The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

☆ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton ↠ Kay Lynn Mangum - The Secret Journal of Brett Colton, The Secret Journal of Brett Colton Kathy Colton can t stand her brother Brett Her family talks as if he were perfect All Kathy knows for sure is that Brett is dead He died of leukemia when he was sixteen and she was only two But when

  • Title: The Secret Journal of Brett Colton
  • Author: Kay Lynn Mangum
  • ISBN: 9781590383995
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

    ☆ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton ↠ Kay Lynn Mangum - The Secret Journal of Brett Colton, The Secret Journal of Brett Colton Kathy Colton can t stand her brother Brett Her family talks as if he were perfect All Kathy knows for sure is that Brett is dead He died of leukemia when he was sixteen and she was only two But when

    • ☆ The Secret Journal of Brett Colton ↠ Kay Lynn Mangum
      476 Kay Lynn Mangum
    The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

    One thought on “The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

    1. Sanora

      This is one of THE BEST books I have ever read It tells of a story of a girl named Kathy whose older brother Brett died of Cancer when she was two and he was seventeen Nobody has ever kept any photos of her childhood or any dates nobody even remembers her first word because around this time was when Brett was dignosed.Everyone in her family talks of how he s so perfect and she soon begins to dislike the brother she doesn t remember Then when she turns 16 she discovers her brothers journal that h [...]

    2. Madeline

      This is my favorite book of all time It is about this girl named Kathy Colton Her brother died at age 17 of Leukemia Kathy was about 2 when he died, so she has no memory of him Her older siblings Alex and Sam are always at her house with their families They always get into a conversation about Brett The brother she never knew Kathy has never found any vieos of her as a baby Nobody knows what her first words were, or even when she took her first steps They were always focused on Brett She just st [...]

    3. Rachel Wagner

      Some books are just not meant to be read by me This is one of them It is just not my style It kind of reminded me of an episode of 90210 but with Mormon kids The nerdy girl agrees to tutor the stud athlete who of course has a softer side a religious side in fact What is this strange faith of his Hummmm I think we are about to find out In addition, she is naturally from a troubled home because anyone non Mormon is screwed up in these boooks She finds the journal of her brother that died when she [...]

    4. Kierstan

      this book is so amazing aaahhh I loved it so much It s so sad, it makes you want to cry at parts and then other parts you suddenly get interested in recording your life I even bought a cam corder that I ll be using it s on layaway right now Not only is it such a great book but you also learn a little about the LDS religion It s so amazing aaahhh I love it It makes me feel very good.

    5. Megan

      One of the best LDS Fiction books I have ever read Actually, the only other LDS fiction book that I thought was worth my time was On The Road to Heaven and I guess Charly made me cry like a baby but that is all beside the point My Uncle gave me this book to read and at first I was a bit skeptical, my Uncle had never given me a book to read before and the first one he does give me is LDS Fiction, hm But I decided to read it anyways I started and I couldn t put the book down The main character, Ka [...]

    6. Emma

      This was a great, LDS book.One quote I really liked was When I see something as beautiful as a sunset, I can believe in God I can t accept the idea that this world just happened by chance that you or I just happened, like some strange accident Someone had to be in charge of making everything Something as beautiful as a sunset couldn t just happen by chance Someone had to be there to figure out how to make the sun and sky create such beautiful colors together like still fire spread all across the [...]

    7. Emilyn

      It was completely amazing I cried a little and laughed a little but mostly I was just thinking how cool it was through it all I found some really good stuff in it and it was just really touching I would read it billions of times and never get bored of it ever.

    8. Mommywest

      There are not many books that have made me cry as much as this one did From first read, you know this will not just be another LDS high school romance novel For one thing, the character telling the story, Kathy, is not a member of the LDS church She also feels a connection to her deceased brother she doesn t remember, and is sick of hearing about how great he was all the time In fact, she feels like after he died, her family ceased to move on When Kathy receives a mysterious gift from that very [...]

    9. Jennybug

      I really liked this book I was pleasantly surprised It was really fun to read, I think it would be good for young readers When I started reading this I did not know that it was written by an LDS author, so it really took me by surprise From Brett Journal pg 102 I am trying to concentrate on the good stuff in my life and not forget to notice everything Even little things Don t ever forget to notice the little good things in your life, because sometimes they re the most important things the things [...]

    10. Hollie Robb

      I d must admit that I didn t want to read this book But I m glad that I had It is not as a sad book as the synopsis describes it I was sad when it ended It was a good ending but I wanted to read .It was very well done I think that this book is a must read It is emotional so must be prepared for that It is a great story on having faith One of the best that I have ever read Kathy Colton can t stand her brother Brett Her family talks as if he were perfect All Kathy knows for sure is that Brett is d [...]

    11. Katie

      This book was simply beautiful and was a wonderful story on how Kathy found her way to the LDS Mormons and found her true place in life The strong relationship between a brother and sister was simply breathtaking as Kathy worked to uncover the mysteries of her dead brother Brett Colton The writing was well thought out and climatic, and I loved reading about Kathy and how she continued to find herself throughout the novel.The romance in this book is sweet, as you might call it Nothing about it wa [...]

    12. Amy

      I truly enjoyed this read today and it did even bring some tears not sure how much pregnancy hormones are to blame for that Then why only 3 stars The writing is mediocree story line predictable and sweet When a friend dropped it off so I could quickly gobble it down for book club, I looked at the back cover and sighed oh, it s an LDS book Which is fine, but I have to admit to having read very few LDS books that fit my criteria for good literature That said, this is a fast, feel good read That I [...]

    13. Londi

      LOVED LOVED AND LOVED There s actually three that she has written They aren t a series but they tie in together This one is by far my favorite one Then there is A Love Like Lilly which is probably the cutest love story story of a relationship between a grandpa and his grand daughter and When the Bough Breaks Oh my goodness They are probably three of my favorite books ever I love them.

    14. Becky

      Easy read, but enjoyable I read it in two days Some parts were a little cheesy, but I liked the part about the brother I didn t like how Jason couldn t show his interest in her until she became a little bit popular It also got me thinking a lot about high school, so I had to reread my journals That was fun.

    15. Alyssa

      Just read this book again It was definitely different reading it now instead of when I was 13 The main character was so moody and annoying, and the writing wasry cheesy Still, the storyline was sad enough that I cried again anyway I m still giving it five stars.

    16. Joanne

      This was a good book that was recommended by a friend I really enjoyed reading it The author did a good job of weaving the story in between some old journal entries It brought back memories of high school romancesoh boy It is a quick read and worth the time.

    17. Heidi Pikula

      This was a very well written book I would recommend it to anyone 12 14 and older I loved the story, the characters, and the way the story weaved the past into the present I didn t want to put it down, so I didn t I read it in about a day Easy reading.

    18. Adi

      This book Is one of my favorites It never got boring and I was always willing to read SPOILER ALERT I liked how Bretts friend ended up marrying the girl he liked It was unexpected.

    19. Sarah

      I normally do not read LDS fiction It s never really appealed to me I only read this book because it was the book chosen for the book club Although I found the romance part of the book to be a little cheesy and the plot somewhat predictable, I enjoyed the book overall.

    20. Miriam Robarts

      I m going back and forth on whether to give this book 2 or 3 stars I kind of liked this book It has an interesting premise However, there were several things that stalled the writing for me It was especially obvious with the setting of a high school Honor s English class and the main character s proficiency in English as major parts of the story It mentions how her friend s vocabulary improves from Kathy s tutoring, but the writing in this book wasn t that great, and the same words were used fre [...]

    21. Amberly Austin

      I don t normally read religious books but this was one my sister recommended to me so I decided I would give it a shot This was an interesting read for several reasons the first being how Mangum tied in the death of Kathy s older brother Brett It was almost like he was living during the whole thing What was even interesting was how Kathy truly hated Brett because of the legend he had left Once she finds his journal and begins to read things start to change Kathy truly realizes how much Brett lo [...]

    22. Kaylea Southwick

      Kathy is the main character who is the youngest child of her family Her older brother Brett died of Leukemia when she was a young girl, and she never got the chance to meet him She feels that she s constantly living in her brother s shadow, and is almost annoyed by her family constantly bringing him up all of the time She starts to meet a football jock in school who happens to be Mormon, and she tutors him in English For her birthday, she gets a present from her dead brother a journal he kept du [...]

    23. Rikki Nielsen

      The Secret Journal of Brett Colton is about a girl named Kathy who despised her dead brother who died of leukemia On her 16th birthday, she finds a secret journal from her brother, and learns about him, and grows closer to him through the journal She also meets a class member named Jason, who is a Mormon, and she tutors him in English, and they become good friends I really loved this book I love how you get to see Kathy learn to love the brother she really didn t know very well I also love how h [...]

    24. Lonette

      This was a nice little story, but very predictable There were no surprises, but it was nice to see how Kathy developed a relationship with her older brother, who died of leukemia I got so frustrated with the main character at times that I wanted to shake her, but then I realized that her reactions were typical for her age and emotional maturity, so that aspect was very well written.

    25. Lauren

      This book is fantastic I will admit that it would be better suited to an LDS audience, but I don t believe it s singular to such It was thrilling to me as a sopho in high school, and it intrigues me still as a freshman in college I d highly recommend at least giving it a chance, even if skepticism obstructs your desire.

    26. Janeece

      I really liked this book I have gotten to the point where pointless tear jerkers are really difficult for me to read This one did not fit that bill I found there were many life lessons shared in this book and many good tips about dealing with life and death.

    27. Ryanna

      I LOVED this book It is full of a million different emotions causing me to almost cry, laugh, and worry It caused me read the scriptures in a whole knew way Overall a great book

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