☆ Doomed ↠ Jayde Scott - Doomed, Doomed Enter a paranormal world of dark magic rituals love bonds and legends Fallen angel Cassandra wasn t supposed to fall in love with Dallas It should ve been just a bit of fun she couldn t resist The b

  • Title: Doomed
  • Author: Jayde Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Doomed

    ☆ Doomed ↠ Jayde Scott - Doomed, Doomed Enter a paranormal world of dark magic rituals love bonds and legends Fallen angel Cassandra wasn t supposed to fall in love with Dallas It should ve been just a bit of fun she couldn t resist The b

    • ☆ Doomed ↠ Jayde Scott
      195 Jayde Scott

    One thought on “Doomed

    1. Dani G

      This must be the most original book I have read It even made my heart stop at some point from shock I only thought omg, omg, but heck I wanted MORE of it I just had to read the whole thing again Beelzebub Girl is even better than the first book Cassandra has a light and dark nature to her, be prepared that this book is sad and funny Dramatic to read but so fricking addictive I couldn t put it down The writing is so captivating and every page left me clinging for The story is so different than a [...]

    2. Samantha

      Beelzebub Girl, the second book in the Ancient Legends series, did not disappoint, but I recommend readers to read the first book so they know why things must be happening this way and not take a different direction I could imagine otherwise things might be too confusing since there s a love story but not a predictable ending per se In this book, Cassandra finds out she has a bond with a human Dallas, but this is not the problem As Lucifer s daughter she has to fight against, enemies, obstacl [...]

    3. Julie

      I ve read A Job From Hell and liked it see my review , so naturally I picked up the second book in the series This one started where the other stopped but from a different perspective The story evolves around Cassandra and Dallas, so you don t necessarily have to have read the first book to find your way around easily When Lucifer s daughter, Cassandra, meets Dallas they re immediately drawn to one another through the ancient bond they share, one spun by fate Cassandra s summoned by her father b [...]

    4. Miss Reviewer

      This wasn t your usual take on paranormal romance It was a dark, gothic read with different paranormal elements such as reapers and fallen angels I m not one to sum up the plot because it s usually been done before, so I ll just focus on the various elements This is certainly a well written, fast paced read, about 350 print pages long, with lots of action but also new paranormal elements We have two vampires but they don t drink blood or avoid the sun, and we barely get to see them The whole par [...]

    5. Rachel S

      Wow, where do I even begin with the series It s my favourite 5 stars is simply an understatement Give it 10 In my opinion, J Scott has outdone herself this time Beelzebub Girl is even better than A job from Hell and yet so completely different, maybe because we are now dealing with a dark angel who has a different character than Amber, the main character in the first book, and yet she is so vulnerable and innocent in her own way if that s even possible To understand her is not really our quest a [...]

    6. Misha

      After reading the first book in the series, I had high expectations for the second book which were fulfilled but in a different way than I expected To know your way around this book, you need to have read the first one, A Job From Hell, otherwise I fear you won t know who everyone is With the Shadows popping up halfway through and Aidan and Amber arriving in hell to tie in on the last book s ending, you re better off by pushing this one aside until you have read the first This said, I thought th [...]

    7. Lacey

      The first book in this series was a quick read for me and I liked the characters and story line, so I figured I d go ahead and read the second This book took FOREVER to get going There were a few things that were clever, but for the most part, this book was terrible The huge lie that is fed to Dallas about his location is unbelievable and makes him look like a huge idiot for believing it If he was 10, maybe, but as a male lead, it made him and the book look ridiculous I also had issues with the [...]

    8. Kathy

      This is a must Summer read If you re new to Jayde Scott, then hang on for a heart pounding author who knows how to get the blood pumping Looks like the little Amber Clan is here again in the second book of the Ancient Legends series and it was all interesting to see them all coming together again Dallas, Cass, Amber, Aidan Cass was already my favourite from the first book and she still is my favourite from all She has the kind of personality I want to have Beelzebub Girl will leave you wanting f [...]

    9. Book Vixens Reviews

      Cassandra was my favourite character from the previous book and she didn t disappoint in this one I enjoyed getting to know her a little better and finding out about her life in hell, about Lucifer and the demon ranks I didn t expect Dallas to be the one for her but after I got over the initial shock I thought it d be Kieran because they had so much spark , I really got into the plot which kept me guessing and the romance part was well developed It was intense, twisted and very original I m int [...]

    10. Bex

      I received this book from Jayde Scott and I have to say that I loved this story I really liked Cassandra s character in the first book A job from hell but I love her in this book even .On the outside Cass looks like your average teenage girl, she s fun, quirky, hilarious, loves shopping and loves her job as a customer consultant, but what most people don t know about her is that she is anything but average not only is her mother an angel but her dad just happens to be Lucifer Cass enjoys living [...]

    11. Doreen

      I was really enthralled by this series and enjoyed it immensely So would I recommend it yes Would I reread it Yes, double yes The plot is fantastic, the writing beautiful, the characters very likable I just love Cassandra She can be a quite a bad bad bad girl, very naughty but oh so sweet I just love her and want to invite her to my morning brunch Some people might take stars off for her behaviour I don t because I realize that no two people are the same and what I find irresistible in one chara [...]

    12. Mary

      I almost peed myself laughing The book was great Lucifer s daughter shares a bond with a mortal This bond is not just ordinary It s a soulmate connection that is cursed and hardly blessed by the fates Although I would have loved to read romance between them, I also enjoyed Cassandra s attempts to break her curse and to run away from her family obligations I found her father rather nice, a little overbearing, but still angelic All I can say is I wanna be like Cassandra when I grow up She is the [...]

    13. Julie C

      LOVE IT IT S EVEN BETTER THAN THE FIRST BOOK Love the part where Cass the devil s only daughter works as customer representative Her way of dealing with with customers is so funny Also I love love the conversation between Lucifer and his daughter This is your job, Cassandra Are you watching and learning he asked Nodding, I curled my lips into a forced smile, grateful Dad couldn t read my thoughts I had to laugh so much It s almost like Robert De Niro giving the I am watching you glance in Meet t [...]

    14. LouiseC.

      TERROR IFIC This novel is even better than A job from Hell, the first book of the series It really really had me hooked.I love books with suspense, but usually can figure out the twist killer etc about 2 3 of the way through I did not have that problem with this book It had me hooked from the first chapter, all the way to the finish This is by far one of the most thrilling series i have ever read, you are always guessing, when you think you have solved it, it just turns and make you think again [...]

    15. Mandy

      Ok so this book this is amazing At first I was trying really hard to hate it since I m a church goer and don t feel very comfortable reading about Lucifer But I finished it in one day on my ipad in college and I must say I love this novel It s so much different than I expected It s wonderfully written and Cassandra is actually likeable Correction She is amazing Having read this, I can t now imagine anyone not loving this book so don t let the title scare you I am so glad I didn t judge the book [...]

    16. Kami

      This is a very poorly written story The errors are extremely distracting and the grammar is, at times, aweful There are missing words repeated paragraphs and contradictions galore The idea behind the story was okay,not great but tolerable, however, it was so poorly executed, it was difficult to finish the story I wouldn t read this again The swooning after knowing someone for all of two minutes annoyed me, the moving in together after an hour long conversation annoyed me, the let s get married a [...]

    17. T.R. Graves

      Even though Beelzebub Girl the Ancient Legends Series is brimming with vampires, fallen angels, and demons, Jayde Scott continues to do a great job at creating and MAINTAINING an original story line that will keep readers coming back again and again as evidenced by the wonderful reviews being posted.When I read A Job From Hell, I was intrigued by Cassandra s Cass character Because of this interest, I was thrilled to find that Beelzebub Girl featured Cass Like Melissa Marr s Wicked Lovely Series, [...]

    18. R.G.

      I wasn t a big fan of the first one but I had liked the character that is the main star in this book so I figured I d give it a shot bad mistake this book is way worse than the first one the story line is plain and really nothing intriguing at all Cass does nothing but lie constantly to the man that s supposed to be the love of her life which I guess is understandable since she s the daughter of Lucifer but since she doesn t want to be evil or stuck in hell you think she d try to do what was rig [...]

    19. Mary

      I almost peed myself laughing The book was great Lucifer s daughter shares a bond with a mortal This bond is not just ordinary It s a soulmate connection that is cursed and hardly blessed by the fates Although I would have loved to read romance between them, I also enjoyed Cassandra s attempts to break her curse and to run away from her family obligations I found her father rather nice, a little overbearing, but still angelic All I can say is I wanna be like Cassandra when I grow up She is the [...]

    20. Vicky

      Definitely worth the small price of 2.99 I bought all the books of the series and LOVED them And in its own little way, it was a romance book but not an ordinary romance, but a mystical romance where two people share a blessed and cursed bond given by the fates I laughed, I cried, I feared, and worried and I was even in love with one character I ve bought many 10 dollar books lately that weren t half as good There is plenty of suspense, romance and action There are some afterlife references tru [...]

    21. Jayde Scott

      I m the writer so I m probably biased Either way, I love this book Cass was my favourite character to write because she s quirky and someone you d have a lot of fun with She s also different, a bad girl who tries really hard to be good, and she stands out from the crowd My second favourite character from the book is Patricia aka the Seer, who s bound to a haunted bakery I d love to dedicate a whole book to her one day.

    22. CK

      I was excited to get my hands on this book I had read book one and was hooked I had met Cass and Dallas in A Job From Hell and LOVED their characters To the world, Cass is like any other teenage girl She has lots of friends, loves to shop, and has a great job in customer service But she hides a deep dark secret from the mortal world she is half demon, half angeld Lucifer s daughter Rebelling against her father s wishes, she mingles with humans and blends in without anyone suspecting a thing This [...]

    23. Patricia Puddle

      I read the first book in this series and wanted to read , plus the cover of this book really caught my attention I m so glad that I bought it because I absolutely love it I loved Cassandra in the first series so couldn t wait to read this one I love that she s the daughter of the Devil and her home is Hell Wonderful She has to break a curse in order to escape It s sort of a Star Crossed lovers as she falls in love with a mortal Cass is a cunning little fox and quite hilarious, though very naught [...]

    24. Joy

      Jayde Scott has woven a gripping story of Lucifer s daughter Cassandra, a fallen angel Worthy to love and to be loved, one cannot help but wonder how she is going to be able to have a relationship with a mortal when a series of events try to tore the two apart Never before was a love between an angel and a mortal so desired and yet vulnerable and hopeless Not many authors can bind such strong and charming characters into a fast paced page turner Wherever you are, I am sure you will find this a c [...]

    25. Catherine (Totally Sexy Books)

      It was an amazing book, very much worth reading I enjoyed all the twists and turns, it kept me on the edge of my seat, quickened my heartbeat, and made me look around and question my surroundings I like it most because of the afterlife references and thoughts that will make you think about things that are not usually things we think about My daughter introduced me to this author and I can say that she is an amazing writer.

    26. Melanie

      3.5 sbookpassionforlifeDoomed is the second book in The Ancient legends series by Jayde Scott This book picks up a few weeks after the events of A Job from Hell but the focus of this book is on Cassandra Cass and Dallas Amber s brother Following a random phone call from a disgruntled customer to her place of work Cass is re united with Dallas and there is no mistaking what that spark they had in book one has kindled into regardless of the time and space that had separated them for the past few w [...]

    27. Vanessa Gerald

      Did you ever have a book that you first didn t want to read, but you started it nevertheless and you end up putting it on your top shelf and recommending it This is the kind of book.It s awesome Really It s awesome andIt was mindblowing, frickin fantastic.And Dallas image error Don t get me started He is hot caring funny He plays the game well as I found out in book 3 He really surprised me What he has with Cass is special.This book it s difficult to describe in words because it evokes so many e [...]

    28. Jessica

      Ugh I did not like this book as much as a Job from Hell This book was in Cass POV and about her and Dallas bond, but seriously they meet again go on 1 date and decide to move in together it just moved to fast Then there is Dallas who believes everything Cass tells him such as her dad runs Disneyland but really is Lucifer and so here Dallas is walking into Disney and all of a sudden they teleport to hell and are surrounded by dead trees and boulders, and Dallas sees a Volcano erupt yeah it is jus [...]

    29. Hannah

      This book was horrible I bought it thinking it would be awesome It had 5 stars for God sakes And I was so terribly disappointing There were huge holes in the plot, the main character was such a liar i made me cringe, her boyfriend was completely stupid not to question anything, there was almost no romance, parts of the plot hardly connected back to each other I could probably keep going for a while, the book was really that bad I implore you, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK Despite being only 2.99 on Nook [...]

    30. Michelle

      What if the only person you fell in love and you are destined to be with can never be yours Will you be able to change or outrun FATE What if the only person that can help you runs from you The book reminded my of why I grew up loving to read This series surprised me, to say the least I got reeled in from the first page and I didn t want to go till I was finished The story of Cassandra, a sweet girl with a charm on her own, moved me to bits And the ending don t get me started.

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