The Ice House

The Ice House It was evident if there were no other entrance to the ice house that the body had at some point traversed this thorny barrier The big question was how long ago How long had that nightmare been ther

  • Title: The Ice House
  • Author: Minette Walters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Ice House

    It was evident, if there were no other entrance to the ice house, that the body had at some point traversed this thorny barrier The big question was, how long ago How long had that nightmare been there The people of Streech village had never trusted the three women living up at the Grange not since Phoebe Maybury s husband suddenly, inexplicably, vanished Ten It was evident, if there were no other entrance to the ice house, that the body had at some point traversed this thorny barrier The big question was, how long ago How long had that nightmare been there The people of Streech village had never trusted the three women living up at the Grange not since Phoebe Maybury s husband suddenly, inexplicably, vanished Ten years later a corpse is discovered in the grounds and Phoebe s nightmare begins For once they have identified the body the police are determined to charge her with murder The most impressive first novel in years Daily Telegraph A seductive writer with an imagination that makes her dangerous to know Sunday Express Terrific first novel with a high Rendellesque frisson count The Times

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    One thought on “The Ice House

    1. Nhi Nguyễn

      Khi đọc qua tóm tắt của cuốn tiểu thuyết này, mình đã từng háo hức muốn mua sách về đọc lắm. Đến khi đọc được rồi thì mình nhận ra, nó không được như mình mong đợi. Mình hy vọng sẽ được đọc một cái gì đó bí ẩn, lạnh lẽo (như cái tên "Hầm trữ đông" của cuốn tiểu thuyết gợi ra ý), ma mị, nói chung là phải có một điểm nhấn gì đó khiến mình ghi nhớ và cảm thấy rùng r [...]

    2. John

      I've read several of Walters's later novels and for the most part enjoyed them a great deal. Her writing has a tremendous fluency, while she has the ability to create very real characters; the net result is thrillers that have a fine pace and an admirable depth of reader involvement.Had I not vaguely remembered that The Ice House was her debut novel, I'd have been startled. The writing's quite often pretty clumsy, the narrative seems a bit disjointed as if the book had been written piecemeal ove [...]

    3. Nandini

      S & I are arguing about how this book ended up in our house at all. I think he ordered it from the library and he insists it must have been me. Whatever. It was a really good read regardless.Three women, Phoebe Maybury, Diana Thomson and Anne Cattrell, are the residents of Streech Grange, and are under suspicion for murder. Again. Ten years ago, Phoebe's husband David disappeared conveniently into thin air but there was neither a body nor any other evidence to connect Phoebe to his murder. N [...]

    4. S.P. Aruna

      A dead body is discovered in the ice house of a country manor, a body with no identifying marks, not even fingerprints. Throw in the three eccentric women who live on the manor and their controversial past, tongues are wagging out all sorts of conspiracies spiced with sexual innuendos. The characters are offbeat and the reader gets a picture of the incestuous social setting in a small English village, whcih was enough for me to find it interesting

    5. N.N. Light

      I know this is for the hardcover but I actually read the mass market.I read a later book by Minette Walters and fell in love with her writing style. This is her debut noel and honestly, it's superb! Ice House is the story of three women living in an English manor house. One of them has been accused of murdering her husband ten years ago. Flash forward and a body is discovered in the ice house. Suddenly, all three women are suspects and the local village folk don't know what to think. Tongues wag [...]

    6. F.R.

      Ten years after a brutish businessman walked out on his wife and children and was never seen again, a dead and decayed body shows up in a forgotten corner of their country estate. Is it the missing husband finally discovered? And if so, is his wife – the prime suspect in the original case – really the killer?This cross between a police procedural and a country house murder has a good and twisting plot, but suffers from the fact that many of its characters fall into the hinterland between car [...]

    7. Jessica Woodbury

      I was complaining on Twitter that I don't have enough mystery series to follow or mystery authors who are consistently putting out great books. Minette Walters was someone I'd never heard of before, but she was recommended by author Stephanie Gayle and I'm hugely grateful for it. I feel like Walters and I will have a long and happy relationship.With The Ice House Walters manages to update the old-school Christie-style manor-house mystery with modern characters and settings. (Regular references t [...]

    8. Kelsie

      It took me forever to finish this book because I really wasn't feeling it.It was a 'who dunnit' novel but I ended up not caring who dunnit. I felt the writing was all over the place, there were too many generic characters that I got muddled up who was who, I really lost track a few times due to it being so generic and the story had about as much interest as beige paint.It was below average, it wasn't terrible hence the 2 stars but it didn't stand out what-so-ever. It was just so bland. When all [...]

    9. N. Jr.

      The premise is wonderful - a corpse that defies identification, found in an unlikely, hardly detetable place - an ice house overgrown with brambles as to be unseen.Very good character development combined with a stimulating plot. Amusing sexual innuendos abound and although this is my first book by Minette Walters, I have heard that this is one of her trademarks.Included in the story are several subplots and one or two red herrings, as the author grips the reader with a literate and compelling n [...]

    10. Stephanie

      This isn't a typical formula mystery in that it is told from the perspective of the suspects as well as the police. A decomposed body is found in the ice house of a country manor. The residents of the manor, three unmarried women, have been under scrutiny of the townsfolk ever since the husband of one of the women went missing. Is the body in the ice house the missing husband? Or someone else? The real mystery is why people treat each other the way they do

    11. Asghar Abbas

      I remember this to be a solid debut, although I wasn't that impressed by it. Maybe because I had jumped into her books midway and she clearly got better at it with each book. Though in this one like with all her other books, her heroines remained as human and believable as ever.

    12. Gary

      I read several Minette Walters books while on holiday and found them very well written.I found them very powerful and slightly different to the normal style of Mystery Crime writers.Very good reads.

    13. Ben Babcock

      For most of the past week, I ploughed through a W. Somerset Maugham collection with that signature pleasure one has in reading one short story after another. Maugham’s stories can wear thin after a while, however, owing to their formulaic structure. So I took a break for something completely different: The Ice House is a crime novel, but Minette Walters plays with a lot of crime conventions. It’s not entirely clear if a crime has been committed or who the victim is, let alone who the murdere [...]

    14. Sarah

      It was terrible, but it wasn't great. It's feels very dated, and set within it's own world. The characters were either very dull or wildly inconsistent. I don't know that I'd recommend it. About the best I can say is that once past the 50 page mark it moves pretty fast.

    15. Anina

      Creepy, atmospheric descriptions, and the dialogue is almost entirely old British women throwing expert shade at police officers. It is basically the perfect novel.

    16. Kim Greenhalgh

      As I've said a few times before - I love books that keep their mystery to the end. I may theorize as I go, but I don't want to figure it out. This novel happily meets that criteria. A friend recommended The Ice House to me and I am so glad he did. What an intriguing, twisting marvel! I've been chomping at the bit to finish it for days.First off, if you are squeamish it may be best to avoid Ms. Walters' books. They aren't shy with the ghoulish detail of the crime in question but if you can stomac [...]

    17. Chris

      Really good murder mystery, that stands well above where that category would lead me to expect. In fact, this ties in nicely with a TV series "The Killing" which I have been addicted to of late. The premise is this: there is a large estate where 3 single women live together after the lady of the house's husband disappeared 10 years ago. The village thinks she murdered her husband, but no one was able to prove it. Rumors fly about the women - that they are lesbians, witches and possibly murderess [...]

    18. Deborah Pickstone

      So long since I read my way through Minette Walters - I had forgotten how very good a writer she is. Outstanding to peerless, actually. As a debut novel this hardly puts a foot wrong. There are little clumsinesses but that's all and doesn't detract one iota from an excellent, riveting read. I am beginning at the beginning and re-reading her work - and I know each book is better than the one before it cos I remember several times thinking 'that was as nearly perfect a book as it gets' - and then [...]

    19. Gillie Lewis

      I thought I was not going to enjoy this book as much as I did. I was confused at the beginning about the introductions if the female characters. Who was who? I felt that all the characters were introduced in one fell swoop and it took half the book to sort it out. I didn't like the way that our hero detective behaved to Cattrell. So unprofessional,I don't think. It would have happened. Liked the friendship later though. McLoughlin reminded me of Lewis' sidekick in TV series. Couldn't gethimout o [...]

    20. Regan

      Recently discovered mystery writer Minette Walters, and have been going through her books like candy. Among the ones I've read so far, The Ice House is among my favorites of hers, though so far, none of her novels that I've read have disappointed in any way. It's just that, this particular novel, along with Disordered Minds, The Sculptress, The Scold's Bridle and The Shape of Snakes, The Ice House takes its place among my favorite of Walters novels. As usual with Walters, things aren't what they [...]

    21. Jim B

      Read by Simon Prebble, whose able use of accents added to the characters' depth.Won Britain's John Creasey Award for best first crime novel.Nothing is what it seems at first in this novel. Especially interesting and unexpected is the depiction of the police officers Inspector Walsh and Detective McLachan (my favorite character).According to the book notes, Minette Walters "writes thrillers that wed classic mystery conventions with contemporary sophistication." I would gladly read other Walters b [...]

    22. L.A. Kent

      I enjoyed this lots and was glad I picked it up again. It is really well written, humorous in parts and quite page turner. There are quite a few surprises too, which made it especially enjoyable

    23. LJ

      THE ICE HOUSE - VGWalters, Minette - 1st bookWhen a rotting, unidentified corpse is discovered it marks the beginning of a nightmare murder investigation for the three women living there. But is it the beginning? Or does the body lying in the ice-house mean that the police can close an old file?Very good but slow.

    24. Loretta

      This was this author's first novel and she did a brilliant job at writing it and no wonder she received the awards she did. I really liked how the chief inspector for once is not the one who solves the crime. And, that is not the only strange twist of fate you will read about in this novel. I hope to watch the TV adaptation soon-hopefully on Netflix!

    25. Allison

      Too many characters. Too many overlaying plots. At its core, this is a murder mystery, and it would have greatly benefitted from being pared down to the absolute most critical characters and plot points. Still entertaining, particularly given the setting and time period, but just too much going on to keep me fully enraptured in the story.

    26. Ярослава

      One of the better murder mysteries I've read in a while. It's almost custom-tailored to my literary kinks: small town rumour mills, awesome women working together (friends and mothers and daughters and neighbours), a twisty enough plot. (One minor quibble: I'm not sold on the romance subplot. Random acts of violence by way of introduction do not a good romance make.)

    27. Lisa Frieden

      I have to confess that I saw the BBC miniseries before reading The Ice House, so I have Daniel Craig stuck in my brain instead of the sexy, dark-complexioned man Walters describes Andy McLoughlin to be :-)That said, I really enjoyed The Ice House. The description on the inside jacket: "Edgar Allan Poe meets Jane Austen" seemed like a fun and apropos mashup for the book. The English countryside, a group of women living tightly together, the men entering the constrained/domestically-defined space. [...]

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