Are Mormons Christians?

[PDF] Download Ý Are Mormons Christians? : by Stephen E. Robinson - Are Mormons Christians?, Are Mormons Christians Missionaries are taunted with it investigators and recent converts are challenged with it lifelong members are often puzzled with it the charge that Mormons are not Christians Unless we understand the

  • Title: Are Mormons Christians?
  • Author: Stephen E. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781570084096
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are Mormons Christians?

    [PDF] Download Ý Are Mormons Christians? : by Stephen E. Robinson - Are Mormons Christians?, Are Mormons Christians Missionaries are taunted with it investigators and recent converts are challenged with it lifelong members are often puzzled with it the charge that Mormons are not Christians Unless we understand the

    • [PDF] Download Ý Are Mormons Christians? : by Stephen E. Robinson
      497 Stephen E. Robinson
    Are Mormons Christians?

    One thought on “Are Mormons Christians?

    1. John

      This short book 113 pgs is a good response to arguments made against Mormons being Christian BYU professor Stephen Robinson classifies and discusses the many reasons given by both Protestant and Catholic for claiming that Mormons are not Christian His chapters include Exclusion by Definition, by Misrepresentation, by Name calling, as well as Traditional and Canonical exclusion His arguments are well reasoned, and at times footnoted with references to Christian groups once believing as do the LDS [...]

    2. Christopher Smith

      The message of Are Mormons Christians could be summarized in a single sentence the reasons that are usually given for excluding Mormons from the Christian fold could also be used to exclude famous Christians like the Apostle Paul, the Apostolic Fathers, Cyril of Jerusalem, and C.S Lewis Robinson relentlessly hammers this point home in chapter after chapter, and to his credit, he makes his case well Catholics and Protestants who have heard the rumor that Mormons aren t Christians but who have lit [...]

    3. Prospectavebooks

      If you ve been deceived by haters or uninformed persons about the true nature of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, this book is an excellent way to help you gain a better understanding of the beliefs of the LDS church and its followers It does not seek to convert you, or to preach to you, but shows how the church is truly a Christ centered church, even if you don t agree with the church s teachings.

    4. Barbara

      Before I write or rather copy down the summary, I just want to say that I believe Mormon and non Mormon alike should read this book Not only does Stephen Robinson respond to each argument people have made about Mormons, but he discusses what different people and or groups define as Christian Reading this made me think about and understand Christianity in a different way than I had before I also appreciated that Robinson isn t out to make an argument about whether or not Mormon doctrine is true b [...]

    5. Matthew Carlson

      Robinson s book not only answer the question in the affirmative but it provides what I few as the Achilles heel of anti Mormonism equity This is the standard upon which Robinson operates as he surveys various beliefs and compares and contrasts them with LDS belief arguing that if one does not exclude certain groups within historical Christianity as non Christian for holding such beliefs than neither can they exclude Latter day Saints from being Christian Although Robinson has been raked across t [...]

    6. Kathy Marler

      This short book 116 pages is an insightful look throught historical Christianity into the question of Are Mormons Christians The history of the Christian era and the Primitive Church and then the era of the Seven Councils, beginning with the First Nicene Council was very informative Reading of the history of Christ s Church, the Apostolic Era and then the revisions of the Councils helped me to understand where doctrines originate and why traditional christian churches believe as they do This boo [...]

    7. Andrew Ross

      Another excellent book by Robinson He lays out the case that no matter the definition, Mormons are Christian Upon first thought Christian is just a word and it shouldn t really matter whether people label us as such or not We are what we are However we are often labeled Non Christian because of ingnorance, misunderstanding, and a use of the term to make it meaningless Why should we care Because we have a message the world needs to hear and people put up walls based on unfair labels Where I live [...]

    8. Drjackman

      I especially liked how Robinson didn t really use any direct LDS doctrine to explain how Mormons are Christians He also didn t prove that Mormons are Christians Instead, he only proved false incomplete incorrect the arguments against Mormons being Christians I loved most of the examples and especially some of the stories I wouldn t call this a nice light, speed read kind of book It reads like a philosophy book you know, big words and actual trains of thought So, you have to pay attention.

    9. Barbara

      I love the scholarship in this book including information from the First Century BC Christians I really like the style of Stephen E Robinson and scholarship I have read excepts of other books about following Jesus by him that really help one to understand mercy I do feel a connection to this author as he lived in an area where I served in PA and mentioned someone I knew in one of his books The book is very logical and I think gives a better understanding of LDS Doctrine.

    10. Carrie

      I ve always wondered why so many other faiths believe that LDS people are not Christian This book explains how definitions of the word Christian are so varied and subjection and explains the standpoints of various points of view, concluding ultimately that Mormons are in fact very Christian Well put together, though a little text bookish.

    11. Genet

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is short I finished it in less than 24 hours, but it is packed with scholarly information It addresses the major arguments used to accuse Mormons of not being Christians, an idea that Mormons find ridiculous I learned all kinds of things about early Christianity and gained many new insights into my own religion I would highly recommend this little book.

    12. Naomi

      I loved this book I already know that Mormons are Christians, but this book made it very clear to me the many reasons why so many others do not think so I also feel empowered now to respond to that most frequently asked question I am Mormon and YES I am indeed a CHRISTIAN Such a good book, I recommend anyone to read it

    13. Andre

      Excellent book, which from the LDS standpoint, responds to frequent question Are Mormons Christian Starting with their real name The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints down to their world wide humanitarian actions, Robinson replies in the affirmative.

    14. Amie

      I enjoyed this book s very different style wise from Robinson s other book ie Believing Christ , but it went into great detail the arguments against our profession of Christianity and showed the flaws in the argument.

    15. Lorri

      This is a good book for non LDS people to read to get a concept of what the Mormon church believes Compares and explains doctrine in an easily readable format.

    16. Sharon Wagoner

      This is unlike his other books He is writing this book to persuade people and so it is very textbooky yes I know that is not a word, but deal with it.

    17. Ludona

      This is a book thoroughly researched, to convince all, not of their religion, but to convince all to apply the same rules of definition to all denominations, including the Latter Day Saints.

    18. Brenda

      Love it The author s reasoning, experience, straightforwardness, clarity of expression all such a pleasure to read An adventure in logical reasoning.

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