The blue lagoon

The blue lagoon The Blue Lagoon is the story of two cousins Dicky and Emmeline Lestrange stranded on a remote island with a beautiful lagoon As children they are cared for by Paddy Button a portly sailor who drin

  • Title: The blue lagoon
  • Author: Henry de Vere Stacpoole
  • ISBN: 9780708819852
  • Page: 281
  • Format: None
  • The blue lagoon

    The Blue Lagoon is the story of two cousins, Dicky and Emmeline Lestrange, stranded on a remote island with a beautiful lagoon As children, they are cared for by Paddy Button, a portly sailor who drinks himself to death after only two and a half years in paradise Frightened and confused by the man s gruesome corpse, the children flee to another part of Palm Tree Island.The Blue Lagoon is the story of two cousins, Dicky and Emmeline Lestrange, stranded on a remote island with a beautiful lagoon As children, they are cared for by Paddy Button, a portly sailor who drinks himself to death after only two and a half years in paradise Frightened and confused by the man s gruesome corpse, the children flee to another part of Palm Tree Island Over a period of five years, they grow up and eventually fall in love Sex and birth are as mysterious to them as death, but they manage to copulate instinctively and conceive a child The birth is especially remarkable fifteen year old Emmeline, alone in the jungle, loses consciousness and awakes to find a baby boy on the ground near her Naming the boy Hannah an example of Stacpoole s penchant for gender reversals , the Lestranges live in familial bliss until they are unexpectedly expelled from their tropical Eden.

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    One thought on “The blue lagoon

    1. Dorcas

      It seems that many people base their opinions on this book by how well it stood up to the 80s movie. Well, I have not seen the movie, nor do I want to. The book describes things perfectly.After their ship catches fire, two children (cousins) are tossed into a dingy with Paddy, an able seaman. They drift for some days before coming upon an abandoned ship and later, an uninhabited paradise island. There they stay for many years, partaking of the island's yield and exploring its mysteries.I really [...]

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    3. Marisa Fernandes

      "A Lagoa Azul" foi uma feliz surpresa, pois apesar de conhecer a história porque já vi um sem número de vezes o filme com o mesmo nome (trailer oficial aqui: youtube/watch?v=XfNgP ), o livro conseguiu trazer-me novidade. Há partes, importantes e podendo fazer a diferença no desenrolar da história, que o filme não mostra e o livro conta de forma magistral. As descrições são soberbas, quase cinematográficas. De tal modo que, durante os dias que estive a ler "A Lagoa Azul" também eu me [...]

    4. Deary Darling

      I don't really wish to review this book. If I did I would have to criticize certain implausible moments like Hannah's birth (or lack thereof). My experience with this book has me questioning how much personal freedom I allow myself as a reader to enjoy what I'm reading without judgment. The truth is I loved this book. It wasn't the story, or even the writing, it was the spirit of the book, or rather, what I perceived to be, the spirit of the author that I felt swept up and carried away by. I lik [...]

    5. ☆drea☆ wears the cheese

      I can see this being a tuff read for some ppl as its pretty much all descriptive. my five star rating comes from the fact that it was published in the 1900's and deals with some pretty controversial issues, especially dealing with children and teens. I loved this book, but some of that may be rooted to my memories of the movie being one of my favorites in the 80s. I found the ending poetic, I dont think i'll read the next one, just leave it as is. oh yeah, plus its free on amazon kindle ap. :)

    6. Sarah Beth

      I have long had an obsession with the 1980 (Brooke Shields) version of this movie. I will stop whatever I'm doing if The Blue Lagoon is on tv - including schoolwork, chores, a run, etc. I had no idea that this novel was such a hit in its time and has been made into not one but three different movie versions following its publication in 1908. It is the story of two cousins that are stranded on an island and discover death, sex, and love by experiencing it. The story has clear Adam and Eve connect [...]

    7. Hana

      Henry de Vere Stacpoole writes beautifully and I loved The Beach of Dreams: A Romance and The Man Who Lost Himself. This is his most famous book and was made into a movie (which I have not seen). I found it rather uneven. The book opens with a ship fire that strands two young children--cousins--in a boat with an old Irish sailor, inevitably named Paddy. They spend days drifting about on the Pacific currents while Paddy tells stories and feeds them on ship's biscuit. This part was about a three s [...]

    8. Sarah

      I usually have a hard time giving a book 2 starsjust because usually I can find something about it I really liked. This book was no exception. I LOVED the whole "shipwrecked" part of the story, and the descriptions of the island were amazing. I also bought the whole cousin romance thing, I mean, there was a time when cousins marrying was totally normal. Also, given the fact there were not many other folks around to choose from, it worked. What ruined it for me was the fact they named their SON H [...]

    9. Sharon

      My favorite thing about 'The Blue Lagoon' was H. de Vere Stacpoole's brilliant descriptions of the beauty and adventure of being on a restless sea and a flourishing, deserted island. I'd never thought of a boat kissing the sea or birds in flight looking like stars before. I was surprised that the romance that dominates the 1980 movie version of 'The Blue Lagoon' doesn't appear until shortly after the middle of the novel! As I was reading, I kept thinking that something (besides the ick factor of [...]

    10. Wirotomo Nofamilyname

      Buku #40 di tahun 2017.Versi ringkas dari The Blue Lagoon. Dan termasuk dalam Seri Kancil keluaran Gramedia, yang legendaris itu (buat orang setua saya sih) :-)Karena Seri Kancil memang untuk anak-anak, maka tidak seperti filmnya (salah satu pemainnya adalah Brooke Shields waktu masih sangat muda) tidak ada adegan aneh-aneh kecuali Dick memeluk erat-erat Emmeline. Tidak ada adegan hamil, tahu-tahu sudah lahir saja si bayi.Eh tapi ternyata ceritanya lumayan juga. Saya senang dengan si Paddy Butto [...]

    11. Amy

      Though some aspects of this novel were a bit out there, I can forgive that. Stacpoole's writing is poetic. He brings the island and the lagoon to life. It's very visual writing. Maybe it's because I just stopped readingThe Swiss Family Robinson at 55% because it was SO AWFUL. The Blue Lagoon is not really a survival story, either. It's almost a fantasy. Who wouldn't want to live on an island?

    12. Amanda Fegan

      It took me a long time to finish this book. Normally I finish books in a matter of hours but 'The Blue Lagoon' took me about two months. I don't know how many descriptions I read of Dick going fishing or of the blue birds but it was mostly dull. I think the word 'lugubrious' was used three times in an event that was only two pages long! Not to mention the romance itself was barely there. I don't mean that they didn't have any chemistry, I mean that there were literally only a few sentences leadi [...]

    13. Angie

      This book was such a pleasant surprise. Originally published in 1908, I was surprised to find it such a delight to read. The story pulled me in from the start and by the end, I wasn't ready to leave the Blue Lagoon. Lovely little story. "The moon rose up that evening and shot her silver arrows at the house under the artu tree. The house was empty. Then the moon came across the sea and across the reef. She lit the lagoon to it's dark, dim heart. She lit the coral brains and sand spaces, and the f [...]

    14. Brent

      This was not nearly as sappy, melodramatic, cheesy, overdone, and mushy as the 1980 movie, but I quite liked it anyway.

    15. Kit★

      I didn't know the movie was based on a book, I want need this book now! I used to watch the movie over and over and over growing up, it's one of my all-time favorites.

    16. Kumar Shivam

      Its a nice book to give you company in loneliness or boredom. First part of the novel is somewhat unnecessarily long, but there are quite beautiful phrases, for instance when Mr. Lestrange tells the Captain how he does not want the children to know about death. Here is a sample of a part I liked- "Look at the sun goin' into the wather, and don't be spakin' a word, now, but listen and you'll hear it hiss." The children gazed and listened, Paddy also. All three were mute as the great blazing shiel [...]

    17. Rahma saeed

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    18. Bianca Fields

      As a fan of the 1980 movie of the same name this novel has been on my list for a while now. I really enjoyed it. The writing and plot are very well done. As for the "birth" of Hannah well, this story is clearly meant to not really go into depth. That being said this is a timeless tale that could be read today and still be enjoyed.

    19. Thebomb

      loved the story, but it was difficult to understand at some points because of the accents and the botched words.quite humorous and very sweete tropical setting and all that happened made it sound [and look, in the movie] like an adult Neverland. [never a bad idea IMHO ] ending ambiguous and sad and I would have preferred an HEA.

    20. Mariana

      Had an unexpected and honestly unfulfilling ending. It felt like nothing was that explored or got anywhere. Supposedly this is the first book in a trilogy, but it should still be able to stand on its own, which I don't think it does.

    21. Autumn

      This book had both brilliant writing and writing that made me roll my eyes to the ceiling and mutter oh geez. Over all, it was much better than the 1980 movie. I enjoyed it much more than I had expected to.

    22. Faith Russell

      Honestly I loved this book. After you get over the part where they're related and focus on the story, it's amazing. I think that out of all the books I've read in my life, this book has the most simple and pure love that was ever written. It was beautiful and I enjoyed reading this story.

    23. Lucy

      I loved this. The descriptions made my mouth water. And he doesn't balk at the realities of his characters, either - it's not a sentimental book. Read it if you can.

    24. Ashley Breanna

      An interesting story about survival instincts, at any age. A classic tale. Two children are lost at sea & they learn how to progress on with life, alone, on an island, without other parts of humanity.

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