The Art of Murder

The Art of Murder In all his years on the force Detective Chief Inspector Pendragon had never seen a corpse like this one After the initial horror he recognised the reference to the surrealist painter Magritte But t

  • Title: The Art of Murder
  • Author: MichaelWhite
  • ISBN: 9780099551591
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Art of Murder

    In all his years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Pendragon had never seen a corpse like this one After the initial horror, he recognised the reference to the surrealist painter, Magritte But that made the crime even sickening accomplished, as it had been, with a sickening ferocity which placed it in another league from common or garden homicide.In the WhitIn all his years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Pendragon had never seen a corpse like this one After the initial horror, he recognised the reference to the surrealist painter, Magritte But that made the crime even sickening accomplished, as it had been, with a sickening ferocity which placed it in another league from common or garden homicide.In the Whitechapel area of London in the 1880s, a person, who remains unidentified to this day, committed a series of sadistic murders of local prostitutes, which involved elaborate mutilation of the victims bodies.Although the contemporary crimes are not directed exclusively at female targets, there is grotesque similarity in the mindset of the two perpetrators divided, as they are, by than a century But Pendragon is determined that his pathologically brilliant killer will not escape detectionE ART OF MURDER reveals Michael White s mastery of a crime genre that he is making uniquely his own.

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    One thought on “The Art of Murder

    1. Lorena

      I feel like a mystery/thriller book should either be mysterious/thrilling, either not be published at all. This was a random pick while I was waiting for eight hours at the airport and I needed something cheap and pocket format. The description on the back caught my attention as well. The mere idea of the plot was interesting, but the way how it was developed didn't draw me in. I was having few flashbacks from The Da Vinci Code while reading it, since it involved paintings, but unfortunately fou [...]

    2. Liliana Pinto

      Este é um livro que se lê mas que não fica na memória. Não me encheu as medidas nem me fez suspirar por mais. Quando faltavam umas páginas para o final do livro eu já tinha adivinhado quem era o assassino, mas não por que o tinha feito.Penso que a melhor característica deste livro é a introdução do relato do séc XIX. Um relato que (supostamente) pertence ao famoso Jack, o Estripador. O pior assassino em série de Inglaterra. E um assassino que nunca fui encontrado.É um livro median [...]

    3. Tempo de Ler

      'Arte Assassina' começa muito melhor do que acaba; o que, num thriller, quando tudo avança para a 'grande revelação', é normalmente sinónimo de desilusão. Começamos com um homicídio numa galeria de arte - uma mórbida imitação do famoso quadro de René Magritte, O Filho do Homem. O inspector-chefe Jack Pendragon faz imediatamente a ligação entre a cena do crime que tem à sua frente e a obra de arte mas o motivo que levaria alguém a fazer algo tão doentio ultrapassa-o completament [...]

    4. Trisha

      Inhoud:In al zijn jaren bij de politie is inspecteur Jack Pendragon nog nooit geconfronteerd met zo’n gruwelijke reeks moorden. De lichamen van de slachtoffers zijn op verschrikkelijke wijze verminkt en vervolgens zo gepositioneerd dat ze verwijzen naar werken van beroemde surrealistische schilders. Om de zaken nog ingewikkelder te maken, lijkt er een verband te zijn tussen deze moorden en een serie onopgeloste moorden in Londen in 1880, namelijk die van Jack the Ripper. Pendragon is vastbeslo [...]

    5. Yassemin

      'The Art of Murder' had a pretty interesting synopsis, enough to make me pick it up and think this should be quite good. Alas, it just wasn't that good.The story itself is interesting, alternates between the contemporary killings taking place and extracts from Rippers killings back in the 1880s. Although personally, both sets of murders were completely different, so I don't know why the author decided to even use the Ripper killings.The writing was fairly blandry basic and not particularly descr [...]

    6. Andrew

      An enjoyable enough crime fiction novel which flirts between a modern case involving a killer inspired by surrealist paintings and a journal purporting to be written by Jack the ripper.Both cases co exist within the novel but to be honest only are only tenuosly linkedever whilst reading through flashing between both is fun.As I have read from other reviews it does seem the killer is easily picked out even if there's still more to their identityI myself had the killer sussed shortly after their i [...]

    7. Nikisylvia

      Whilst reading this book I liked the passages from the point of view of Jack the Ripper more than the main storyline. I knew who the killer was halfway in and only continued to read to see if I was right Shocked that I was. The characters are not painted in depth and whilst the writer seems to try and build a connection to the main character, through his backstory about the disappearance of his daughter, he barely scratches the surface. I also thought it was a bit cliched that the killings were [...]

    8. Sergiu Pop

      The light kind of a book, nothing too complex; good for a light read during a vacation.The murderer was easy to get since the person was introduced in the story.3/5 Stars.

    9. Marie Cope

      Honestly, I couldn't get into this book at all. I found the characters dull and wooden and nothing really drew me to it. However, as a friend had recommended it, I read it all. The murders themselves were very imaginative, so full marks for those, but the rest pulled it down.As an avid Jack the Ripper fan, I was intrigued by White's fictitious story, but hated the way, at the end, that he suddenly decided to disprove the whole thing - very poor judgement. He should have left it out there, as thi [...]

    10. Florinda

      É uma história interessante se pensarmos na relação entre as obras de arte e os assassínios em si.Fiquei um pouco triste porque me pareceu que a escolha do assassino foi feita um bocadinho a pensar "ah, e tal parece que est@ é o mais adequad@" mas, enfim, escolhas. :)gostei do facto de me ter posto a procurar sobre as obras retratadas e também muito agradavelmente surpreendida por conhecer algumas!É uma leitura fácil se não nos importarmos com detalhes mais mórbidos.

    11. Susan Kent

      This book reminded me of the TV series Whitechapel, the characters, location and the story delving back into the past. Not sure what came first, the TV series or the book, but I should really do some research. Story is fine, guessed the bad guy, but not quite the whole story behind the bad guy. Only paid £1 for it in a Waterstones sale box - well worth the price.

    12. Phil Jones

      An interesting take on the old Whitechapel "Ripper" legend.Its nothing new but is a good detective novel set in both the current day and 1888.It was interesting to see where the Ripper story was going and how it would tie into the current day story. I guessed the murderer about half way through but it was still enjoyable to watch it come together.

    13. Joey

      The Art Of Murder was one of the most tense books I've read over the last couple of years. The book takes you on a dark and horrific storie, a murderer terrorises London with the most extraordinary murders. A detective is apointed to the case and faces a hard time to catch the murderer. Everything becomes even more thrilling when there appears to be a connection to Jack the Ripper.

    14. James Johnson

      Poor writing and a clunky plot. The characters are merely sketched and not fully formed. The story is paper thin with an unnecessary link to the much overdone Jack the Ripper myths and legends. A book for a rainy Sunday or a beach in the Med, but that's about it.

    15. Sandra

      This book had no heart for me was like painting by numbers but with words. I think the author feels he's found a formula that works, but I couldn't have cared less for any of his characters, as he failed to build any tension or atmosphere throughout the whole book

    16. Inês

      I liked it. I wanted o really, really like it, but I just liked it. I think I've been reading too much morder books, because in the middle I knew who the killer was

    17. Alison Large

      Gripping, good storyline, suspense. All key factors for a good book. Will be looking for more books to read from this author.

    18. Wendy

      Leuk boek, maar ergerde me wel aan de verwisseling van naam de ene keer heette ze Gemma, de andere keer Emma, dan weer Gemma

    19. Lynne

      Entertaining nonsenese and an easily guessable solution. Regardless of the occasionally lousy writing, way too much telling, an engaging bath/holiday/deckchair/airflight read.

    20. Dorinda Mosedale

      It was an easy read, the main story was interesting especially if you are interested in art, but found the sub-story difficult to relate to the main plot!

    21. Barry Nabbs

      definitely much better than 'Equinox' in my opinion but then I like the Jack the Ripper mythology. The plot moved well here and an enjoyable read.

    22. Meg Fox

      I enjoy all things jack so i liked this book. bit predictable in the middle. Figured out who the killer was. good though. the kills were gruesome.

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