Engaging the Earl

[PDF] Download ☆ Engaging the Earl : by Mandy Goff - Engaging the Earl, Engaging the Earl To help her destitute parents Emma Mercer must marry very well And very soon Love is irrelevant Only security matters doesn t it Aided by her friend Olivia and Olivia s brother Marcus Earl of Westin

  • Title: Engaging the Earl
  • Author: Mandy Goff
  • ISBN: 9780373829095
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • Engaging the Earl

    [PDF] Download ☆ Engaging the Earl : by Mandy Goff - Engaging the Earl, Engaging the Earl To help her destitute parents Emma Mercer must marry very well And very soon Love is irrelevant Only security matters doesn t it Aided by her friend Olivia and Olivia s brother Marcus Earl of Westin

    • [PDF] Download ☆ Engaging the Earl : by Mandy Goff
      119 Mandy Goff
    Engaging the Earl

    One thought on “Engaging the Earl

    1. Anne

      I think Enraging the Earl would be a appropriate title Seriously though, the amount of seething, angst, misery and stubbornness of the characters Really Pull yourselves together already I started out loving this book I thought it was so good Soon to be fired for tardiness governess meets gorgeous looking nobleman in the streets at night, and sparks instantly fly When Emma is too scared to go back to her parents and admit she s been fired, she turns to her friend the Marchioness of Hunsford I ho [...]

    2. Alice

      A friend recommended Engaging the Earl to me quite some time ago, but as I didn t own it and it wasn t at my library, I kept putting it off for books I had on hand or that I had been looking forward to longer So this past week I was in a Christian bookstore and I saw this on the shelf so I bought it I decided to read it this weekend Last night I read to page 54 loved it, but had to put it down Today was a gray day, and after I got home from church I settled down to read I kept telling myself I n [...]

    3. Kathy * Bookworm Nation

      Engaging the Earl follows the story of Marcus and Emma Emma s a bit down on her luck and turns to her good friend Olivia for help Olivia then requests the help of her brother, Marcus, to help them find a husband for Emma What ensues is a very fun adventure of husband hunting I liked both Marcus and Emma, it s obvious from the beginning that they have chemistry and most likely end up together, it s fun watching them try and figure it out for themselves though.I really enjoy Mandy Goff s writing a [...]

    4. Anna Rebecca

      I picked up yet another romance because I wanted to escape and not have to really think about what I was reading This book happened to be set in a historical time period I enjoy and there was enough melodramatic conflict alluded to on the back cover to make me pick it up I m glad I did I really did enjoy this book.I can t say the author s writing is especially scholarly, but you don t expect that if you are reading romance Thankfully the author s style was not completely elementary and the book [...]

    5. Alexia

      It took me a really long tme to read this book because I was just in a reading funk However, when I started getting back into it, it became really good I like the time period, Regency and there are some ballroom scenes, which I also really liked It s wortht he read for sure

    6. Gretchen

      Can dreams come true Emma is beginning to think it is not possible Emma is having to work as a governess because her parents who are honest and trusting have trusted schemers who took their money Her good friend Olivia finds out and makes a plan to help by finding her a wealthy husband with help of her brother of course everything gets turned upside down But in the end Emma does get her dream and This book is delightful

    7. Alisa

      I love this book Olivia, Nick, and Marcus are back from the first book The Blackmailed Bride and we are introduced to a new character, Emma.Emma Mercer has lost her job as governess for the awful Viscountess Roth Because of bad investments her parents live in Cheapside and are practically destitute They depend on Emma s income for their support Unable to face her parents and let them know that she no longer has a job, Emma goes to her friend Olivia, the Marchioness of Huntsford.Olivia immediatel [...]

    8. Megan

      I finished this book and let out a long, contented sigh, happily satisfied with another enchanting Regency romance from Mandy Goff I read The Blackmailed Bride recently and adored the characters so I was very excited to read this book I highly recommend reading TBB first although it s not neccesary You ll understand the book either way but it gives you a better appreciation for the characters and makes this book like revisiting old friends, what could be better than that I really appreciate how [...]

    9. J.

      Regency romances can run the gamut from fun, rollicking stories of two people hiding their attraction behind biting verbal exchanges to the heart wrenching tales of love lost by sacrifice and misunderstanding Engaging the Earl, by Mandy Goff, evokes laughter, tears, surprises and sighs in a truly stellar romance combining the best of both types Marcus, Earl of Westin, has been asked by his sister to find a husband for her friend, Emma This stalwart, brooding elder brother takes his responsibili [...]

    10. Brenda

      I had difficulty finishing this book Each night when I picked it up I struggled to remember what had happened in the story so far, something I hardly ever have a problem with I m not sure if that is a reflection on the book and not much actually happened or it s just that I m forgetful at the moment I got frustrated with how in almost every chapter in the last half of the book the hero and heroine talked around the real issues that were causing them to remain apart without getting to the heart o [...]

    11. Cheryl Mclaws

      I Loved This Book Marcus and Emma were both so perfectly flawed for each other The tension and chemistry between the characters was great The plot and the crisis were believable and well thought out I was so drawn into this story I couldn t put it down even though I ve been sick with bronchitis all weekend and didn t want it to ever end I loved seeing Olivia and Nick again as supporting characters as well I love this foursome and this family saga that Mandy has created I can t wait to see what M [...]

    12. Deanna

      Fabulous A wonderful mix of romance, love, faith, and kisses I loved the romantic tension you felt between Marcus and Emma You knew they wanted each other and every little bit you d see them get a moment to share their feelings, sometimes without words It was the right mix of can t they just get together and happiness that forged you to keep reading because you just had to know the end They had to be together Looking forward to seeing from Ms Goff

    13. Cathy

      I d give this book 3 and half stars if they d let me I m impressed that the level of writing in this genre has improved so much since I last tried it It s not Jane Austin, but it s not preaching disguised as a novel either I was drawn in by the independent main characters as they wove in and out of each others lives, even as you know how all romances will end I stayed up late to finish the book just to make sure they found their way to well, I wouldn t want to spoil it for you.

    14. Hannah

      3.75A light, enjoyable read Predictable, perhaps, but the characters were fun and engaging, and it wasn t hard to stay focused all the way to the end I loved how the supporting characters were genuinely ready to take things by both hands to watch out for the heroine, and how some of the plot elements played out Ducks have diseases had to have been one of my favorite lines Wicked fellowThe ending was very satisfying, too

    15. Mandy Goff

      Hi everyone I ve been notified there may have been a problem with the March giveaway If you won a copy, but for some reason, have yet to receive it, email me at MandyKGoff gmail quickest and surest way to get a hold of me Again, I m sorry, and let me know if you ve had an issue I ll make it right Mandy

    16. Angela

      I really like Mandy Goff s stories They are very Jane Austen, and this ties together with The Blackmailed Bride also a great read Really fun to read great characters twisting plot conflicts Great way to spend an evening Hope she writes

    17. Christina

      Enjoyed the book I wish that Marcus and Emma could have been truthful about their situations earlier although I understand their reasons As a reader, it was a bit frustrating, but I did enjoy the humor in the book that kept the story moving well.

    18. MariaFernanda

      One of my favorite books of all time Many Goff does it again Complex characters that were thoroughly developed and extremely lovable The plot was perfect The lessons on love amazing One of the best romance novels I have ever read, and I have read a lot LOVE MANDY GOFF

    19. Sophie

      What a lovely story Funny, but also serious at times and it kept me on tender hooks Wonderful characters and very inspirational and romantic a great read I look forward to her other story

    20. Melody McBride

      sigh I ve been wanting to read this book for quite a while I even went out of my way to buy it because I was frustrated I couldn t find a way to read it for free Because I m usually pretty good at doing that.I really liked this book, but DANG The main characters were so frustrating Their emotions were all over the place, but I was ok with how Emma acted than Marcus Sheesh Emma had reasons, as did Marcus, but she saw the error of her ways, while he just kept on bumbling around, making stupid mis [...]

    21. Erin

      When I began reading, I didn t realize I was reading the follow up to Blackmailed Bride Pleasant surprise and perfect timing, since I just finished that one I had hoped Marcus would get his own story, and I enjoyed it I always get annoyed in the middle with all the if you d both just be honest with each other than things would be a lot smoother, but I suppose everyone needs their drama clean read

    22. Patricia

      Rating 2.5I read this book because I wanted to find out what happened when Marcus introduced in book 1 about Olivia finds his bride I felt the conflict in this story was thin losing the ship, and all the back and forth between Marcus and Emma became a bit overdone for me However, it was, over all, a nice enough story.

    23. Danielle Hartzler

      I LOVED most of the book, the characters are engaging and fun I laughed out loud than once I know there has to be something keeping the couple apart but I did not like how Marcus or Emma acted It is so hard for me to not give 5stars because I loved the book Except the parts where I didn t Ugh, so hard to explain without spoilers.

    24. Melissa

      Fun regency read My only criticism with the book is that the obstacle between the hero and heroine became annoying towards the end Otherwise, this is a clean romance and while religion is mentioned, it is not preachy or annoying It is a natural part of the lives of the characters and comes off as genuine and relatable.

    25. Karen

      Typical Regency style romance Accidental first meetings only to be surprised when formally meeting and being introduced to each other later on as well as misunderstandings and assumptions of the other s feelings reasons for their actions.I did feel at parts that Goff was trying too hard, but it was so readable and still adequately cheek flushing chest warming on my part lol.

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