Stickeen An illustrated edition of the tale in which John Muir recounts how he and a dog named Stickeen struggled to cross an Alaskan glacier during an ice storm An exhilarating story that has become an Americ

  • Title: Stickeen
  • Author: John Muir Carl Dennis Buell
  • ISBN: 9780930588489
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stickeen

    An illustrated edition of the tale in which John Muir recounts how he and a dog named Stickeen struggled to cross an Alaskan glacier during an ice storm An exhilarating story that has become an American classic.

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    One thought on “Stickeen

    1. Connie

      John Muir and a little dog named Stickeen had a life threatening adventure crossing a wide crevasse while exploring a glacier in Alaska in 1880. The danger bonded the naturalist with the remarkable Stickeen.Thanks to Renata for putting this short story on my radar. It's a free story (without illustrations) on Project Gutenberg.

    2. Renata

      The actual text I hold in my hand is by Heyday Books (copyright 1981) which was reprinted from the original 1909 Houghton Mifflin Edition. John Muir is my favorite naturalist for the way he exulted in nature his entire life, for his consistently poetically vivid prose which sings to the soul, and for his tireless work in preserving our natural world. My favorite of his writings is Stickeen the story of a death defying adventure he shared with this "mighty midget" one day on an Alaskan glacier. E [...]

    3. Jennifer Sanford martin

      This book is very special to me and my family. Stickeen's owner Samuel Hall Young was my great-great-grandfather. I am happy to see that so many people have enjoyed it.

    4. Tanvika

      refreshing, exciting, freeing for people dulled by the black roads,concrete houses, congestion, human chatter. The land of glaciers with adventurous ,poetic Muir & courageous Stickeen is very inviting & vigorous trip.

    5. Lisa

      A wonderful story told by my husband's hero, John Muir.John Muir is well-known for his mountaineering adventures, especially during storms. In 1880, Muir returns to Alaska to continue his glacier exploration. Stickeen is a small dog that joined Muir's party and proved to be a fearless explorer, sticking to Muir's side, even during some hair-raising moments. That is, until a particularly scary spot, crossing a wide crevasse, Stickeen seemed to reach his limit. Muir and Stickeen become "brothers", [...]

    6. Elizabeth

      It is a wonderful introduction to John Muir. It reveals much about the man and the small dog named in the title. I would recommend this short book highly to everyone who would like a taste of Muir's magnificent nature writing and heroic character.

    7. Ocarl243

      This book really hit me. I read this book because I've already read books like white fang and call of the wild, and they are similar books to Stickeen. This book kinda scared me because at one point in the book Stickeen the dog named Stickeen has to cross a ravine, Its winter and If he doesn't cross the ravine he will die. The books ending was so sad and abrupt because this man that was working with Stickeen in Alaska was really close to Stickeen but didn't own Stickeen so they were separated an [...]

    8. Charlie

      When we arrived in Colorado this year for summer vacation, my father sat the entire family down to a family meeting. His terms: 1- to spend time with each of the grandsons, and 2- to read this book to the family.It was, as my oldest said, "a lot better than I thought it was going to be!". This is an excellent story about nature, life, challenges, and friendship. I was blown away!

    9. Max K. Lam

      A harrowing story. What an amazing little dog. I can't imagine my "mighty midget" trying to cross a large crevasse. He wouldn't set a paw on a patch of snow. John Muir is my favorite naturalist writer because of his amazing prose and profound respect for nature like no other writer in his generation.

    10. Lori

      If you haven't read any of John Muir's writing, especially Travels in Alaska this is a good short story to start with. Muir's style is accessible and powerful even today. This story is about a dog who went on one of Muir's trips to Alaska, so if you've read that book, you have essentially read Stickeen, hence my rating. Would be great for middle and high school, maybe even grade school readers.

    11. Skylar Primm

      I dare you not to smile at the thought of Stickeen the dog, "flash[ing] and dart[ing] hither and thither as if fairly demented, screaming and shouting, swirling round and round in giddy loops and circles like a leaf in a whirlwind, lying down, rolling over and over, sidewise and heels over head, and pouring forth a tumultuous flood of hysterical cries and sobs and gasping mutterings" (p. 63).Never have I read a more vivid description of a dog's bliss.

    12. Dawn

      All that time in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. All that time spent wandering aimlessly and solo through the John Muir National Monument. And somehow I'd never read John Muir??? I'd read ABOUT him. But evidently I never actually read his work. Stickeen is short and sweet and a great place to start. Crap. Just when I was making progress reading and purging books on my overloaded shelves, I'm going to have to go out and buy a big chunky John Muir collection to keep around!

    13. ColleenaMareena

      Cute adventure tale, a good intro to Victorian language for kids. Probably best as a read-aloud for ages 6-10. I plan on using it as a springboard to research Alaska and glaciers with the kids.

    14. Boyan

      A great short story of an adventure of a dog on a glacier! The language is a bit archaic, but the story itself is quite gripping.

    15. Sage

      Listened to this as an audiobook. Usually Murir's long, descriptive yet beautiful writing puts me to sleep, but this story was INTENSE. Dogs never cease to amaze me. Wow

    16. Margie R Garman

      What a great story!A great story by a great storyteller. I love dogs and mountains - This is a story of courage, loyalty and joy.

    17. Christine Norvell

      Muir's poignant and lush descriptions capture the grandeur of Alaska once again, but this account also adds the adventures and companionship of a small mutt who joins the expedition regardless of foul weather and hardship. Short, light, and a touch of danger. You can easily find this story for free.

    18. Sundeep Supertramp

      Stickeen by John MuirRating: 1 out of 5ISBN (edition I've read): N/A (e-book)Read between: 26-08-2012 (One day read)Review:This is very infamous book. On GoodReads, there are about 340 ratings and 40 reviews.I came across this book when I was searching for some adventures novels online. Specifically I was searching for adventures that have taken place a long back and considered classics. That is how I came across John Muir and found a whole load of John Muir collection.I think that it is not leg [...]

    19. Robin

      I was delighted to find this essay published as a small book, as I had enjoyed reading it in the 1911 edition of John Muir’s “Mountains of California” while on vacation. At home, I could only locate the 1894 edition, which is missing this and other stories.As the book begins, Stickeen, a small terrier, is adventurous yet aloof. This is a wonderful story of the forging of a bond between man and dog, and rather a coming of age tale for Stickeen. John Muir tells this true story in first perso [...]

    20. Judy

      It strikes me as more than coincidental that both Muir and Mills wrote about their dogs. Muir's story was first published in a magazine in 1897. Mills' book about Scotch came out in 1916 (it may, too, have first appeared in a magazine). Mills admired Muir so I suspect that the story of Stickeen inspired Mills to write about his own 'amazing' dog.This is basically a story of Muir's exploration of a glacier in Alaska. This is the account of a day trip, during a storm (he loved storms), across the [...]

    21. Lois

      I chose this children's book because I thought it would be a good introduction to the adventurer and environmentalist, John Muir. I was afraid to read it too- afraid something might happen to "the Brave Little Dog" and really I couldn't stand to read that. Ever since I saw the movie "Old Yeller" stories about abandoned, misunderstood dogs have been avoided. Yet- I figured- this is a children's book and so the chances of the endangered dog surviving are excellent, so I gave it a go. In the book, [...]

    22. Sue

      Stories about dogs (and other animals) make me nervous. I hate sobbing my guts out while reading a story! But this one did not lead to bawling. It's mostly about one day's adventure with Muir and the dog on a glacier, being stuck in a storm and trying to cross huge crevasses including one with a very skinny ice bridge. After Muir's description of the dog as very stoic, comparing him to a philosopher and even a cactus, the climax of the story is when they are crossing an ice bridge and Stickeen " [...]

    23. Douglas Dalrymple

      There’s something in Muir’s best work that reminds me of Robert Louis Stevenson. Stevenson was the better writer, but they were perhaps storytellers of the same species. Another point of comparison might be Thoreau. In terms of outdoor credentials, Thoreau was a dilettante compared to Muir. Both of them, however, found love of nature and love of language perfectly compatible. In Stickeen - an essay on an unlikely expedition dog and a nearly fatal incident traversing an Alaskan glacier – an [...]

    24. Joseph

      Stickeen was a fun, quick little read. I'd given it a glance for the first time a year ago when I'd filed it away on my classroom's "Alaska books" shelf, but thought little more of it than a kids' story about a man and a dog. While certainly digestible for younger readers, the descriptive language remains interesting for older readers, too. There's the easy comparison between Stickeen and any number of Jack London stories, true, but Muir's voice lends it more of an uplifting sort of quality that [...]

    25. Impy

      This book, published in 1998, is a retelling of one of John Muir's favorite adventures. He is said to have retold this story many, many times.John Muir is a hero of mine, so it simply being a short story about him would've sufficed in satisfying me. Add to that the gorgeous illustrations by Christopher Canyon and this book is a real treasure.I read this story through three times because it was so beautiful. The story is a good one and the illustrations are magic. John Muir looks much like himsel [...]

    26. LibraryCin

      In this memoir, it is the late 1800s and the author is exploring Alaska with a dog, Stickeen. They are hiking through glaciers and end up in a bit of a scary spot. It was ok. It really didn't get “exciting” till over half-way through. It was written in the late 1800s, so a different writing style from today. A lot of description that I wasn't always as interested in. It did get more interesting once they got onto that glacier and had to figure out how to get back. Overall, a little disappoin [...]

    27. Jennifer Zartman

      I enjoyed this book, especially since I read Alaska Days with John Muir by Samuel Hall Young first. Samuel Young owned Stickeen, and in his book he details all of his adventures with John Muir, including this one. John Muir broke a good many rules about hiking in the wilderness in his adventures, to the point that I occasionally wonder how he lived through them all. His attitude and his writing all breathe a bracing freshness, and the details he gives about crossing the sliver of ice that hung o [...]

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