An Alpha's Path

An Alpha s Path Melanie Cross knew nothing of the world beyond her books and thought that was all she needed When she finds herself on a blind date with a shifter who says she s his mate she finds out otherwise Kade

  • Title: An Alpha's Path
  • Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781623220006
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • An Alpha's Path

    Melanie Cross knew nothing of the world beyond her books and thought that was all she needed When she finds herself on a blind date with a shifter who says she s his mate, she finds out otherwise.Kade Jamenson knows one day he will be the Alpha of the Redwood Pack but first, he must find his mate Somehow fate has put her in his path in the most unlikely of ways, but whenMelanie Cross knew nothing of the world beyond her books and thought that was all she needed When she finds herself on a blind date with a shifter who says she s his mate, she finds out otherwise.Kade Jamenson knows one day he will be the Alpha of the Redwood Pack but first, he must find his mate Somehow fate has put her in his path in the most unlikely of ways, but when another tries to block them before they can complete the mating bond, he ll stop at nothing to keep Melanie safe.As temptation burns bright, two of them must overcome what they thought were differences and fight for something than a mere night fate.

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      155 Carrie Ann Ryan
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    One thought on “An Alpha's Path

    1. Malinda

      2-2.5 stars***warning, this review may get rather spoilerish so don't read it if you don't want possible spoilers***This was a decent story but the sheer annoyance factor of the heroine, Mel, made me struggle to get through it. I actually found myself yelling at her about her stupidity while listening (I did this in audio) to the book. This is the first story I've read by this author and based off this I'm unlikely to try more of her work least unless I can be assured the heroine isn't the same [...]

    2. Kristy

      Eh. Thats how I feel about this one. Eh.I thought the dialogue was corny sometimes. Or maybe just didn't make sense in some spots. I thought the characters got defensive and would spout out some harsh words too fast without much provoking. And the stuff they said didn't make much sense. For example the scene where Melanie meets Kade's sister Cailin. She gets all angry and starts swearing at her, when I think his sister had a right to be a little upset and worried about her brother. But I just di [...]

    3. Dawn

      Seriously I paid .99 cents for this one and you know I wish I could request a refund.The basic story is that a woman goes on a blind date with a guy who happens to be a werewolf, turns out they are mates but they cannot quite get to happily ever after.Lets start with the heroine, wow just TSTL. A 25 year old with a PhD in Chemistry but no dates since I guess undergrad? Anyway she meets a hot guy, cannot eat her meal because she is nervous wants to get to know him but instead says lets go upstair [...]

    4. Crystal ♥ RBtWBC

      An Alpha’s Path was a short and sexy escape into the world of werewolves. Melanie is a career driven young woman who has spent way too much time working and not enough time playing. So when her best friend convinces her to go on a blind date Melanie reluctantly agrees. What could one night with no strings attached hurt? Nothing could prepare her for this tall stranger whose sensuality radiated off him in waves though. Agreeing to this crazy hook-up by his brother, Kade is ready to blow off som [...]

    5. Drmgrl99

      Kade Jamieson is fresh off a break up and heir to the Redwood Pack which doesn't leave much time for socializing or dating. When his brother Jasper tells him he has set him up on a blind date Kade figures what the hell.Melaine Cross has recently achieved her PhD in Nuclear Chemistry and has also had no time or made any effort to date. So when her friend Larissa sets her up on a blind date with a construction worker, Kade, she decides why not . At worst she has dinner, at best she gets a night to [...]

    6. Tana

      An Alpha's Path (Redwood Pack #1) This is the first book I've read by Carrie Ann Ryan, I love reading about werewolfs and thier mates. An Alpha's Path, is well written, short/fast and easy to read. I will continue on with the next book in this series.

    7. Ruth (Wealie)

      Gah, this is some of the worst drivel couched as 'romance' I've ever read, I have a severe case of eye strain brought on by near constant eye rolling. Luckily this was only a novella, or I may have done permanent damage.We have a shy and retiring human heroine, who is set up on a blind date with a gorgeous and sexy man (the titular Alpha werewolf - Kade) for a night of no strings attached sex. Said Alpha has already been burned by a potential mate, but desperately wants to settle down, so of cou [...]

    8. Lindsey ( United By Books Reviews)

      After being solely focused on her work and getting her PhD, Melanie has wasted a lot of time. All work and no play makes Melanie a boring girl. Same goes for Kade, who threw himself into his work after losing a potential mate. So Melanie's friend and Kade's brother set them up on a blind date. Melanie is all for a no strings attached, one night of pure bliss sex. Little does she know, she is about to get thrown into the paranormal world. You see, Kade is a werewolf, who has just scented his mate [...]

    9. Crazy for Books (Stephanie)

      Audiobook provided by author for an honest review.3 Indecision StarsCade and Melanie are set up on a blind date by his brother, Jasper, and her best friend, Larissa. They've both spent the past few years focused on their careers. Cade thought he'd found his mate, but realized the woman he'd lost wasn't even close to being his mate until he met Melanie.They spend a great night together, only for Mel to figure out that Werewolves exist and Cade wants to claim her as his mate. When she runs from hi [...]

    10. Julie Ramsey

      The Redwood Pack SeriesAn Alpha's PathStarts off with Kade and Melanie. They meet on a blind date. Kade is the Alpha of the Redwood werewolves, Melanie has no idea they exist. They meet and the sparks fly. An amazing night together, one that has both of them dreaming and wanting more. Kade has found a possible mate. But he has been through this before, she still has a choice. Melanie is also the possible mate to another. Will Melanie be able to accept that werewolves even exist? Will Kade's love [...]

    11. Mrs. Missive

      Okay. This book was good but not great for me.First, I didn't like the heroine much. Second, I HATED her best friend. Hated. Their relationship felt wrong to me. Third, the reasons keeping our couple apart didn't ring bad enough for me. I felt that the heroine had enough sense to make her decision, and she kept waffling. Drove me bonkers.Howeveris author has a way with a sexy scene. Very nice. Very. I am cutting this one some slack since it was shorter, and because I dug the hero. But overall th [...]

    12. Future Slayer Girl

      You know, this wasn't a bad little story. I went into it worried because so many people nit picked it apart but I was able to get invested and really enjoy it. I believe there are some haters out there dropping nasty reviews about it not being edited or poor grammar but I found it to flow nice and be very well edited. The one thing that kept it from a five? I HATE when shifters of any kind can have a chat with their beast of choice. It is literally a PNR pet peeve of mine. But over all I liked t [...]

    13. Lacey Wolfe

      I read this book in almost one sitting. I was drawn in from the moment I met Kade. Yum and yum some more. I think this book is a good fit for those who are not deep into paranormal reads, as I am not. I like contemporary romances for the most part. So as I sat down and read this, I didn't feel like I dived into a world I was going to have to flip back through pages and figure out. I loved Melanie's response when she learned Kade was a werewolf. I think I'd probably do the same thing.Looking forw [...]

    14. mad4rombks

      And the award for Wimpiest Heroine with TSTL tendencies goes to Melanie Cross. Good Lord, she was dumb. And annoying. The editing on this left a lot to be desired. Found myself having to reread things several times throughout the story.

    15. Tonya

      This book introduced me to Kade & Mel, but also started an addiction that other books would have to feed. An addition for the Jamensons. Fell in love with Kade. This book was the perfect way to launch into all other stories in this series

    16. Sarah

      An Alpha's Path is Book 1 in the Redwood Pack series by Carrie Ann Ryan. It was a great lead off to the series showcasing how Kade and Melanie met and became mated. It was very short so there wasn't a lot of room for character development or a more in depth plot. Overall, I did enjoy it immensely and look forward to reading more of this series.

    17. Keri Nix

      I really wanted to enjoy this book, however between the multiple grammar issues and non existent plot I had to DNF this book.

    18. Niina

      Melanie hasn't let her hair down, pretty much ever, and now after her friends ruthless pressure she'd said yes and is heading out to a blind date. Anxious and nervous she contemplates rationality of her decision.Kade agreed to a blind date only to escape his Pack for a night, expecting to meet a cute girl and have a nice evening he's thoroughly shocked when he smell his mate in the restaurant, deciding to do the right thing regardless he walks to his date - only to discover that it's her, his ma [...]

    19. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)

      This review was posted at Under The CoversThis was a pretty steamy, short shifter story and you know me, I can't resist a sexy shifter. There's just something about that big, drool-worthy, in-charge alpha male that calls to me. And that's exactly what Kade is all about.Melanie is a bit of a recluse, she's very smart, she has everything she wants in life except a man. And she really doesn't feel like she needs one, but her friends set her up on a blind date and here she is waiting for the guy. Ma [...]

    20. Heather Wiese

      Eh. I just didn't fall in love with this one. It was a very quick read (short-story), but the plot just didn't work for me.Melanie is a newly minted PhD in chemistry and has no social life. She is convinced to go on a blind date by her best friend (who they drop on you is a witch later) because she thinks Melanie needs to get some action. She is set up on the date with Kade, who happens to be a werewolf almost-Alpha of his pack. Kade gets a whiff of Melanie and realizes she is his mate. They go [...]

    21. Kimberly

      Review Written for books-n-kissesKade and Melanie meet on a blind date. It is meant to be a one night stand but when Kade sees and smells her he knows Melanie is his mate. But how do you convince a human she is meant to be the mate of a werewolf?This is the first in the Redwood Pack series. It is a short story of about 50 pages. And it is a great short read. It will only take about an hour or two to read it but if you like man/wolf stories then you will want this book to add to your stories.It w [...]

    22. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

      A refreshingly well-written debut novel, An Alpha’s Path is captivating and enjoyable. The characters are so realistic, and even more important, so likeable. Reading this novel is like being a silent, invisible, observer, watching the events unfold, and cheering for both sides-because both sides are right, they just may not know that yet.At age twenty-five, with a newly-minted Ph.D. and a guaranteed Ivy League Associate Professorship, Melanie is self-confident, self-assured, and capable-until [...]

    23. Madhellena

      OMG, this was sooo bad I think it's the epitome of what I hate about shapeshifter books when it comes to characters and storyline. Warning, contains spoilers!I gave it two stars because it wasn't badly written, but the story is amazingly bad - Kade and Melanie have a blind date and sex. She's his mate and he's a werewolf. After a night of sex he tells her that - she freaks out and runs away. Another wolf takes her home and tells her she might be his mate also. She freaks out (again) and passes o [...]

    24. Jody

      Ok so I bought this one for $0.99 so don't feel like wasted a lot. Can you not give 1/2 stars yet. Didn't not like it (would have been good if more than 55 pages and didn't seem so forced) but don't feel it deserves 2 stars either.Melanie gets set up on a blind date. She goes meets the guy, Kade, and spends the night in the hotel with him. Wakes up the next morning, the sheets and mattress are shredded pretty good she says explain. Well he just blurts out "I'm a werewolf." Yeah that is just some [...]

    25. Dana

      If you want a quick steamy read, then this is of youKade has founds His mate now he must convince her. Let's just say this is easier said than done when his mate has a PhD and is in to over thinking and not believing. Mel has finished her doctorate and before being her job her best friend Larissa tells her she needs to shall we say release some tension and she knows just who to call. Unknown to Mel Larissa knows a little more abut Kade then she's letting on. Mel gets the he's hot and an architec [...]

    26. Juana "Darkness" Duran

      Melanie Cross is a scientist and her mind is so in control all the time. And that is why Larissa is setting her best friend up on a blind date with sexy Kade Jameson werewolf alpha of the redwood pack. Kade steps into the date not knowing that with one look he is hooked, he finds that his connection to Melanie is much stronger than his past potential mate. With one rump, he professes his love for Melanie along with the whole mating ritual. What does Melanie do she runs like any sane person. Lanc [...]

    27. Ashley

      Melanie is a chemist with no life to speak of. She lives for her works and little else. A push into a blind date is just what she needed. Kade finds Mel to be his mate and seduces her without revealing hiself. Morning brings answers and Mel runs Fate reveals another possible mate for her, what is she to do? With no choice made kade is left to fight this man who wants to steal his mate from him Kade wins but Mel isn't sure she wants the life he can give.Short but sweet A lot of things left unansw [...]

    28. Denise Van plew

      Just love it when a book right from the start transports you right along with the characters into the story. Woven into the beginning of this series is the age old story of girl needs guy -needs to meet a said guy-girl in this case meets wolf her mate in the guy but doesn't know it. Watch out for those blind dates because you might meet more than what is out there. Kade and Melanie take you with them through their battle of wills hoping for love to be the winner. Strong characters and great begi [...]

    29. Vanessa

      After the first horrible sex scene (where the hero "drops a load" in the heroine's mouth, truly not kidding) I deleted this book from my Kindle and cursed for bamboozling into buying this book. I usually try and finish every book I read, but there was no way I was going to finish a book that seemed like it was authored by a combination of Data from TNG and a fourteen year old virgin who only has a vague idea about sex.Only read if you have the stomach or enjoy the truly, truly awful.

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