The Sorrow King

The Sorrow King The papers call it The Suicide Virus The teenagers of Gethsemane Ohio are killing themselves at an alarming rate Steven Wrigley is trying to survive his senior year of high school still reeling fro

  • Title: The Sorrow King
  • Author: Andersen Prunty
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Sorrow King

    The papers call it The Suicide Virus The teenagers of Gethsemane, Ohio, are killing themselves at an alarming rate Steven Wrigley is trying to survive his senior year of high school, still reeling from the death of his mother and adjusting to life with his father Along the way, he meets a girl who becomes another kind of obsession Elise Devon Elise s secrets keep heThe papers call it The Suicide Virus The teenagers of Gethsemane, Ohio, are killing themselves at an alarming rate Steven Wrigley is trying to survive his senior year of high school, still reeling from the death of his mother and adjusting to life with his father Along the way, he meets a girl who becomes another kind of obsession Elise Devon Elise s secrets keep her distanced from everyone She has a special place she calls the Obscura She goes there when she is depressed or angry The Obscura makes her feel like nothing she s ever felt before When she loses herself to the Obscura, she fears she also gives herself to something much darker, something much powerful Something calling itself the Sorrow King Who is the Sorrow King He is carved from wood and bone He smells like wax, dead leaves, and memories He travels by moonlight and drinks the sorrow of others Can love exact vengeance on a monster made from madness, depression, and misery Or will the Sorrow King bleed the town dry before satiating himself and moving on

    The Sorrow King by Andersen Prunty Who is the Sorrow King He is carved from wood and bone He smells like wax, dead leaves, and memories He travels by moonlight and drinks the sorrow of others. The Sorrow King Kindle edition by Andersen Prunty Aug , The Sorrow King strives on its relateable characters and slow building menace The book is an absorbing fine read, while managing to ask important questions about suicide The book is an absorbing fine read, while managing to ask important questions about suicide. The Sorrow King Audible Audio Edition Aug , The Sorrow King takes place in small town Gethsemane, Ohio where the local teenagers are plagued with what is being called The Suicide Virus The kids are scared that they could be next, wondering if it truly is a virus could they catch it from their friends Sorrow of the King, by Henri Matisse Sorrow of the King, by Henri Matisse Matisse s Sorrow of the King is an influential piece from near the end of his life Many critics consider this to be his most innovative period He had begun to experience severe arthritis and had a bout with cancer which forced him to be confined in a wheelchair. King of Sorrow Klonoa Wiki Fandom The Sorrows of the King The Sorrows of the King is a collage using cut out paper shapes by Henri Matisse from It was made from paper he had coloured with gouache paint and is mounted on canvas Its area is x cm It was his final self portrait During the early to mid s Matisse was in poor health. Sorrow of the King by Henri Matisse Trivium Art History Sorrow of the King is an Early Modernist, Gouache, Paper Painting created by Henri Matisse in It lives at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris The image is tagged Cutouts , and Self portraits. King of Sorrow YouTube Jan , Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment King of Sorrow Sade Lovers Rock Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited Released on Vocal, C Sade King of Sorrow YouTube Nov , I love this song All the pctures in this song i made myself so i hope you all enjoy Sade King Of Sorrow Official Music Video YouTube Dec , videos Play all Mix Sade King Of Sorrow Official Music Video YouTube Sade Cherish The Day Official Music Video Duration Sade ,, views

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    One thought on “The Sorrow King

    1. mark monday

      DO NOT RUN FROM THIS BOOK'S LURID COVER!The Sorrow King is a real find. my only other experience with the author - the extremely goofy The Sex Beast of Scurvy Island - was not the best introduction to Prunty. the man is talented and the novel is unusually sensitive and moving. the imagery is unearthly. the writing is wry, lean, and clear-eyed. and the protagonists heartbreaking. surpassingly soe story is one of classic horror. a sort of suicide virus is taking out the teens of Gethsemane, Ohio. [...]

    2. Dan Schwent

      The town of Gethsemane, Ohio, is rocked by a string of suicides that some are calling The Suicide Virus. Meanwhile, troubled young teenager Steven Wrigley meets the girl of his dreams. But does his new lady love have some sort of connection to the suicide plague?Some people seem to be afraid of the bizarro genre, thinking it's full of things like talking penises running for president, super heroes wielding magical dildos, people having sex with fruit, and pieces of furniture having sex with one [...]

    3. Janie C.

      The small town of Gethsemane becomes the center of attention when many of its younger members commit suicide.  The once quiet town now emits a presence of doom and eeriness, experienced primarily by a handful of characters.  There is no doubt that this is a horror story.  The author has a way of making his characters so relatable that, as a reader, I was instantly drawn into the ominous world of Gethsemane.  Ghostly rumors, unconscious scribblings in a notebook and cloud formations take [...]

    4. Steve Lowe

      To those who might read this review,This is not Steve, this is his widow. Yes, that is correct. Steve is dead. His last wish, which he pinned to himself before he took his own life, was for me to post this review for him. I do so begrudgingly.And I lay the blame for my beloved husband’s death at your feet, Mr. Prunty. It was your book, The Sorrow King which drove him to this madness. Your skillfulness in capturing the mindset of downcast, suicidal teens and their daily angst so thoroughly depr [...]

    5. Trudi

      OCTOBER COUNTRY 2013 - #1First of all, there are some fantastic four and five star reviews available that really sell the merits of this book's accomplishments in mood and story. But it's this review that most closely captures my reading experience of it. What can I say? I like my horror to hit the lizard part of my brain, rather than the mysterious, atmospheric-laden kind that's literary and beautiful, yes, but misses my lizard brain altogether and goes right for the higher thinking part. I'm n [...]

    6. Bill

      “Let strange things explain the strangeness.”There is something rotten in the small town of Gethsemane. Lurking in the shadows. Driving the students of the local High School to suicide. Hunting. Feeding off the sorrow of the town and threatening to destroy anyone and anything that stands in its way. It’s getting stronger. The bodies are starting to pile up.A very well written and smart novel with sharp characterizations and a well thought out story line.A solid 4+ Stars and highly recommen [...]

    7. Steve

      After a recent slog through Stephen King's Insomnia, Anderson Prunty's Sorrow King came as a nice (but grim) surprise. The subject of teen suicide is a tough one. I've had friends, relatives, that have had to deal with such terrible occurrences. To see a life gone at such a young age is horrible. It turns life upside down. The subject matter is so painful that I wasn't even sure I wanted to read this book. But Prunty handles the subject with sensitivity, while still telling a horror story. The t [...]

    8. Brad

      I've wanted to read Andersen Prunty for a long time. Almost as long as I've been coming to . I mean, who wouldn't want to read books with titles like The Overwhelming Urge, Jack and Mr. Grin, Zerostrata, The Sex Beast of Scurvy Island and Fuckness? Maybe Jack van Impe and Jimmy Swaggart, but for the rest of us these titles are like lesbian porn smothered in chocolate. So bad for you in so many ways but impossible to avoid forever.And I've finally done it. I just finished reading The Sorrow King, [...]

    9. Katy

      Book Info: Genre: Dark Fiction Reading Level: While the characters would make it YA, the content makes it AdultDisclosure: I received a free copy from on a sale and am happy to provide an honest review.Synopsis: "There are no happy endings in hell."The papers call it “The Suicide Virus.” The teenagers of Gethsemane, Ohio, are killing themselves at an alarming rate.Steven Wrigley is trying to survive his senior year of high school, still reeling from the death of his mother and adjusting to [...]

    10. Nick Cato

      High school senior Steven lives in the small Ohio town of Gethsemane with his widowed father, Connor. Still dealing with the death of his mother 2 years prior, a rash of teenage-suicides hits the town, adding more pressure to both Steven and Connor's lives. To clear his mind, Steven begins taking long walks late at night. One night he spots a young redhead girl walking alone. He becomes obssessed with her, and even stalks her around school untl he discovers her name (Elise). When he meets up wit [...]

    11. knig

      The Sorrow King is my Bizarro baptism. I come to it laden with some prejudice: I am very particular about supernatural horror: I don’t like the way it’s a carte blanche for authors to spew up Mephistolean apnoea with no rhyme or reason. Unless its Dune or some totally otherly world where I don’t mind raconteuring about the colour of nonsense. But, if its going to be Smallville in the US of A v. the Sorrow King, then I want it a la Shyamalan’s ‘the Sixth Sense’ mode: everything joined [...]

    12. Jessi

      I tried, but maybe this was just not my bag? If we broke the elements of the story into parts I got most of them, there is a teenage boy who is lonely and a bit depressed, got it, there is a pretty girl with a secret, got it, there is a surge in teen suicide in the past few weeks, got it, there is a realm called the Obscura where you can feel power and happiness, but is also connected to cloud formation….Yes what? I just could not for whatever reason get into the flow of this book and fully un [...]

    13. Dustin Reade

      For a Prunty book, this one was pretty damned intense. I mean, his writing is unlike anyone else who has ever played with a pen or typer, and his stories are original, often quite funny, and always entertaining. And while they are always a bit dark, this one was like a night with no stars. Prunty offers us real horror, complete with a seemingly unstoppable monster/demon-thing, and a death-mechanism that is unspeakable: teen suicide.For, as one of the characters puts it in the novel: "What could [...]

    14. Kate

      Now that it's pitch black when I leave the comforts of my warm home to make the journey to the train to get me to my day job, I love to read horror stories in preparation of my favorite holiday, Halloween!This one was one of the best modern horror stories I have read in a very long time (Since I won The Place In Between, to be exact). Andersen Prunty knows how to get into your head and make your deepest fears - rational or irrational; repressed or addressed - come to life. He does this eloquentl [...]

    15. Marvin

      This may be the most conventional work I've read by Andersen Prunty. It can be said to have more Stephen King than Bizarro. Yet that may be a misleading statement for Prunty is never conventional. There is nothing basically weird or surreal about the town of Gethsemane, Ohio, which in itself makes it an atypical setting for the author. It appears to be a normal mid-western town. But it is in this setting that the author weaves a story of death, regrets, and sorrow. Like most horror tales, there [...]

    16. Monster

      Teen suicides have paralyzed the town of Gethsemane, Ohio. Steven Wrigley’s nightmares spill over into his journal, record the names of the dead, and reveal clues to a bloodthirsty stalker. Unable to sleep peacefully, he walks the quiet streets till dawn, alone, until he meets Elise. Elise has a secret hideaway, the Obscura, that enfolds her and allows her to escape her anger, stress, and conscience, It’s the one place Steven won’t follow her. A monster watches her there, absorbing her ang [...]

    17. Brian Steele

      I've been meaning to check out the work from Andersen Prunty for some time now, and the cover art to "The Sorrow King" had grabbed me early on. With an interesting premise, I opened an e-book version and hoped for the best. Simply put, I read the entire thing in one sitting and them immediately sat down to write a review for this amazing novel.Other reviews will already cover the synopsis, so I won't bother with that. No, instead I'll tell you that Prunty writes in an effortless style that someh [...]

    18. Shelby Young (The Haunted Rose)

      The sorrow king really surprised me. I was imagining some same ole book on how horrible life is yada yada. Instead I got an amazing story basically about this regular teenager whose mother died and has a bad time talking to his dad. He starts to fall in love with a depressed teenage girl. She wants to be all alone so everytime she moves she builds an obscura. A place where she feels at peace. She has no idea that the sorrow king has chosen her to help with his evil plans. All over town kids drop [...]

    19. Andrew Lennon

      Dnf at 82%.I kept trying because I really wanted this to turn around, but it was starting to feel like a chore reading this.It's just too depressing. I understand that suicide is a key factor to the story. But everyone is just constantly depressed. There is no breath of fresh air.Sorry just didn't do it for me.All reviews can be found at lennonslair/?m=1

    20. Matthew Vaughn

      I came across the name Andersen Prunty one day on Bizarro Central when they were announcing that the paperback of his novel Fuckness was available. The premise of that book sounded intriguing so I filed the name away as something to check out eventually. A while later I was on Bizarro Central again and they had a free fiction round up. Right there at the bottom of that list was that name again, Andersen Prunty, this time for the kindle version of The Sorrow King, for free. It’s almost near im [...]

    21. Mike Kleine

      The Sorrow King is one splendid and interesting read! While it certainly asks more questions than it answers, it still manages to tell an absolutely compelling horror story about the imagination and its power of persuasion. Prunty doesn't attempt to impress the reader with any twists or last-minute M. Night Shyamalan moments here, rather, he focuses on the dialogue, setting and story arc to create the rather unique tale of the Sorrow King. The book itself is neatly split into three different sec [...]

    22. C.V. Hunt

      What if the scariest thing you had to face was your own mind? Do you think that you would be able to fight through the madness, to save a town full of people, which have fallen under a sadistic spell? What if a monster of your imagination sprang to life?I was a little hesitant when I read the synopsis to The Sorrow King. It didn’t look like something that I could fall into at first glance, but after reading a few reviews, I thought I would give it a shot since it was only $0.99 on Kindle. I’ [...]

    23. Sam

      This is an immensely creepy and utterly chilling horror tale that you will not be able to put down. Prunty creates a compelling story through his characters and dialogue without relying on shock tactics or sudden twists in the tale to give the reader goosebumps. The presence of the Sorrow King (or Jackthief, which I found creepier as a name than Sorrow King for some reason) builds gradually as the sorrow and grief that envelopes the little town of Gethsemane builds to its bloody, heart wrenching [...]

    24. Rodney

      I will keep it short by saying that this was good in every way. From the character development, the experiences of said characters, the way the story unfolded, the well placed twists, etc. etc. I am often stingy with the 5 star rating, but this one certainly deserves it in my humble opinion.

    25. Jeremy Maddux

      This book is the reason why I believe Andersen Prunty has at least dabbled in chaos magick if not a full blown practitioner of the dark arts. As I familiarized myself with the story of Steven and his father as well as the troubled Elise, I found passages of this book seeping into my subconscious, and this is not hyperbole when I say this.Pages before reading of the ennui and uneasy intuitions of Steven's father that something bad was about to happen, I too had a certain anxiety I couldn't tie ba [...]

    26. Ken

      A rash of teen suicides plagues a small town in Ohio and speculation about the cause range from a "suicide virus" to a suicide pact among the teens. But, nothing seems to truly get at the root cause.Prunty expresses some fairly unique ideas in this novel. As the novel reaches its climax, you are not sure if the whole thing is a dream, reality or some other altered state and you're not even sure whose dream, reality or altered state you have entered.5 STARS

    27. George Billions

      This is probably the closest thing I’ve read to a traditional horror novel from Prunty. (Or listened to, since I got the Audible version.) I feel like that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s wildly imaginative — no typical horror tropes here — but lacks the balls-out weirdness you’ll read in a lot of his books. This probably makes it a decent starting point for newbies to his work. The grounding may also be one of the things that makes The Sorrow King so damn creepy and unsettling. O [...]

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