The First Time

The First Time Cher There s really no one else quite like her She s been a pop star a TV star a movie star and a wife and mother yet as The New York Times has written she s still a funny gutsy woman who is als

  • Title: The First Time
  • Author: Cher Jeff Coplon
  • ISBN: 9780684809007
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The First Time

    Cher There s really no one else quite like her She s been a pop star, a TV star, a movie star, and a wife and mother, yet as The New York Times has written, she s still a funny, gutsy woman who is also genuine and down to earth And now, in The First Time, Cher tells about the important first time events in her life.

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      354 Cher Jeff Coplon
    The First Time

    One thought on “The First Time

    1. Lilly

      I actually wanted to give this 4 stars because, while the format takes some getting used to and the writing is pretty basic, I put it down absolutely adoring Cher herself I knew nothing about her going in, but the book made me like her Talk about someone who isn t into the rules She has so much personality, and the slices of her life allow her to tell stories without becoming too nostalgic or droning on and on By the way, she was rocking the May December thing long before it became an Ashton Dem [...]

    2. Kitt-e-kat

      The First timeeach chapter is everything about her life First time she did this, did that About her meeting Bono and their life together, success and after they split up It s not juicy enough for me but informational about her life I ve always like Cher as an actress and a singer and I like she was always a tell it like it is woman She is like this in her book She uses the F Bomb a few times She is a normal person, she did not need drugs or alcohol in her life She also talks about the first tim [...]

    3. susie

      This is my Celebrity Trashy Autobio Bookclub s next pick My copy just came in the mail, and it is the size dimensions of a text book I am about to read a text book on the subject of Cher Be afraid Ok, read It s not a good book, It s a bad book weird format, lots held back But it did make me love Cher understand her role in popular culture better the original hippie.For the true Cher tell all experience, follow her Twitter account.

    4. Greg

      My First Allergic Reaction to Republicans is one of many first things Cher documents about her life So Happy Valentines to Cher, a darn good bio writer and song writer, a person who has been in my life for over 50 years, and a person I ve loved from afar, but I did have front row seats to a Seattle show for half a century Within this chapter, Cher writes Old, stupid, nerdy, bullshit dressing, pinchy faced, golfing, bad hair day people Why, Cher can even see into the future

    5. Eden

      The format is different than other biographies I ve read, but I got used to it pretty quick Every chapter, which is usually only a page or two long, is about the first of something that happened in Cher s life.I would say Cher s life is pretty amazing She has done so much in her life and it was really interesting to read about But I feel because of the format a lot was left out, or sometimes held back.I still think it is a good biography, there is a lot in it to learn about Cher s life and it re [...]

    6. Rebecca McNutt

      I honestly don t know much about Cher I ve got one vinyl record by her that I listen to on ocassion, and I loved her acting in Silkwood, Mermaids and Mask, but aside from that, I don t know anything about her as a person, away from the limelight This book offers numerous life stories, thoughts, interests and memories of this singer actress, and I was really surprised at how well written it was.

    7. Tamara

      I got this years after she wrote it, and I really enjoyed reading it She has had such an incredible life and I love the format of the book I didn t know the nitty gritty details of her life, and the flow was slightly hard to follow in the first time format Overall, very enjoyable and fun to read Love love love Cher

    8. Chris

      An interesting easy read, by Cher I didn t realize that they bombed in the U.S and had to go to England to become famous As a child she never fit in, because she looked different than her mother and sister Each chapter was 1 or 2 pages about her first , as in her first kiss, her first memories, etc There was quite a bit with Sonny and how he really shaped her life.

    9. Christina

      I loved this book, and I am not ashamed Set up in small chapters like the first time I had sex and the first time my mom kicked someone s ass for me or something like that , the book is hysterical sad, but hysterical.

    10. Alicia Kovac

      I was looking for of a biography when I picked up this book, not a collection of short narratives like it is Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading it and felt a lot closer to Cher afterwards I m pretty sure we d be friends.

    11. Terri

      Light, quick read Have always liked Cher find her interesting Loved watching the Sonny Cher show as a kid, especially when Chastity was on.

    12. Alex

      No great work of literature, but a must read for Cher fans It s written in 1 2 page anecdotes from Cher s life, in chronological order, starting with her first memory and ending with giving Sonny s eulogy It s an entertaining, enjoyable, quick read and it s great for dr, s office waiting room reading or other short spaces of time, due to it s short chapters.

    13. LaVenna

      Cher is great, and I loved reading her book of firsts She had some really really funny stories about her life with Sonny.

    14. Jenne

      Cher, I like you so much, but I wanted details Why did you break up with Sonny Why did you ever, ever find him attractive

    15. Kevin

      During than three decades in the spotlight, Cher has continuously re created herself in an industry that likes labels and doesn t think singers should act As she evolved from hippie chanteuse to TV star, Las Vegas headliner, Academy Award winning actress, pop star and film director, Cher s talent, determination and perfectionism have always been evident, which is why this slapdash autobiography comes as such a shock In page long, one topic chapters describing a series of firsts in her life My F [...]

    16. Kay

      The First Time is a string of interviews with Cher, wherein she talks about the significant firsts in her life It s Cher, so you walk into it with expectations I want humour, and rebellion, and blunt honesty and it doesn t disappoint The firsts theme as a way of storytelling is fantastic instead of a chronological order of her life events, you get a series of the most interesting snapshots Cher s presence is felt in each one you get the feeling you could be sitting over coffee and she d tell you [...]

    17. Amy

      I liked the format of the book, even if it was devised that way based on how she told it to the author I wish Cher would have divulged about her show or the movies she was in It felt like she was leaving things out or skimming over key or juicy details She definitely talked a lot about Sonny Son as she called it She talked about directors, her upbringing, and some famous people I definitely enjoyed looking at all the photos throughout the book, both color and black and white Since this was publ [...]

    18. Anna

      I love biographies, especially of celebrities I didn t really know much about Cher before and it was a cool format the firsts of her life in little snippets with pictures scattered throughout I felt like she cussed a little too liberally without much purpose except to come off sounding angrier than she probably meant Still, a fairly good read.

    19. JB

      Truly the best Cher book out there Cher shares stories from her life that span from embarrassing down to sorrow Although these are Cher s words at the time published in 1998 , dedicated fans will notice that some of the stories printed in this book are slightly different than accounts she s shared over the years in other interviews

    20. Jeanne

      I was always curious about Cher This was a account of her life before Sonny, with Sonny and after Sonny Her life is interesting She came from nothing and yet with Sonny learned a lot and was able to make a life for herself without him I don t know what her life would have been without Sonny but they sure were good together.

    21. Beverly 'seale' staton

      It was ok, should of realized by the name it wasn t a complete Bio to me just about the firsts of different stuff I almost didn t want to finish it but I did and I am glad I did but just was expecting of a complete Bio.

    22. Lisa Proulx

      I have always loved Cher and I enjoyed reading this book I was a little disappointed in some of the things she revealed, but I guess we put celebrities on a pedastal and forget that they are human Still, it bothered me.But I love celebrity books, esp when they write them themselves

    23. Sasha Enge

      I really enjoyed this book I was up until the wee hours finishing it Cher is such an amazing unique person She has been a role model to me since I was about 5, my first tape was Cher Heart of stone I spent HOURS pretending to be Cher when I was a kid

    24. Gail

      I would have really enjoyed this book and my rating would have been at least a 4 except for the really bad language in some parts of it.

    25. Michelle

      A quick read I think it told just enough without being too invasive of some of the events that shaped her life.

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