Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake

Hey There s Fur in My Wedding Cake The last thing Russell wants to do is go back to the home that his childhood Wolf pack exiled him from Yet like it or not that s where Russell s sorry ass is going The fact that he s doing so in ord

  • Title: Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake

    The last thing Russell wants to do is go back to the home that his childhood Wolf pack exiled him from Yet, like it or not, that s where Russell s sorry ass is going The fact that he s doing so in order to attend a wedding between his old Alpha and a feline shifter only make it aggravating Just when Russell least expects it, a most welcome diversion comes, via wayThe last thing Russell wants to do is go back to the home that his childhood Wolf pack exiled him from Yet, like it or not, that s where Russell s sorry ass is going The fact that he s doing so in order to attend a wedding between his old Alpha and a feline shifter only make it aggravating Just when Russell least expects it, a most welcome diversion comes, via way a cute, sexy Lynx shifter named Dalton.

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      205 Stephani Hecht
    Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake

    One thought on “Hey, There's Fur in My Wedding Cake

    1. BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions

      I guess i liked this ok but it wasn t a complete story It is after the wedding and you barely see Chris or Cassy and then the story just introduces Dalton and Russell to each other and then just ends I assume it is the set up for a future book but even for a free short story i expected of a complete story I would wait to read this until Dalton s story is released so then it may not feel so incomplete but right now it is just like WTF was the point of this a few editing mistakes and names were m [...]

    2. Sophia Triad

      The wedding of Alpha wolf shifter Chris and of Cassy, the sister of the felines leaderMany of the shifters, that we have already met, appear at the wedding but I am afraid you will not see much of the bride and groom.This really short story introduces the following up story of Russell Wolf Shifter and Dalton Lynx shifter Russell s Reversal.

    3. Ami

      This short story is basically a prologue of Russell a Wolf Shifter and Dalton a Lynx shifter meeting for the first time with typical Stephani Hecht s fashion for physical description one big strong, one lithe It s inconclusive, don t expect any romance that will satisfy you probably because it will be continued in real novella later I would give 2.5 stars for the story because it s like reading a teaser but then again, it IS free, so I don t feel completely cheated.

    4. Virginia

      Has some name editing issues Just a tease of what I hope is an upcoming longer story I liked the characters but couldn t rate higher because it s just the start of a story Update Maybe this was an excerpt that got labeled as a short story

    5. L-D

      I didn t realize that this was a short story that is part of a larger series Because of that, I didn t know the characters There was very little character development because I m sure fans of this series have met these characters before Without that background, however, there wasn t enough development It s hard to rate this without knowing about the series overall This story ended abruptly and I can only imagine that the story will pick up again in another novel NOTE I am reading the Lost Shift [...]

    6. Pam

      I liked Russell and the build up of going to the wedding and meeting his alpha cousin who he doesn t have a good relationship with The explanation of problems with each other is handled well, as are the descriptions of the wedding Dalton isn t in the story much, but he s a cutie and I d like to know about himI haven t read any of the other books in this paranormal series but it s a good introduction to both the overall series and the full length book related to this short story I ll be looking [...]

    7. DaisyGirl

      2.0 StarsThis one is really short I actually read it in conjunction with Russell s Reversal It s the prelude to that and not much else.

    8. Deeze

      I d class this as of a trailer than a short story Just like a film trailer, I saw it and liked it and want to see LOL Definately looking forward to reading about Dalton and Russell Hope its not too long to wait.

    9. Nic

      Not really for me This was very short and obviously mean t to tempt into reading the next installment in the series as it doesn t provide a conclusion ie not a complete story on its own As I am not hugely into shift stories I won t be completing the series.

    10. Kelly H. (Maybedog)

      Chesticles The text keeps getting names mixed up The age gap is really gross, especially when the younger one is really naive and young acting and the older one is in the position of someone 15 20 years older.

    11. Enny

      That was a nice story but the ending left me very disappointed I would rather pay for the story than get something as incomplete as this for free.

    12. Shell

      This was a nice short to introduce us to characters we will no doubt see again, but it would have been better without all the errors.

    13. Michelle Natividad-johnson

      Short story I don t consider this to be a short story because it is an incomplete one The ending was not even a teaser to me.

    14. lesley dawn wallace

      Hey, There s fur in my wedding cakeHey, There s fur in my wedding cake is a really cute an sweet read it had me smiling threw it

    15. Jessie Potts

      Soooooo After reading some of the review I was a little sad that this wouldn t be that great of short, then I found out it was just a taste to introduce us to Russell and Dalton and some of the chemistry as well as trouble ahead of them That being said the 20 pages or so was way way to short but a fantastic little hint of what was to come.I read Chance s book before reading this and was thrown off at why Russell would give a car to Dalton, not to mention Dalton s personality just came out with a [...]

    16. Marissa

      I have yet to read the full novel sequel to this It is on my to read list and this free short just makes me want to immediately pick up Hecht s work It is nice to know where the two men started as I am addicted to meetings between the love interests It makes a story interesting to me and I must admit, this meeting is unique The scene is truly different to me and though the banter may be standard betwen the two destined characters that the audience will know will end up together, that knowing ad [...]

    17. Beth

      Seemed way too short but I can live with that since we get of the story in a later book But the editingOMG At least twice a name was wrong, extra words added or not taken out I should say , some words in the wrong tense es instead of ed or just plain missing that sort of thing when it needed it Most of time I don t worry about an editing error or two especially since that is a publisher responsibility but this one had enough that it bugged me and I actually had to reread a couple sentences jus [...]

    18. Sadonna

      This is just a snippet of a story that looks promising Russell a rogue wolf shifter attends a pack wedding to try to mends some fences While there, he meets Dalton, a lovely young lynx shifter that he is uncharacteristically attracted to As they have a short encounter, Trevor, Dalton s protector retrieves him from Russell and warns him off However it looks like Russell won t take no for an answer Note One annoying instance of referring to the wrong character name occurs along with a couple of ot [...]

    19. Sierra

      Even though this was free it cost too much Even though only a short story the editing was atrocious The main character was Russell but he was referred to as Ranger, another character, at least once Twice the word suite was used in place of suit The formatting was bad and the picture was completely different than the characters The story is just the beginning of another book rather than a true.5 book story Awful.

    20. Suze

      One I picked up ages ago for free and a definite series teaser.I haven t read the series and it probably makes most sense being read as part of the series Russell has obviously been a secondary in previous book s and other characters are referenced His and Dalton s story is book 14 a big series indeed This is a little meet cute and perhaps a bit too sugary sweet for my taste but as a mid series teaser it is fine.For me 2.5 , mostly because it needs reading as part of the series.

    21. Tamela

      Ouch, what a book tease I just get to meet and like Dalton and Russell is getting all growly and possessive Then, swish, Dalton s guardian drags him off and Russell is left vowing to prove himself worthy of Dalton I loved the story and the charactes, but now I m trying to figure out of there is a following up story coming or what I m giving it a four since it is obvious that my interest is totally peaked.

    22. Alaska

      I hate it when authors mix up their character s names You d think they can keep them apart Happened a lot in here.Apart from that it read like the beginning of a very cliched story Blushing virgin and dark gangster boss or somthing like that meet, fuck and the bad boy is turned to the good side by true love well, that is my guess, I m not gonna read the main story.Luckily, this was a free read.

    23. Kaseka

      Cute and likable for Dalton and Russell, and their determination to be together Also good was the full circle of Russell s marvel at Chris Alpha s changed behavior due to his new bride s influencet by story s end, Russell is vowing to make similar changes to himself to be worthy of Dalton Very cute Lots of backstory I don t know though.

    24. Driima

      The story was really nice and I m than tempted to read Daltons and Russels whole story I m sure, I ll do it later this year But I really REALLY hope, that at least the novel has seen the light of an editor s table, because, frankly If I was the editor publisher of this short story I would be ashamed to have released it in this form.

    25. Phaney

      Okay, this super short quickie was cute.Dalton s pretty adorable, and it always is nice to see a guy like Russell smitten.I m really looking forward to that story I hope it ll live up to my expectations.

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