روابط عائلية

Family Ties Family Ties

  • Title: روابط عائلية
  • Author: Danielle Steel دانيال ستيل
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • روابط عائلية

    Family Ties Family Ties .

    • Free Read [Horror Book] ✓ روابط عائلية - by Danielle Steel دانيال ستيل ✓
      465 Danielle Steel دانيال ستيل
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    One thought on “روابط عائلية

    1. Erika

      I've been reading Danielle Steel books off and on since I was a teenager. I don't know if any of them were as bad as this. Wow. Basically, it was the standard Steel repetition of her most recent works as written by a thirteen year old. I never felt like I knew the characters really well, but I sure as hell knew what they wore on a day to day basis. Blah, blah, blah. It could have been a good book. The plot sounded like an interesting one. It just really lacked depth. Sort of makes me wonder if S [...]

    2. Ahmed

      اول قراءة لدانييل استيل.تحمل لك الحياة احيانا مفاجئات وصدمات غير متوقعة،اني الشابة ذات الستة والعشرون عاما تجد نفسها فجأة مسئولة عن ثلاثة اطفال بعمر5سنوات و8سنوات و12 سنة،بوفاة الاخت وزوجها اصبحت المسئولة الوحيدة عنهم.ستة عشر عاما كافية لتصل بهم الي بر الامان،لكن هل تستطيع [...]

    3. C-shaw

      I don't really care for Danielle Steel's writing, but a friend loaned this book to me, so I am reluctantly reading it.* * * * *Sorry, I can't read this.

    4. Maede

      She is a well-known author and I think she's supposed to write like one. Other than flaws that are mentioned above, like repetitive sentences, I think she should have done more research about Iran when she wanted to include an Iranian character and his family in her novel. I'm an Iranian girl and frankly, it sounded quite absurd to me. All she has done is looking up some names to make it sound real. She has mentioned a conservative family that has accepted a girl as a friend and a companion of a [...]

    5. Julia

      Light easy read. The character Pattie sort of irritated me because not only did she have to be plain looking, unlike Annie, but she also had a mean side. Seriously, I wish there could have been something redeemable about Pattie because I felt a bit sorry for her. Now I really did not sympathize with Ted having slept with his professor. Sure Pattie took advantage by encouraging her student, Ted, to come over and "study" with her, but he was an adult and should have known better. No sympathy for a [...]

    6. Yvonne

      Danielle Steel has some great ideas, and she really is a good writer, but I feel that her books lately just don't measure up to her older books. The ideas behind her stories are fine, its the way she repeats certain things over and over and over. It feels like she isn't really re-reading or going back over her writing to ensure a good flow, or in this case, less repetitive narration. Every time she mentioned Ted and Pattie, she mentioned their age difference. And with Tom, she always threw in th [...]

    7. Debbie

      This is the second Danielle Steel book I've read. After the first one (Matters of the heart), I thought to myself, 'Well, maybe that one was bad, I will try another and see if I like her any better' -Nope! Still poorly written, repetitive, boringness that pushes me to NEVER pick up another D.S. book again! Sure, the family drama is a little interesting, but definitely not good enough to put yourself through reading it.

    8. Brenda

      When Annie was 26, she was a talented architect in Manhattan, her career was advancing perfectly, and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, her world changed forever. Her gorgeous sister Jane, and her pilot husband Bill were killed in a plane crash, when a storm hit them on their way home from a weekend away at Martha’s Vineyard.Overnight, Annie became Mum to Jane and Bill’s three children, Katie 5 years old, Ted 8 years old and Lizzie 12 years old. They were devastated, and Annie had to be ther [...]

    9. CarolMacInnis

      Another Danielle Steel classic. The amazing bond between sisters is like no other. Annie and her sister Jane have always been very close despite their 10 year age difference. Jane is married to Bill Marshall and have three children, the youngest six and the oldest twelve. Then the unforeseeable happens. While away, Jane and Bill are in a fatal plane crash that means Annie's promise to Jane to step up to the plate and care for her now orphaned children is now happening. Annie is single, twenty-si [...]

    10. Kathy

      I have been reading Danielle Steel books for years and really enjoy her. I do agree with some other readers that she tends to repeat herself quite often, but overall, I really enjoyed this book. As a mother, I could only imagine how Annie felt when Ted was in an abusive relationship. So sad to know that there are probably some men out there who just can't say no and leave. We usually hear about the women being abused, not the men. I also felt for her when Katie and Paul went to his home land in [...]

    11. Reham

      الحياة توهة وتجارب وتضحية شابة يتخلى عنها حبيبها بسبب موت شقيقتها وزوجها لتترك لها ثلاثة اولاد بنتين وولد وتبدأ خالتهما آنى بالتفرغ لهم وتربيتهم لتعيش لهم ولعملها فقط لتنسى حياتها الخاصة وتقنعها صديقتها دائما للبحث عن رجل لتكون حياتها كاملة ولكنها ترفض ويكبر الاولاد ويشق [...]

    12. Kay

      I have to admit I did enjoy this book more than her others. It's still poorly written with so much repeating the same thing over and over [I have said her books will be great when I lose my marbles but I'm beginning to think possibly the author has and can't remember what she wrote from one chapter to the next]. The plot is better than her usual and her characters are very likeable. Sure her main character is a saint as usual but this one really is a nice person!

    13. jennie larse

      this book was painful. i can't believe i finished it.i guess i was hoping for something to redeem the weak plot and insipid characters. tattoos are evil, taking a break from classes for a semester to try to work is evil, but being in a relationship with an abuser is ok and having a raging eating disorder is celebrated. and constant worry is normal and makes you a good caregiver. also, if you're not constantly busy doing undefined things for work, you're a failure in lifeese are things i learned [...]

    14. Jenn8

      Always like to stick a good Danielle steel in the mix. Reminds me of my grandmothers. She holds you from the start with emotional family drama

    15. Sheri

      only about half-way though the book-Awful. so repetitive I was truly shocked. The number of times "she gave up her life to raise her sister's 3 kids, but she didn't regret it!" was thrown in was kind of amazing it felt like the author was fulfilling a dare to see what she could get away with. -Filled with boring details that are obvious or add nothing, and are oddly thrown in. -So far, the characters are annoying they act like every little problem in their charmed life is the end of the world- e [...]

    16. Mirjam

      Twenty-six year old Annie Ferguson has just graduated and is determined to build a succesful career as an architect, when her sister and brother-in-law die in a plane crash leaving their three children to Annie's care. It's a heavy responsibility for a young women, but Annie has made her sister a promise and family is very important to her. Liz, Ted and Katie grow up in the loving care of their aunt, who puts her own personal life on hold. The children go to college and leave Annie alone in an e [...]

    17. Jen

      "It was her dream come true. AND the handsome pair had spotted each other across a crowded room, AND it was infatuation at first sight.""She knew she had to blow their socks off, AND the plans she had been working on were meticulously done, AND her immediate supervisor had shown a lot of respect for her ideas AND was giving her a chance to shine."ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! This tripe would not fly in an English Comp 101 class, let alone from a best-selling author, and that's just the first two pag [...]

    18. Sjcapanna

      Okay, I know I'm slumming it a little with Danielle Steel, but I had to clear my mind after the intensity of the Steig Larsson books. Besides, I had never read a Danielle Steel book, and I figure as an American woman, I am required to read at least one. I was pleasantly surprised. Although it was obvious that Danielle sacrificed quality writing/editing in favor of churning out the latest in her prolific book-writing machine, I found the characters likable and the storylines interesting, if sligh [...]

    19. Becky Schulman

      Although the story is interesting, I am struggling through this book. I think that I have outgrown Steel's writing style. The repetition and incomplete sentences keep tripping me up.Another "and they lived happily ever after story". In the real world, very little ends up as neatly as this true escapism book. I probably wasn't in the right frame of mind to read this right now.

    20. Lisa

      Wow this was a disappointment. Not that I expected much - just an easy summer read; however DS totally failed in this book. While she tends to be fairly shallow this was even more than shallow. Ugh. What a waste of money.

    21. Laura Miller

      I thought this is a very interesting family story. I find the characters were ones I really liked, and wanted to read more about them, kept me wanting to read more and more. Look forward to the next Danielle Steele Novel.

    22. Giorgia

      What a sweet fantastic story about life and family! The characters of this story are fantastic, they are flawed, they have such personalities and they love each other so much. They are young, they make mistakes, they learn from them and they grow up! Truly heartwarming, sweet and fluffy!

    23. Anna

      It's a 3.5 really. But, the storyline was better and the story itself is well crafted in comparison to the last two books I've read of her. I don't quite like the ending for all the characters. However, all in all it is a nice read.

    24. kimberly taylor

      Great bookGreat lesson on letting go and letting adult children learn to spread their wings. Even if they are going to fall out of the nest and land on their beaks

    25. Kelly

      I hadn't read a Danielle Steel book in years. This one surely didn't get me hooked again. It was fine and easy to read, but nothing much too it no substance at all.

    26. Nikita

      I just devised a system to review books and henceforth, whenever I do such reviews, I am going to judge and rate books based on these points. At the onset, let me make it very clear that I DO NOT consider myself as any form of authority to pass such judgements, but these are only my opinions as a reader and a budding writer, something I felt when I read the book(s). Feel free to disregard any or all portions of the review and form your own opinions when you read the book. Review may include spoi [...]

    27. DeAnna Lloyd

      Just finished reading "Family Ties". It was filled with psychology including; the loss of family members, giving up living your life to care for others, and toxic relationships. This includes; fear of commitment, sex addiction and manipulation, and being in a relationship with someone from a very different culture. It was very good. I am now reading "Until the End of Time".

    28. Chitra Nair

      This one (contrary to what I'd thought) was an interesting read. What I enjoyed about it was the plotline and how it delved into the psychological reasons behind each character's actions. But I honestly felt at times that the writer was simply writing the whole thing robotically, she wasn't actually SHOWING us what was going on! Ah well, if you want a quickie read, go for this!

    29. Karen

      In general, my feeling about Danielle Steel books is that they are simplistic and repetitious and this one is no exception. This one is on my "read" list because I read it to a nursing home resident with mild dementia. My friend really enjoyed it. My enjoyment of it related mostly to seeing her happy.

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