Journey to her Dreams

Journey to her Dreams Would you travel around the world to uncover the reason for your dreams Hollie a young woman from Tasmania does and during her journey to Ireland she is determined to find out what is behind those

  • Title: Journey to her Dreams
  • Author: Iris Blobel
  • ISBN: 9781468144765
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Journey to her Dreams

    Would you travel around the world to uncover the reason for your dreams Hollie, a young woman from Tasmania does, and during her journey to Ireland, she is determined to find out what is behind those dreams about the other woman Yet, during her quest for answers, Hollie finds than just the reason for it.

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      348 Iris Blobel
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    One thought on “Journey to her Dreams

    1. N.N. Light

      Journey to her Dreams by Iris Blobel is in a word: breathtaking. Beautifully told through vivid imagery, the characters come to life and stick with you long after reading it. Highly recommend!My Rating: 5 stars

    2. J.

      Half romance, half women's fiction. Totally absorbing.Journey to her Dreams has two main characters, Hollie and Sam (Samantha), who live half a world apart, in Tasmania and Ireland, respectively. They don't know each other. They've never met, never heard of each other. But they dream about each other. When something awful happens, the other sees the occurrence in her dreams. (Good plotting, by the way, putting them on opposite sides of the globe. One's asleep when the other's awake, see.)Sam's m [...]

    3. Felicia Rogers

      “Journey to Her Dreams” started out slow but once it picked up the suspense didn’t end. I would say this book is part romance, part suspense. This is the first Aussie romance I’ve ever read. The vivid descriptions of Australia and Ireland kept me coming back for more. The characters were well developed and I was rooting for Hollie and Jeremy together the entire time.The storyline kept me reading. I needed, no wanted, to know why Hollie was dreaming of Sam. Boy was I surprised! But I’m [...]

    4. Kimberly

      3.5 starsAwhile back I was approached by Iris to review her book and I was so excited to read it because it fits in with my Around the World challenge because much of it takes place in Australia, and I love supporting new writers. First off I enjoyed the book quite a bit. I thought the premise was good and it was a quick read. The beginning really caught my eye and before I knew it I was halfway through the book in the first night! The fact that it was told from alternating characters really app [...]

    5. Trish

      3 stars/Fiction; RomanceThe setting of this book is in both Tasmania, Australia and Dublin, Ireland. The story alternates between two characters, Hollie and Samantha. (Sam) I appreciated the authenticity of the dilects that were written in to the story, it made for a more interesting read in my opinion.Hollie is losing sleep due to a reaccuring dream. In it, she senses that someone in Dublin is in trouble. Not knowing how else to find solace-- she heads to Ireland in search of this mystery woman [...]

    6. Spunky N Sassy

      SNS Rating: 3.0~~~~~~~~~~Lillian's ★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~What do your dreams mean? Two women on complete opposite sides of the world are dreaming about each other but why?Hollie lives in Tasmania and she has been dreaming of a woman that is very upset and is been abused by her husband. All she knows is that she has an Irish accent so Hollie goes to Ireland with her best male friend Davo. She is hoping to find this mystery woman but how does she find her?Sam is unhappy in her marriage she sti [...]

    7. Sharon

      Hollie has a great life in Tasmania, Australia living with her father, Murray, on their farm. She has a wonderful and supportive group of friends and has met the man of her dreams. However, her dreams are not all good. She keeps dreaming of a woman presumably in Ireland who is unhappy and being abused by her husband. The dream seems so real that she has to find out if it is true.Samantha, or Sam, as her friends and family call her, lives in Dublin, Ireland, is a successful business woman and is [...]

    8. Brea Essex

      Journey to her Dreams is an intriguing story set in both Tasmania, Australia and Dublin, Ireland. Hollie and Sam (Samantha) lead completely separate lives. The one thing that draws them together is Hollie's recurrent dream that's making her lose out on sleep. When Hollie travels to Dublin, she meets Sam and they both find the answers they've been looking for.Ms. Blobel has a great writing style. I could hear each of the characters' accents as I read. I appreciated that while she included words t [...]

    9. Jamie

      The book is about two women Hollie and Sam. Sam lives in Dublin Ireland and Hollie lives in Tasmania Australia. These two women lead very different lives. But at night Hollie has dreams about a woman that is in an unhappy marriage. To find out what her dreams mean she goes to Dublin and there she meats Sam. This is the second book by Iris Blobel and I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. The story kept right on going. And I could not wait to see what happened next. You can see how much [...]

    10. Ruth Hartman

      Journey to Her Dreams starts out with two different women in two different countries. They've never met, and don't even know that much about the other, but end up having dreams that connect the two. The characters in this book are wonderful. You can feel the bonds of friendship and love as you read their stories. Near the end, the books takes a turn I didn't expect, but helps bring together the different cords of the book. I would highly suggest this book for readers who love romance with a litt [...]

    11. Sigrid Macdonald

      Journey to Her Dreams is a wonderful page-turner about two women whose lives intersect. The characters are likable, the background is unique, and the story is suspenseful. I really enjoyed it, as I have enjoyed other books by this author.

    12. LiteraryChanteuse

      This is a beautifully told story that takes you on an emotional journey from Australia to Ireland. The author puts you into the shoes of these characters as you go through their quest to find love, new beginnings and a few surprises along the way.

    13. Sondra

      I liked this book.Hollie's dreams were very upsetting to her and she was determined to find out who the girl was and why this girl was so unhappy. I didn't want to put it down until I finished it.

    14. Lillian Cummings

      What are your dreams telling you? Sam & Hollie are both dreaming about each other but they stay in two different countries so what is the link? A good read

    15. Lindsay

      I loved this story. The way Iris was able to take me on a journey, not only to find what her characters were looking for, but what I wanted to find was fantastic.

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