Free Read Youth - by J.M. Coetzee - Youth, Youth A searing portrait of a young colonial in early s London from the two time winner of the Booker Prize Set against the background of the s Sharpeville the Cuban missile crisis Vietnam Youth i

  • Title: Youth
  • Author: J.M. Coetzee
  • ISBN: 9780436205828
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Youth

    Free Read Youth - by J.M. Coetzee - Youth, Youth A searing portrait of a young colonial in early s London from the two time winner of the Booker Prize Set against the background of the s Sharpeville the Cuban missile crisis Vietnam Youth i

    • Free Read Youth - by J.M. Coetzee
      305 J.M. Coetzee

    One thought on “Youth

    1. Lisa

      Ehum Well What can I say This is the tenth novel or so, I just made a quick calculation in my head by Coetzee that I have read, and it leaves me puzzled in a way that the others do not, even though they may be less approachable, brutal and enigmatic This one is clear cut, with simple language and a typical coming of age plot It is very easy to read, and in fact, I finished it in an afternoon But it has left me agonising over its content in a way I did not anticipate at all.There are autobiograp [...]

    2. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Youth Scenes from Provincial Life 2 , J.M CoetzeeYouth or Youth Scenes from Provincial Life II 2002 is a semi fictionalised autobiographical novel by J M Coetzee, recounting his struggles in 1960s London after fleeing the political unrest of Cape Town The story begins with the narrator living in Mowbray and studying at the University of Cape Town After graduating in mathematics and English and in the wake of the Sharpeville massacre he moves to London in the hope of finding inspiration of becomi [...]

    3. Sidharth Vardhan

      This is really a portrait of an artist as a young man pun intended The stupid motivational speakers make it sound too easy when they ask one to chose between passion and money as one s career goal Money here sounds some kind of luxury which one can live without But really, money is what is going to pay the bills And pursuit of arts almost always have a big gestation period before it earns one money And the artist must struggle in poverty in meantime may be live as a financially dependent John st [...]

    4. Stephen P

      Ah, to be welcomed back into the eloquent polished sheen of Coetzee s prose So quickly I join the young man leaving the smothering mother s grasp, himself now grasping to evolve into the blossom of poetry From South Africa to London where culture thrives and he sees himself entering What he finds is a wait He awaits Waiting is what he does His performance A woman will notice him and see all the magic of his creativity locked within his stiff posture and muffled gestures She will unlock what he k [...]

    5. Shovelmonkey1

      From the book cover Set against the background of the 1960 s Sharpeville and the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam Youth is a remarkable portrait of a consciousness, isolated and adrift, turning in on itself J.M Coetzee explores a young man s struggle to find his way in the world with tenderness and a fierce clarity.Hmmm.When I first started reading this book my first thought was, Dawsons Creek, with aspergers set in the 1960 s To much youthful angst and introverted navel gazing highlighted by a tum [...]

    6. Ettore1207

      Seguito di Infanzia, Coetzee in questa opera prosegue l autobiografia scritta in terza persona Anche qui lo scrittore espone senza nessun ritegno le parti pi recondite dei suoi pensieri e dei suoi sentimenti Si sdraia sul tavolo d acciaio dell anatomopatologo e procede ad una minuziosa dissezione del suo Io Gli eventi lo hanno portato a Londra, dove trova lavoro, ma nel cuore persiste l aspirazione a divenire poeta Il Sudafrica una ferita dentro di lui che non smette di sanguinare Non sa a cosa [...]

    7. l.

      Just reread it The ending was pretty devastating The whole book was really I don t generally care for coming of age stories but Coetzee is such a fascinating individual to me maybe because I m a fellow uber rational, emotional cripple She writes every week but he does not write every week in return That would be too much likereciprocation He has a horror of spilling mere emotion on to the page Once it has begun to spill out he would not know how to stop it It would be like severing an artery and [...]

    8. notgettingenough

      How do bitter and twisted, lonely, emotionally crippled older men start out Men whose relationships, if any, have always soured early, men whose jobs are all that sustain them, mediocre jobs with colleagues who never become friends Men whose strict weekend routines stop loneliness from being than an uneasy feeling which never quite comes to the surface Never quite acknowledged.They start out as bitter and twisted Youth In this novel by Coetzee, we see the establishment of such a being, a young [...]

    9. Ariya

      Reading J.M Coetzee s work is somewhat exhausting No matter how you re psyched to think you re in the same current stage in life to master reading a masterpiece, you ll eventually left dumbfounded and coerced to rethink what s come to the life of the character that is hard to articulate Or maybe their life, even so much different than yours, can be terrifyingly comprehensible and it s unbearable not to weight on their decisions as if they were yours to bear Writing such wonderful characters is t [...]

    10. Velvetink

      Youth is a portrait of an artist as a young man struggling to find his way Maybe I will just start with a quote At 18 he might have been a poet Now he is not a poet, not a writer, not an artist He is a computer programmer, a 24year old computer programmer in a world where there are yet no 30 year old computer programmers At 31 he is too old to be a programmer one turns oneself into something else some kind of businessman or shoots oneself Coetzee.Darn I have 7 foolscap pages of handwritten notes [...]

    11. Pablo

      Primera vez que leo a Coetzee, m s por azar que por voluntad A pesar de ser una obra menor, parte de su autobiograf a novelizada, disfrut bastante el libro Espero volver por una de sus grandes obras.

    12. BellaGBear

      This is a book about a boy who flees his home country in the hope of finding a wild life as a poet with a never ending string of fabulous no strings attached lovers This sounds like the introduction to a young adult book, except for two facts the country the boy flees from is South Africa at the time of the Sharpeville massacre, which means Apartheid was still raving And the place he flees to is London in the 60s, where he becomes a computer programmer, hardly a glamorous profession.He is torn b [...]

    13. Isaac VR

      Una de las novelas m s o as jam s escritas Los escritores suelen hacerlo en sus memorias, pero tiene sentido no todos los escritores son Burroughs ni todos se pasaron la mitad de su vida enajenados con una bolsa de correspondencia al hombro Las confesiones de juventud ficticias o reales, no me importa suelen ser una o er a, sin embargo esto no significa que no est n escritas con una prosa bien lograda, como de una persona que ha trabajado en su voz narrativa tiene un Nobel, co o.Juventud es la n [...]

    14. Jo

      This is the most autobigraphical book i related to on so many levels, however reluctant i am to admit that Its a rather bleak book with such raw honesty and rhetoric questions This is my first book by Coetzee, and i absolutely love it, his way of exploring so much striking truth in this short sentences, going straight into the consciousness of the 19 year old in London I find myself enjoying it and finishing it fast, probably the fastest i have ever finished a book The pretentiousness of an arti [...]

    15. Caroline

      By page 115 of this slim fictional memoir, Coetzee had convinced me that he s a beautiful writer He manages to avoid corniness, even though he s describing the inner narrative of an ex pat wannabe poet recipe for sappy disaster There are some ethical musings in here which are quite good and I like the whole construct of an author describing a fictional character s interaction with other authors It achieves a distance between Coetzee and his pathetic, miserable hero that is compelling There is a [...]

    16. Nurul Nadzirin

      Ah, I think I can never dislike J.M Coetzee s work There are exceptional depths in his characters that make me feel like I ve known them all my life the magistrate in Waiting for the Barbarians, Magda in In the Heart of the Country, the professor in Disgrace They are all extremely different characters, from extremely different circumstances, locations, ages, and time But written by Coetzee they seem to speak in voices that you can relate to, no matter how un relatable they should be Coetzee is a [...]

    17. Herbie

      How to tell the story of a life Life is books, art, sex, moving, school and institutions, and the interior life fear of ignominy, hierarchies of learning pure math over applied math scorning the authors that authors you admire disdain , the feeling of belonging or lack thereof.Is the narrator aware of the limits of his 3rd person main character The narrowness of some of that character s views on life and women and art Are we meant to take John s analyses at face value Or is Youth a self knowing [...]

    18. Tommie

      I am all for flawed protagonists, but not perhaps, for insufferable ones And John, center of this story, is obnoxious Women are objects, it s their fault they can t see into his inner flame of poetry, his mother likes him too much, blah blah blah pretention I like to think Coetzee wrote this with self awareness, but it is still a frustrating read Anyways, he still has a way with words The one saving grace are the passages on loneliness in a new city Most remarkable is counting the days in which [...]

    19. Adriana

      El joven Coetzee, para poder ser poeta, se va de Sud frica a Inglaterra Me gust mucho c mo lo cuenta, en especial en esta pregunta que se hace all Por qu en este pa s las grandes palabras parecen fuera de lugar

    20. Swrang Varma

      I finished this bildungsroman again, after two years to see how far I had come in life Coetzee s shift from his usual masterful prose to the dreary, plainspeak used in this book captures the fairly unflattering lives that the artist as a young man s portrait can really show The main character barely has a name, just he If the artist expects his company to be sophisticated and rattle off Fellini and Bergman in normal conversation, and Eliot and Pound over dinner, he himself gives very little, eit [...]

    21. FaisalBuzdar

      A profound fictionalized memoir presenting the story of J.M Coetzee s time spent in London as a young immigrant Coetzee, one of the finest writers writing today in any language, craved to move to London at a time when his native country South Africa was going through the peak years of turmoil caused by Apartheid As an aspiring poet and writer he thought London would inspire him to mature and evolve as an artist and produce his best His hopes dashed when, upon his arrival in England of early 1960 [...]

    22. Arun S

      I was looking at the library shelves for something to take with me during a 2 weeks trip to UK, with almost a week in London Most books went over my then mood, but landed in this with luck From the first paragraph itself it was clear that I will love this book The mood of the prose just hit it off.I had read some Coetzee a few years back, mainly his acclaimed novel Disgrace I had liked that book, even though I went over some of the Byron I would like to re read it I did own a copy of Youth back [...]

    23. Lukasz Pruski

      Maybe I am just bored with J.M Coetzee s utter literary perfection, but I will not rate Youth with five stars Clearly, it is a five star work in any reasonable scale, but not when compared with Disgrace , Waiting for the Barbarians , or Boyhood To me, Youth is a great book, yet a tiny bit short of a masterpiece.Like Boyhood , this book is a fictionalized autobiography It covers the period from 1959 to 1963 or so, meaning that he the author writes about himself in the third person is 19 years old [...]

    24. Anupama Ma

      A white confused South African who wants to escape his homeland,one he feels is not rightfully his, to become a poet in the land of the artists and writers While he would love to go to France, he settles for England And there, he is again forced to settle for less He settles for a job that puts food on his table but eats away his creative soul He settles for women who aren t the muse he is desperately looking for But that poet in him does not settle down It flits from thought to thought, aimless [...]

    25. Nathalie

      Youth is a story about a young man from South Africa, who tries to become a poet while living in London.While he tries to be true to his dreams, daily life forces him to make choices which lead him to be less than the man he wants to be.While he struggles with trying to find a balance between what he needs to do and what he wants to do, he suffers from a low self esteem which makes it hard for him to feel adequate, both in his goal of becoming a poet and of trying to find love.He is constantly c [...]

    26. Eric

      Coetzee s Youth is about aSouth African Mathematics student, who flees his politically instable countryto work as a computer programmer in the United Kingdom of the 1950s Hisambitions there is to follow his idles TS Eliot and Ezra pound, and become apoet, in England, which was the home of most of the greatest poets of theEnglish language Instead this work is dull, and England has a greater need for his services as an employee, than for his artistic talent Poems will not increase the country s ec [...]

    27. Christy S

      I believe it was Mary Knott, librarian and friend, who recommended this author to me In my usual pickiness over fiction, I probably would not have had the joy of reading it had it not been one of my only options to trade for at a hostal we passed through.I am not often a reader of fiction, and so it is sometimes hard for me to describe how I experience it do I say this in all of my reviews of fiction This book is about the 1960s, London, South Africa, and work But Coetzee has primarily written a [...]

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