Summerhills Summerhills continues the story of the lives and loves of the Ayrton family in particular that of Major Roger Ayrton M C his brother and three young half sisters Roger has made the Army his career Th

  • Title: Summerhills
  • Author: D.E. Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780753173718
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Summerhills

    Summerhills continues the story of the lives and loves of the Ayrton family, in particular that of Major Roger Ayrton M.C his brother and three young half sisters Roger has made the Army his career The story begins as Roger flies home, on leave, full of plans for his family and home.

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      462 D.E. Stevenson
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    One thought on “Summerhills

    1. JulieDurnell

      A beautiful sequel to Amberwell. All the loose ends are nicely woven together and tied in a bow! The Summerhills school was a great idea, maybe a little unrealistic, but we can only imagine how it impacted all the boys who would attend. What a lovely place Amberwell would be to spend time at!

    2. Teresa

      This is a sequel to Amberwell. It continues the story of the family of that estate.While a very good read, it isn't up to the standard of the first book. Nothing really happens in it until three quarters of the way through. It kind of meanders along and then things start getting tied up. There was an episode with Aunt Beatrice that seemed rather pointless. It was as if the author had suddenly remembered she had been in the first book and had to 'epilogue' her. Anne, one of the daughters, who kee [...]

    3. Sarah

      This is a delicious sequel to "Amberwell", in which we find ourselves once again amongst the well-loved members of the Ayrton family and staff. Nothing really extraordinary happens, but it's so very comfortable to accompany them in their various destinies. I could imagine a 3rd book to conclude a trilogy, because Anne, Arnold and the not-very-nice Georgina are left without a tidy life conclusion, but who cares? It's a sweet (but not sickly) easy read. And I'm a D E Stevenson fan for life!

    4. Jeanette

      An enjoyable enough read but in many ways it just seemed like a really long post-script for Amberwell. Nothing much happens but we get to see the happily ever afters for several characters.

    5. Judy

      After thoroughly enjoying the first Ayrton family book, Amberwell, I was keen to read this sequel. Unfortunately Summerhills is not on Kindle and out of print, and secondhand copies are expensive, but the good news is that it's available on audible, beautifully read by Lesley Mackie.The book carries on soon after Amberwell leaves off, and is full of references to the previous book, so I'd definitely recommend reading Amberwell first. The story returns to the family's country house in Scotland, a [...]

    6. CLM

      This follows Amberwell, in which the five Ayrtons grow up and some of them make their way in the world. Now Nell is managing the house, her mother, and her nephew while her elder brother juggles his military responsibilities and those back home. Here is a link to my review: perfectretort/20

    7. Alisha

      Very recommended. Best to have read Amberwell first so as to know who all the family members are and why they behave the way they do, but Amberwell is not quite as much a comfort read as this one. Highly domestic and full of really, really loveable people. Nell Ayrton has been running her brother's household for years while he's been off in World War II. In this book he (Roger) is able to come home regularly on leave, which gives him time to develop his plans for a boys' school. He and his siste [...]

    8. K.

      1956. More sweet comfort food for a bleak mid-winter day. Helpful for the SADS ;) Sweet. However, if any man ever said to me (and no man ever will as I'm not an unattached lovely young thing in need of a marriage proposal) "I love you frightfully" and I answered "And I love you just so frightfully" har har. Stevenson loves that line, I've encountered it 3 times in different books of hers so far. "Frightfully." Was that the word they used? I suppose perhaps it's nicer than "You're so hot" (gag, I [...]

    9. Nancy

      I just like DE Stevesnson, that's the bottom line. Her novels are not Lit-ra-choor, but they are gentle and rather sweet and often quite funny - as a matter of fact, I own every one, and use them to lull myself to sleep at night. This one concerns the Ayrton family - especially widowed Roger, the head of the family, who believes his heart to be buried with his late wife Clare (disgusting metaphor,isn't it?) Roger is looking for a school for his young son Stephen, and decides to start one himself [...]

    10. Carolyn

      The sequel to Amberwell. The children are adults now and have gone their separate ways, except for gentle, shy Nell who continues to take care of Amberwell, her irracible mother and her brother Roger's son Stephen. Roger tries to find a good day school for Stephen and realizes that if he wants to find a good school, he will need to build one himself. He buys the estate next door and with the help of the former owners daughter Mary transforms Summerhills into a school for boys. He turns the job o [...]

    11. Cricket Muse

      Summerhills continues Amberwell with the main focus on Roger, who is now the owner of the family estate. Since he has made the Army his career, even though WWII is over, he leaves running the estate and raising his young son Stephen in the very capable hands of his sister Nell.The story centers on how Roger and Nell try to find personal happiness amidst the responsibilities they have in their life. Once again, DES skillfully blends gentle storytelling with astute character stories. The envoi del [...]

    12. Louise Armstrong

      I do like these books - there is plenty going on, but nothing horrible. It's also a fascinating glimpse into a world long gone.The book opens with a character flying home. The co-pilot used to work at his house, and flies low to show the character his estate. Clever way to make the character seem special.

    13. Thomas

      Typical wonderful (cheesy) DE Stevenson. Usually the good news is compressed at the very end with much of it happening after the book stops. This time the wedding happens with 30 some pages to go. I thought I would like seeing things wrapped up like that but I think prefer when it happens off-camera as it were. (I thought long and hard whether or not this review deserved a spoiler alert. I mean they always get married right? But I erred on the side of caution.

    14. Susan

      Summerhills is set in Scotland just after World War II. Major Roger Ayrton is a widower home on leave for a short time. The book deals with the concerns of the Ayrton family and their friends. It is a gentle, cozy romance. Readers who like Maeve Binchy or Debbie Macomber would like this book as well.

    15. Clara Ellen

      I loved this onewhat a satisfying conclusion to the stories of the various characters that was begun in Amberwell. Such a lovely bookI just love Dorothy Emily books!

    16. Nancy

      I loved this sequel to Amberwell. It's so nice to read a heart-warming, wholesome story written, of course, a long time ago!

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