Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide

↠ Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide ✓ Todd Burpo Colton Burpo - Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide, Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide The best selling book about heaven that has changed the world is now a DVD based conversation kit for churches and small groups In addition to learning about what the Bible teaches about heaven group

  • Title: Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide
  • Author: Todd Burpo Colton Burpo
  • ISBN: 9781418550684
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide

    ↠ Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide ✓ Todd Burpo Colton Burpo - Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide, Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide The best selling book about heaven that has changed the world is now a DVD based conversation kit for churches and small groups In addition to learning about what the Bible teaches about heaven group

    • ↠ Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide ✓ Todd Burpo Colton Burpo
      218 Todd Burpo Colton Burpo
    Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide

    One thought on “Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide

    1. Sara

      I loved this book and the portrayal of heaven it gives I think we often are so busy trying to live our lives and be good christians that we forget to dream about our eternity This book reminds me that we have a hope and a future and as christ followers, we are Not Of This World and our home is in heaven One frustration I did have was the parents were so trusting of their family doctor and did not follow their instincts or the promptings of the Holy Spirit to question his judgement But then again [...]

    2. Del Zimmerman

      This is the story of four year old Carlton Burpo s ascent and adventures into Heaven while undergoing an operation for a ruptured appendix.I wanted to like this book but now that I am finished I am terribly skeptical The book is told by Carlton s dad, Todd, who is a minister at a small Nebraska church The views portrayed are second handed and fit way too neatly into a conservative Christian ethos What s , the book is co written by Lynn Vincent who also worked on Sarah Palin s book, Going Rogue A [...]

    3. Thea

      Thea SweetReadingMs ElyBook Review11 20 11Heaven if for Real Heaven is for Real is a true story about a young boy not yet four years old , Colton Burpo, who survived an emergency surgical operation to remove the appendix appendectomy His family was extremely grateful for Colton s miracle operation After the complex procedure, Colten told his parents he left his body during the surgery and even authenticated his claim by describing exactly what his parents were doing in another part of the hospit [...]

    4. Kaylyn Zeigler

      This is a great book that I would like to reread over and over again I really think this book may be good for young readers so they can understand heaven a little bit better It may be a bit hard to understand but asking their parent could help that I wished after reading this book that I could go to heaven I know that God may let me go to heaven before I die but if not, I will still praise him that I can meet and live with him when I die God is great to let Todd right this story and I hope I can [...]

    5. Olivia Dinis

      This is an amazing book that I would recommend to anyone who believes in God and Jesus Christ Even at my young age, I am able to understand the importance of Colton to both his town and his family.This is a very sentimental as Colton describes many detail that he saw in heaven As you read this book it will talk about the past, present, and future, which are critical to make todays hopes, dreams, thoughts, prayers, and memories This book is narrated by Colton s father, Todd He gives great descrip [...]

    6. Shane Walker

      Hmm Well it was interesting A bit strange Not sure I agree with the arguments made as to why this proves there is a heaven and God, but it is always intersting to see others views Was a while ago that I read this so I don t recall too much details at this point Did make me look up the author and watch some videos with him, and I hate to say it, but I think he is taking the fame exposure to another level May have started out with the right intent, but I think he s gone beyond that now Who knows. [...]

    7. Bmquiram

      Heaven is for Real Participant s Guide by Todd Burpo is a very inspirational story For me this story described the difference between faith and certainty For example many of us have faith that we will not fall down when getting out of bed in the morning, but there is no certainty or guarantee that will be the case I have faith in God and in Heaven, but after reading this book I am a little certain about joining my loved ones who have passed.

    8. Dave Moore

      I really loved this book It gave me a new revelation of the truth s of God The faith of a child is such a powerful faith It brought me back to a place of simple childlike faith To God be all the glory

    9. Brooke Henderson

      Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo is a very inspirational story about a young boy named Colton who is not yet four years old, that survived an emergency operation on his appendix However, during the operation Colton faced a near death experience Colton s family and friends of the family were extremely grateful that Colton had survived the surgery Colton then explained to his mom and dad that he saw his body during the surgery He explained things that he would not have known unless he had visited [...]

    10. Kaitlyn Hickey

      Heaven is For Real is an astonishing story of a little boy who fights for his life Colton the little boy goes through many traumatic experiences that one day pushes realism to a whole new level The most astonishing aspect of this story is the portray of Heaven that is given It is not known whether Colton had an out of body experience or was in his last seconds All that is known is that Colton has met the mercy of God and now has a reason to be alive The way Colton expressed this supernatural exp [...]

    11. Liz Cleland

      Heaven is for Real A Little Boy s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back was recommended by a friend of mine to read This was not a book that was sent to me just one I read for fun this week Every now and then I do have my own list of books I like to read, this week I read three of them So, back to this book It will be a movie soon and was a rather popular one I read it in a few hours so on the shorter side of story telling My thoughts How can one really say whether they like or hate so [...]

    12. Brooklyn Merk

      The book Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo is an exciting and on the edge of your seat type of book When Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy, his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival What they weren t expecting, though was the story that was emerged in the months that followed a story as a beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boys trip to heaven and back This is a true story and these characters were very well developed through out the story Colt [...]

    13. Mariela

      In the well written 192 page book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo The main character Colton Burpo, not yet 4, son of Todd Burpo and Sonja Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy his family was overjoyed because they weren t expecting him to survive, they also didn t expect him to come back to earth with a beautiful story about him visiting heaven He told his parents he left his body during his surgery at first his parents didn t believe him, they though everything was made up because he [...]

    14. Kacey Koch

      Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpo is about a little boy, Colton The book is a nonfiction piece in which Todd is the father of Colton The family was struggling all year long due to the low income of Todd, a pastor in their town Colton became very ill and was hospitalized early on in the book Colton was very close to dying at one point and his mother, father, and community prayed for him to live When Colton wakes up, he tells his dad that he saw and met God Many, including his father did not believ [...]

    15. Amanda

      I m giving this story 5 stars, not because the writing was fantastic, I wasn t so much focused on the writing, but because I had such peace and love fill me throughout the story not to mention chills and tears I know there are people out there that say oh this could have easily been made up , this father exaggerated, what could have simply been only a childish dream I know this is a true story How beautiful Jesus loves children so much Children are so pure, so innocent, they do not sin, because [...]

    16. Debbie

      I did not really like this book I was excited about reading about a life after death experience in the view of a child which I thought would be honest and real Instead, I felt the book was preachy and honestly got the feeling that it was just the preacher dad hoping that this was what his son experienced I felt that it was way too Christian and since I believe heaven is non denominational it didn t ring true to me intuitively I am also a spirit medium and it did not coincide with what I know of [...]

    17. Jenn

      Grabbed this audio book at the last minute at the library because it was recognizable, I thought it might appeal to Luke on our road trip and it was only 4 hours in length I m all about near death experiences, afterlife, God and angels but this fit into the parents Christian doctrine far too well to convince the religious skeptic in me.

    18. Alex Lopez

      I couldn t find the right words to tell but this book proved me that every cloud has a silver lining I mean, we have different beliefs and perception about stuffs and all but, I was awestruck by his testimony I praise God for Colton s life, I wish I can borrow him even for one day.

    19. Bobbi Convery

      I clicked on the wrong photo, I read the actual book, not the participant s guide So sweet in so many ways Read it, you will not be sorry.

    20. Jackie

      Wowis book brought me so much hope, but many tears too Thank you Burpo family for sharing your story I highly recommend this book to anyone.

    21. Jolie

      Would love to believe, and maybe a part of me does, but wanted to this story than a preacher s son talking about heaven Twas the night before Christmas.

    22. Karl Erickson

      Something was different about this simple book entitled Heaven is for Real, A Little Boy s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo and with Lynn Vincent.I have to admit, though, that my wife actually picked this book up first I glanced at it, returned it to its Costco display table, only to retrieve the title again a moment later Something piqued my interest after reading just a paragraph, or so For one thing, it s written in an unusually simple, unvarnished style that is q [...]

    23. Lexi

      Heaven is for real is about a young special boy named Colton and his experience in heaven Colton has had a bad experience in hospitals because of his appendix bursting But something special came out of all his surgery s Something not every kid gets He got to travel to heaven and back, meeting different family members and learning things about heaven Colton told his family about heaven and his experiences This book has touched my heart in many ways The glorious detail of Colton s description of h [...]

    24. Hannah Reiser

      The author s purpose in writing this book to show people that believing in something and in trusting your faith and life into another s person hands is a difficult task to adopt Todd, the author, is trying to show that you can always be surprised, and not everything is what you think, questioning is part of religion, and for this extraordinary event to come about makes us all a little closer to not having to question and just believing He also wants people to listen to their children, believe t [...]

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