. Dierdra McGill

      This book overall is about what Laura does to save her newborn David from a woman who stole him from the hospital Very creepy in parts and overall a good on the edge of your seat story I enjoyed the story line and unlike some people I really didn t have a problem connecting with the characters The problems I had were that some parts were just to unbelievable for me One instance is all the things that David a newborn goes through but gets hurt a tiny bit once Ok this newborn, a few days old is on [...]

    21. Devonta

      Mine is one of the most intense reads you are likely to come across There are points in the novel where the story works up to a pace so frantic that your palms will sweat At its core, the book is about a mother s love for her child and the lengths parents will go for the ones they love This is the center of all the tension throughout the book The reader will cringe as Mary Terror attempts to care for poor baby David in her own unique way and they will certainly be on the edge of their seat as La [...]

    22. Camilo Guerra

      Te sales Robert, te salesNo hab a le do un libro de drama acci n terror en que los personajes principales fueran mujeresy que mujeres, desde Laura, que pasa de ser la esposa bobita a una fuerza de la naturaleza, Bedelia, como una ex terrorista de armas tomar y Maryoh Mary, que gran personaje, un villano de temer, un villano que haria pasar pesadillas al Joker.Pd Un par de las mejores persecuciones automovilisticas desde CHRISTINE.

    23. Jaime Contreras

      I have been a huge McCammon fan for years But I have to be honest when I say that I finished reading this book with a sense of It could have been better if This is a very good psychological terror ride but the author held back a bit I always had a feeling that a door was slightly closed on me I felt toyed with by the author I have never felt that with a MCCammon book.

    24. Robjr73

      3.5 stars to be honest.King and McCammon are my two favorite authors They are the guys that got me reading horror back in my teenage years and are the reason I still read it today Of course I haven t read everything these two masters have to offer and Mine is one of those books I ve dodged over the years admittedly because the cover just never invited me This is about a woman whose child gets swiped from her by a crazed woman who used to belong to a cult very Manson esque like She is obsessed wi [...]

    25. Darren

      I m pushing myself to read a lot this year I was shocked to see the low number of books that I finished in 2013 I m also trying to clear a pile of books that had been sitting around for a while Mine by Robert R McCammon was one of those I had begun to read it last year but had put it down after one and a half chapters not really getting into it However, I picked it up again and having got past the first couple of chapters, I was hooked I will not use the clich that I couldn t put it down, but t [...]

    26. ijeoma Agbaje

      i m rating this book 3.5 stars just cos i think this is unbelievable at best don t get me wrong book had an engaging story line and Mary Terror was definitely bat shit crazy enough to be a believable character but no way do i think Laura s character could have pulled it off First off, this Laura lady just up and left her house and nobody came looking for her i mean nobody unbeliveable Basically this book is like you can go against a seasoned bat shit crazy have got no qualms about blowing your b [...]

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