In the Lake of the Woods

In the Lake of the Woods In the Lake of the Woods

  • Title: In the Lake of the Woods
  • Author: Tim O'Brien
  • ISBN: 9780395488898
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the Lake of the Woods

    In the Lake of the Woods

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      256 Tim O'Brien
    In the Lake of the Woods

    One thought on “In the Lake of the Woods

    1. Mary

      Looks real black and white now very clear but back then everything came at you in bright colors No sharp edges Lots of glare A nightmare like that, all you want is to forget None of it ever seemed real in the first place.In The Lake of the Woods holds a special place in my memory I first read it about sixteen years ago in a stifling un air conditioned and over crowded classroom, and with all my 90s angst I was prime for it to get under my skin It was the first time that I realized there were boo [...]

    2. Elizabeth George

      I loved this book the first time I read it, and I loved it having just finished it for the second time I could easily go back to the beginning and read it for a third time right now This book is not for the faint at heart, nor is it for people who have to have things tied up in bows It s a book that demonstrates the shattering of a psyche that was fragile to begin with It s a book about a man who doesn t know himself and thus seeks a definition of self through others and their reactions to him T [...]

    3. Melki

      John Wade, you ve just lost a big election and have been publicly shamed What are you going to do next I m going to Disney World a remote cabin by a lake where I can ruminate, lick my wounds, and possibly murder my wife Yep, when a lady vanishes, who s the number one suspect In this case, it just might be the husband Through flashbacks, we learn all about John, and the we know, the less we like him.In early November he began spying on her He felt some guilt at first, which bothered him, but he [...]

    4. Drew Jameson

      This book has made me shudder at least six times Astoundingly good Tim O Brien has such a subtle mastery, it s almost frightening to read his work He introduces a seemingly innocuous line on page 10 that sticks out just enough to make you wonder what it s true relevance is, then when he finally reveals it, a hundred pages later, it s devastating As in The Things They Carried, O Brien tells a riveting story that reverses back on itself multiple times, and also directly addresses the dilemma of st [...]

    5. Petergiaquinta

      Facts are simple and facts are straightFacts are lazy and facts are lateFacts all come with points of viewFacts don t do what I want them toFacts just twist the truth aroundFacts are living turned inside outFacts are getting the best of themFacts are nothing on the face of thingsFacts don t stain the furnitureFacts go out and slam the doorFacts are written all over your faceFacts continue to change their shapeI m still waitingI m still waitingI m still waiting Brian Eno and David ByrneTim O Brie [...]

    6. Jeena

      First of all, this book made me realize how much I generally like most books that I read Because this was a screaming exception.This is the basic summary of the story In the Lake of the Woods is O Brien s portrayal of a historian or biographer s attempt at piecing together the mystery of the disappearance of Kathy Wade Kathy s husband, John, recently lost a primary election to become Minnesota s Democratic candidate for the U.S Senate after his involvement in the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam was r [...]

    7. J.K. Grice

      IN THE LAKE OF THE WOODS is one of the most original thrillers you will ever read 14 years later, I still think about how powerful this book was.

    8. K.D. Absolutely

      O Brien gives you the different options for an ending Decide for yourself Whichever you choose, after closing this book, you d feel glad that you ve read it Extraordinary There s nothing like this among the 400 novels that I ve read so far.An ex Vietnam War army turned politician, John Wade has lost his bid to the Senate He and his wife, Kathy are debt up to their necks Married for almost 2 decades, Kathy, 38, has been dreaming of having a baby Busy with his career, John thinks that it is not ye [...]

    9. Larry Bassett

      It s all here Alcoholism Abortion Secrets Magic Politics Death Gambling Vietnam Suicide Infidelity Mystery Murder the Northwest Angle and More.And suddenly, as though caught in a box of mirrors, John looked up to see his own image reflected on the clinic s walls and ceiling Fun house reflections deformations and odd angles He saw a little boy doing magic He saw a college spy, madly in love He saw a soldier and husband and seeker of public office He saw himself from inside out and upside down, th [...]

    10. Kristen

      Tim O Brien makes me want to be a writer, not because his writing in any way inspires me, but because he makes me think writing isn t so difficult at all, clearly any asshole can do it That sounds harsh for as much as I enjoyed this book, I both enjoyed it and at the same time thought it wasn t very good You know who would love this book Caris Enough said So what s the book about Kid of an alcoholic father uses magic and illusion to cope, goes to Vietnam, witnesses horrifying massacre, falls bac [...]

    11. Linda Lipko

      This is a real page turner, creatively beautiful and exquisitely styled It is an exceedingly unsettling and disturbing tale weaving history and mystery together.John Wade, is a 41 year old Viet Nam veteran whose recently failed Minnesota senatorial bid shatters his facade of success As a child John was an illusionist and as an adult politician he honed these skills.Seeking solace from defeat, John and his wife Kathy vacation in the deep Minnesota woods where John s tether to reality snaps A vete [...]

    12. Melanie

      To know is to be disappointed To understand is to be betrayed All the petty hows and whys, the unseemly motives, the abscesses of character, the sordid little ugliness of self and history these were the gimmicks you kept under wraps to the end Better to leave your audience wailing in the dark, shaking their fists, some crying How , others Why Dreamlike menacing O Brien takes a tired plot and sets it alight His creation John Wade soldier, stalker, politician, husband, The Sorcerer.Did he kill his [...]

    13. Sarah

      This is Exhibit A for the concept of unreliable narrator rather than dropping clues along the way to revealing the answer to a mystery in this case, why and how Kathy Wade, wife of recently disgraced politician John Wade, disappeared , In the Lake of the Woods draws out all of the possible hypotheses for the disappearance, gives evidence to back each one up and then never gives you a definite resolution It s a great use of literary technique, and a truly compelling read.

    14. Carrie

      Whoa This book is deep It deserves the awards it has won I don t know what it is about O Brien s novels but they have a way of speaking to me, getting me in the gut This book had the same effect It s truly a disturbing story on so many levels It s a story about the human condition and the big bag of mess that goes with living and dying.

    15. Matt

      I m not a writer by any means I like to think that my head contains somewhat original thoughts The process of transferring those thoughts into coherently structured paragraphs has always been a challenge for me But I digress.I was blown away Definitely one of the best books I ve ever read It had the potential to be a jumbled, confusing mess of a novel, but O Brien deftly preserves a perfect balance between mystery and romance It really is a seamless and fluid combination of bitter memories and a [...]

    16. Savvy

      So far I m intrigued and also horrified at the flash backs descriptions of the war in Vietnam that is revealed through the main protagonist Hard to comprehend such depravity of the purely evil wartime actions depicted Finished That said the writing was crisp, vivid, and chilling The mental ravages of insanity killing in the trenches echoes throughout the book The jarring perversity of it all leaves the reader this reader anyway with disturbing questions What was real and what was a sleight of th [...]

    17. Vanessa

      Among the glowing review snippets in my paperback copy of this book is one from Harper s Bazaar, calling it a postmodern thriller As much as I generally have a knee jerk hate reaction to anything labeled postmodern or experimental I blame Don DeLillo for this , I think that description is accurate and yet I really enjoyed this book On the surface, this is the mystery of what happened to the wife of failed senatorial candidate John Wade After a scandal from his past service in Vietnam surfaces th [...]

    18. Mark

      There comes a time when you question your own sanity This time of year is particularly conducive to it Spending an hour or two traveling a wasted winter landscape can do it to you too You read a book like In the Lake of the Woods, and you might think you re pretty stable by comparison But O Brien will fuck with you He ll teach you there is no truth The only truth, he says, is the one you find by looking inward But what if you re fucked Then there is no truth Mary said this was a book about pain [...]

    19. Stuart

      While Denis Johnson s Tree of Smoke may be the single best American novel about the Vietnam war, Tim O Brien, who has made writing Nam stories into something of a cottage industry, has put out three terrific books that, taken as a whole, achieve something far compelling and significant The first, The Things They Carried, is an extremely personal look into the dehumanization and commodification of the war, told with faux bureaucratic detachment as a series of inventory lists The second, Going af [...]

    20. David Jarrett

      A depressing book about two unhappy people whose marriage has been disintegrating daily due to the psychological problems of both PTSD over the Vietnam war s My Lai massacre is seemingly to blame for the downward spiral of the lives of the couple, but this is obviously not the entire cause, as both participants have other psychological problems The way the book is written, with chapters of vignettes and quotations from acquaintances and family members interspersed with narration in third person [...]

    21. Melanie

      iiiiinteresting I took ages to actually finish this book I read several books in between but still enjoyable in all.

    22. Sandy (CA)

      When I came upon this book, its scorching cover colour immediately grabbed my attention, as did the title Lake of the Woods Really I was born in a community on the northern shore of The Lake of the Woods, but this story could not possibly be set in that wilderness Or could it Well, it is The subject matter is one that I normally avoid but how could I not read this book It was a whirlwind So much packed into a mere 300 pages I careened through it in a record 36 hours It s a mystery with a unique [...]

    23. Kevin

      One of the saddest books I have ever read about a man who did terrible things, cannot forgive himself for them and ruins his own life and his wife s too because of it Or maybe its about a sociopath who was always capable of terrible things and just needed a war to draw them out It s a little shaggy around the edges, not as clean as Tim O Brien s best book The Things They Carried but still the work of a master storyteller obsessed by the subjects of pain, grief, memory and running away from all o [...]

    24. Patti's Book Nook

      I preface this review by acknowledging that this star rating is probably unfair based on my lack of homework pre read I read this solely based on another author recommend and the fact that Tim O Brien was well esteemed I read two blurbs on the back, knew it was a mystery of sorts, and off I went.The writing was good and the story did not feel dated for being published in 1994 There are no cell phones and there is mention of a landline, but that is obviously par for the course John Wade has falle [...]

    25. Allegra

      If all is supposition, if ending is air, then why not happiness I am still marveling at the construction of this book, and in the wholly original, but still somehow not gimmicky, inventions of this book the multiple evidence and hypothesis chapters The quotes, which do seem to be random and distracting at first, make a point on their own, a point we have to construct for ourselves, about war, and sanity, and disappearance, and mystery, and the nature of truth in biography I will skip the obligat [...]

    26. Chris

      Phenomenal It s a novel about love, evil, obsession, memory, guilt, complicity, and the improbability of ever really knowing someone who doesn t want to be known, but above all it s O Brien s attempt to come to grips with the My Lai Massacre He creates an obsessed narrator who can t let go of the mysterious disappearance of Kathleen Wade, whose husband John was humiliated in a Senatorial campaign after his careful attempts to cover up his role in the slaughter of a village of Vietnamese civilian [...]

    27. Mark

      John Wade, running for the U.S senate, receives a crushing defeat when a dark secret he has kept hidden for nearly twenty years, suddenly sees the light Wade and his wife flee to the deep woods of northern Minnesota, to escape the public eye and try to repair and renew their lives Shortly after arriving, his wife mysteriously disappears from their lakeside cabin.This is a dark and disturbing tale, especially when the reader discovers, that Wade s secret, was that he was a young soldier, involved [...]

    28. Asra Syed

      Once again, Tim O Brien leaves me with questions than answers, and once again, I m in awe of how he does it Richard Thinbill s continued trauma about the flies that doesn t make sense at first but then makes sense as it s repeated and the story is flushed out with other info to explain it, reminds me of Joseph Heller s horrifyingly hilarious conventions in Catch 22.John Wade s disconnect from the situation of his wife s being missing, his lack of outward expression of love or concern, his call [...]

    29. Renee

      This was a BOTM read for me I finished it I found no redeeming qualities in either of the main characters To me they were flat and undimensionalble The ending was no ending It was a bit tedious to read the writing, which went backwards and forwards and sideways, sideways were footnotes to give it a scholarly effect It just did not work for me There was some background, but not nearly enough on Kathy, so I have no clue why she married and stayed with John I found that because I could not find re [...]

    30. Kim

      This book tells the story of politician John Wade, who was on a rapid rise up the political ladder when it came crashing down after it was discovered he participated in the My Lai catastrophe during the Vietnam War He escapes to a remote cabin with his wife, Kathy, who suddenly disappears one day It is never revealed what ultimately happened to Kathy.I am torn about this book I thought it was interesting how O Brien detailed the events in Vietnam, especially since he himself was in Vietnam I als [...]

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