Her Secondhand Groom

Her Secondhand Groom Widower Lord Patrick Ramsey Viscount Drakely fell in love and married at eighteen only to be devastated by losing her as she bore his third daughter Now as his girls are getting older he realizes t

  • Title: Her Secondhand Groom
  • Author: Rose Gordon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • Her Secondhand Groom

    Widower Lord Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, fell in love and married at eighteen only to be devastated by losing her as she bore his third daughter Now, as his girls are getting older he realizes they need a mother and a governess Not able to decide between the two which they need , he marries an ordinary young lady from the local village in hopes she can suit botWidower Lord Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, fell in love and married at eighteen only to be devastated by losing her as she bore his third daughter Now, as his girls are getting older he realizes they need a mother and a governess Not able to decide between the two which they need , he marries an ordinary young lady from the local village in hopes she can suit both roles But this ordinary young lady isn t so ordinary after all, and he ll either have to take a chance and risk his heart once or wind up alone forever.

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    Her Secondhand Groom

    One thought on “Her Secondhand Groom

    1. Lady Gabriella of Awesomeness

      Rose Gordan with her vivid imagination and beautiful writing has enchanted me into loving her Groom series this October.For once I could genuinely understand the emotional tension between the two leads,caused by the character s past,when you take account the hero s first marriage,his children and his knotted fear caused by his first wife s death.The main characters Drake and Juliet were absolutely cute together Unlike most of the frictional couples who fall in love at first sightIt was charming [...]

    2. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

      Viscount Drakely needs a motherness he can t decide if they need a mother or a governess for his three daughters and thanks to a misunderstanding he marries Julia, a plain daughter of one of his tenants He still has a deep fear of losing people he loves since his wife died at childbirth What follows is Drakely s clumsy path to healing And who better to help him with that than a stubborn Julia I loved her Even during sad moments in the story, she was not pathetic.

    3. Nicole Laverdure

      A delight to read Rose Gordon has done it again Her book, Her secondhand Groom, is charming and fun to read I loved her characters It s a story filled with romance and twists and turns

    4. Georgina Parkin

      Oh god, a man clueless than Alex when it comes to women Legit, clueless Even when it comes to sex, which I ll give him sounded like he hadn t had that much sex with his first wife so he s still practically in virgin territory Especially when his first wife didn t allow any foreplay and hated sex because of it I m unsure if she was a prude, which is likely, or if she was just not attracted to him or even men in general We d never know but he was moony eyed over her for no goddamn reason, probabl [...]

    5. Kitkat01

      I m not going to say I didn t like this book, because i did, for the most part But for some reason I like Rose Gordon s hero s a whole lot than her heroines I know her heroines are suppose to be strong and independent and we are suppose to cheer for them, but they often come across as too prideful, too arrogant, and unbendable It often feels like the heros are the ones that have to give, bend and change much than the heroines though the heroes do make a good amount of mistakes, Gordon makes th [...]

    6. Karen Wilson

      This was a difficult book to start with I disliked Juliet in the beginning and her spiteful behavior really tested my inclination to finish the book Patrick s outrage prior to learning his mistake was also rather off putting In a nutshell, it s difficult to be interested in a book when you dislike the main characters at first The rest of the story was fine, with a very sweet husband widower who learns to love again and grow out of his initial hang ups It does not however, carry as much emotional [...]

    7. Laura

      This one was really weird, not in the least because I read Her Sudden Groom and enjoyed it It s been a while since I read that one and I haven t read the second, but I hated that all these characters we are supposed to know get thrown at us Especially as the heroine in this book was mostly meeting people for the first time, a line or two describing them would not have been out of place The hero went from not wanting a real marriage to being attracted to his wife and ashamed of his behavior in me [...]

    8. Jenny

      I really enjoyed this book In fact, I read it in one sitting I ended up liking Drake and Juliet than I thought I would I did find his relationship with his first wife odd I felt his feelings about her at the end were so vastly different from the rest of the book that it felt out of place and exaggerated That s what kept me from giving it 5 stars Otherwise, it was a sweet story

    9. CassandraG

      Patrick Ramsay, Viscount Drakely, needed a mother for his three daughters He just didn t know who, or where he d find her He meets Juliet Hughes when his coach breaks down and he s forced to help the driver fix the wheel and in doing so, his three daughters are practically left unsupervised Juliet comes across them, with her brothers and sisters in tow and has a few words with Lord Drakely about the girls being unsupervised and she ends up looking after them, along with her own brothers and sist [...]

    10. Judy

      Secondhand Groom by Rose Gordon Book 3 in the Grooms SeriesRose continues her excellent story telling in this third book of the Grooms Series Patrick Ramsey, Lord Drakely, had married a beautiful girl named Abigail when he was eighteen She died in childbirth with their third daughter, Kate To the outside world it looked as it was such a deep and devoted love that he could not move past it, but was all as it seemed Now Drake feels the need to find a mother and governess for his three daughters, C [...]

    11. Amy

      4.5 rounded up because I loved the heroine too much to give her anything lessJuliet is the eldest out of eight children When she was twelve, her parents hedged their bets and borrowed money to send her to school This wasn t done out of a respect for knowledge, it was because they thought it d make her a eligible wife for a nobleman, who they hoped she d catch the eye of when she made her debut in London and save them all from abject poverty But Juliet never became a beauty some would even argue [...]

    12. Karen

      I was not sure if Rose Gordon would be able to top Her Sudden Groom but with Her Secondhand Groom she did When I finished the book I just had the biggest grin on my face because it was such a good story.Drake has 3 daughters who are in desperate need of both a mother and a governess When his carrage gets stuck one day he happens to meet Juliet out with her younger siblings Juliet delivers a set down to him for letting his girls run wild while he tries to get his carrage unstuck so he has her wat [...]

    13. Nenya

      What I liked The hero is not a rake In fact, he s only been with his first wife deceased and his second wife, whom he married to be motherness mother governess to his 3 daughters.What I disliked The hero going on about how much he loved Abigail first wife Even though he admits at the end to Juliet that Abigail had been a manipulative shrew his words , I find it hard to accept that someone like him would hold on to the memories of his first wife and treat a great catch like Juliet as badly as he [...]

    14. Danae Ringsby

      As always Rose Gordon s talent knows no bounds Her secondhand Groom is wonderful The story line flows with great ease, the characters are so easy to understand This is a book full to the rim with adventure, romance, and even a bit of misunderstandings Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, is in a pinch, his three girls need a new governess and if it weren t for the one person that his girls love being with getting married he would have had the best governess he could think of, however things change [...]

    15. Ella

      5 Stars I really really liked it It was fast and interesting and completely devoid of nonsensical,unwanted drama I loved both H h Juliet, with her ginormous spectacles and quick rebuttals that stunned her husband at every given opportunity, made for a very refreshing character She was the best looking woman in town and she was aware of it but that didn t stop her from saying what she must K irk Patrick was an equally entertaining character, what with his constant foot in his mouth events and ter [...]

    16. Tifferz

      This is the third book in the groom series and it was a wonderful read I was laughing at Viscount Deakely at some pretty hefty mistakes he made Sometimes I think that he thought things through but really didn t I liked how Juliet can hold her own I liked the banter between the two Viscount Drakely s girls are fun kids and some of the things they say, will have you laughing out loud I liked how Drakely had to over come some issues he had and once he learned to communicate things smoothed out I di [...]

    17. Billie Jo

      Audiobook narrated by Louisa Murray I never really connected with this book After reading the synopsis and reviews, I was expecting a different kind of story line I m not sure if it was the narration by Ms Murray or the story itself but I was expecting something light and funny The mix up of who he was suppose to marry was the best part but even that was just ok Once that part was over the book just kinda fell flat for me I m not a big fan of Louisa Murray s narration It sounded like she was si [...]

    18. Luce

      So I gave this book two stars only because the one i read before it the prince she had to marry christine rimmer was infinitely worse.The book description said the viscount wanted somebody to stay out of his bed but from the start was the one making all the effort.The sexual tension was zero and infinitely made worse when it was revealed that she was only the second person he had made love to err, no thanks and the way sex between he and his late wife eas described made me want to gag so bad.All [...]

    19. Gail

      I liked the characters and their play with one another the story was interesting can someone really will themselves to die I have to wonder about that when he thinks his first wife gave up I found the give and take between Juliet and Drake to be fun and a challenge to keep up with their strong wills The thing that I found most clever was the times when Drake assumed something and then found he had made the wrong assumption I liked Juliet Just beware this has explicit details in the bedroom not f [...]

    20. Theresa Brandt

      Perseverance requiredIt took fully 80% of this book before it became believable or interesting requires one star and I usually give 2 stars to books I finish whether I liked them or not Her Secondhand groom gets 3 stars for the last 20% in which the characters become someone that I was interested in reading about.Th premise that brings the H h together is ridiculous, but the angst ridden conflict that drove them apart is not unrealistic given the time period I don t know that I can recommend thi [...]

    21. Molly

      Juliet s family borrowed money so she could go to Sloan school and catch a husband and when that didn t work she start to teach her sibling one day on a walk they meet Lord Drake and his daughter and he has her watch them Drake has been widowed for many years and sees his girls need a mother and a governess Then he decides to propose a trade he gets to marry Juliet in which he think is her beautiful sister, and he will forgive her fathers debt Through twist and turn will Drake and Jukiet find lo [...]

    22. Deedee

      Amazing and so good Juliet is one of my favorite heroines So strong willed, stubborn,and can cut you down quick with her words So glad I read this And the hero was a true Alpha and an ass sometimes Loved him though And the pair of them together amazing The arguments that would erupt were so delicious with sexual tension, it was just good foreplay Haha Great book, amazing characters, and lovely HEA.Hope you guys enjoy it, tooAnd as always Happy Reading

    23. Judy Lavik

      Incredible story Patrick is a widower with 3 wild little girls who desperately need a mother as well as a governess Juliet s father borrowed a large sum from Patrick in order to send his eldest daughter to the finest girl s school and provide her with a season in which to capture a rich and titled husband such as Patrick She failed And that s when Patrick comes up with his brilliant plan to provide his daughters with a motherness With the humor one can expect from a Rose Gordon novel, we see the [...]

    24. Resti

      suka juga yang ini Anak anaknya Drake lucu Di dua buku sebelumnya si tokoh cewek yang punya horor di masa lalunya, dan Marcus juga kali ini si Drake, si Hero Di tiap buku adaa aja cewek yang jadi penjahatnya serius nih di buku satu ada si olivia, di buku dua ada kakaknya Emma Disini ada Abigail, walo secara teknis dia udah mati, tapi tetep aja susah buat Drake lepas dari bayang bayang mantan istrinya itu

    25. Isabelle

      Best one of the series so far The heroine was strong and the hero was stiff and prideful but meant well and loved his little girls to death I enjoyed how they learned to appreciate and love each other gradually and finally clear all their disagreements and misunderstandings Really enjoyable book, even though, as with her other books, it does not ring true to the period and the heroine is rather like a modern woman than a regency one.

    26. Wendy

      I know it s pedantic of me but when the first page of a book with an english setting has a 5 year old of 200 ish years ago compare something to a porcupine and not a hedgehog it grates enough to make me wonder what else I ll encounter.There were a couple of things that were out of place enough for me to shudder and mumble not quite enough research done to suit my taste but I m a nerd and a geek so I can accept I could be unrealistic.

    27. Juhi

      I just gotta say, I loved Juliet Drake was a good guy, but it was kind of hard to see sometimes His three little girls definitely made the story though They were so precious I think Juliet and Patrick took longer to get along than I would ve liked, but their story was so wonderful so I really can t fault the author.I also really enjoyed revisiting the characters from her other books It s nice that she manages to include them so seamlessly.

    28. Sabrina

      Well I devoured that in less than a day Must mean its good and it is Fantastic addition to the series, definitely one of the better ones.I loved that the H and H didn t like each other at all and came to love each other Lots of misunderstandings but they weren t really stupid ones like the kind you get Mills and Boon novels where you want to hit them over the head

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