Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God

Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God Best Download || [MichaelKelley] - Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God, Wednesdays were Pretty Normal A Boy Cancer And God Wednesdays were pretty normal writes Michael Kelley looking for a bright spot amidst the chemotherapy routine brought on by his two year old son Joshua s cancer diagnosis His book of the same name o

  • Title: Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God
  • Author: MichaelKelley
  • ISBN: 9781433671692
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God

    Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God Best Download || [MichaelKelley] - Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God, Wednesdays were Pretty Normal A Boy Cancer And God Wednesdays were pretty normal writes Michael Kelley looking for a bright spot amidst the chemotherapy routine brought on by his two year old son Joshua s cancer diagnosis His book of the same name o

    • Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God Best Download || [MichaelKelley]
      164 MichaelKelley
    Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God

    One thought on “Wednesdays were Pretty Normal: A Boy, Cancer, And God

    1. Seth

      Full disclosure I grew up with Michael This isn t a name drop opportunity for me like, hey I know the author, we used to chill Bear with my anecdote Among other activities, we both played first base in high school baseball he on varsity and I on J.V On the days the first basemen took fielding practice together, Michael always stood in stark contrast to the other varsity players He didn t get involved in the coarse joking of adolescent boys, but he wasn t aloof He was engaged with his peers, offe [...]

    2. Mathew

      Skillful Story TellingI wasn t sure what to expect when I received Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal WWPN I knew the book was about a family s journey as their son had cancer I was probably expecting a book that was autobiographical but what I got was a well crafted story which did indeed tell their family s story but placed that story within the larger context of the one story I can t recall reading a book which was so theological rich and compelling but also well developed as a story I m not afra [...]

    3. Melody Raines

      When I had cancer, I quit reading cancer memoirs They frustrated me Why can t this lady get beyond the superficial, clich and commercialized messages of suffering I scoffed as I threw another book into the garage sale pile How could anyone go through an ordeal like this and still not get it Many of the cancer memoirs I read felt incomplete and stale Except for SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME That would be an exception WEDNESDAYS WERE PRETTY NORMAL is not a cancer memoir This book is a genre bender [...]

    4. Christina

      Ironically, Joshua was in my son s preschool class when he was diagnosed with leukemia My path crossed with his mom Jana again several years later in a Bible study small group As she shared parts of their story, I knew I still waned to know There is much to learn from their journey, and Michael does an excellent job honestly sharing what it feels like to struggle with a crisis, not lose faith, and still yet gain trust in God The chapters Identity, Together and Limp really resonated with me.

    5. Lathan Craft

      This book may be one of the best books I ve read about suffering You can feel Michael s pain with him, you can rejoice with Michael, and at points, you feel like you re about to cry the same tears he cried I loved that every chapter pointed back to the Gospel and how he Kelley was transparent with his own thoughts toward God Emotion is real, faith is a verb, and belief is work Thank you, Michael.

    6. Barbara

      Although I ve wrestled with the truth of God s allowing suffering many times and come to some kind of peace with it, I still have to go through those truths some times, especially concerning the suffering of a child Even though I knew this book would be heart rending and gut wrenching, I wanted to hear the story and hear how the author dealt with it I think I am so often drawn to books like this because I know the truths the author has learned are not going to be just armchair theology they ve b [...]

    7. Shana

      To be honest, I passed on this book a few times when it was on my Vine selections I really don t know why I did Perhaps, I thought it would be too real and depressing For some reason, I went back and selected it, not really sure if I had made the right choice You see, I haven t been attending a church I m a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior, been baptized, but, I have been sort of disillusioned by organized church congregations, some of which say that if you have faith than bad t [...]

    8. Laura

      Two year old Joshua Kelley was diagnosed with leukemia Michael Kelley, his father, wrote Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal, looking for a bright spot in the course of Joshua s chemotherapy routine for three years.This is a book that takes you through the throes of anger at seeing your child suffer, questioning God, disillusionment, depression, loss of faith, recapturing faith, hope, trust, love, and everything else you can imagine that parents go through when their child receives the C diagnosis.Tho [...]

    9. Pam ☼Because Someone Must Be a Thorn☼ Tee

      First and foremost WEDNESDAYS WERE PRETTY NORMAL is a book for Christians Yes, it s also about every parent s nightmare, and Michael Kelley does share his families experiences with having a child with life threatening leukemia, but his perspective is so overwhelmingly Bible oriented that I m sure it s not going to satisfy folks that don t want to analyze biblical scripture.That said, parts of this book are philosophical genius And that s the part of this book that I came away most impressed by K [...]

    10. Tonya

      Normal, how normal could life be if your 2 year old son was diagnoased with leuekmia Michael Kelley opens up about his struggles with his faith in God once his son Joshua was diagnosed and they moved through treatments and beyond.He clearly states what passages he read, trying to find out why God would let this happen Why wasn t God showing up to heal Joshua and make everything right again Was it because Michael and his wife didn t truly have faith Read their story of God s message to all of us [...]

    11. Georgia Herod

      A painfully honest, provocative, and profoundly hopeful and encouraging book based on the real life experience of Michael and Jana Kelley, who walked through their two year old son s diagnosis and three year treatment of leukemia For all of us who ask Why when bad things happen, Kelley would say, I don t have an answer, but I know Who does Over and over, even in the darkest hours, he points to a sovereign God who is always good, whose character is love.In a season of loss myself, I found myself [...]

    12. Brenda

      can t imagine getting the news that a child has leukemia In Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal that s the news that Michael and his wife Jana hear about their two year old son Joshua The author doesn t sugar coat the story, instead his honesty as his family comes to terms with the diagnosis, gives the reader a true glimpse of how anyone s life can quickly change Michael allows us to see his struggles and doubts but than that we see God s love and faithfulness in the pages of this story.Overall, a st [...]

    13. Brent Rosendal

      This was an awesome book and it took me by surprise I thought it was going to be an biography about the things that happened in the Kelley family after they received the news that their 2 year old son had luekemia The book is part biographical but the majority of the book deals with heart felt lessons the author learned as his son battled with the disease The author really opens up about what it means to suffer He doesn t gloss over any of the feelings and questions he had during the time This b [...]

    14. Cyndi Beane-Henry

      When their two year old son is diagnosed with leukemia, Michael and Jana Kelley s life screeches to a halt as they devote themselves one hundred percent to his care and cure What ensues is an emotional and spiritual realization, an awakening, that literally builds a firm foundation with the One who sees and knows all.Kelley leads us through his journey, and how an incredible three years with his son s illness brought him to where he is today.I give this book Five Stars and a big Thumbs Up DISCLO [...]

    15. Laura

      The father of a two year old boy with leukemia wrote this touching account of his struggle to accept the diagnosis and treatment while trying to hold on to his faith It goes way deeper than just a story about the walk through leukemia It is about his walk through faith, questioning God, and seeking some answers Although I enjoyed the way he related familiar Bible characters and stories to his own situation, I would have liked to hear about his own family and their personal experience.

    16. Amy Helms

      This book is about processing your doubts, pains, fears, heartache, and how you reason and eventually have to accept your trials Grief can be the loss of many things Grief can be the loss of relationship, the loss of trust, the loss of the plans you had for the future, and even the loss of time How you deal with the grief or trials you face will mold your character for better or worse Having experienced loss of relationship and loss of trust with some, this book was really near to my heart It is [...]

    17. Daryl White

      This isn t a book primarily about dealing with cancer, though that is the author s circumstance and perspective Rather, the book does an excellent job of surveying the emotions we all encounter whatever the source of our trial It might be illness or financial stress or relationship struggles or time of war It does not matter.The is a look at his to find and pursue God in the midst of suffering and difficulty I strongly recommend it, particularly if you find yourself in a place of being angry wit [...]

    18. Anthony Alvarado

      This book was a huge blessing to me, huge Chapter 9 was like a breath of fresh air and I will never read Jeremiah 29 the same ever again Connecting the situation of Jeremiah 29 with my family s own right now was a like a catharsis The Word never stops blowing me away with how relevant it really is and how God has a word for us wherever we re at Kelley s book was a gift to my relationship with Jesus in this just past the beginning battle with cancer that our 3 yr old is enduring.

    19. James

      With simplicity and elegance, Michael tells the story of his family s journey through cancer with his two year old son from diagnosis day to the end of chemo celebration He alternates between narrative this is what happened, and theology this is how I tried to make sense of it The result is one of the most profoundly beautiful theodicies I ve read I will treasure this book, and recommend it to anyone who s ever wondered why they ve been led by a loving God through places of pain.

    20. Amy

      Each chapter has a one word title, words like Diagnosis, Doubt, Recovery The chapter explains how the word applied to the family s journey, then goes in depth with finding parallels to stories in the Bible I found that the parallels were at times very labored and drawn out, and I found myself losing interest Disclosure I received a free copy of this book via the Vine program in exchange for posting my honest review on the site.

    21. Doug Dale

      A surprisingly deep book where the author shares the story of his son s leukemia Walking through this life changing experience caused him to closely re examine his faith An experience that could have shattered his faith instead made it deeper and the insights he has along the way will be a help to anyone who reads this book.

    22. Nicole

      Honest, thoughtful book about struggling with faith while facing the incredible challenge of having a child with cancer I like that this book went into great detail of all the author s thoughts, doubts, feelings, and worries.

    23. Jeff

      This book opened my eyes to better understand a kind of suffering that I ve never been through, and how to help those suffering The book was interesting than helpful, but did open my eyes in the aforementioned ways.

    24. Wanda

      It was ok I had expected this book to mostly be the story of his family s experience with his son s leukemia, but it seemed to me to be mostly Why me us him, God and then trying to answer that question Not that there s anything wrong with that, but I had expected something different.

    25. Jenny Kim

      If you re struggling with something, you should read it.I love the fact that Michael Kelley didn t make me feel like I am facing smaller struggles than he did but rather, a relatable way of how we all can approach God through our struggles.

    26. Michelle

      How do you struggle with God around heart wrenching situations, especially childhood illnesses And for those of us supporting families in our communities with such struggles, how do we truly minister instead of simply being trite.

    27. Kimberly Simpson

      This is a memoir about the authors walk with God after his son is diagnosed with leukemia He shines a light on the darker places of faith, with honesty and insight on every page This is one of the most meaningful books i have ever read.

    28. Vicky Whitt

      Difficult to read, but very inspiring It encourages the reader to trust God in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances I especially love the book because Michael is one of our friends from Canyon, Texas Thanks for being so transparent, Michael.

    29. Melinda Elgot

      Going through a battle with childhood cancer with our daughter, this book spoke honestly and with hope I often thought while reading it that his thoughts and words came straight from my heart Fantastic book with biblical truth and hope beyond circumstance.

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