Die Bärenkralle

Die B renkralle Mitten in Oslo werden innerhalb k rzester Zeit drei Frauen auf bestialische Weise ermordet Kommissar Viken steht vor einem R tsel denn die schweren Verletzungen deuten auf den Angriff eines B ren hin

  • Title: Die Bärenkralle
  • Author: Torkil Damhaug Knut Krüger
  • ISBN: 9783426502105
  • Page: 153
  • Format: None
  • Die Bärenkralle

    Mitten in Oslo werden innerhalb k rzester Zeit drei Frauen auf bestialische Weise ermordet Kommissar Viken steht vor einem R tsel, denn die schweren Verletzungen deuten auf den Angriff eines B ren hin Doch wann hat man das letzte Mal von B ren in der Stadt Oslo geh rt Dann entdeckt der Kommissar, dass der beliebte Arzt Axel Glenne alle Toten kannte

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      153 Torkil Damhaug Knut Krüger
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    One thought on “Die Bärenkralle

    1. Emma

      Despite showing some promise in the initial and final stages, the vast majority of this book was plodding and unconvincing. Spending most of the time with Axel Glenn, a doctor having what must be some kind of midlife crisis, as he embarks on an affair with a young colleague and makes ever more ridiculous behavioural choices was just one of the book's many issues, which included: frequent jumps to the characters who had little or no depth and which were often randomly sidelined/forgotten about, i [...]

    2. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede

      SWEDISH REVIEWSe mig, Medusa är en bok som började spännande, men kom berättelsen lite av sig och jag fann delar av boken något segt innan berättelsen hämtade upp sig ordentligt mot slutet som var suveränt. Jag gillade hur allting om Axel Glenne tvillingbror Brede verkade vara en stor hemlighet. Vad hände med Brede, är han vid liv? Är han personen bakom morden, och försöker han sätta dit Axel för morden? Och hur kan det vara mord om kvinnorna har dödats av en björn? Massor av fr [...]

    3. Deborah Ideiosepius

      Sadly, I just could not love this book, while Axel, our main character started out as an, interesting believable character, a doctor with a life that makes sense he then goes off the rails as murders occur around him, murders possibly linked to his estranged twin brother. I found nothing convincing or believable about him going off the rails. He does random, idiotic things with insufficient character development to make them comprehensible. In fact, through the main part of the book it is rare t [...]

    4. Nigel

      This, the first of four books by Torkil Damhaug, had an intriguing and compelling start to me and I found the writing very atmospheric. The central character, Axel, is a medical doctor who is a twin. However it is a long time since anyone has seen his twin brother and it is clear very early on that there is a story to be revealed. I did find many of the characters interesting and well fleshed out and I felt that the translator had done a very good job in this book. The "action" in the first half [...]

    5. Boktok73

      Kvinnor hittas dödade med brutala skador som tyder på att en björn har varit framme. Polisen står handfallen. Den enda gemensamma nämnaren mellan kvinnorna är läkaren Axel Glenne. Handlingen utspelar sig i Norge, från stadsmiljö till skogbeklädda utmarker. Handlingen kommer nära karaktärerna och får ett psykologiskt djup som kryper under skinnet på mig. Torkil Damhaug håller Jo Nesbö-mått och en norsk deckarstjärna till är tänd. Han är en författare som åker direkt upp på [...]

    6. Villivonkansbooks

      Axel Glenne driver en lukrativ läkarmottagning och lever ett till synes harmoniskt familjeliv. Morgonen efter en jour förändras hans tillvaro helt. En kvinna hittas död i Nordmarka, med skador som ser ut att komma från en björn. Kort därpå hittas ännu en kvinna riven och dödad. Det enda de båda kvinnorna har gemensamt är Axel Glenne. Boken börjar bra redan från början, som läsare dras man genast in i handlingen. Det är spännande och mot slutet blixtrar det till ordentligt. För [...]

    7. Eva-Lena Bjarneborg

      En mycket spännande historia som jag gärna hade gett en 5:a om det inte vore för ett par alltför otroliga sammanträffanden och situationer. De är dock förlåtna medan man läser, tack vare spänningen som väger upp.

    8. Kate

      The premise of this book intrigued me, GP Axel Glenne is implicated as a suspect in the disappearance and subsequent murder of a woman because of some link. Axel is convinced it's the doing of his long lost twin brother Brede, a man that no one knows about, no one has met and there is no proof that Brede even exists. Is it Brede? Does Brede exist? Is it Axel acting subconsciously? Axel Glenne on the face of things is a happily married GP, beautiful wife, 3 interesting children, and seems dedicat [...]

    9. Andrew

      *Mild spoiler alert*Medusa is an odd entry in the Nordic Noir genre, as it manages to boast some intriguing quirks and some real faults. Firstly, the problems. This may be the fault of the English translation, but the writing felt pedestrian and lacking in flair. I particularly felt the book got bogged down in its early stages, and to be honest, for a while I left it alone, as I didn't think it was going anywhere. Yet when I concentrated, I found the book had several interesting quirks. For one [...]

    10. Marte Haga

      Torkild Damhaug leverer som alltid! Spennende krim hvor vi følger en rekke ulike karakterer som alle sammen kan kobles sammen med hverandre og krimsaken på ulike vis. En svak 4-er for denne. Har lest mye av Damhaug og har likt absolutt alt. Dette er likevel den svakeste av hans krimbøker, syntes jeg. Det til tross får den 4 av meg så det sier jo litt om hvor bra de øvrige bøkene hans er

    11. Gretel

      A forest near Oslo, Norway. In a short space of time three women vanish and their bodies are then found with injuries indicating they had been attacked by a bear. Inspector Viken and his police team look into the unusual deaths and they find out that these women are all connected to each other by way of local GP Axel Glenne. The police gather more evidence and are certain that Axel is the killer, but he is certain he is a victim of sabotage by his estranged and deranged twin brother Brede. The b [...]

    12. Elaine Tomasso

      I have been wanting to read Medusa for a while as I am always interested in Scandinavian crime fiction. The protagonist is Axel Glenne, a doctor with a great home life but is enticed into an affair with his student, Miriam. Then a woman Axel talked to just before she disappeared is found dead, apparently from a bear attack. Axel becomes the police's prime suspect when it becomes known that he knew the second victim as well as the first. He suspects his "evil" twin brother, Brede, and the police [...]

    13. Plum-crazy

      A good read from an author I hadn't heard of before & the format was a little strange as there's no quotation marks but hyphens indicating speech - I quite liked it for a change.The basic premise is that the deaths of two women, apparently mauled by a bear, are believed by the police to have been committed by local Dr Axel Glenne. Axel in turn, belives the murders may have been committed by his twin brotherwho his wife & children have never met. To me, it would have been better they had [...]

    14. Charlotte

      Really annoying translation - all dialogue was started with a hyphen, not quotation marks, and there was no mark of any kind when it finished Figuring out who was speaking in a conversation, and precisely what they said detracted from the story.This was a very boring story, I nearly gave up several times but persevered to find out who the killer was - that was a disappointment too.The so-called profiling done in this book was a joke - no one profiles like that in the UK (where the guy supposedly [...]

    15. Cheryl

      For the first part of the book, I thought this had the makings of a taut, gripping psychological thriller, with the author skilfully playing with the reader's interpretations and suppositions. The constant doubt over whether or not Brede exists and, if he does, wondering what the big family drama was that led to his banishment, added an extra level of enjoyment for the reader, forcing him to step back and psychoanalyse Axel and his motives.However, as the plot developed, I found that the tension [...]

    16. Amanda

      This jumped points of view far too often, especially at the start, which made it hard to get into. I didn't much like the writing style overall. I also had a big problem with the formatting: dialogue was written- Like this, he said. And continues like this.At first it was just annoying, but it ended up being confusing in some cases. I won't read any more by the author.

    17. Christian

      I really enjoyed this book. I can see why people might give this a low rating though. It's very different in the sense that you can work out a who committed the crime quite early on, if you're looking hard enough. Then the fun becomes working out how the detectives will eventually unravel the whole mystery and tie up all the loose ends.

    18. Karen

      If you like your crime with a side order of gruesome, then this is for you. The author did a fantastic job of leading me round the houses, and part five had me sat on tenter hooks the whole way through. Brilliant, can't wait to read more from this author

    19. Ean Kewley

      Overall this was a good book. The character development was well done, the plot development was interesting and the pace was maintained throughout (in fact it sped up a bit towards the end). The one niggling factor (for me) was the use of hyphens rather than inverted commas for speech. Why?

    20. The Twins

      Loved it, loved it, loved it! A new Nordic Noir author for me but already looking forward to reading all his other books!

    21. Peter Howard

      This was readable but I think it had a bit of a sloppy translation as not laid out very well. A sort of by the pool book much like lots of others of this type.

    22. Sharon Burgin

      The plot twists were not what I expected. An interesting read, characters I couldn't really identify with or like though, so don't think I'll be reading other books by this author.

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