Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name

☆ Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name ✓ Jack Weyland - Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name, Sara Whenever I Hear Your Name A fifteen year old Mormon falls in love with a pregnant teenager who has moved into a foster home after being sexually abused by her stepfather

  • Title: Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name
  • Author: Jack Weyland
  • ISBN: 9780875790701
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name

    ☆ Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name ✓ Jack Weyland - Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name, Sara Whenever I Hear Your Name A fifteen year old Mormon falls in love with a pregnant teenager who has moved into a foster home after being sexually abused by her stepfather

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    • ☆ Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name ✓ Jack Weyland
      401 Jack Weyland
    Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name

    One thought on “Sara, Whenever I Hear Your Name

    1. Melanie K. 5 King

      Sara, Whenever I Here Your Name by Jack Weyland is a book about friendship and acceptance When a new girl moves in next door to Travis, he starts to wonder who she is She is beautiful but she doesn t seem to want to have anything to do with Travis When Travis finds out that Sara was raped by her step father he is thrown into a world of confusion Travis helps Sara get through her pregnancy and develop a strong friendship I loved this book because it is so well written You find out the back storie [...]

    2. Deborah Berberi

      One of his better booksry seriously stageda teenage girl is pregnant raped by her father of step father is story is about this girl and a boy that helps her make an escape and a transition into some kind of sub normality of life or as much as can be expected in this kind of book Still has trademark hints of Jack Weyland s cheesy wit and sense of humor One of his sad and dramatic additions to his great repertoire of books definitely.

    3. Ellee B. 5

      The book Sara Whenever I Hear Your Name by Jack Weyland is definitely a must read It begins as the new girl, Sara, moves next door to Travis, who thinks that she is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen At the time they are both 15 almost 16 Travis convinces Sara to go on a hike with him, while during it Sara continually makes comments about how he will soon grow to hate her THE NEXT SENTENCE IS NOT A SPOILER, IT IS LITERALLY STATED IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OR TWO He finds out that Sara had been [...]

    4. Isabel

      Exposition 15 year old Sara moves right next door to 15 year old boy, Travis.Rising action Travis becomes friends with Sara.Rising action Sara tells Travis she s pregnant.Rising action They both get bullied for being friends while she s pregnant She has to go to court to make her stepfather who sexually abused her guilty.Climax She has baby, and her step father isn t guilty.Falling action Sara gets adopted with Travis s neighbors who have been taking care of her Sarah baby gets adopted, and Kath [...]

    5. Veronica

      When this book was given to me, I have to admit, I wasn t exactly ecstatic It looked like a fluffy, boring, chick flick of a story my every instinct was against actually reading it I instantly closed myself off, assuming this book would just be another cheesy, mediocre LDS authored type of a read Finally, boredom forced me to, reluctantly, start reading By chapter three, I was still convinced that this would turn out to be an unrealistic, superficial, Anita Stansfield esque book, no offense, I m [...]

    6. Mummy Cat Claire

      I read this book when I was in high school I can still remember it very well I think the book has stuck with me so well through the years because of the topic Sara was an abused child who went to stay with a foster family during her pregnancy Her foster family is the next door neighbor to the other main character sorry can t remember his name I remember thinking that the characters were very powerful for me, at least at the time I was a sheltered child who thought that things like that didn t ha [...]

    7. Lisa

      Sarah is a mysterious girl that has moved next door As her 15 year old neighbor, Travis, gets to know her, he struggles with his growing feelings for her, tries to create a friendship with her, as he wars with the anguish of her condition You see, Sarah was molested by her step father, and is pregnant with his baby A heartbreaking story that finds hope in the end.I read this book for the first time when I was twelve, and although the subject matter was a little serious, it truly made me think ab [...]

    8. 04mckenna

      A girl name Sara is 15 almost 16 years old and her step dad got her prengent she is going to live with a foster parents Joan and Gary until her baby is born She meet her best friend Travis who is the best and nicest person to her he helps her forget her past and move, with the though times of life at school and home.I really liked this book it was a really good book I liked it because when on one would be friends with Sara she said some one to be with her and some one could help her and i though [...]

    9. Diana Anderson

      My copy of this book now needs its pages flattened because of water damage from all of my crying This book really inspired me This book is about a girl named Sara who was abused so much by her step father that she becomes pregnant She is sent to live with Foster Parents who live next door to a young boy her age named Travis Sara and Travis become instant friends and despite the neighborhood s teasing and cruelty towards Sara, Travis sicks close by her side Travis helps Sara learn about the gospe [...]

    10. xXRossiya AruXx

      This was just a excellent read It made me smile, cry, and yell The emotions in this book were intense, and it was just so real You could see it happening to somebody.Some things in this book made me go Ick though.1 The grammer It switched off between correct grammer and not correct gramer Is that right 2 THE ENDING The ending made me want to SCREAM I HATED the ending I DID NOT like this stupid Loren guy And ISPISE Kathy with Travis Grr, stupid Kathy Other than that, its a wonderful book I highly [...]

    11. Heather

      Weyland tackles the sensitive subject of sexual abuse in a family with this novel This book teaches the values of compassion and loving one another The consequences of gossip and quick judgement are also present throughout this read This is another Weyland book that would have been given 4 stars had I read it when I was a teenager Note to parents This story begins after the sexual abuse has taken place and Sara is placed with a loving foster family There are no inappropriate scenes However, this [...]

    12. Carrie

      I want to explain my rating on this book It isn t an amazing book in the world of lit, but it did touch me deeply when I was young and trying to become the person I wanted to be It takes a very hard subject sexual abuse in a family and tells the story in a sensitive way It left me with hope and a great desire to never judge people We never know what goes on behind closed doors so it is best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

    13. Corinna

      Very mediocre I read another book by Weyland, Charlie, in high school 20 years ago and loved it I don t know if I was just not nearly as picky or if it was because I was less mature but this book didn t come close to the quality that I remembered from Charlie I m sure that because the book is quite dated that didn t help either It was just okay to me, and often very cheesy, like a 1980 s Mormon after school special.

    14. Jennifer

      This book was given to me for Christmas one year when I was a teenager It was so touching and so honest, it made me cry I wanted there to be a happy ending for Travis and Sara, butwellad it and find out I did not understand the ending to much when I was younger, but I understand maybe why it ended like it did.

    15. Heidi-Marie

      One of my favorites because it spoke volumes to me The subject was so sad, but something that happens But the most poignant scene was in the hospital In spite of trials and actions taking away your agency, there are still some feelings and emotions you will not be able to suppress And I liked that the ending was not the typical Weyland ending.

    16. Alicia

      It s really good, and it s about this girl who has been sexually abused by her stepdad and wants to press charges on him once she found out he had made her become pregnant, and she is only 15.This book, has trail, disappointments, and jealousy This book will leave you speachless, you will be laughing, and crying I suggest you read it I found Jack Weylands books very dignafied.

    17. Melanie

      I read this book back in High School Loved it then, but not so much now It s a little bittersweet, and a quick read It only took me three hours total from start to finish I m beginngin to think all his books have a sad undertone to them.

    18. Dawnetta

      Most Weyland books tend to be written to the purpose of some teen hardship Because of this he usually deals with very real and very hard topics for teens Teens need these issues discussed, some earlier then others Sara is about sexual assault, teen pregnancy, and adoption.

    19. Tif

      Okay this book stunned me I mean, this is Mormon fiction, right It was poignant and thought provoking I love that things work out, but not in the way you think and not in the easy way Story of incest, teen pregnancy, forgiveness, and living happily ever after.

    20. Katie

      I have read this book too many times to count Besides Charly this is probably my favorite book that I ve read of jack Weylands It always brings tears to my eyes at the end, and just really touches me for some reason.

    21. Sandy

      I loved this book I was really into Jack Weyland books when I was in high school, and this book made me think about the types of judgments those in the LDS faith are quick to make such as assuming Sara was pregnant because she was promiscuous.

    22. Kimberly

      This is, by far, my favorite Jack Weyland novel It s so beautiful, poignant, and heartbreaking yet hopeful I give Weyland major kudos for writing about this uncomfortable topic with grace and love.

    23. Angie

      I read this book as a teenagerd cried as a teenager, Weyland books made me cry a lot an adult, they are a little sappy This is a great book about the effects of sexual abuse.

    24. John Hilton

      My all time favorite Jack Weyland book and I ve read almost all of them I cried when I read it as a 15 year old.

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