بدينة... ولكن

Big Girl Danielle Steel Big Girl Danielle Steel

  • Title: بدينة... ولكن
  • Author: Danielle Steel دانيال ستيل
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • بدينة... ولكن

    Big Girl Danielle Steel Big Girl Danielle Steel .

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      104 Danielle Steel دانيال ستيل
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    One thought on “بدينة... ولكن

    1. Rachel

      I was drawn to Danielle Steel’s novel Big Girl because of the premise. I had never read a Danielle Steel book and thought I would give her a test run with this amazing topic. The issue with body-image is prevalent in our society and many women have had to deal with harsh comments if they are not a size 4. Those who are a size 4 have to deal with comments about not having curves. It is a subject that really interests me. It also is a topic that should be very relatable to women. Unfortunately, [...]

    2. Nicole

      I grew up with Danielle Steel novels, but I have to admit I haven't been reading very many of her current books. When I saw the ad for this book in a magazine, I thought I have to go out and get it as soon as it becomes available. I have to admit that part of what drew me to this book was the cover, but when I read the synopsis on I thought this book would be too good. Boy was I wrong!!!While this was an enjoyable enough read, it's not something that I would recommend to anyone. I feel like Dan [...]

    3. Amanda

      Why on earth I'm reading this is beyond me. I hate Danielle Steel. I read my first DS ("The Accident") in sixth grade. And at that point, it was probably appropriate, reading-level -wise (though perhaps not in terms of subject matter). I think I read one more after that before I caught on to the formula and abandoned her in disgust. At any rate, I found this at a rummage sale for a quarter. I'm half done with the book and feel I over-paid. The writing is crap. The characters are one dimensional. [...]

    4. Mel

      Horrible. Her prose is nearly unreadable and I have no idea how someone so lacking in the ability to string sentences together could have been so successful.The lesson is that you can never go home again and ironically while this is in fact the message of the book what it means for me is that books/authors that were tolerable as a teenager are no longer readable.The writing style was intensely distracting and prevented any empathy for any of the characters from developing. It was as if I were re [...]

    5. Brittany

      To be honest, I was automatically drawn to the book because of it's flashy and fun looking cover.I did really enjoy this book though and it was one of those books that I could not put down, which is always a good thing to me when it comes to reading a book.I feel that this book is a book that a lot of women can relate to, we are all sensitive to weight. No matter if we are on the heavy side, skinny side or some where in between. We all have problems with weight and this book really shows a young [...]

    6. Sarita

      بالصدفة البحتة لفت أنتباهى أسم الروايةفقررت أن تكون خاتمة هذا العاممع كاتبة لم أقرأ لها من قبلالرواية تقليدية إلى أبعد الحدود تشبه كثيراً الأفلام الأمريكانىمملة فى كثير من الأحيان فالرواية تسير على وتيرة واحدةمشكلة الوزن التى تحدد إذا كان الشخص محبوب أم لاوهذا أمر نسبى لل [...]

    7. Christin

      I read so many reviews about this book, written by Danielle Steele, that when I saw it in the public library, I snapped it up. Danielle Steele has written about 100 novels and I thought this one might be good. I knew it was chick-lit, but hey, it’s summer and I deserve some escape reading!When I finished, all I could do was roll my eyes. I rolled my eyes at the terrible plot, the poorly described characters and that I had lost a few hours of my life on this book. My terrible secret is that I r [...]

    8. Kiki

      Normally I enjoy Danielle Steel books, and though I haven't read one of her books in a long time I was looking forward to a nice light entertaining read. This was definitely light, a little too light. It was painful to get through and I felt like I was reading a book written by a robot.It felt like this was a "write by numbers" type of book. X did this, X looked like this. X felt like this. There was barely any emotion in the book at all except for a lot of self pity.While I get that two sibling [...]

    9. Rachel

      I did not know there were so many ways to say, "I'm fat, I eat when I am depressed, I battle with my weight, my sister is loved more than me, I look nothing like my family, and my parents make wise cracks about my average looks and weight." Every chapter said the same thing, but was worded differently. After the first three chapters, I got a little bored. I stuck with it though and was definitely happy for Victoria in the end.I must say that reading this book was almost like reading my life on p [...]

    10. Teena in Toronto

      I haven't read a Danielle Steel novel in about 20 years. A friend read it recently and said it was okay so I thought I'd check it out. It seemed like an interesting story, different from Steel's usual formula.This story had so many possibilities it's a topic that most women today deal with. But Steel didn't do a good job with it it was very superficial.Victoria's parents were horrible. Her dad was an A-hole and her mother was a wimp. Her dad kept reminding her that men don't like fat girls. At [...]

    11. A.-C.

      I'm torn between 1 and 2 stars here. It's not that I didn't like the book as such, but seldom have I read something so repetitive, and, quite frankly, annoying. The sentence structure throughout the novel is weak and just about every sentence seems labored. I caught myself wondering if Danielle Steel had actually written this (or somebody stole her name and somehow got this stuff published) several times. I was certainly not impressed.On the other hand it wasn't horrible. But it lacks what this [...]

    12. Ahmed

      بعد التجربة الثانية لدانيال ستيل استطيع الاعتراف ان هذه النوعية من الروايات قد لا تعجب البعض لكنها تروق لي كثيرا.قد يكون مظهر الانسان مهم ولكن الي اي مدي يؤثر مظهرك علي حياتك؟يستطيع ان يجعلك سعيدا او تعيسا.فيكتوريا الفتاة الذكية البدينة التي لم ترقي لآمال والديها من ناحية ا [...]

    13. Frederick Brooke

      A friend recommended this book, because I'm interested in the topic of people losing weight. What a disappointment to find out that this bestselling novel is horribly, criminally flawed! First, the author commits the cardinal sin of telling, not showing, all the way through the book, from the beginning to the end. One example: the main character Victoria goes and gets therapy for her deep seated anxiety. Apart from a few lines of dialogue between her and the therapist, the entire episode is narr [...]

    14. Amanda Llerena

      Usually when a child is first born, the parents are nothing more than appreciative and grateful for their newest creation that have brought into this world. Well, that wasn’t the case for girls such as Victoria (protagonist). The second Victoria came out of her mother’s woom, that same instant all her parents desired to do was rewind everything in their life from the second she was born to the night she was conceived. Victoria had the most stunning blue eyes and flawless blonde ringlets but, [...]

    15. Jen Chase

      I picked this up as only one of two choices at Wal-Mart before I headed out of town. Usually Danielle Steel is a good bet; however, except for the fact that I have to finish every book I start, I would have quit on this one after the first CD.This book was terribly shallow, I didn't connect with any of the characters and the writing style was not what I expected. Victoria is constantly put down by her parents, especially after her perfect younger sister is born. But it is all about looks, size a [...]

    16. Fallon

      This was my original choice for my Psychology/English paper. Barnes and Noble said it was out of stock in the store, so I ordered it online. I went shopping for a back up book in the meantime and found Wintergirls. I’m so glad I did. I found my favorite author, a favorite book, and a life-changing story. Wintergirls made me want to get better. Big Girl triggered me like crazy.I was so excited to read this. Danielle Steele was supposed to be so fabulous, and I loved the idea of an entire novel [...]

    17. Cristi

      I read every book that Danielle Steel writes; however, I'm beginning to wonder why I waste my time and money! Big Girl, like most of her recent novels, is extremely repetitive with little to no character development. She tries to fill up 300+ pages with only 100 pages of plot. She repeats herself so many times that I found myself saying out loud "I get it! Her dad is cruel, her mother is weak, her sister is spoiled, and she thinks she's fat. Please don't tell me again!" There is no climax and th [...]

    18. Ginger Voight

      Yeah, I'm calling it on page 197. Let me preface this review by saying that I grew up on Danielle Steel, who wrote some of my favorite books of all time (Full Circle, Family Album, Palomino.) I have loved many of her books, where I got to live vicariously through her glamorous characters throughout many different exciting and angst-ridden experiences. Looks like I'm going to have to dig out those old copies and re-read them because the things I used to love about her writing were clearly left in [...]

    19. Wanda

      Ok so here's the story I have been a huge fan of Danielle Steel since I can remember. She was my favorite author as a pre-teen and a teenager. I have soooo many favorites by hersuch as "Daddy" One of the most heart warming books and yes it made me cry. I believe Alan Thicke played in it when it was made into a movie"No greater Love" "Jewels" all great books… However; Big Girl didn't impress me much at ALL! I was actually disappointed, because I predicted the book from the start. She made Victo [...]

    20. shuurei

      I find the book very realistic. Sometimes society dictates that everything has something to do with the figure. You don't get the job because the employer find you not pleasing, you don't get a boyfriend because being fat is associated with being ugly or your parents' comments most of the time adds insult to the injury. Nobody can understand Victoria if the reader herself is experiencing the same thing. I admit that it was annoying to read Victoria promising to lose weight then breaks it by eati [...]

    21. Laurie Little

      Life is full of ups and downs. Abuse comes in many forms. Physical abuse and emotional abuse are much too common in this world. There are a number of loving individuals out there who hold deep secrets that have left scar tissue in their heart and soul. Sometimes people don't realize what an impact snide, rude, insulting comments leave on a person. In this book you will meet a number of people who have (without knowing) deomoralized a young lady who has nothing but kindness in her heart. Her youn [...]

    22. Amanda Sheila

      My first Danielle Steel ever and I want to love this book so bad but Victoria's life is not miserable but nor happy either. She always feel left out, alone and unloved because her looks is different than her mom, dad and her little sister, Grace. She's chubby while all of her family are slim, she has blond hair while the rest is dark and not to mention her parents treat her also differently. Victoria grow up to be a mature woman and in that moment, she struggle about her looks, her heart and her [...]

    23. Chris

      By far, my favorite Danielle Steel book. I felt so bad for Victoria and her weight problem. The fact that her parents were cruel is so typical. We see a lot of this kind of behavior on shows like Toddlers and Tiaras where these mothers want their children to be beauty queens, and skinny like super models. But they don't get that fact that they're just kids and they need to live their own lives. This is why I think a lot of children wind up trouble makers and drug addicts. They can't live up to t [...]

    24. Nicole

      This is the first Danielle Steele book that I have ever read. I have to say that I deeply enjoyed it.ough, I would have liked to have read a more complete ending. After reading this book I feel so blessed to have been born to such supportive loving parents. This story is about a girl named Victoria. Her parents named her after queen Victoria. It wasn't until Victoria was about 6 and saw the first picture of queen Victoria that she realized how her parents really saw her. She was different. She w [...]

    25. Sarah Williams

      I have never read a Danielle Steel book. I got given this book for Christmas, and decided to read it. I don't like novels that focus on romance alone, usually preferring paranormal romance instead. This book wasn't purely about romance so that was a plus. About the only plus, I might add. I am a writer, and the first thing I noticed is the fact that the story is told and not shown. Her writing is boring and unimaginative, one-dimensional, and (not completely, but not far off) emotionless. She do [...]

    26. Jodie

      See more reviews at Words Read & WrittenI found the writing quite repetitive. Things were implied and then repeated over and over, which was annoying because I think readers are smart enough to pick up subtle cues without each point being drilled home. I finished the novel without really knowing what to think of it. It was frustrating because Victoria didn't seem to get anywhere. I just wanted her to have a good go at her dad and she never did, instead her boyfriend spoke for her which was a [...]

    27. J Jahir

      Es un libro que me ha gustado mucho, muestra perfectamente la relación tóxica que pueden llegar a ocasionar tus propios padres cuando eres comparada con tu propia hermana. Por eso es que estoy en contra de que se haga eso; y lo peor es que los padres jamás creen en el daño tan fuerte que su conducta y sus comentarios rrovocan en sus hijos. Y Danielle Steel te lo desarrolla de manera muy clara. Vemos a Victoria cómo desde niña queda marcada como la "diferente", la "excluida", la "receta mal [...]

    28. Elizabeth Noah Astle

      Victoria is considered the odd man out in her family. She was the first born and her parents hve been disappointed ever since her birth. They wanted a boy--she was a girl. Her parents named her after Queen Victoria. So a girl they decide must look like them, dark hair brown eyes and be petite like mom. Well, Victoria is nothing like that, she is blond hair, blue eyes, plain looks, and overweight but with killer legs. They comment on how she looks like her great-grandmother--Big so she is their b [...]

    29. Adela Cacovean

      Am ezitat timp de 10 zile: să scriu sau să nu scriu un review pentru acest roman de dragoste scris de Danielle Steel? Până la urmă, multă lume consideră aceste cărți… „maculatură.” Totuși, aș vrea să vă vorbesc puțin despre acțiunea acestui roman, fiindcă, în ciuda genului său, transmite un mesaj foarte drăguț.Chiar din prima pagină, autoarea ne prezintă familia Dawson. Jim e un bărbat chipeș, singur la părinți, vedeta echipei sale sportive la școală și căpit [...]

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