The Gathering Storm

Unlimited The Gathering Storm - by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson - The Gathering Storm, The Gathering Storm Now in development for TV Since its debut in The Wheel of Time R by Robert Jordan has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope originality and compelling characters The W

  • Title: The Gathering Storm
  • Author: Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson
  • ISBN: 9780765302304
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gathering Storm

    Unlimited The Gathering Storm - by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson - The Gathering Storm, The Gathering Storm Now in development for TV Since its debut in The Wheel of Time R by Robert Jordan has captivated millions of readers around the globe with its scope originality and compelling characters The W

    • Unlimited The Gathering Storm - by Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson
      187 Robert Jordan Brandon Sanderson
    The Gathering Storm

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    1. Markus

      Ravens and crows Rats Mists and clouds Insects and corruption Strange events and odd occurrences The ordinary twisted and strange Wonders The dead are beginning to walk and some see them Others do not, but and , we all fear the night.These have been our days They rain upon us beneath a dead sky, crushing us with their fury, until as one we beg Let it begin Journal of the Unknown Scholar, entry for The Feast of Freia, 1000 NE Tarmon Gai don is looming War, death and madness have become part of d [...]

    2. Richard

      I first picked up the Wheel of Time series fifteen years ago while a freshman in college I remember being totally caught up in the series, consumed by the characters and taken in by the world I looked forward to every page, couldn t decide on my favorite character and couldn t wait for the next book That changed as the series went on Wandering plotlines, characters that became so unlikeable that I loathed when they appeared for than a chapter at a time, and so much of the plot taken up with uni [...]

    3. Choko

      5 Another buddy read with the Fantasy Addicts at BBB May the Wheel keep on turning Pessimism, she is a fond friend of yours, yes That s uncalled for I barely know her Mere acquaintances, at best WOW Brandon Sanderson did Robert Jordan proud What a ride What an amazing series The complexity of plot and characters are not comparable to anything else I have ever read in my entire life It would be impossible for me to even delve into what happens in this book How do you summarize the whole of everyt [...]

    4. Gavin

      I guess the big question that counts when considering this 12th volume of the WoT is how did I feel about the switch from Robert Jordan to Brandon Sanderson I was OK with the change than I anticipated I m a big Brandon Sanderson fan but I had definitely been dreading the moment when he took over writing WoT Mostly just because I like consistency and WoT books always had such a familiar and distinct feel to them Some things were definitely different, but I think the most important thing of all w [...]

    5. Kaitlin

      So this is book 12 of the Wheel of Time series and this is the first one which is written after Jordan s death by Brandon Sanderson I am not going to lie, Sanderson is the reason I began reading the WoT series because I wanted to read everything by him but along the way Jordan sucked me in, developed this stunning world of visionary, resentful, powerful and dangerous characters, and created a massively fun story Some of the books are better than others I liked most of the ones so far although bo [...]

    6. Robin (Bridge Four)

      4.75 Someone Else is Driving the Car Stars The end is near, The Wheel has groaned its final rotation, the clock has lost its spring, the serpent heaves its final gasps This is the first book that was written after Robert Jordan s death by Brandon Sanderson I got so emotional when I read the opening words in the Foreword.I have not tried to imitate Mr Jordan s style Instead, I ve adapted my style to be appropriate to The Wheel of Time My main goal was to stay true to the souls of the characters T [...]

    7. Evgeny

      Final rating 3.5 stars.After an early and unexpected death of Robert Jordan somebody had to finish his magnum opus A relatively new and unknown at the time author was chosen Brandon Sanderson Fortunately for the series fans Jordan left enough notes regarding further plot developments and it is said the final chapters of the last book were entirely written by him So did Sanderson succeed in continuing the biggest epic series in fantasy It really depends on what you expect from Wheel of Time.The f [...]

    8. Jonathan Terrington

      This twelfth volume of The Wheel of Time is one of the most famous of recent times Simply because it was, at the time it was promised, expected to be the final volume of the then ongoing series It was also the first volume written by Brandon Sanderson then known simply for Mistborn The Final Empire with the aid of many, many notes left by Robert Jordan When I picked up The Eye of the World three or so years ago I knew that this twelfth volume of The Wheel of Time due at the end of that year was [...]

    9. Maria Dimitrova

      Buddy Read with the Sanderson cult, umm I meant fans, over at BBB.Going into this I was equal parts excited, because I ve heard good things about Sanderson, and apprehensive, because it s still a change and an unknown Considering how much time it took me to get used to Robert Jordan s style, I was scared that I won t have enough time to acclimate to the new style Thankfully my fears didn t realise The book was amazing I just couldn t put it down And I think it s because of the changes Mr Sanders [...]

    10. Manveer

      Sanderson love 3Brilliant book Fast paced, lots of shit happening Couldn t spot any differences in the writing style initially, but signs were there.The beginning of the end

    11. Brian

      Dear Brandon Sanderson I started reading this series around the time the 3rd book came out and I loved them to death My copies of the first few books in the series have been read and read so many times that they fell apart years ago.As the series continued on, adding and characters, and becoming and cumbersome, I got and disillusioned with it and the overall grand vision My complaints about the series seemed to increase with each passing book, ultimately hoping that Mr Jordan would stop wa [...]

    12. Andrew

      Superior to the last half dozen Jordan books, Sanderson does The Wheel of Time better than its original author.Sanderson puts in so many things that Jordan alluded to for effect but never satisfactorily depicted Aes Sedai politics, characters scheming and ploys, Rand recalling all the women he killed.Characters reminisce about their past and other characters Jordan neglected, and refer to how they have changed their emotions are real and tangible, and demonstrated through actions Egwene s strug [...]

    13. Nikola Pavlovic

      Ohoho ha ha ha Dok nekome ne smrkne drugume ne svane Meni je iskreno svanulo od kada ovaj serijal citam iz pera Brendona Sandersona Hvala Dzordanu na idejama, mada ne znam ni sam koliki je procenat kljucnih stvari u ovom delu Tocka Vremena zaostavstina samog Roberta Dzordana Info koji mi svi imamo jeste da je Dzordan na samrtnickoj postelji diktirao svojoj zeni sta sve treba da se odigra a ona je nakon njegove smrti nasla nekoga da to pretoci u roman romane A opet i da su sve ideje 100% njegove, [...]

    14. Eon ♒Windrunner♒

      I like to think that this book is the first result of what it would have been like if Jordan and Sanderson co authored this book together in real time It is filled with that same Robert Jordan touch, the WoT feel, the same epic story and wonderful characters, but now with the added injection of Sanderson s style, his mastery of pacing That just might be because these are the closing books and everything would have been racing towards the end anyway, but I do not think there is anyone who could h [...]

    15. Kerry *Soulcaster*

      Brandon Sanderson was the perfect choice for finishing this epic series.First read November 2009Latest read December 2016

    16. Lori

      WARNING THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS SO SKIP IF YOU HAVEN T READ THE BOOK I said I wasn t interested I said I wouldn t bother reading this until the whole series was done But with all the great reviews, and also having really liked Sanderson s other work, I went back on my word as soon as I saw this at Costco On top of that, I m even ignoring some books I ve been dying to read that I have on hand, notably Kingsolver s new one I m such a liar Well, I ve finished I busted my ankle so s [...]

    17. Phrynne

      Book number twelve in the series and I really think I liked it the best so far What s not to like when my favourite characters are featured so much Rand of course has been a favourite from the beginning but now I also find Mat to be interesting and very entertaining Even Egwane redeems herself in this book and has some of the most exciting scenes all to herself An awful lot happens in this particular volume and the story really feels as though it is progressing towards its ending Brandon Sanders [...]

    18. Rob

      Executive Summary By comparison to the previous books, this book moves at breakneck speed It remains one of my favorite of the series, but isn t quite as good as I remember it being I do think that Brandon Sanderson does an excellent job and picking up where Mr Jordan left off however.Audiobook Another fantastic performance by both Michael Kramer and Kate Reading They really bring these characters to life, and I can t see myself ever picking up my paperback copies again when I could listen to th [...]

    19. Roberta Jayne

      Amazing There are too many great things to keep track of and mention in reviews about WoT books at this point but, in general, all you have to really know is that it was amazing It definitely felt weird at the beginning to have Brandon Sanderson writing Yes, I could tell The 30 page prologue gave it away Oh how I do not miss Jordan s never ending prologues.Scary Rand is brilliant I loved Rand in this installment, damn But I m glad that despite the heaviness and finality of it all that the humour [...]

    20. Sarah

      Like a lot of fans of this series I was a little nervous going into The Gathering Storm because I wasn t sure if Brandon Sanderson would be able to capture the feel of the Wheel of Time series in quite the way Robert Jordan has created it I d never actually read a book by Brandon Sanderson before although I ll certainly be buying some of them when I ve finished this series so it wasn t a reflection on him as an author, just fears about a well loved series having a change in author Of course I m [...]

    21. Mike (the Paladin)

      Okay, I ve got to put everything else aside till I read this s nearly 800 pages and other people at the library are waiting for me to finish it.Well at least they finally killed Yeah, I won t put in a spoiler, not that it would matter that much, but then Sanderson has continued Jordan s established pattern of actually tying up few plot points per volume That is I suppose why it will he says take 2 of these gargantuan tomes to complete this story Okay I seem to say that a lot , once I got into [...]

    22. Jeanne

      To be real honest, I actually think this is the best book of the series so far Brandon Sanderson is a much better writer than Robert Jordan, and mind you I read all 11 books by Jordan so he s not THAT shabby Harriet Robert jordan s widow picked the PERFECT writer to finish the series from Jordan s notes He grew up with those books and is a huge fan boy of the series so he is ever so mindful to stay within the parameters of the world and the previous books in the series He s paid a great deal of [...]

    23. Emerson

      Two hands One to destroy, the other to save Which had he lost Excelente Estou muito impressionado com a qualidade desse livro A narrativa sutil do Brandon Sanderson deu a acelerada que a s rie precisava N o senti mudan as na personalidade dos personagens, e isso me agradou muito, era algo que eu receavaMuitos momentos tensos e agoniantes me fizeram ter diferentes sensa es, da alegria a tristezaSimplesmente fant stico At the end of time, when the many become one, the last storm shall gather its a [...]

    24. JDR

      The fact that I am rewriting this review is a testament to the greatness that the Wheel of Time can present to me.Obviously, you can see the rating, but you may not know that those 5 star ratings are rarer than you can imagine for me to give Once GR gives the ability to half stars, my ratings are gonna grow that much rarer But anyways, why do I love the Gathering Storm You will definitely find out Sanderson s Writing.I do not know any person who has actually read this series who couldn t immedi [...]

    25. Eric Allen

      The Gathering StormBook 12 of the Wheel of timeBy Robert Jordan and Brandon SandersonA Wheel of Time Retrospective by Eric AllenIn 1990 Robert Jordan published The Eye of the World and changed my life forever At that time the series was to be a trilogy Ten books, a prequel of significant size, and a companion guide later he died with the story unfinished and three volumes of the series left to be written by another writer from extensive notes, partially written scenes and extensive dictations th [...]

    26. Shobhit Sharad

      The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills And it wove the best it could for this series Brandon Sanderson writing the last few books is a definite gain for the Wheel of Time Though this world belongs to Jordan, it needed Sanderson, for the pace of the story, for the added humor which is not just funny to the Aiel Because by now, I really know what Seanchan armour looks like, I know what Choeden Kal is, and I don t want to be reminded about the appearances of every fricking person All of this was accep [...]

    27. Allison

      Wow I m still kind of stunned, trying to resurface back to reality right now This is what I remember feeling the first time I read the beginning of the series I m glad I re read all the previous books so all the details would be fresh, but I forgot what it was like to read one of these books with all the suspense, hope, fear, anticipation and compulsion of not having read it before I suppose that s enough raving, but I haven t been so submerged in a book for a long, long time A lot happens in th [...]

    28. Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥

      I forgot until now that this was partially written by Brandon Sanderson I couldn t even tell the difference.

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